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Here at Roofing Webmasters we are experts in SEO services for roofing companies. We have years of experience working with internet marketing for local roofers. Our passion is helping you dominate online for hundreds of keywords in your local area. With the advent of modern technology everyone turns to the web when they need a service. When John's roof is leaking and he searches for a local roofing company who provides repairs, you want your roofing company to show up in Google's top search results. But how do you get there? We are the team to help you answer that question. Our specialty is SEO for roofers.

Organic SEO Basics

So how do you get to the top? How do you dominate online for hundreds of keywords? There is no simple answer, but instead a complex compilation of organic SEO fundamentals. At Roofing Webmasters it is our job to stay on top of the latest Google trends. And we take our jobs seriously. We work hard to ensure your roofing company's internet marketing campaign is successful. Although Google's algorithms are complicated and there is no simple trick to get to the top, the following are all some roofing SEO basics we incorporate for our clients:
  • Content Management: Your site needs original, authoritative content. And it needs to have content with depth. We have a staff of professional writers who provide you with just that. And it doesn't stop there. Content cannot remain static over the lifetime of your website, you need ongoing content management. We update your content, add to it over the months and post to an internal blog monthly.
  • Web Design: Your roofing company needs a proper web design to optimize online. Your web design should be unique and coded properly. We have expert web designers who create a website specifically for your company. Their designs are high quality, aesthetically pleasing and viewable on mobile devices.
  • Local Mapping: Although your roofing company may travel to your clients, you still need to optimize your local mapping listing. At Roofing Webmasters we set up your Google Account for you and help you get the most out of local mapping.
  • PPC: Pay per click campaigns can be a great way to boost your company's initial internet marketing campaign. But PPC should be properly managed by someone who has experience in the field. We provide high quality PPC management targeting the best keywords for your company.
  • Social Media: Never underestimate the importance of engaging your clients through social media. At Roofing Webmasters we incorporate this roofing SEO basic as a part of our ongoing services. Not only do we set you up on all the major social media platforms, we also continue to help you manage your social media campaign.
  • And more!: We believe in doing a thorough job for our clients. We take care of every little detail of every little thing. Because in the end, every detail adds up to you ranking higher on search engine results. We implement proper coding, backlink monitoring and so much more.

Work with the Best

With the wide array of companies out there that offer SEO services, it can be hard to know who you should trust with your roofing site. But we are not simply another roofing SEO company. We are a team comprised of passionate, educated SEO experts who will work tirelessly to get your roofing site to the top. The following are all reasons that choosing Roofing Webmasters for your roofing internet marketing campaign will yield your best ever return on investment:
  • Play by the Rules: Google has set forth the guidelines they expect websites to follow. And they are becoming better and better at catching the rule breakers. Every day Google tweaks their algorithms just a little bit more in order to enforce their rules. Here at Roofing Webmasters, we play by those rules. Which means when  you reach the top, you can stay on top. You never have to worry about being penalized when Google updates their algorithms. With us you reach the top by merit of a job well done, not by spam or trickery.
  • Ongoing Work: Unlike some companies which set up your site and walk away, we provide ongoing work to your site. Every month we invest time in updating your content, blogging, making a myriad of onsite and offsite changes and so much more. We monitor your growth and help you target the best keywords for your market. Our work never ends because Google rewards hard work.
  • Experience in the Field: We are not new to this game. We have years of experience helping roofing companies like yours reach the top of search engines for local results. We have tried and true methods to help boost your website traffic. That is why we are the number one choice for roofer internet marketing services. We understand your business' needs and we can help you find the proper solutions.
  • Ethical Company: Finding a roofing SEO company you can trust isn't always easy. In fact, there are far more companies who practice shady tactics and misuse your funding then there are companies like ours. We value integrity and honesty and we always treat our clients with respect. We follow through on our promises and we are always here to help you throughout your time with us.
Check out our portfolio to see some of our previous work and satisfied clients who choose to stay with us month after month.

The Process

Are you ready to begin optimizing your site? The process of getting started is simple. And we don't require any long term commitments up front. There are no start up fees with us and we get to work quickly on building you a brand new site. Check out these easy steps for getting started:
  1. Pick up the Phone: The process starts with you. Grab your phone and give us a call at 1.800.353.5758. We offer free consultations and we can help you discover what needs to be done to get your roofing site up and running.
  2. Getting to Know You: Next, we learn about you and your company. We find out about your company's values and your target audience. We do research to help you find out what the best keywords for local optimization are for your company. And we listen to your input on components you want implemented on your new site (such as design preferences, contact forms, navigation requests and more).
  3. Building a Web Presence: Now we get to work creating a new web presence for you. Our expert designers create a brand new design specifically for your company (we NEVER use template designs). And we get everything set up that you will need for a complete web presence (Google Account, local mapping, social media and more!).
  4. Research and Content: Next, our writing team researches your field and creates brand new content for your site. We never copy our content and each site is handwritten by professional writers. We even have an editor on staff who ensures only high quality work reaches the web. And we optimize your content following all of Google's rules.
  5. Launching Your Site: Now is the best part, your new site launches. Once we get your final approval, the site goes live and we begin tracking your progress. Over the first few weeks Google will "spider" your site, i.e. check the entire site to see if it is a quality, authoritative site.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance: The work doesn't end for us after launch. Every month we provide you with ongoing organic SEO services. We update your content, blog, track your keyword progress and more.