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Most Searched Keywords in the Roofing Industry

At Roofing Webmasters, it is our goal to target different SEO components in order to rank your company higher in search engines.

We do this by focusing on website design, content, social media, coding, and other search engine optimization tactics to get you more success for your business.

One of the most important things we focus on is keywords. In the world of SEO, keywords can make or break your entire marketing campaign in 2024.

While keywords might not seem like a big deal, they are actually essential to targeting your specific customers. Consumers will either type in one or two words or a whole phrase when they are searching for a product or service, so it’s important to know what keywords consumers are using.

Because the Roofing Webmasters have years of experience researching and implementing roofing keywords to SEO and online marketing strategies, we know what keywords work.

However, we want our clients to also be aware of what keywords will get them on the first page of search engines, so we put together an eBook called The 50 Most Searched Keywords.

Knowing what keywords are searched most by customers looking for roofing services, will give you a better understanding of how a consumer looks for your business, which in turn can help you have a more effective and prosperous company.

Below are the 50 most searched keywords for roofers.

KeywordMonthly Volume
Roofing contractors49,500
Roof repair49,500
Roof replacement49,500
Roof installation40,500
Metal roof27,100
Roof shingles27,100
Roofing companies22,200
TPO roofing18,100
Roofing materials12,100
Asphalt shingles12,100
Commercial roofing12,100
Rain gutter9,900
Roof tiles9,900
EPDM roofing9,900
Roof inspection9,900
Roofing supplies8,100
Tile roof8,100
Roll roofing8,100
Metal shingles8,100
Rubber roofing6,600
Flat roof6,600
Roofing services6,600
Green roof5,400
Roof coating4,400
New roof4,400
Residential roofing4,400
Roof maintenance4,400
Types of shingles3,600
Composition roof2,900
Types of metal roofs2,900
Best roofing2,900
Roof membrane2,400
Local roofers2,400
Commercial roofers near me2,400
Leaky roof2,400
Quality roofing1,900
Built up roof1,900
Slate shingles1,900
Roof damage1,600
Residential roofers near me1,300
Roofing prices1,000
Shingle repair1,000
Residential roofing company880
Concrete tile roofing720
Roof repair service720
Roofing systems590

Download the free PDF for Roofing Webmasters’ The 50 Most Searched Keywords.

Roofing Webmasters The 50 Most Searched Keywords

If you’d like additional insights on how to create a high-performance website and earn roofing leads, contact our team for a free consultation at (800) 353-5758.