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Google Maps for Roofers (Rank Locally on Map 3 Pack)

Roofing Webmasters provides Google Maps optimization services for roofers as part of our SEO services. As a long-standing marketing agency, we understand how an optimized Google Maps presence can impact lead generation and long-term business growth.

Google Maps optimization is a vital marketing component for roofing companies in 2024. Roofers must appear on the Local 3 Pack of a search engine results page (SERP) to dominate local search results.

The Local 3 Pack is a trio of Google Maps listings within a defined service area. Search results vary based on the searcher’s location, and your job as a roofer is to show up in your main service area.

Many consumers looking for a quick solution to roof problems want the closest and most convenient roofer with good reviews.

Local 3 Pack for Dallas Roofers

Appearing on the Local 3 Pack, in addition to organic results, can double or even triple your clicks.

Here is how the Local 3 Pack appears for a roofing company:

Roofing Company Local Pack

How To Add Your Business to Google Maps

Google Maps helps generate roofing leads, which in itself makes it valuable. However, some roofing companies don’t understand the connection between Google Maps and Google Business Profile.

Roofing Webmasters can help contractors optimize their online presence through both Google platforms, which you’ll soon learn are closely related.

To set up a Google Maps listing, review the process below:

  1. 1. Open Google Maps: Sign in to Google on your computer and visit Google Maps
  2. 2. Find Your Location: Zoom into the map of your business location and click “send feedback.”
  3. 3. Add Your Business: Click “add missing place” and drag the marker to the location as mentioned earlier
  4. 4. Complete Information: Add relevant business information and click “submit.”

Because of its integration with Google Business Profile, Maps can be a referral source for your company website. When users find your service on Google through organic results, the local 3-pack, or the knowledge graph, they are more likely to visit your website and complete the desired call to action.

Google has made the process even more straightforward with the “call us” button displayed on Google profiles. Marketing through Maps is an effective way to increase visibility, attract clients, and improve ranking. Roofing Webmasters values each of those priorities and works tirelessly to make them realities.

Local Roofing Maps Listings

Once you verify your Google Business Profile address, your listing is eligible to appear on Google Maps and the Local Map 3-Pack.

How To Optimize Your Google Maps Listing

We mentioned the relationship between Google Maps and Google Business Profile, which becomes critical during optimization. Roofing Webmasters offers Google optimization as part of our marketing services, which encompasses every aspect of your Google presence across the board.

Besides Google, we also claim and optimize listings on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and other citation sources throughout the internet. As is the case with each of these listings, NAP consistency is a top priority for search visibility and the sake of users looking for accurate contact information.

Of course, you’ll need to optimize your service pages for localized roofing keywords if you want a shot at those premium Map Pack rankings. Thanks to our content writing staff’s dedicated efforts, GBP optimization comes with our professional SEO services.

Google Map 3-Pack Screenshot Showing AJ Construction and Roofing

Correctly optimized business listings will appear in the Local Map 3-Pack for various keywords like roofer near me.

Optimizing Multiple Google Maps Locations

Some roofing companies expand to new locations after initial marketing success. You’ll want to claim and verify additional Google Maps locations in these cases.

Remember, you are only eligible for additional Google Maps locations if you operate a second registered business entity. You cannot open a second Google Maps location simply because you operate in multiple service areas.

Optimizing your main website for multiple locations can be tricky, depending on how far apart your businesses are from one another. We help roofing companies solve this optimization puzzle through our decade’s worth of experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about second Google Maps locations.

Google Maps Benefits for Roofing Companies

Google Maps location data is helpful beyond Google. Maps listings get shared on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Today’s marketing climate places a premium on mobile marketing, which is more important than ever.

Failure to put your company on the map and match your services with local consumers robs your business of its most powerful marketing network.

Roofing Webmasters is the perfect solution for companies that lack the resources to establish local search visibility. We will ensure your Google Maps listing is optimized.

Screenshot of Local Map 3-Pack on Google SERP

Appearing within the Map 3-Pack for industry-related queries maximizes your local lead generation.

Get Started With Google Maps Optimization

The Roofing Webmasters team has 10+ years of experience optimizing Google Business Profiles for Google Maps SEO.

Each of our clients receives a custom SEO-optimized website to connect with your Google Business listing, powering the profile to rank for thousands of keyword variations on Google Maps.

Fill out the form below for a free Google Maps consultation: