Roofing Website Design

Roofing website design plays an important role in your company’s online success. When visitors first visit your site, they form an impression about your company based on the design itself. Research proves that appealing web design increases conversion rates and boosts brand authority for roofing companies.

An effective roofing website includes quality content and roofing SEOand a compelling and unique design. Your roofing website design plays a major role in a consumer’s decision to invest in your services or look elsewhere. Engaging roofing website design elements have multiple positive effects on internet marketing.

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Elements of Web Design for Roofers

Successful roofing websites feature several integral elements. Visitors must urgently take swift and decisive action, like clicking the phone number button with click-to-call functionality. Similarly, the visual design elements must appease user experience while properly reflecting your brand’s local authority. Let’s take a closer look at the web design elements below:

Call To Action (CTA)

For roofing websites specifically, the call-to-action represents the most critical component of your website. Users must have easy access to your contact information, preferably via click-to-call functionality. Your site should also provide alternative contact methods, including a contact form or live chat feature for roofing prospects. Effective CTAs stand out within your design and attract the attention of visitors.

Dual Roofing Landing Page CTA


Nothing increases bounce rates more than poorly designed navigation. Make no mistake; visitors will leave a website with difficult navigation. As attention spans grow shorter and expectations grow higher, clean website navigation becomes mandatory for all websites. Roofing companies, in particular, must pay extra close attention to their site’s navigation, as it can be the difference between a quality roofing lead and a lost cause.

Roofing Site Navigation

Mobile Accessibility

According to most reports, over 55% of internet activity comes from mobile users. Drilling down to the roofing industry specifically, that percentage is even higher. The reality is simple, most of your website visitors are accessing the site through their mobile device. With this in mind, your website’s mobile accessibility is even more pivotal than a desktop. Mobile navigation is an even greater challenge than normal, and your website must exceed expectations in that regard.

Mobile Roofing Website


Websites are made up of a codebase that impacts their appearance and performance. Since code is not something that you see on the front-end, you may not value its importance. But the reality is that codebase directly impacts your website’s success and failure. For example, template-based themes often have a clunky codebase that invites hackers and slows downloading speeds. Additionally, they may lack SEO-friendly elements, including schema markup.

Site Speed

Your website’s speed is critical for two major reasons. First, users leave slow websites in less than 3 seconds. Secondly, Google’s latest page experience update raises standards for your site’s performance. Lagging speeds may now cost you both customers and search rankings in 2022. You can measure your site speed by using GT Metrix and other free tools. Roofing Webmasters utilizes WPRocket for each client website, ensuring maximum site speed for our roofers.

GTMetrix Speed Grade


An underrated aspect of web design for roofers is branding. You might think branding is a vague or unfamiliar concept in a web design context, but the truth is that your site represents your brand fully. Your color scheme and logo should match your truck wrap and marketing materials, and your photos should showcase your team favorably. Roofers who throw up a template theme with stock photos fail to properly brand their roofing website and lose customers and rankings as a result.

Roofing Brand Example

Website Design Services for Roofers

Roofing Webmasters is the top-rated website design agency for roofers throughout the U.S. We’ve designed over 300 custom roofing websites, each with an SEO-friendly codebase, schema markup, and custom themes. Our design team consists of the top designers in the industry, each paying special attention to SEO elements. Our in-house website builder enhances our clients’ online presence.

Web Design Example for Roofers

As an agency that focuses on roofing companies, we have data to support design elements that generate roofing leads. While every industry is different, roofing contractors know the importance of lead generation. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing, Roofing Webmasters delivers the ultimate website design for roofers. We look forward to your working with your company and crafting your ideal online representation.