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Roofing Accidents Per Year (Updated Statistics)

Are you considering a career in roofing? Understanding the gravity of the safety risks in this industry is crucial. The statistics on workplace safety for roofing contractors are not just concerning; they’re alarming.

At Roofing Webmasters, we help both new and established roofing companies build their brands and attract more customers. However, we also understand the risks our clients take whenever they enter the workplace.

In the following article, we’ll delve into the statistics about roofing accidents, fatalities, and the inherent dangers of this industry. These statistics are not to be taken lightly, as they highlight the gravity of the situation.

How Dangerous is Roofing?

Roofing is one of the most dangerous industries for workplace accidents and fatalities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 124 roofers died within the last recorded year, resulting in a 57.5 work injury rate, the second highest among all industries.

Roofing Deaths Per Year

Nearly 111 roofers die per year, based on data from the past five years.


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Deaths by Roofing Sector

Thirty-three residential roofers suffered fatal workplace injuries, along with 19 nonresidential roofers. That leaves 72 workers that fall into neither category. 

The remaining fatalities might include people working in the roofing industry as contractors, maintenance or laborers. Alternatively, some fatalities may be classified under broader occupational designations like building maintenance or construction.

Residential Roofers33
Nonresidential Roofers19

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Discrepancies Between Industry and Occupation

The data on roofing as an occupation reveals slightly fewer fatal work injuries than the broader industry. In this case, roofing as an occupation resulted in 105 fatalities, 19 fewer than as an industry.

Death Rate for Roofers

Roofers have a fatal injury work rate of 57.5, which is calculated per 100,00 full-time equivalent workers. Although the rate decreased from the previous year, roofing remains the second most deadly civilian occupation after logging.

OccupationDeathsFatal Injury Rate
Logging workers54101
Fishing and hunting workers1650.9
Helpers, construction trades2038.5
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers7235.9

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Roofing Accidents Per Year

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofers sustained 7,100 total injuries or illnesses in the last recorded year, accounting for a 3.6 injury rate per 100 works. 

The total number of injuries increased by 16.39% from the previous year.

YearInjuriesRate per 100

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nonfatal Accidents Per Year

Meanwhile, roofers sustained 6,900 nonfatal injuries or illnesses in the last recorded year, a 17% increase from the previous year.


Causes of Roofing Fatalities

The same report reveals that 100 of the 124 roofing deaths came from falls, trips, or slips, which accounts for 80% of the roofing fatalities. Exposure to harmful substances or environments accounted for 14 of the fatalities.

Bar Graph Showing Causes of Roofing Fatalities Based on Public Data

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


The roofing industry presents workplace injury risks higher than most other professions. While a career in roofing can be profitable and gratifying, it’s important to understand the potential dangers of the job.

Exercising safety precautions is an intelligent decision for anyone in the roofing industry. However, they cannot entirely mitigate the risk of injury or death.

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How to Rank for Roofing Shingle Brands on Google

Rank For Shingle Brands (Blog Cover)

Have you ever wanted to rank your roofing company website for shingle brands like CertainTeed, GAF, Malarky, IKO, TAMKO, Owens Corning, and Atlas?

It’s a good idea because many of your customers are searching for roofing companies with experience with these shingle brands.

For example, a local homeowner might search Google for a query like “install certainteed roofing shingles dallas.”

Users who use specific long-tail keywords are among the many considerations when implementing SEO onto your website.

How Google Assocaties Roofers With Shingle Brands

Let’s use the example above in which a homeowner searches for a local roofer offering CertainTeed shingle work.

When queries related to shingle brands occur, Google will pull websites that have one of the following components in order of priority:

  • A page dedicated to CertainTeed shingles
  • The word “CertainTeed” within the content of a service or location page
  • A pin or check-in featuring images of CertainTeed shingles or “CertainTeed” in the caption
  • A customer review mentioning “CertainTeed” within a widget on the website

In rare cases, Google may show a Google Map 3-Pack for these types of queries, which would appear above traditional website results.

The Map 3-Pack will rank active Google Business Profiles based on the following priorities:

  • A connected website URL that mentions “CertainTeed.”
  • A Google review mentioning “CertainTeed.”
  • A Google Post mentioning “CertainTeed.”
  • The phrase “CertainTeed” within your Google business description

Specific Techniques to Rank for Shingle Brands

Create a Dedicated Page for Each Shingle Brand

Part of outperforming competitors on Google Search involves creating unique content that differentiates your website from others.

One example is publishing dedicated website pages for each roofing shingle brand (GAF, CertainTeed, TAMKO, etc.)

Depending on content quality, Google will crawl these individual pages and index them for brand-related queries.

A dedicated content page typically outranks a page with bullet points mentioning multiple brands or services.

Website Page Dedicated to Specific Shingle Brand Product

To put it in simple terms:

A CertainTeed Roofing Installation Page

Ranks Higher Than

A Roofing Installation Page With Bullet Points for CertainTeed. GAF and TAMKO

Showcase Brand-Specific Jobs with Pins or Check-ins

Home service providers like roofers can benefit from schema markup called check-ins. 

Schema markup is a microdata language that communicates with search engines and, in this case, signals a job out in the field (i.e., your customer’s home)

Several software tools exist to auto-publish check-ins for roofers, including DataPins, which consolidates schema check-ins, photos, mini-maps, and captions to form a pin.

Each pin can be tagged to a specific website page, so every time you install CertainTeed roofing shingles, it can be tagged to your dedicated CertainTeed page.

These pins create relevant content and SEO signaling that helps you rank for branded terms on Google Organic and Google Map 3-Pack.

Ask Customers to Mention Shingle Brands in Reviews

Another way to rank for roofing shingle brands on Google is to ask customers who received brand-specific shingle installation to mention the brand name within their Google reviews.

Each Google review appears on your Google Business Profile and can be scanned by Google’s local algorithm when ranking listings within the Local Map 3-Pack.

As a result, your Google Business Profile can rank for brand-related queries if you accumulate these types of reviews.

Furthermore, Google Maps sometimes displays “review justifications” with their search results.

For example, a consumer searches for Owens Corning Duration® roof shingle installation in their city, and Google shows them a highlighted review from one of your customers that mentions the material within their review.

The review is associated with your business listing to help the user find a company like yours that meets their specific needs.

If you install a review slider plugin on your website, Google reviews mentioning these shingle brands can also help you rank on traditional organic results.

When Google reviews are included on your website, they are eligible to rank as part of your website (i.e., on Google search results)

Screenshot of Shingle Brand Mentioned in Google Review

Examples of Roofing Companies Ranking for Shingle Brands

At Roofing Webmasters, we have first-hand experience in helping roofers rank for shingle brands on Google search results.

Here are some of the many examples of our client’s ranking, below:


This roofer ranks #1 on traditional organic results for CertainTeed shingle insulation in their city. Since the results DO NOT include a map pack, the #1 ranking is even more visible and attracts a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Screenshot of CertainTeed Shingle Brand Ranking on Google

Owens Corning

The same contractor also ranks for Owens Corning shingle installation in the same area, showing the versatility and coverage roofing companies can achieve with the right SEO strategy.

Screenshot of Owens Corning Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This company ranks #1 on Google Maps 3-Pack for GAF shingle repair in their city, showcasing one of the rare examples of Google showing a map for this type of query. 

Screenshot of GAF Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This contractor ranks for Atlas shingle installation in their city, a very populated area with lots of competition in the roofing space. Their willingness to go above and beyond with SEO made the difference.

Screenshot of Atlas Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This local roofer also ranks within a Map 3-Pack for a shingle brand query, such as TAMKO roof installation in their city. None of their customer reviews mentions “TAMKO, ” which means Google pulls the information directly from their website content.

Screenshot of TAMKO Shingle Brand Ranking on Google


This established roofing contractor DOMINATES search results for a specific IKO roofing shingle. 

Consumers looking for this type of IKO roofing work in their area will see this roofing client when searching on Google, as they rank #1 and #2 on organic results, and the SERP includes a knowledge graph of their Google Business Profile.

This is Google’s way of highlighting a company that has demonstrated expertise for a topic while meeting a distinct user intent for a specific query.

Screenshot of IKO Shingle Brand Ranking for Multiple SERP Features on Google

Next Steps for Ranking Your Company for Shingle Brands

This post outlines the techniques necessary to rank for roofing shingle brands like GAF and CertainTeed in detail, with specific examples of local companies ranking for similar terms.

Every roofing contractor has the opportunity to rank for these brands if they are willing to put effort into their website and web content.

If you would like to emulate the shingle brand rankings above in your service area, study the free resources on Roofing Webmasters, including our website, blog, and YouTube channel.

We teach roofers how to rank for these kinds of search queries. However, if you want to take your rankings to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our SEO services, including DataPins, the powerful Map ranking software that helps you rank for thousands of long-tail queries from your real-life jobs.

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105 Most Common Roofing Questions (on Google Search)

Common Roofing Questions (Blog Cover)

Below is a comprehensive list of the most common roofing questions on Google search.

Our raw data comes from SEMRush, one of the most reputable tools for estimating the search volume of search engine queries.

Our data evaluation comes from in-house research and data from our agency, Roofing Webmasters.

Consider that the date is US-based and does not account for global queries. The data is updated for 2023:

NumberQuestionSearch Volume
1how much does a new roof cost6,600
2how long does a roof last5,400
3how much is a new roof4,400
4how long do roofs last2,900
5how to install metal roofing2,900
6how much does a metal roof cost2,400
7how much does a roof cost2,400
8how much does it cost to replace a roof2,400
9how much is a metal roof2,400
10how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement2,400
11how much to replace a roof1,900
12how to install a metal roof1,900
13how to shingle a roof1,900
14how long does a metal roof last1,600
15how long does a shingle roof last1,600
16how much does new roof cost1,600
17how to fix a leaking roof1,600
18what is a gable roof1,600
19what is a hip roof1,600
20what is tpo roofing1,600
21can you paint a metal roof1,300
22does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks1,300
23how long do metal roofs last1,300
24how much to replace roof1,300
25how to cut metal roofing1,300
26how to install roof shingles1,300
27how to tarp a roof1,300
28what is roof flashing1,300
29will insurance cover a 20 year-old roof1,300
30how long does roof last1,000
31how much for a new roof1,000
32how often to replace roof1,000
33how to calculate roof pitch1,000
34how to install metal roof1,000
35how to insulate an attic roof rafters1,000
36how to measure a roof for shingles1,000
37how to measure roof pitch1,000
38how to remove moss from roof1,000
39what is flashing on a roof1,000
40does home insurance cover roof880
41how long does a thatched roof last880
42how much does a roof replacement cost880
43how much does roofing cost880
44how to build a roof880
45how to build a shed roof880
46how to find the pitch of a roof880
47how to replace roof shingles880
48what a flat roof doesn’t have880
49what is a pitched roof880
50what is the rake of a roof880
51what paint goes with a brown roof880
52can you paint roof shingles720
53does home insurance cover roof leaks720
54how big is a roofing square720
55how long do shingle roofs last720
56how long should a roof last720
57how much do metal roofs cost720
58how much is a roof replacement720
59how much is metal roofing720
60how to determine roof pitch720
61how to find a roof leak720
62how to install metal roofing over shingles720
63how to install roll roofing720
64how to measure a roof720
65is a metal roof cheaper than shingles720
66what is a composition roof720
67what is a roofing square720
68what is a square in roofing720
69what is a tpo roof720
70can you put a metal roof over shingles590
71how long do roof shingles last590
72how long do tile roofs last590
73how long does an asphalt roof last590
74how long does it take to replace a roof590
75how much does metal roofing cost590
76how much for a metal roof590
77how to calculate roof square footage590
78how to clean roof shingles590
79how to connect a porch roof to house590
80how to fix a roof leak590
81how to get moss off roof590
82how to get rid of pigeons on roof590
83how to install roof vent590
84how to install roofing shingles590
85how to install solar panels on roof590
86how to put shingles on a roof590
87how to repair roof leak590
88what does hail damage look like on a roof590
89what is a gabled roof590
90what is a roof eave590
91are metal roofs better480
92can you paint metal roofing480
93does a new roof increase home value480
94does home warranty cover roof480
95does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement480
96how long does a slate roof last480
97how long is a roof good for480
98how many square feet in a roofing square480
99how much are metal roofs480
100how much does a shingle roof cost480
101how often should a roof be replaced480
102how to build roof trusses480
103how to clean a metal roof480
104how to patch a roof leak480
105should i stay home during roof replacement480

The Most Asked Roofing Question on Google

The most common roofing question on Google is, “How much does a new roof cost?” This question is searched for an estimated 6,600 times per month with an estimated keyword difficulty of 77.

Roofing Question Statistic Showcasing The 6,660 Monthly Searches for "How Much Does a New Roof Cost"

Analyzing The Most Common Roofing-Related Queries

Below, we analyze and evaluate the most common roofing-related questions based on our years of SEO experience. 

Consider that some of the questions above list have a similar or identical intent. For example, “how much does a new roof cost” and “how much is a new roof” have the same purpose.

As a result, we are skipping over specific queries to cover separate user intents.

Check out the most common roofing-related questions.

Bar Graph for Roofing Related Queries

1) How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

It’s obvious why this query is so ordinary: consumers are concerned with the cost of a roof. Both homeowners and commercial building owners seek information about the price of a new roof before investing in one.

Search Volume: 6,600

2) How Long Does a Roof Last?

Both homeowners and commercial property owners are also interested in the lifespan of their roofing systems. These searches frequently occur after a roof shows signs of wear and tear or forms various leaks.

Search Volume: 5,400

3) How to Install Metal Roofing

This query is the first how-to query of the list and the most popular of its kind. The users seeking these answers are a combination of DIY roofers and newer roofing professionals. 

Search Volume: 2,900

4) How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Unlike the number one question on our list, this query asks explicitly about the pricing of metal roofs. These users have already determined which roofing system sparks their interest and want information that pertains directly to it.

Search Volume: 2,400

5) How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof

This query is once again concerned with pricing, but in this case, specifically, as it pertains to roof replacement. Other queries on this list imply an interest in roof installation, whereas this one focuses explicitly on replacement.

Search Volume: 2,400

Leveraging Common Roofing Questions for SEO

The questions listed throughout this post can be implemented into a roofing SEO strategy through blog posts, YouTube videos, and original case studies. 

However, crafting a content marketing strategy is vital before attempting to benefit from these questions. Haphazardly publishing basic blog posts for each query is a bad SEO strategy that violates Google’s Helpful Content Update algorithm.

As noted, some of these questions share the same user intent, meaning they do not require individual blog posts. Instead, you must first group the questions based on objective and create one content asset per keyword group.

Once you properly group your queries, you can develop high-quality and exclusive content that presents your point of view based on expertise and experience. You cannot simply run ChatGPT to produce regurgitated content previously published about these topics.

Follow these guidelines, and you can benefit from these questions.

Final Thoughts

Roofing Webmasters’ comprehensive list of the most common roofing questions on Google benefits roofers as long as they properly implement them into a sound SEO strategy.

Knowing what consumers are searching for regarding roofing is also generally beneficial. Crafting content that meets users’ needs is the function of SEO.

At Roofing Webmasters’ we’ve worked with thousands of roofing companies over the past decade, and we can work with you, too.

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Top 100 Roofing YouTube Searches (Keywords) in 2024

Roofing YouTube Searches (Blog Cover)

Check out our comprehensive list of the most searched roofing keywords on YouTube.

We used the popular keyword research tool Ahrefs to collect this data.

While Ahrefs is one of the most renowned keyword research tools, it is essential to remember that these numbers are estimates.

The data is only for the United States and does not account for searches in other countries.

2metal roofing installation3,000
3roofing shingles installation1,900
4installing metal roofing1,300
5tpo roofing installation1,200
6how to install metal roofing1,100
7metal roofing800
8corrugated metal roofing installation800
9jerky boys roofing700
10installing metal roofing over shingles700
11roll roofing installation600
12torch down roofing installation500
13metal roofing installation over shingles450
14install metal roofing450
15roofing 101400
16roofing installation400
17epdm rubber roofing installation350
18polycarbonate roofing installation350
19cutting metal roofing350
20installing corrugated metal roofing300
21roofing torch300
22how to install metal roofing over shingles300
23gaf roofing installation250
24roofing a shed250
25rolled roofing250
26roofing a house250
27rolled roofing installation250
28installing metal roofing panels200
39gaf roofing200
30roll roofing200
31how to do roofing200
32shingles roofing installation200
33tpo roofing200
34roofing insights200
35diy metal roofing installation150
36how to cut metal roofing150
37eric garcia roofing150
38corrugated roofing installation150
39metal roofing installed over shingles roofing pro150
40roofing sales150
41how to install roofing shingles150
42diy roofing150
43owens corning roofing150
44rubber roofing150
45roofing repair150
46roofing intelligence part 1150
47how to install rolled roofing100
48pvc roofing installation100
49epdm roofing100
50ondura roofing installation100
51how to install corrugated roofing panels100
52spray foam roofing100
53how to install roll roofing100
54metal roofing valley installation100
55install roll roofing100
56installing steel roofing100
57commercial roofing100
58roofing materials100
59peel and stick roofing90
60re roofing a house90
61roofing fail90
62this old house roofing90
63how to install rolled roofing on a flat roof80
64the jerky boys roofing80
65conklin roofing systems80
66torch down roofing80
67union metal roofing80
68shed roofing80
69how to install steel roofing70
70how to install asphalt shingles roofing70
71roofing over existing shingles70
72epdm roofing installation70
73metal roofing over shingles70
74cutting corrugated metal roofing70
75install rolled roofing70
76how to install roll roofing on low slope roofs70
77cougar paws roofing shoes70
78nice roofing60
79roofing tips60
80how to install rubber roofing60
81roofing business60
82installing roll roofing60
83bad roofing job60
84installing rolled roofing60
85roofing shingles60
86diy roofing a house60
87roofing company60
88roll roofing flat roof60
89canvassing for roofing60
90frank rizzo roofing60
91fabral metal roofing installation50
92roofing intelligence50
93steel roofing50
94roofing accidents50
95alternative roofing materials50
96union corrugated roofing installation50
97roofing fails50
98steel roofing installation50
99hot tar roofing40
100how to install metal roofing on a shed40

As you can see, the list contains a combination of installation queries, brand queries, strategy queries, material queries, and more. 

Unlike Google searches, which typically contain more commercial intent roofing keywords, YouTube searches are dominated by how-to and tutorial-based searches.

YouTube Search Statistic Showing Estimated Search Volume for "Metal Roofing Installation"

Here are some of the roofing YouTube searches that stood out the most:

1) How to Install Metal Roofing

Query: how to install metal roofing

Monthly Volume: 1.1K


People are using YouTube to learn how to install metal roofs properly. This is likely a combination of non-roofers exploring DIY installation or newer roofing contractors looking for context about certain parts of the installation process.

2) Roofing 101

Query: roofing 101

Monthly Volume: 400


Users are using YouTube to find fundamental information about roofing. Non-roofers looking for DIY advice or ways to get into the roofing industry are likely the main culprits of this search term.

3) Roofing a Shed

Query: roofing a shed

Monthly Volume: 250


People are going on YouTube to find information about roofing for sheds. Compared to more common property types like houses and commercial buildings, shed roofing is generally less discussed. We can assume that both roofers and DIYers are using this search phrase.

4) Roofing Sales

Query: roofing sales

Monthly Volume: 150


Sales are an essential part of running a profitable roofing business. As a result, roofers are going on YouTube to find information about sales techniques and strategies. Of course, some of the volume is also likely attributed to individuals who work for roofing companies but do not manually perform roofing services.

5) Roofing Fail

Query: roofing fail

Monthly Volume: 90


Any YouTube query that includes “fail” will return videos of individuals comedically failing at their jobs or professions. In this case, searches are looking for roofers caught on video messing something up. Most searches are likely to be non-roofers looking to laugh out loud at a roofer’s expense. 

But as we all know from the popular roofing memes, many roofing professionals are unafraid to laugh at themselves and each other.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is often an untapped marketing channel for roofing companies. While you can’t expect to enjoy the conversion rates of ranking on Google, YouTube engagement can lead to sales and increase brand awareness and digital marketing synergy.

At Roofing Webmasters, we can help optimize your YouTube strategy in 2024.

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54 Side-splitting Roofing Memes That’ll Make You ROFL

Roofing Memes

Roofing memes have become immersed in the roofing industry culture. There’s no denying that memes designed specifically for roofers are often hysterical and accurate while serving as a welcome diversion for contractors during breaks in the job.

With that in mind, Roofing Webmasters presents 54 side-splitting roofing memes that’ll make you ROFL:

1) Blazing Sun Meme

Blazing Sun Meme

What roofer can’t relate to a hard day’s work in the brutal sun? It’s about 108 degrees in Texas right now.

2) DIY vs. Professional Meme

DIY Roof Repair Meme

No matter how many times you convince homeowners not to roof DIY, some will never listen.

3) Duct Tape Meme

Duct Tape Meme

It’s hilarious when clients tell you some of the things they did with a straight face.

4) Fall Through Ceiling Meme

Fall Through Roof Meme

Roofing safety is no laughing matter. But some homeowners insist on being a hero and suffer the consequences.

5) Got You Covered Meme

Got You Covered Meme

Unlicensed roofers will assure homeowners that they’ve “got you covered.” Two words: buyer beware.

6) One Shingle Left Meme

One Shingle Left Meme

All roofing contractors know the feeling when you’re staring at that very last shingle.

7) Well-Insulated Roof Meme

Rain Insulated Meme

Doing a great job on your customer’s roof can have a slight downside, especially if they love the rain.

8) The Roof Leak Cycle Meme

Roof Leak Cycle Meme

We don’t want to promote the worst-case scenario, but we all know homeowners that downplay their leaks.

9) Roof Leak Reaction Meme

Roof Leak Meme

Speaking of downplaying roof leaks, the roofer’s reaction is often far different than the homeowners.

10) Roof Leaking Meme

Roof Leaking Meme

A bad roof leak can have major consequences. Let’s hope you fare better than these people.

11) Roof Sunburn Meme

Roof Sunburn Meme

Roofing professionals sometimes have to find the positives in this 100+ degree heat.

12) Roofing Blog Mass Production Meme

Roofing Blog Meme

As a roofer, you’ve probably gotten a call from one of these marking gurus that will ruin your entire website by mass-producing AI-generated blogs.

13) Roofing PPC Meme

Roofing PPC Meme

You might be working with a roofing marketing agency right now that encourages you to pump your earnings into PPC ads. They might even be engaging in shady practices like black-box billing.

14) Roofing Season is Coming Meme

Roofing Season Meme

When the hailstorms hit, roofers become larger-than-life entities that homeowners rely on for repairs.

15) Sky Floors Meme

Sky Floors Meme

It’s always funny when roofers and others ponder the existential and philosophical aspects of the craft.

16) Roofers vs. Squirrels Meme

Squirrel vs. Roofer Meme

Squirrels can definitely get in the way during residential roofing jobs.

17) Test vs. Storm Leak Meme

Storm Leak Meme

It can be perplexing when the roof passes the leak test but still leaks during a storm. That’s why homeowners need the highest quality roofing services.

18) Shiny or Wet Roof Meme

Wet Roof Meme

Homeowners tend to talk themselves into narratives that avoid the need to pay for a replacement.

19) 12-Day Roof Replacement Meme

12 Day Roof Replacement Meme

Some of these exhaustive roof replacement jobs feel like the work of a lion. Am I right?

20) After Roof Repair Party Meme

After Work Party Meme

Some roofers are unphased by long days, and the party just starts when the job is done.

21) Roofing PPC Billing Meme

Black Box Billing Meme

There are roofing PPC companies that use a tactic called black-box billing. It’s disgraceful.

22) Brand New Roof Meme

Brand New Roof Meme

Having a brand new roof is a rewarding feeling for homeowners, from property resale value to the comfort of knowing you won’t get crushed by seasonal hail.

23) Brother-in-Law Roofer Meme

Brother-In-Law Roofer Meme

It’s always funny when the client tries to explain that they somehow know more about roofing than you as a professional.

24) Brutal Hail Storm Meme

Brutal Hail Storm Meme

Hail storms can wreak major havoc for homeowners, but roofers that have established a good reputation often reap the financial rewards for these unfortunate events.

25) Buy Roofing Leads Meme

Buy Roofing Leads Meme

In most cases, buying roofing leads is the equivalent of burning money. You can do a lot better with SEO.

26) Client Text Meme

Client Text Meme

Some clients insist on band-aids for larger roofing problems. As professionals, this can be a red flag.

27) Holding Back Co-Roofer Meme

Co Worker Meme

Sometimes homeowners can insult your roofing staff. Of course, it’s important to remain professional, even if it’s a challenge.

28) Commercial Roofing Job Meme

Commercial Roofing Job Meme

Those commercial roofing jobs tend to be a lot higher up than the residential variety.

29) First-Time DIY Roofing Meme

DIY Roofing First Meme

Many of these clients don’t realize that watching HGTV does not qualify you as a competent roofer.

30) Roofing Family Business Meme

Family Business Meme

Many roofing professionals have had a business in their family for multiple generations.

31) Green Roof

Green Roof Meme

There are intentional “green roofs” and roofs that are green as the result of neglect.

32) Cold Calling Marketers Meme

Hack Marketers Cold Calling Meme

Roofing business owners regularly receive cold calls from marketers claiming to have an unknown strategy. It becomes a chore trying to dodge these hacks.

33) Insulation Problem Meme

Insulation Problem Meme

Insulation problems can lead to roof fires which obviously become a disaster for everyone involved.

34) Offseason Roofing Marketing Meme

Market During Offseason Meme

Roofing companies that pause their marketing efforts during the offseason are always going to lag behind competitors that continue to promote their business during all seasons.

35) Marketing Sales Call Meme

Marketing Sales Call Meme

You can’t help but laugh at some of these marketing gurus that pretend to relate to roofing pros, all while talking down to them and providing lousy services.

36) National Roofing Week Meme

National Roofing Week Meme

Of course, this is a joke. You can’t mock clients to their faces. But it would be nice to roll your eyes at some of these insane roofing-related requests without suffering consequences.

37) Pick Roofing Keywords Meme

Pick Keywords Meme

I will never understand roofing marketing agencies that tell their clients to “pick this many keywords.” It immediately proves that they have no idea how SEO works.

38) Roofing PPC Companies Meme

PPC Companies Meme

If roofers were exposed to the behind-the-scenes tactics of many roofing PPC companies, they would view them as thieves.

39) Random Roofing Marketing Stat Meme

Random Roof Stat Meme

It’s not surprising that so many roofing companies are unhappy with their marketing provider, considering the horrific and shady tactics used in campaigns.

40) Roof, Grill, Dinner Meme

Roof, Grill, Dinner Meme

Nothing is quite as satisfying as hitting the grill and having a nice dinner after a long day of roofing.

41) Roofing License Scam Meme

Roof License Scam Meme

The industry frowns upon unlicensed roofers who peddle their services. But there are definitely people doctoring a fake license to fool consumers.

42) The Roofer’s Art Studio Meme

Roofer Art Studio Meme

Roofing is absolutely an art form. And most artists find inspiration when starting with a blank canvas.

43) Roofers’ Rock Meme

Roofers' Rock Meme

Roofing is a tough job. Sometimes it’s nice to be acknowledged for being a professional roofing contractor.

44) Roofing Billboard Meme

Roofing Billboard Meme

We’ve all seen those generic one-line billboards on the freeway. Wouldn’t it be funny if one of them revealed the foolishness of DIY roofing?

45) Roofing Biz Booming Meme

Roofing Biz Booming Meme

It’s hard not to start feeling extra confident when the roofing business starts booming.

46) Roofing Business Coach Meme

Roofing Business Coach Meme

Have you ever noticed that many of these business coaches have never had a real business?

47) Roofing Business Owner Stress Meme

Roofing Business Owner Meme

Sometimes being a full-time business owner can make us feel like we are aging at an increased rate.

48) Roofing Goggles Meme

Roofing Goggles Meme

The eyes of a full-time roofer tend to gravitate to one part of the home. Yes, the roofing system.

49) SEO for Roofers Meme

SEO for Roofers Meme

The advice of most SEO professionals is downright alarming. Don’t listen to them. Instead, check out this SEO guide for roofers in 2024.

50) Shady Ladder Meme

Shady Ladder Meme

While these memes are funny, roofing safety is no laughing matter. Most roofers have come across ladders that immediately cause alarm.

51) Roofer Sleeping-In Meme

Sleep In Meme

We all know that one contractor that never shows up on time. Or at least we did know them before they were fired.

52) Storm Damage Roofers Meme

Storm Roofers Meme

Whether you call them storm damage roofers or hail chasers, some of these contractors will try to drive through anything.

53) Roofer’s Work Tired Meme

Work Tired Meme

It’s difficult for office workers to relate to the grind of roofing work.

54) Roof Workplace Safety Meme

Workplace Safety Meme

Commercial roofing jobs can be extremely dangerous. An obvious rule of safety is to not recklessly sit on the edge of the roofing structure.

Make Your Own Roofing Memes

We hope you enjoyed these 54 roofing memes and are inspired to create your own. Download Memeatic from the Apple app store or Google Play store and start working your magic. You can even post your memes on social profiles like Instagram and TikTok. If you require professional marketing help, please contact us.

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How Roofers Can Target Homeowners on Facebook

How To Target Homeowners on Facebook (Blog Cover)

As the founder of Roofing Webmasters, a digital marketing agency for roofers, prospective clients often ask me about targeting homeowners on Facebook. I fully understand their curiosity, as grabbing the attention of homeowners is one of the best ways to generate consistent roofing leads in 2024.

My agency has worked with roofing companies for over a decade, including on Facebook Ads. There are various ways to approach reaching homeowners on the popular social media platform, and I will break down the options below.

Roofing Webmasters Logo

Key Takeaway

Roofers can target homeowners on Facebook by advertising to specific neighborhoods using the radius pin-drop feature within Facebook Ads Manager’s location targeting.

Creating a Facebook Ad Audience

Hyper-targeting the ideal homeowners for your services starts with defining an advertising audience within Facebook Ads Manager.

There are three audience types:

  • Core: Based on location, age, interests, and more
  • Custom: Based on previous interaction with your page
  • Lookalike: Based on users that closely resemble your existing audience

Each audience type can be refined to reach Facebook users who are likely to be ideal homeowners. Our Facebook Ads Guide for roofing companies teaches you more extensively about advertising on Facebook.

Refining Audiences to Reach Homeowners

Facebook targeting depends on audiences, which roofers can define in multiple ways, from manually defining a target audience’s interests to utilizing Facebook’s AI-powered Advantage+ audience targeting.

Take a look at some of the most common audience parameters:


As a local roofing company, you should target Facebook users within your service areas. This measure will help you save money and lower your cost per acquisition. 

You can restrict the geographic radius as much as you want, including individual neighborhoods. Remember that the more you limit your radius, the fewer impressions your ad will receive.


The sweet spot age range for ideal homeowners is between 30 and 45, as this generation is well-versed in digital interactions and understands how to best use the internet to find home services. 

Homeowners older than 45 may be more skeptical of your ads. Many already have a life-long contractor who performs their services. However, this is only true of some consumers over the age of 45.


Several interests within the Facebook Ads Manager help you target the ideal homeowner. People interested in home improvement and even home improvement TV shows are good targets.

In addition, users interested in home and garden, home ownership, and real estate are worth targeting. However, you can be more creative and choose interests like home remodeling, DIY, and HGTV.

Retargeting Homeowners With Specific URL Visits

Does your roofing website contain articles, blog posts, or service pages directly addressing homeowners? If so, you can retarget visitors to those specific URLs within Facebook Ads Manager.

If you don’t currently have content like this on your website, it might be worth publishing for this very purpose. It’s one of the best ways to craft an audience comprised of homeowners.

Reaching Homeowners Through Facebook Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads are the most effective way to reach potential customers for your roofing business. However, some organic Facebook marketing strategies can help you reach homeowners.

For example, creating a Facebook Group about roofing or homeownership might be worth your time. This is especially useful if you can regularly post helpful content for the group members.

You’ll also want to encourage as many people as possible to like your roofing company’s Facebook business page, which can be accelerated by including a link to your Facebook page within your email marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts on Targeting Homeowners on Facebook

Facebook has made it increasingly challenging to zero in on homeowners through Facebook Ads. However, through multiple strategies, roofing companies can still reach homeowners and optimize their ad spend on Facebook.

These advertising strategies include targeting specific locations and interests, including home ownership, DIY, and even HGTV. Aside from spending on ads, organic marketing strategies like Facebook Groups can also prove beneficial in maximizing the reach to homeowners.

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A Roofer’s Guide To Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Search Generative Experience (Blog Cover)

Google’s new Search Generative Experience, or SGE, will change search as we know it. Google presented its upcoming change to search engine results pages at its annual Google I/O conference.

Most examples cited in Google’s presentation cover informational queries like “good bike for a 5-mile commute with hills.” These examples don’t provide insights into how SGE will affect local businesses like roofing.

So how should roofing companies prepare for this new era of search?

Below, Roofing Webmasters outlines a comprehensive guide on customizing your online marketing strategy for search generative experience.

Roofing SEO Webmasters (Logo)

Expert Summary

Search Generative Experience uses traditional SEO factors to produce citations, but it significantly increases the influence of the EEAT ranking signal for roofing companies


By most accounts, snapshots will effectively replace featured snippets on search engine results pages (SERPs). Instead, snapshots will be an AI-generated response to a user query, along with three (or more) citations that support the response.

These snapshot citations are organic search results from websites. So the same way your website ranks on organic search today, it can rank as a snapshot citation tomorrow.

The concept of featured snippet optimization will effectively disappear with this new feature. Still, a similar strategy of answering common consumer questions in an NLP-friendly format is likely one factor determining which websites are cited.

Possible roofing-related queries for SGE snapshots:

“what is the best roofer in my area that offers metal roof repair”

“where can i find a company that offers commercial roof coatings”

“where to find an estimate for a residential roof replacement”


Google Search Perspectives is a new filter highlighting expert content from around the web, including social media sites like YouTube and TikTok and discussion forums like Reddit.

As a roofing professional, you’ve probably known for some time that the best place to get answers about roofing-related topics is from actual roofers. These roofers may share their insights in a less formal tone on Reddit or YouTube, which is actually what the modern consumer prefers over some random blog post on a website.

Google now understands how user behavior has shifted and wants to meet consumers at their preferred destination. The Perspectives filter will achieve this and help Google showcase “hidden gems” on the search results, including discussion board responses like on Reddit.

The documentation surrounding Search Perspectives also mentions that this filter will inform algorithms that determine content quality on traditional search results (i.e., website pages, blog posts, etc.). The Perspectives algorithm will expand on Google’s Helpful Content Update.

"Last year, we launched the helpful content system to show more content made for people, and less content made to attract clicks. In the coming months, we’ll roll out an update to this system that more deeply understands content created from a personal or expert point of view, allowing us to rank more of this useful information on Search."

Roofers can prepare by ensuring all content is written or reviewed by an expert and that the content makes it known that the expert contributed. You can achieve this through author bios on your website or by linking to your professional profile pages, like a LinkedIn profile.

It would also help to do more work on your personal brand so that it becomes an entity in Google’s eyes. For example, consider updating your LinkedIn profile and appearing on podcasts or live interviews. 

After you establish a name, you can start posting on Reddit and creating YouTube shorts that outline your various roofing expertise. These methods are going to be critical for dominating SEO in 2023.

SGE Ranking Factors

Although Google’s algorithms advance daily, SGE won’t fundamentally change the requirements to rank on Google Search. Websites must still produce relevant, quality content, perform proper on-page SEO, ensure indexing, and acquire credible backlinks to rank on SERPs.

However, some of the existing ranking signals will become more important with SGE and the new AI-driven search landscape.


EEAT is now the most important ranking signal and the only one that can truly separate your roofing company. The EEAT acronym stands for expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Most roofing companies already have some awareness of EEAT requirements because they understand the importance of reviews, branding, and unique photos. Still, EEAT goes beyond those tasks.

  • Expertise: Roofers must demonstrate expertise on subject matter through verified examples of recent jobs
  • Experience: Roofers must showcase hands-on experience, like with photos of them performing a particular roofing job
  • Authoaritiavness: Roofers must earn credible backlinks from others in the roofing industry
  • Trustworthiness: Roofers must acquire and showcase reviews on verified 3rd party platforms like Google My Business

EEAT is not always a tangible ranking factor, so it’s more complex than acquiring the most customer reviews and backlinks in order to rank #1. Instead, it’s an ongoing process of demonstrating your qualities through various digital signals. One app that can help right away is DataPins.

Topical Authority

For SGE to acknowledge your content, you must establish topical authority. As a result, your roofing website content must cover a wide range of topics related to all of your services.

For example, Google will never assume you offer silicone roof coatings just because you have a commercial roofing service page. Instead, you must create a separate page for silicone roof coatings and showcase examples of recent jobs and customer reviews that validate the service.

Competitors that offer the same service but fail to demonstrate it through topical authority won’t be able to rank for related terms. As a result, creating a topical map that covers your entire range of expertise is the best way to stand out with search generative experience.

Multi-Channel SEO

Websites have traditionally been the best asset for roofing companies to rank on Google. However, while the website should still serve as your company’s central hub, you must expand to other channels for SGE.

For example, the Perspectives filter will feature YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos. If you want to increase visibility, start creating these short video formats and posting them on your company channel. 

You can read a great post about how to create YouTube shorts here.

Another channel to invest in is Reddit. The key to gaining traction on Reddit is just to be yourself. Don’t try to promote your roofing company on Reddit; instead, chime in on topics in which you can provide genuine and unfiltered insights. 

Other members can smell BS from a mile away, so only post genuine thoughts.

You’ll want to avoid content farms like Quora because they encourage mass question-answering that dilutes the overall quality of its results. Google is trying to get away from platforms like this.

Reddit is one of many discussion forums worth exploring. In addition, roofing companies can look for niche-specific discussion boards like Roofing Talk, which brings together roofing professionals worldwide.

Finally, remember that the term “SEO” is used loosely in these contexts, as you won’t want to “optimize” your forum submissions in a traditional sense. The only thing to do intentionally is ensure that you identify yourself as a professional roofer.

How Roofers Can Approach AI Responsibly

You might think Google’s announcement of AI-generated query responses invites your roofing company website to mass-produce AI-generated content of its own. After all, AI pulling information from other AI makes perfect sense, right?

Wrong. The function of Google’s AI is to consolidate information from real human beings. As a result, producing AI content on your website only reduces your ability to rank on Google’s SGE features. The most successful roofers will double down on human-generated expertise.

Of course, you might think Google cannot detect AI-generated copy. And in some cases, they probably can’t. However, one thing they’ve gotten better at detecting is expertise or a lack thereof.

So if your content doesn’t cite sources or demonstrate first-hand experience, it’s not worth ranking on Google (whether it was produced with AI or not).

It’s not to suggest that roofers should never incorporate AI into their marketing strategy. However, the real separator of roofing companies in the new era of SEO is EEAT rather than AI-generated content. You should never mass produce content, regardless of the tools used.

Google has always cracked down on content schemes and will continue to do so in the AI era. You might use AI to create schema markup, original programming code, plugin building, etc. However, using AI to tell your roofing story is unwise.

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What is Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Roofers?

Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Blog Cover)

Digital word-of-mouth marketing is the digital version of traditional word-of-mouth promotion. It involves building trust for your roofing company via person-to-person sentiments (i.e., consumer referrals). It is important because an estimated 90% of people are more likely to trust a recommended brand.

Most roofers grew up with word-of-mouth marketing. For example, you do a great job on a neighborhood roof, and suddenly your client is spreading the word to their friends and neighbors. These referrals are extremely valuable because the prospects already trust your business, increasing conversion rates.

Logo Design For Roofing SEO Company

Key Takeaway: Digital Word-of-Mouth marketing for roofers requires real customers to recommend your company online in an organic, non-promotional manner (i.e., not a blog post, advertisement, or “promoted” article)

What is the Digital Version of Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

The digital version of word-of-mouth marketing is when online users convey trust in your roofing company by recommending you to other potential customers. Google reviews are an example of this, but there are also more powerful ways to contextualize your company’s performance and interaction with the community, like DataPins.

Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing Examples

Marketing companies like to discuss concepts but sometimes fail to present examples that help roofing companies understand the application. Below, Roofing Webmasters outlines some common examples of word-of-mouth marketing in a digital context.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are the most well-known form of digital word-of-mouth. Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other popular platforms host business profiles that showcase customer feedback about that business. As many companies know, reviews are an essential aspect of Local SEO

Unfortunately, however, the general trust level in these review platforms is mediocre at best.

Commercial Roofing Review on Website

Showcasing 3rd-party reviews via a website slider can help spread the word about your company online.

Social Proof

Another example of digital word-of-mouth is online social proof. For example, suppose you publish a picture of your recent roofing job with before and after photos and a connected review from the customer. In that case, you are spreading your company’s reputation to other prospects. 

Tools like DataPins can help you automate social proof on your website.

Screenshot of DataPins Pin from Roofing Website

Highlighting recent jobs’ location, service, and context can validate your work and feedback to internet users.

Forum Discussions

Many customers turn to forums like Reddit or Nextdoor to find real answers from real people. Facebook Groups can also be another example of this concept. Generally, people want to skip over the BS influencers that rank on Google and hear from real humans. 

The significant part about forums is that people speak as they would in a conversation rather than writing a blog post for SEO optimization.

Reddit Roofing Discussion

Reddit users speak like normal human beings rather than SEO blog writers who tend to sound robotic.

YouTube / TikTok

YouTube, TikTok, and other video-driven platforms create high-level engagement for word-of-mouth marketing. Videos on these platforms are consumed based on true popularity rather than algorithmically. Of course, properly titling and tagging your videos is important, but engagement is the #1 ranking factor.

While roofers are unlikely to spend much time creating TikTok videos, some contractors have increased their audience by doing just that.

YouTube Video Shows a Way to Promote Your Website

Videos are the #1 content medium in 2023, and users gravitate toward them more than text-based content.

Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tools for Roofers

You might wonder which tools can help you spread your company’s reputation through digital mediums. After all, choosing a reputation management tool presents the same challenges homeowners face when choosing a roofing company. Who can you trust?

Below, Roofing Webmasters reveals several high-quality tools for digital word-of-mouth marketing in 2023.


DataPins: The Map Ranking App™ is the most potent digital word-of-mouth marketing tool on the web. DataPins does everything from inserting schema code and geo-coordinates into your pins to automating review requests via SMS and email communications. 

DataPins also helps contextualize your social proof by routing recent jobs to the most relevant website pages. For example, a tile roof repair project appears on your website’s tile roof repair service page. This helps website visitors review relevant jobs related to their needs.


Birdeye is a reputation management platform that helps attract customers and increase revenue. The tool allows roofers to control every business component and reputation while providing insights to inform critical decisions. 

The tool also features thousands of API integrations for roofing companies that scale during high growth.


Podium is a tool that helps roofing companies gather and showcase customer reviews from across the web. The app allows roofers to manage reviews across multiple platforms and send text review requests to recent customers. 

The tool also allows roofing companies to add a chatbot to the website so you can monitor visitor inquiries in real-time.


NiceJob is a reputation management platform with an intriguing feature allowing customers to send referral links to friends and neighbors. NiceJob also covers the standard reputation management processes like automating review requests and showcasing them on your website.

Another cool feature within NiceJob is the ability to showcase reviews via social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Summary of Digitial Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Roofing

Having real humans spread your company’s reputation online is essential to long-term success. But, unfortunately, consumers inherently distrust marketing materials like advertisements or optimized web pages—many even distrust review platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

As a result, your website should showcase recent jobs, photos, and summaries connected to customer reviews and testimonials. These things, when packaged together, create the proper context of word-of-mouth promotion. We recommend the DataPins tool to help you achieve your goals in 2023.

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How ChatGPT May Impact SEO for Roofing Companies in 2024

Blog Cover for ChatGPT Article Showing AI Bot

ChatGPT’s impact on roofing SEO has become clearer after recent Google Updates, including the March 2024 Core Update. While Google does not prohibit all use cases of AI generation tools like ChatGPT, mass-producing roofing content to rank on search results violates spam guidelines.

As a long-time SEO agency owner at Roofing Webmasters, roofing companies often come to me for clarification about ChatGPT and its role in the SEO process for roofing companies.

Key Takeaway

ChatGPT itself is not an issue for roofing companies; it’s the use of ChatGPT to create useless and unhelpful content like regurgitated blog posts.

Navigating recent advancements in artificial intelligence is challenging for all industries, including roofing. Unfortunately, this uncertainty also leads to an increase in shady sales tactics from marketing agencies looking to mislead local roofers with black-hat SEO tactics that can lead to damaging penalties.

With this in mind, I have decided to lend my expertise based on 13 years of running an SEO agency for roofing professionals.

Below, I outline my notes on how ChatGPT impacts SEO for roofers.

Notes about ChatGPT for SEO:

It is a powerful AI tool for roofers

It should not be solely responsible for writing your roofing content

it requires human and expert oversight

It can be used to expedite SEO processes

ChatGPT for SEO Content Creation

ChatGPT is trained on data up to April 2023, primarily from internet sources. With this in mind, content creation through ChatGPT has two major problems.

First, the content outputs are outdated.

Secondly, the content outputs merely regurgitate ideas, concepts, and data that already exist on the web.

Since Google’s initial Helpful Content Update in 2022, the search engine has explicitly asked content creators to provide unique and original content written for humans.

The baseline function of ChatGPT is unable to achieve those content standards for roofing companies or any other industry.

The caveat is that ChatGPT can also write content based on unique inputs, which would be acceptable under Google’s guidelines.

For example, if you input original knowledge and data from your local roofing project into ChatGPT, it can convert that into a cohesive paragraph or article with unique and original insights.

ChatGPT as a Search Engine

After its initial launch, some coined ChatGPT as the Google killer or its future replacement. Of course, many of these headlines were created as clickbait, preying on human being’s anxiety to create engagement.

While ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have impacted Google’s total search volume, they have hardly overtaken Google as a search engine.

In fact, despite Bing’s adoption of ChatGPT within its search engine, it increased its market share by less than 1%. Google remains the internet’s most prominent powerhouse and accounts for nearly 2/3 of ALL referring website traffic.

The fundamental issue with ChatGPT as a search engine is its current interface. For roofing companies especially, consumers want to quickly sort through company websites, reviews, and Google Business Profiles.

ChatGPT currently cannot provide that level of Local SEO experience.

GMB Screenshot for Roofers

Google’s ability to contextualize local roofing companies by presenting verified reviews and business information separates it from other search engines and artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT as a Programmer

The most appealing part of ChatGPT is its ability to write code. While an experienced programmer must still examine the code before publication, AI can significantly expedite the code creation process while closing the gap between programmers and non-programmers.

For example, roofing company websites may want to include an HTML roofing cost calculator. However, they usually hire a programmer to complete the task, which would take time and money. With AI, a roofer could conceivably produce the code within minutes for free. 

In addition to HTML, CSS, and Javascript code, ChatGPT can perform other programming tasks, such as creating schema markup for a roofing business or adding schema FAQ to a roofing company service page. These tasks previously required time, money, and expertise.

ChatGPT as an Assistant

Aside from tasks that directly influence SEO website rankings, AI can also assist with social media, Google Business Profile, email marketing, podcast transcription, and reputation management. As other software developers tap into ChatGPT’s API, we can expect more compelling use cases to emerge.

The pro version of ChatGPT can now create original and unique images. However, it’s important to note that photos, including humans, often look highly unrealistic. It’s best to focus on image generation of properties, equipment, and tools.

Avoiding ChatGPT Misinformation for Roofing Companies

It’s well-documented that AI tools may produce incorrect responses to user queries, which can go unnoticed at first glance. However, aside from the tool’s limitations regarding accuracy, roofing companies should be aware of individuals and companies leveraging AI to create false narratives.

For example, YouTube has already seen a massive spike in ChatGPT-related videos that are making outlandish claims. Of course, as with any subject, some videos are accurate, and some are not. Roofers must resist the urge to buy emerging narratives surrounding the tool and its impact on digital marketing.

ChatGPT vs. Other AI Tools

AI is here to stay and will only improve and benefit roofing companies. Tools like Google Gemini and Perplexity.AI have emerged as helpful AI tools that can perform various SEO and other business management tasks.

If you believe your existing SEO agency is using AI tools to produce your roofing content, you can test the content yourself using free tools like Open AI Detector. Don’t be afraid to ask your agency about its process and how it may suppress your roofing keyword rankings in 2024.

Screenshot of AI Content Detection Tool

Summary of ChatGPT’s Impact on Roofing SEO

ChatGPT is now a part of the roofing SEO industry, whether we are ready for it or not. Still, using AI tools to produce your roofing website content is dangerous and not recommended by a credible SEO agency. Still, the tools are increasingly helpful for other processes related to SEO.

While I cannot endorse mass-producing content with AI tools, I acknowledge AI’s potency and potential. I continue to find ways to incorporate it into a healthy SEO presence for roofing companies.

As the industry leader in SEO for roofers, I am always looking to give my clients an advantage on Google search results within the guidelines.

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What Are Qualified Roofing Leads? (w/Marketing & Sales Tips)

Qualified Roofing Leads (Blog Cover)

Qualified roofing leads are the most likely to bring new customers to your business. But for many roofers, the phrase qualified roofing lead is ambiguous at best. Every roofing company understands what a lead is, but each lead’s value can range from nominal to outstanding.

For example, shared leads are often less valuable because the broker sells the customer’s information to multiple companies. An exclusive lead, in contrast, is more expensive because it converts more frequently.

But what if there was a way to further increase the conversion rates on exclusive leads? If you are willing to invest in a customer qualification process and delegate the tasks to your marketing agency, there is a way.

What Are Qualified Roofing Leads?

A qualified roofing lead is a prospect your marketing team thoroughly vets before passing through to the sales team. The chain of command may vary depending on whether you employ a 3rd party marketing agency or have your own in-house marketing staff. 

How Marketing Teams Qualify Roofing Leads

Marketing experts understand promotional channels like websites, social media networks, and business listings. The best marketers can also distinguish the validity of an inquiry and filter out spam and empty leads.

For example, suppose a roofing contractor messages your company through its Facebook Business Page. In that case, the marketing team can determine whether the message comes from a legitimate roofing company or a spam profile.

The same tactics apply to customer inquiries via a website contact form submission or a cold email. Again, the marketing team should look for sincerity, urgency, and credibility indicators before passing the lead to sales.

Roofing Lead Qualification Chart

Why Are Qualified Leads Important for Roofers?

Qualifying leads is essential because it increases the conversion rate of sales teams. When salespeople close the marketing department’s vetted leads, their overall conversion rate should skyrocket.

Take a look at a complete list of the benefits below:


When you have a good list of roofing qualified leads, your sales team won’t have to hunt down cold leads and spend time and effort moving them along the initial stages of the sales funnel. 

Instead, a qualified roof lead will allow your sales team to focus on leads more likely to convert and spend their time more efficiently. 

Customer Service

While many prospects don’t necessarily like being pitched to, consumers who already know they are ready for roofing service are looking for as much information as possible. As a result, you get a clearer picture of the buyer’s persona or the consumer’s preferred service with qualified leads.

Then, the sales team can present them with offers and information that pertain to what they are interested in instead of hearing a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with their roofing needs.

Believe it or not, customers remember this kind of personalized service, so qualified leads help with customer retention. 

Market Research

Roofing qualified leads will also inform you what marketing efforts are working and which of your services the public covets most. Finally, as discussed earlier, a qualified roofing lead will directly relate to your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. 

You will know where the qualified lead came from (social media marketing, search engine marketing, cold-calling, PPC ads, etc.). 

Once you accumulate a steady stream of qualified roofing leads, you will likely be able to determine a pattern. This pattern will probably tell you which of your marketing efforts are the most effective and which of your services people pay for the most. 

Tips for Qualifying Roofer Leads in 2023

Now that you understand qualified leads better and why they’re essential, it’s time to start cultivating more for your roofing business. Here are some tips:

Align Marketing and Sales

An essential stage in the lead qualification process is an agreement between sales and marketing. The marketing team will present the sales team with qualified leads, but the sales team needs to agree and confirm that the leads are likely to convert. 

This means open and effective communication between your marketing and sales team and vital information. Again, we highly recommend using a CRM software suite to streamline communication and lead profiling. 

Define Qualifications

Your sales and marketing team will need to work together to determine what exactly qualifies a lead. For example, should the lead interact with a particular content type? 

Should they have visited certain pages of your website? Should they have clicked on an ad? These are all questions that should be discussed to create qualified lead definitions. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Pivot

The roofing market changes. The needs of your customers change. Even the weather can affect roofing market changes. So, it would help if you revisited your qualification definitions regularly after they have been established to reflect these changes. 

In-House Marketing vs. Agency for Lead Qualification

Your first instinct might be to lean towards in-house marketing departments as an ideal solution for lead qualification. After all, they have every motive to qualify the lead for your sales team properly. 

In contrast, a marketing agency could have the incentive to push through leads that aren’t legitimate to meet a quota or highlight the impact of their campaigns. However, the comparison is more complex than you realize.

In-House Marketers

In-house marketers may be incentivized to withhold low-value leads from your sales team, but they also might act in bad faith to amplify their marketing skills. It could be easier for them to blame the sales team for failing to convert leads than to take responsibility for not getting enough inquiries.

Digital Marketing Agencies

On the other hand, a digital marketing agency may have the same political incentive to make themselves look better but provide less access to the process. Still, some marketing agencies are better at producing high-quality leads and don’t have to take those measures to prove their worth.

Ultimately, it comes down to who you hire, whether in-house or externally. A competent marketing agency will produce high-quality roofing leads and vet them to the fullest extent. The same applies to in-house marketers who lack oversized egos or political aspirations.

The bottom line is this. You must trust whoever passes your qualified roofing leads to the sales team.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, qualified leads are prospects that meet pre-determined benchmarks of conversion rate probability. Creating a lead qualification system lets your sales team quickly vet leads and project their lifetime value to your roofing company.

Some roofers outsource this process to 3rd party marketing agencies with experience vetting prospects from various lead sources like websites, business listings, and social media profiles. Other companies rely on an in-house marketing team to complete these tasks.

Each company will have a unique qualification system, but the successful ones share certain principles in common. For example, all successful systems correctly identify the conversion rate probability in their specific market and industry niche.

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