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I Don’t Think The Internet Produces That Many Leads… | True Client Stories

Do you ever feel like roofing leads are just slipping through your fingers? Has your business suffered from the industry shift towards online marketing? It might be time for a new approach to advertising your services! In today’s blog, Nolen and Jason discuss the consequences of clinging too tightly to traditional marketing practices. If your businesses has avoided working through the internet until now, be sure to listen in closely!

Important Tips to Listen For

  • Investment produces reward. SEO doesn’t work without trying it.
  • Door knocking is unlikely to provide serious lead volume in the future.
  • Start laying your SEO foundation now and reap the rewards in the near future.

Classic Marketing is Fading Out

We’re living in the end of an era. Actually, the end of the era came about 10 years ago. The only thing changing today is the number of roofing contractors accepting the fact that industry marketing is dominated by online search. Even so, we still receive a number of calls from companies firmly planted in the past of traditional advertising, Yellowpage-type listings, and door knocking.

Put simply: This attitude is damaging their business, and it hurts to watch the consequences.

It’s not even the fault of digital marketing companies. In truth, consumers have widely adopted a habit of researching everything online. They aren’t watching television ads to find their contractors. They aren’t scrolling through local newspaper ads. They rarely pay attention to radio salesmen, and they most certainly aren’t answering the door (unless it can’t be helped).

The “New” Prominent Lead Source

Marketing changes, and so should businesses. While Google is certainly a more complicated channel than radio (for instance), it also provides dramatically more leads for local roofers. Your most successful competitors probably rank very well in local search results. Again, people look online for their essential home services these days.

Even if you’ve had a terrible year (or five), it’s not too late to get started on local roofing SEO. Even if you have an incredibly outdated or nonexistent website, it’s entirely possible to start developing a productive online marketing strategy now. But it’s going to take consistent work. Your high-ranking competitors didn’t climb the Google ranks by accident. They invested time and money into making their organic (unpaid) online marketing work.

Enough preaching. Now, let’s create a plan to get your business earning stronger leads again!

Local Roofers Ranking Well in Online Marketing
Earning Places at the Top of Google Search Results Means Exceptional Lead Potential.

Starting Up Your Online Marketing

There are three key pillars that every online marketing strategy depends on:

  • A complete Google My Business listing
  • An optimized, functional website
  • Quality, numerous client reviews

Without these elements, your marketing strategy won’t take off like you want it to. We’ll briefly talk about each element and how to ensure maximum results (leads) for your roofing company.

GMB Listing

Your Free Google My Business Listing

Let’s start with the easiest step: completing your GMB listing. If you haven’t already, go to the Google My Business starting page and fill out as much as the information as possible. You will need a physical address for your business. Most startups use their home address, but you’ll have to use only official company offices if you have two or more locations.

Why claim a Google My Business listing?

If you want to show up in Google Search – you most certainly want to show up in Google Search!this listing provides the search engine with crucial information about your business. It’s as simple as that. Want to show up when potential clients look up “roofing companies in Fort Worth, TX”? Fill out that listing. Just make sure that you use the same GMB address for all future Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and other citation profiles. Even differences in abbreviation make a difference!

Optimized Website

Use a Website Designed for Google Search

Our guide “What Does Google Want For Roofers to Optimize Online?” (link at the bottom) goes into detail on the key parts of search engine optimization. Just because a website looks nice, that doesn’t mean it performs well in local search. An optimized website has:

We highly recommend you read our guide. A quick word of advice: Even if you have to ultimately throw away your website design, hold onto the domain name. Too many roofing companies make the mistake of throwing away their URL (web address). This is tantamount to erasing all your online marketing progress and starting from square one. It takes months to recover, so hold onto that domain!

Client Reviews

Actively Ask for Client Reviews

One of the easiest, but underperformed tasks for online marketing is simply asking for reviews at the end of every successful job. Client reviews make a huge impact on any business’ success! That’s because it shows dependability, trustworthiness, and accountability for your brand. Roofing companies that don’t ask for reviews inevitably rank poorly, because only angry clients take the time to go online and rate them.

There’s no other way to say it. Ask for reviews!

One of the easiest ways to ensure a higher response rate is to text clients a links to your Google My Business and Facebook Business pages. Try and collect reviews from both sites if possible, as Google respects feedback from multiple sources. If you prefer the old fashioned method, provide your business card with the links printed at the bottom.

Team Up With Roofing Webmasters!

Those are the three simple steps to starting your online marketing presence. Whether you like Google or not, your clients love it! It may take some time to adapt to this new advertising channel, but leads are worth fighting for. Of course, our team at the Roofing Webmasters would love to make the transition process as easy as possible for you. Get a free consultation with one of our seasoned roofing SEO professionals by calling (800) 353-5758!

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The Impending Recession: Continued SEO Efforts for Roofers | Roofing SEO Podcast

In a healthy roofing industry, it may seem smart to drop all of your low-dollar services in favor of larger profit services. Don’t throw away that roof repair page just yet though! Nolen and Jason discuss the current market and how contractors can protect their business during the recession that seems to loom over the market. If you’ve got concerns about the future of your roofing company, be sure to listen in carefully!

Key Points to Listen For

  • Economic indicators point towards a potential recession in the next few years.
  • Lower dollar services offer invaluable revenue during a recession.
  • Few marketing activities will provide as dependable results as SEO for roofers.

SEO For Roofers: Recession Preparations

While there’s no exact timeline predicted for the next recession (we’re hoping for never), it pays to prepare your business against potential economic downturns. That’s especially true for roofing contractors, who live and die by the whims of the housing market. We can easily predict what would happen for the average roofing professional in the event of a recession.

The Traditional Slowing of the Roofing Industry

  • Phase #1: Home sales start to decline.
  • Phase #2: The average homeowner grows stricter with their budget.
  • Phase #3: Non-essential projects (ie: roofing upgrades) slow dramatically.
  • Phase #4: As budgets tighten even more, homeowners wait longer for repairs.
  • Phase #5: Underprepared contracting companies go out of business.
  • Phase #6: The market starts to recover.

This is a sad, but recurring process that many roofing companies don’t survive. That’s often because they go into the stricter economic period unprepared for the surge in competition. While storm seasons and the odd hail market may provide some relief, these can’t be counted on.

So what should your business do to prepare for the next recession? Start diving into SEO for roofers, and establish your presence online now! A year or two years from now could be too late to start preparing. Below, we’ll explain why developing your organic search program now could save you in the next few years.

A Company Pursues SEO Growth Through a Website
Even With Simple Design, an Optimized Website Offers Enormous SEO Benefits for Your Company.

Reason #1: Saving a Lot of Money

So business is booming and for the first time in a while, you actually have some company cash saved up. That’s where you come to a fork in the road. Do you spend the money on traditional marketing, paid search campaigns, or organic development? We’ll explain in a bit why the typical advertising (including door knocking) might not work so well in the near future. For now, we’ll focus on PPC vs organic SEO!

Pay-per-click campaigns offer more control and customization than ever before. For one, you can target the precise geographic radius that you want your ads to appear in. You can also refine your target audience in platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These solutions work so effectively, that many roofing contractors forgo continued website development and double down on PPC.

Focussing exclusively on PPC is generally a bad idea, but it could hurt your business even more during a recession.

Why? Because ads cost money. Thanks to a healthy housing market, most roofers do well enough to avoid using paid ads (even when they shouldn’t). When the housing market starts to dry up however, businesses without an established organic presence flock to Google Ads and other ad platforms in desperation. The surge in competition leads to incredible spikes in costs-per-click (CPCs), which could quickly eat up your marketing budget!

SEO for Roofers in a Paid Google Ads Platform
Can Your Business Afford to Compete in a Hectic PPC Environment? Source: Google Ads

You could try to buy these leads from a lead-selling company. If the numerous complaints we hear from roofing contractors are any indication however, that’s a sticky and expensive situation you’d be better off avoiding. That just leaves SEO for roofers…

How Organic SEO Saves Money

Ranking #1 in Google Search is a dream many contractors share, but it’s not one many know how to pursue. The most effective SEO strategies begin with website optimization, because this is where the majority of curious readers turn into actual leads. Once your roofing company website is up, running, and ranking up in Google local map results however, you’ll notice something amazing:

Organic search generates higher quality leads than PPC, and cheaper!

While search engine optimization certainly takes a concentrated effort during website development and content marketing, you won’t have to spend all your time managing the site. In fact, a well-crafted company portal will naturally generate leads with only moderate updates required every so often. Cheap, high-quality, and fairly easy leads. What’s not to like?

Reason #2: Maintaining a Broader Spectrum of Services

In healthy roofing industries, homeowners call in for a variety of services. With so much business to choose from, many contractors turn down low-dollar jobs in favor of high-profit installations and replacements. At the Roofing Webmasters, we even have clients who think about taking off their “Roof Repair” pages so they can focus exclusively on installs. We strongly advise against that strategy however, especially when it comes to recession markets.

During recessions, installation numbers plummet to the point that mostly repair jobs remain.

Local SEO for Roofers Dominated by Ad Listings
As Installation Numbers Drop, Ad Prices Will Spike.

If only roof repair projects remain in the market, will contractors compete for those leads? You better believe it! Unfortunately, too many ride the wave of healthy-market projects without ever investing in their long-term online performance. Even a little effort here and there can reap huge dividends once your brand earns more experience online.

What sort of activities can you complete now to become an established contractor?

Even if you don’t have the resources to create a fully-optimized website, you can easily perform these actions without breaking the bank. If you complete the work now, you can reap the rewards down the road when other unprepared contractors (who neglected their SEO for roofers) are struggling for business. Make it easier to earn leads and reinforce your business against a likely recession; that’s two birds hit with one stone.

SEO Metrics Shown in a Couple of Charts
Ideally, Most of Your Leads Should Come From Cheap, Organic SEO.

An SEO Company for Roofers

At Roofing Webmasters, we support contractors from all around the United States. Our dedicated team of web designers, content writers, social media analysts, and strategists work together to deliver outstanding SEO for roofers. Clients regularly enjoy front page rankings, higher site traffic, and better quality leads. You could too!

If you’d like to talk with a seasoned SEO specialist, give us a call at (800) 353-5758 and enjoy a free consultation. We can’t wait to serve you!

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True Client Stories: I Need Leads! | Roofing SEO Podcast

Do you feel trapped with your lead sales company? Do you ever wish you could start earning more of your own business? In our latest podcast, Jason and Nolen discuss the struggle of overcoming leads addiction and earning new clients online. Learn how to start developing your brand, instead of growing the other company’s!

Key Points to Listen For

  • Leads aren’t just something you buy. They can be earned too!
  • Roofing contractors can get stuck in the cycle of buying leads.
  • It’s fairly easy to start SEO for roofers. It just takes time.

Purchase Leads, or Produce Them?

It’s an age old adage: “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day.” You probably know the rest. That story almost always seems to have a different ending however, when it comes to generating business. Our team at Roofing Webmasters fields all sorts of calls throughout the year, yet we inevitably hear the same request over and over (and over) again.

“I need leads!”

Every business needs a stable sources of incoming customers. When it comes to roofers however, many have no idea where to start. They have loose knowledge of Google and other search engines, but they possess the insight to run their own roofing SEO strategy. So where do they run to for an immediate influx of leads? Lead sellers.

The Frustrating World of Lead Sales

Supposed you go to one of the three or four major lead selling companies (you know the ones) and enroll in their services. You may have some control over how much money you spend, but you don’t have much say in the quality of each individual leads. Perhaps the individual is truly in need of a shingle roof replacement and is already wanting to buy. Or they’re just shopping around for prices.

Too many roofing companies find their leads volume swollen with shopping homeowners and commercial organizations. In our experience, most contractors earn just enough from these leads to get by and complain about their lead buying situation! When we suggest that they create a new means for themselves to earn their own clients, that’s when we find out the real, sad truth: they’re addicted to buying leads.

Some roofing companies go years without ever taking the initiative to graduate out of lead sales. But you can save your business from this frustrating cycle. Here’s how!

A Company Made a Website Instead of Buying Leads
Even a Simple Website Can Offer Outstanding Results Compared With Buying Leads.

Part #1: Starting Putting Effort Towards SEO

Why? Because it’s so much cheaper! Take the amount of money that you would have spent on buying leads and invest it towards creating your own. Not only will you start growing your own brand through local search, you’ll increase the likelihood that any clients you earn will return for repeat business (or recommend you to their friends).

No, you don’t have to be a programming or coding genius to start your organic search engine optimization (SEO). In reality, most of the tools your business needs to start earning calls are freely available to anyone who wants them. Just start taking the first steps, and you’ll be amazed at how much progress your business will achieve naturally. To get started…

  • Claim and fill out your Google My Business listing.
  • Create a Facebook Business profile.
  • Consistently ask clients to give your reviews.
  • Get listed on citation websites (such as BBB).

Google My Business is essential for getting considered in local map results. Without it, there’s little to no chance of your company showing up when that coveted “metal roofing installation” search goes up in your service area. Considering Facebook’s impressive volume of over 2.4 billion monthly active users, it only makes sense to start exposing your brand in the popular social media platform. Add in a Better Business Bureau (or a similar citation site) profile, and you’ve got three places ready to start collecting reviews!

You’ll also need to build a website. If your roofing team doesn’t currently have the talent to produce a website optimized for search, you can always hire a trusted company to do it for you. Just make sure you know what your money’s buying!

A PPC Tool Offering a Great Alternative to Buying Leads
Google Ads is a Great PPC Tool for Those Just Getting Over Buying Leads Image Source: Google Ads

Step #2: Switch Your Leads to PPC

Regardless of what some marketing professionals may tell you, there are some benefits to supplementing your leads by purchasing them. However, there are better ways to control the quality of your leads and stop sharing them with other local plumbers. One fantastic paid method of generating business is PPC. Maybe you’ve already experimented with Google Ads, maybe you haven’t. This platform makes it easy to enjoy premium placement at the top of local search engine results pages (SERPs) too.

Of course, there are many ways to invest in online advertising that don’t involve Google Ads. Facebook Business makes it very easy to turn content into ads. You also have the ability to customize your target audience, forward the ad to your Instagram account, and/or redirect people to your website. Highly tailored ads at cheap prices with a high rate of return…that’s a recipe for success!

Team Up With the Roofing Webmasters

At Roofing Webmasters, our team of SEO specialists, content writers, web designers, and programmers all work together to produce higher traffic, better leads, and stronger growth for roofers like you. Our clients dominate local search, expanding their brands and raking in sweet new business! If you’d like to learn how we could grow your roofing SEO and PPC results, call (800) 353-5758 for a free consultation.

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Black Hat, White Hat, Gray Hat | Roofing SEO Podcast

When people hear the words “Black Hat” or “Gray Hat”, they often picture old 90’s movies about spy escapades or illegal hacker groups. When it comes to the world of online search however, most of these activities aren’t even illegal, just highly frowned upon. If you rely upon these techniques for day to day business however, your company could be destined for a world of hurt!

In our latest podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the difference between black, gray, and white. Learn how to distinguish legitimate SEO experts from the fakes. If you’ve struggled in the past with ranking up your website, or if a shady marketing company is advertising some sketchy SEO tactics, be sure to listen in closely.

Key Points to Listen For

  • White Hat techniques provide the best long-term results for your business.
  • Gray Hat methods may actually work…for a time.
  • Black Hat tactics could put your entire company as risk.
  • Business owners are responsible for their SEO practices, even if they don’t manage them.

Black Hat, Gray Hat, and White Hat

“What the heck is going on with all these hats?!” That’s a question that many contractors instinctively blurt out whenever this topic pops up. Born out of western film terminology, these hats represent the various levels of legitimacy when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). What does each one signify?

  • White Hats – represent acceptable SEO business practices recommended by Google
  • Gray Hat – techniques lying outside accepted practice, but not forbidden by Google
  • Black Hat – tactics explicitly forbidden by Google, typically for their harmful nature against consumers

Keep in mind that most gray and black hat tactics are not illegal. However, they conflict with Google’s accepted terms of use and recommended business practices. The vast majority of businesses utilize white hat practices exclusively (or almost exclusively).

What’s Wrong With Black Hat SEO?

In Western filmology, black hats were typically reserved for American outlaws who fought against the accepted code of conduct. They lived the high and romanticized life on the run. Sometimes they hid from the public eye. Sometimes they strut flamboyantly about in defiance of the law.

A Search Quality Professional Offering a Guide on Avoiding Black Hat SEO
Google Regularly Posts Guides on How to Avoid Search Violations. Source: Search Console Help

Black hat SEO behaves in a similar way. Some who engage in these tactics carefully mask themselves as legitimate businesses and hide from the public eye. Others publicly advertise their practices because they know they can’t be punished (yet). This was the case in the late 2000s, when Google struggled to curtail the ludicrous practice of buying inbound links. Back then, sites were judged predominantly by the number of other sites linking to them. The issue spiraled so hilariously out of control, that your neighborhood roofing contractor would purchase hundreds of thousands of inbound links just to keep up with the competition.

If you search Google’s policy on link schemes now, it won’t take much imagination to predict what happened next.

Google explicitly condemned this behavior for years, and earnestly sought ways to prevent it. After years of warning businesses to stop these practices, the search engine had had enough. In 2012 and 2013, Google rolled out the Penguin algorithm update and all hell broke loose for companies that relied on these black hat SEO practices. Front page contenders dropped off the map overnight. Some went bankrupt, while others went through months of link disavowal projects and “Google, we’re sorry”‘s to find their way back to competing.

What Black Hat SEO Looks Like

No, we’re not going to give you a how-to on gaming SEO! But it does pay to understand what it looks (and feels) like. Marketing companies dabbling in black hat practices often do so to cut down their costs and provide quick results for their clients. Legitimate, organic search tactics almost always take months to cultivate. Anyone offering and providing overnight results (especially for cheap) is probably into some shady stuff which could end up harming your business.

Watch out for talk about “loopholes” or “exploits”, and steer clear of anyone offering immediate results for your roofing SEO. Even if you’re not the one perpetrating these tactics, your business could end up getting temporarily delisted from Google My Business and disappearing from local search results. That could mean months of lost online revenue and trying to restore your online presence. You’ll certainly wish you stuck with safer white hat SEO! If you’re concerned about a particular online practice your company currently engages in, consult Google’s Quality Guidelines.

An Artistic Rendition of Black, Gray, and White Hat SEO
Gray and Black Hat SEO aren’t Usually Illegal, But They Can Still Hurt Business. Graphic Source: WordStream

Gray Hat SEO – Shaky Foundations

Just because you won’t get in trouble for engaging in certain behavior, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your business. Gray hat SEO involves activities that fall outside Google’s recommended business practices, yet they aren’t explicitly condemned by the search engine. As with black hat SEO, gray hat tactics try to take advantage of blind spots in Google’s search algorithm.

So what’s the problem? Since the activity isn’t illegal or even denounced by Google, many businesses actively (and unashamedly) engage in gray hat SEO. These activities actually seem to work and provide enhanced rankings in local search. As our team at Roofing Webmasters (and any sensible online marketing company) will tell you, Google continually updates its algorithm to provide the best value for its user base. That includes consumers and businesses alike. The vast majority of gray hat exploits are discovered and neutralized.

The End Result of Gray Hat SEO

In the short term, these tactics offer temporary benefits for your business. Any company that primarily focuses on bypassing Google’s established search practices is going to pay the price. You may not suffer the crushing consequences of black hat SEO (like losing your business listing), but your rankings will almost inevitably plummet when the right algorithm update comes along. It could take months, even years to recover.

Focusing on flimsy search techniques also distracts you from activities that would actually produce stable, long-term results for your business. All the months you could have spent establishing your brand with white hat SEO simply fall by the wayside. That’s the true tragedy of gray hat search tactics!

A Well-Designed Website for White Hat SEO
Optimized Website Design is the Foundation of White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO – Results You Can Trust

We finally come to the “good guy” in our western film metaphor. White hat SEO incorporates tried and true practices that fall safely within Google’s search principles. Unlike its black and gray hat counterparts, this category continually provides long-term benefits for roofing contractors.

So when it comes to SEO for roofers, what do white hat tactics look like? If you’ve listened to any of our previous podcasts, you’ll likely remember our short list of crucial SEO elements.

Basic White Hat SEO

  • Custom Website Design and Coding
  • Keyword Research and Page Optimization
  • Quality Content Development
  • Supporting Social Media Marketing
  • Citations
  • Reviews from Multiple Sources
  • and More!

When it comes to roofing SEO, it takes a wide range of activities to produce the type of traffic businesses crave. As contractors feed time, money, and effort into their search marketing, they’ll consistently see a return on their investment. Of course, that means doing the required research, planning ahead, and abiding by the established rules of white hat SEO!

SEO Tactics You Can Trust

While sleazy digital marketing companies are a dime a dozen, it can be hard to find that handful of dependable agencies you can trust. As you hunt for a marketing partner that specializes in white hat SEO, look for these traits: accountability, timely results, willingness to explain SEO in simple terms, experience, and well-roundedness. Any business that claims one facet of marketing will turn your business around probably isn’t worth your investment. A dependable company however, will never try to oversell their capabilities or make promises of guaranteed jaw-dropping results.

Hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful in your search for long-term online marketing success. If your roofing business has struggled to get a foothold in local search, our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to partner with you! Our full-service online marketing team supports contractors all over the country. We’re proud to say our clients consistently earn higher rankings, more traffic, and better leads within their service area! 

Call us today at (800) 353-5758 and get a free consultation from one of our seasoned roofing SEO professionals. We can’t wait to serve you!

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If a Roofer Could Roof Roofs, How Many Roofs Would a Roofer Roof? | Roofing SEO Podcast

Setting your expectations for the future, finding a fruitful city to operate in, and optimizing all of your online efforts all represent significant challenges for a roofing contractor. With such a heavily fluctuating market, it’s easy to panic when your service area hasn’t seen a business-driving storm in many years. In our latest podcast from the Roofing Webmasters, Nolen and Jason discuss how to strategize for the future, whether or not there’s a storm on the horizon! If you’ve struggled with earning the long-term growth your roofing company craves, be sure to listen in.

Key Points in Our Podcast

  • Most roofing contractors (and family members) don’t know how to optimize.
  • Changing locations dramatically affects SEO results.
  • There are multiple ways to earn business during after major storms.
  • Don’t let peak storm years affect your expectations for non-storm years.

Roofing SEO and Strategic Planning

There’s a very small segment of roofing professionals that can effectively chase after hail storms and hurricanes and turn them into profit. While every eager contractor certainly longs for the year they earn 750 roofing clients a single storm year, that’s simply not the norm for most businesses. For the vast majority of roofers, it simply makes more sense to put down roots and work for steady growth. Not only is it more pleasant for your family and staff, it’s also better for your roofing SEO.

How Location Shifting Affects Online Performance

Believe it or not, Google works extremely hard to develop lists of the most dependable industry professionals within a geographical area. In previous discussions, we’ve mentioned the E-A-T factors (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) that the search engine hunts for to prove a company deserves a place in the top rankings. What kind of businesses capture these coveted front page listings?

Common Factors Among Top Ranked Companies

  • They earn high reviews from a variety of platforms.
  • They optimize their websites, PPC, and social for Google.
  • They continually feed content back into their website.
  • They’ve filled out all applicable business listings.
  • They stay in place and gradually expand.

All of the factors listed above drive traffic towards your roofing company’s website. The last two likely affect your results the most. Nothing impacts local search rankings more than a change in location. Even changing addresses within the same city can change your rankings, for better or for worse. Google’s search algorithm gets very picky when it comes to changes in address. Even a minor difference in how you abbreviate the same address between multiple online listings may lower your chances of seeing front page listings.

Roofing Contractors on a Local Map Pack
A New Address Could Affect Google’s Perception of Your Business.

So don’t go changing your address without doing significant research prior!

Below, you’ll find a few critical rules of thumb when in comes to changing location and how changes affect your roofing SEO. If you make any of these mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. However, you will likely need to partner with an experienced online marketing professional to get your team back on track for search.

Switching Cities

Mistake #1: Switching Cities & Expecting Immediate Results

It takes roofing contractors years to develop an established reputation in a city. Google’s vetting process is a never-ending cycle of evaluation and re-evaluation. That’s why it’s so frustrating to see a successful business jump ship and move to a new city, then expect the same level of success from the get-go.

Any business that moves to a different location, especially out of state, can anticipate the old challenge of earning credibility in their near market. In our podcast, Jason and Nolen speak of a former client who opened up two new locations within the same state and couldn’t understand why they didn’t see immediate results. The situation was made all the more heated when the prolific storm damage market dried up in their original location.

Our Lesson: SEO results take time to grow in each new location.

Virtual Offices

Mistake #2: Setting Up Virtual Offices With Friends/Families

Just don’t do it. Google’s grace for virtual offices seems to have run out for the time being. It may seem like a lucrative method to expand the reach of your service area, but business listings can get suspended (and delisted from search results) for this sort of behavior. In reality, you’ll be shooting your business in the foot and slowing down lead generation.

Our Lesson: If you need to expand, do it the natural way. Create new physical locations for your company and let your friends and family avoid the hassle.

Home Business

Mistake #3: Moving Business Out of Your Home Too Early

Like many popular bands, roofing contractors typically start out of a garage. You’ve probably used your home address for Google My Business and other listings. That’s perfectly fine! Our word of caution applies to businesses that are looking to take on a second location.

When you take the plunge and open up an official company office, your home address can no longer serve as a company location. One good office deserves another, so Google seems to believe. Your rankings could suffer if you ignore this crucial rule.

Our Lesson: If you can’t afford to move business completely out of the house, don’t open up that new office just yet. If you’re ready to move however, you’ll need to either close your home (as a company location) or open up a second office.

How Many Lead Calls is Normal?

Before finishing our discussion, we need to touch on a topic that many roofing contractors seem to struggle with: lead volume. Your average lead generation rate depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Local climate and storm frequency
  • Service area populations
  • Economy
  • Marketing practices
  • Management & staff capabilities
  • Competition
  • Category of roofing

Some commercial roofers feel happy with just three projects a month, considering their larger scope and higher value. Residential companies may need a minimum of 8 to 12 to earn their target monthly revenue. While your market may produce a higher volume of leads, it’s crucial to establish a baseline average.

Storm Roofing Contractors and Their Website Homepage
Take the Time to Develop Your Current Market. Roofing Contractors Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Knock on Doors!

Why Storm Seasons Make for Poor Baselines

Suppose a business operates near the Florida coast, or a Texas coastal city like Corpus Christi. In one average year, the company might see an average of 200 projects completed. After a particularly destructive hurricane season however, the yearly amount may rise to three times that many projects. While that may provide opportunities to expand the business (or buy that dream home), owners need to remember that business eventually returns to the baseline. Forgetting that could lead to undue financial stress and overstaffing.

Contact the Roofing Webmasters!

At the Roofing Webmasters, we support numerous roofing contractors across the nation. Whether you depend on storm seasons or normal wear and tear for the bulk of your projects, our team can help you optimize your online presence to earn stronger results from Google Search. Clients dominate their local search rankings, enjoying better traffic and faster lead generation!

Learn more about our business and get a free, professional consultation when you call us at (800) 353-5758.

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Our Operation: Digital Marketing Excellence | Roofing SEO Podcast

Finding an efficient, yet customer-driven SEO company seemed impossible. That’s why Nolen and John created their own! In our latest podcast, we dive deep into the Roofing Webmasters’ company history with Jason and Nolen. We’ll discuss how our past experiences molded the business and allowed us to produce outstanding results for our customers!

Key Points in Our Podcast

  • Company size greatly impacts both service quality and efficiency.
  • Our management software allows us to produce faster results for our clients.
  • The right team makes all the difference.

Our History at Roofing Webmasters

Like many company origin stories, our company was born out of discontentment. Discontentment with the way digital marketing companies treated their clients, and disappointment with their lack of results. Our founders, Nolen and John, originally worked in the security industry. After recognizing the profound gap there was in quality digital marketing services, they seized the opportunity and founded what would later become the Webmasters!

While their journey took many twists and turns, Nolen and John created a tight-knit group of graphic designers, marketing strategists, content writers, software developers, and social media specialists. Through our regularly-improved, in-house management software, our team continually produces outstanding products for roofing SEO. Here’s how…

Finding the Right Management Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Company's Production Management Software
A Snippet of Our Project Management System. Client Names Have Been Blurred.

While it might surprise our current clients, our offices at the Roofing Webmasters used to be a chaotic mess! As with many digital marketing businesses, our management team struggled to creative talent that honored time-results and diligence above personal convenience. Lax standards in the industry had produced all too many complacent would-be web experts.

Our team certainly felt the effects. In fact, almost we had to transform almost the entire writing department. To better manage our new staff, we designed brand new project management software, incorporated check-ins for accountability, and dialed down on our employee training process. As a result, we experienced a dramatic shift in productivity that we’re still very proud of!

Why Company Size Matters

In our experience with the industry, plus the horror stories that our clients have conveyed to us, dependable digital marketing companies are rare. When it comes to managing employees effectively, there’s a sweet spot when it comes to workforce size. Let’s take a look at industry trends, and the problems with companies that are either too small or too large.

When Digital Marketing Gets Too Small…

  • Client capacity shrinks.
  • Rapid updates may not be possible.
  • Solutions must be patched together.
  • It takes multiple services to deliver a (somewhat) cohesive website.

When Digital Marketing Gets Too Big…

  • Services become overly streamlined or cookie cutter.
  • The gap between service rep and production widens.
  • Customer service (usually) suffers.
An Example of a Website Template for Roofing SEO
Lightly-Altered Template Design is a Staple of Freelance Digital Marketing. Template Example from Themeforest

Ideal Size

The Goldilocks Size for Digital Marketing

Cookie-cutter web design and mediocre results just aren’t our speed. We custom-build powerful websites with schema coding, original content, and over 200 points of roofing SEO! With just under 20 talented and experienced professionals, the Webmasters supports hundreds of roofing contractors and other industry professionals from across the United States.

Individual roofing SEO experts can’t pull off the number of clients we support, and larger companies (generally) don’t provide such outstanding customer service. That’s why so many contractors rely on our team for their digital marketing needs. Our size and skilled staff allow us to continually deliver premium results in the form of better rankings, higher site traffic, deeper engagement, and fantastic lead generation. All these results come from years of refining our management program and organizing our talent for maximum client value.

Digital Marketing: Full-Service

Why Full-Service Makes More Sense

Perhaps you already have a small digital marketing service running part of your online presence. Maybe you have two or three! What happens when a roofing company (or another industry contractor) outsources their digital to-do’s to multiple businesses? Unless you’re a very, very good judge of marketing talent, a hodge-podge mess is almost always the result. That’s because separate companies will struggle with creating a cohesive SEO strategy, especially when it comes to website creation!

When you choose a full-service digital marketing company for your roofing SEO needs however, each aspect of your marketing is bond together by design. Content nestles into a custom-website already optimized for search. PPC campaigns align with existing keyword strategy from your organic search results. Blog posts and videos enjoy stronger distribution through your Google My Business account and social media platforms! All in all, you’ll witness better results and spend far less time having to check your company’s progress.

Team Up With Roofing Webmasters!

Want stronger performance for your roofing SEO efforts? Our dedicated staff at the Roofing Webmasters would love to help! We support numerous businesses across the country, providing premium rankings in local search, faster lead development, and outstanding website performance! Arrange your free consultation with a seasoned SEO veteran today by calling (800) 353-5758.

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Righteous Reviews | Roofing SEO Podcast

Finding a capable (and convenient) reviews platform can be difficult. Roofing contractors and other industry professionals live or die by the quality of their reputation management. In today’s podcast, Nolen and Jason talk about collecting reviews, jobsite check-ins, and geotagging. You’ll also hear them brag about our own awesome reviews platform, Righteous Reviews.

If you’ve struggled with getting your company name on the online map, be sure to listen in!

Key Facts to Learn

  • How you use your reviews is just as important as how/where you collect them.
  • Geotagging provides location-based data that Google craves.
  • Uncensored reviews trust with users and Google.
  • Righteous Reviews consolidates your client feedback and makes it easy to ask for it.

What is Righteous Reviews?

Righteous Reviews (RR) is a web-based application developed by the skilled development team at Roofing Webmasters. Our team incorporates this feature into every one of our websites (including our own internal sites) for tremendous SEO benefits. Because the application requires specialized coding, we only provide it as part of our general SEO for Roofers program.

Why Our Clients Love RR

Collecting reviews from clients is challenging work, especially when a roofing contractor gathers reviews through multiple citation sources, on their website, and their social media platforms. Righteous Reviews greatly simplifies the reputation management process, allowing roofers to consolidate their reviews through one refreshingly easy-to-use platform.

The website application offers two key features:

  • Jobsite Check-ins
  • Reviews Collection & Consolidation

While it might not be obvious at first, these capabilities provide tremendous SEO enhancements for our roofing clients. Here’s why…

A Local Search for Metal Roof Installation
Reviews Make a Big Difference in a Company’s Perceived Trustworthiness!

Google Loves Geotagged Check-ins

In the eyes of Google, what separates your business from the many competitors in your service area? Google has to sort through countless service company websites, each with a score of professional services and dozens of city pages. Apart from these pages, the search engine doesn’t have any actual proof that a business operates in the areas they claim to.

That’s where geotagged check-ins come in handy! With Righteous Reviews, roofing contractors can check-in to a jobsite, fill in the related service and location data, include the client’s phone number and email address, take a project photo, then post it to your related service and city pages. This can all be completed in under 60 seconds per check-in. 

What’s the point of this activity?

  • It shows Google your business is active.
  • It proves you operate in your stated service area(s).
  • It uploads the activity directly to maps on your service and city pages.
  • It provides photos of your latest work for website visitors.
  • It automatically prompts a request-for-review in the client’s email or text inbox.
A Righteous Reviews Jobsite Check-in
Here is an Example of a Righteous Reviews Jobsite Check-in.

With teams checking in at multiple job sites each day, you’ll quickly create an large map of your team’s job history that Google can reference as proof of activity. Every single pin on the map offers the data the search engine craves, and your future clients will be impressed by the long history of activity in their local community. All it takes is a quick 60 second check-in at each jobsite!

Now any consumer wondering if you perform a particular roofing service can see examples of your performing that exact installation, repair, etc. in their community. That’s enough evidence to sway many undecided homeowners and businesses. Of course, Righteous Reviews has other invaluable perks for your roofer SEO!

Asking for Reviews, Made Easy

With the Righteous Reviews program, our team provides a simple request-for-review template. Whenever your roofing teams finish a job, their jobsite check-in immediately sends an invite via text or email with links to your various review sources. Our research over the years shows that Google prefers to see company reviews coming from a variety of resources. So we suggest links to your Facebook Business profile, your Google My Business account, your BBB listing, and wherever you want reviews from.

Again, these Righteous Reviews adds geotags to any reviews submitted through this invite. The review gets uploaded to the respective service page and city page, and Google notices the extra data when it re-examines your website. No other reviews platform (that we know of) provides this automatic upload capability. Every review submitted to your company comes with our special coding that makes them work even harder for your roofer SEO!

An Example of a Righteous Reviews Tagged Client Review
Geotagged Reviews Provide Even More Data to Boost SEO for Roofers!

Imagine getting the latest reviews from Facebook, Google, and Yelp automatically uploaded to your website. This all comes from a simple request-for-review process generated when your teams check into each jobsite. As long as your contractors continue to perform these 60 second check-ins, you should see tremendous improvements in your website SEO. 

Join Up With Roofing Webmasters!

Like all of our solutions, Righteous Reviews is the result of lengthy research, skilled development, and careful integration. Unlike other reviews platforms out on the market, it isn’t a simple widget that can be slapped onto a website. That’s why we only include RR with our custom-built websites. You’ll notice the difference in website search performance and platform ease-of-use!

Looking for a trusted professional in reputation management and website development? Come to the experienced team at the Roofing Webmasters! Our clients enjoy fantastic rankings in their local search results, leading to higher traffic and better quality leads. Talk with a seasoned roofing SEO expert for free at (800) 353-5758.

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What Does Google Want for Roofers to Optimize Online? | Roofing SEO Podcast

Finding that magic formula for premium website performance can be challenging, especially for roofing contractors new to the world of search engine optimization (SEO)! In today’s podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the various elements that Google demands for website optimization. If you’ve been struggling with lackluster search rankings, be sure to listen in!

Key Elements to Listen For

  • Reputation management is essential, especially for newly-minted companies.
  • Schema and geo-tagging offer profound benefits for your Roofer SEO.
  • Roofing SEO demands effort from many parts of your marketing, not just your website.
  • Bounce rate isn’t the top metric for your website optimization!

The Key Pillars of Website Optimization

When it comes to optimizing your website for Google Search, there’s no shortcut to instantly rank #1 on Google. Website optimization relies on a combination of elements including

  • Internal Content,
  • Site Design,
  • External Listings, and
  • Reputation Management.

Thankfully, there’s lots of digital marketing research on roofing SEO and services willing to aid your company. Below, we’ve listed out some of the most important tools our industry specialists can use to ensure premium rankings for our roofing clients. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so don’t go jumping into web design without doing your own due diligence!

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Strategy & Optimization

You probably know by now the crucial role of keywords when it comes to SEO for roofers. Most roofers however, only focus on securing the highest volume words and phrases known as primary keywords. “Roofing contractor” and “shingle repair” may offer incredibly high volume on a national level, but they also come with extreme competition. After all, numerous other roofing companies compete for the same words and phrases!

Winning Strategies to Rank Higher

  • Tip #1: Try adding popular industry brands to your primary keywords!
  • Tip #2: Sprinkle in secondary keywords (low-volume, low-competition) around your primaries.
  • Tip #3: Optimize your keywords for your service area!

Using brand names around your primary keywords provides two benefits. First, it draws in people with brand-specific roofing materials to your website. You’d be surprised how many clients just ten brand-optimized pages can bring in. Branded and other types of secondary keywords also allow your business to rank high for hundreds of words and phrases. A high number of low volume keywords equals a considerable boost for your site traffic! If you haven’t done so already, make sure to incorporate long tail keywords with your primary city, state attached. Not only will you avoid accidentally competing with roofers outside your service area, you’ll earn higher quality leads too.

Last of all, remember to continue releasing keyword-rich content. Blogs, professional guides, and infographics offer great ways to engage customers and keep your website ranking high on Google Search results.

Site Design

Streamlined Navigation & Call to Action

Did you know that most people need only 0.5 seconds to form an initial opinion about your website? (SWEOR) That’s less than a second before your visitors make that crucial first impression. Our team at the Roofing Webmasters likes to throw this fact around because it clearly displays the impact of professional graphic design (or lack thereof).

Follow These Guidelines for Site Design

  • Tip #1: Restrict your menu to a maximum of four service categories (if possible).
  • Tip #2: Maintain a clear call to action at the top of every page, and at the bottom.
  • Tip #3: Create a sitemap of all your pages, so that Google can crawl your pages.

Of course, web design isn’t just about engaging colors and pretty shapes. One of the most essential parts of creating a successful roofing company website optimization is honing the user experience (UX). If a designer includes a simple menu system, clean page structure, and visible calls to action, your site visitors will naturally respond with longer visit times, deeper engagement, and more phone calls.

Outside Factors Affecting SEO for Roofers

Did you know that part of improving your website rankings goes beyond the confines of your site? In fact, these two activities deeply impact the future success of your online marketing (and your company’s success in general). These are reputation management and listing completion. 

Reputation management generally refers to the collection and maintenance of customer reviews, though the term sometimes broadens to include both consumers’ and Google’s perception of your business. If you don’t believe in the power of consumer reviews for (or against) your roofing company, read Qualtrics’ article on the subject. You’ll quickly change your mind! According to consumer studies, 93% of people state that reviews affect their ultimate purchase decisions.

An Example of a Review for Roofing Webmasters
A Glowing Customer Review Could Make All the Difference in a Homeowner’s Purchase Decision.

In our research with reviews collection, we’ve found that Google prefers a broad spectrum of reviews sources for your company. That means you’ll want to invest time in getting recommendations straight from Google Reviews, plus social media (especially Facebook), and third party citation companies like Angie’s List. If possible, try to incorporate a widget into your site design that collects and showcase reviews from multiple sources.

Your Business Listings

Fill out your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and be thorough. As a rule, any free tool from Google offers lucrative benefits for your company’s local search results. However, your GMB listing is absolutely essential if you want to show up in Google Maps local search packs. As we’ve mentioned already, these capture a remarkable share of traffic on front page listings.

Google also rewards businesses who create listings in citations sources like the Better Business Bureau or Yelp. It’s great exposure for your brand, plus a wonderful way to collect those savory 5 star reviews! While some of these companies require an investment to get listed, the benefits usually make for a beautiful return via additional leads.

Examining Website Performance

Roofing contractors sometimes misunderstand which site metrics they should be watching. While Google Analytics provides a wealth of data about your performance and website optimization, companies mistakenly believe that bounce rate is the primary metric for success. “Well, I have 200 people visiting my site every month, but my bounce rate is ridiculously high at 70%! Why don’t I have more lead calls?”

The problem isn’t the bounce rate. 70% is actually a great rate for many industries, including roofing companies. The bounce rate describes the percentage of people that visit your site and leave within a couple of minutes. Only the most heavily interested parties will stay beyond that threshold, which is why high percentages are perfectly normal.

A Google Analytics Window Offers Insight for Website Optimization
Google Analytics Offers Many Metrics for Website Optimization! Notice the Traffic Categories.

Your true metric for success should be site volume. Professional search engine optimization allows Google to rank your business higher. In turn, your listings earn more traffic from potential customers. A portion of those will go on to choose your business for their roof repairs and other services. Ultimately, you want site traffic volume to climb steadily until it plateaus with a comfortable rate of new leads.

For many people landing on your site (especially first time visitors), most of the information they’ll need will be located on your homepage. That means that they won’t necessarily click around your services or spend more than a minute perusing your content. Don’t feel discouraged by this! Any marketing company will tell you that only a small fraction of site visitors will make it all the way through the sales funnel to become customers. That’s par for the course for roofing contractor SEO. Just continue to optimize your website and release fresh content, and you’ll see a steady inflow of customers as your rankings climb!

Team Up With the Roofing Webmasters!

If you’ve been searching for an edge in Roofing SEO, our team would love to partner with you. Our clients regularly enjoy top rankings in local search, outstanding site traffic, and premium lead generation. All it takes to get started is a free consultation with one of our seasoned industry experts at Roofing Webmasters! Why don’t you give us a call at (800) 353-5758, and see for yourself why roofing contractors around the country trust us with their online marketing growth?

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How To Show Up On Mapping | Roofing SEO Podcast

It’s a question we get all the time. “Why do my competitors rank in Google Maps listings, but not my business?” It can be an extremely frustrating situation to find yourself in, especially when your business has more reviews, higher ratings, and a longer history. With Google’s history of recurring algorithm changes, it can be difficult to put a finger on exactly what’s going wrong with your roofing SEO.

In our podcast, Jason and Nolen explore what it takes to show up in mapping and earn more leads as a roofing contractor. If you’ve been coveting a featured listing for some time, be sure to listen in!

Look for These Key Points

Google Maps Listings and Local Packs

By now, almost any roofing contractor can tell you that ranking #1 on Google means big business for your company. The top ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs) continues to shift with each passing year. The ultimate win for roofing SEO these days is scoring a spot in local packs, a feature of Google Maps listings.

Google Maps, of course, is the satellite and database-powered tool that connects consumers with local services. It features the familiar pins on the map and nearby cross streets. Maps listings now include crucial contact and reputation data on each business, including addresses, service type, operating hours, and reviews. That last element is a point of some contention in the roofing contractor community. We’ll talk about that in a little bit.

Local packs, on the other hand, are a special SERP feature that pulls three of the most relevant entries from Google Maps listings. As their popularity and influence increases, local packs grow more and more competitive each year. They earn a large percentage of clicks, pulling traffic away from other lower front page listings. Local packs typically claim second or third place in the front page order, just below Google Guaranteed entries and paid ads.

What Do These Features Look Like?

Local Packs

A Local Pack SERP Feature

An Example of a Local Pack from Google Maps Listings
Notice How Local Packs Now Include Paid Listings!

Google Maps Listings

Google Maps Results

An Example of a Google Maps Search
Google Maps Listings Change Too! Notice All the Rich Information Available to Searchers.

Reputation Management

Beyond the traditional keyword optimization, Google looks for three key qualities in a website. These include:

  • Expertise of the content creators
  • Authoritativeness of the content creators, the content itself, and the website
  • Trustworthiness of the company

These E-A-T factors can be traced all the way back to Google’s 2015 Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, and heavily impact the search engine’s ranking of your website (including Maps listings). When it comes to proving trustworthiness, few elements influence Google’s (and people’s) judgement than User Reviews. 

Balancing Your Reviews

In the past, Google emphasized the collection of reviews on their platform. The relationship between reviews and list ranking seemed clear: get more five star reviews, get higher rankings. However, Google now recommends earning reviews across a broader spectrum of sources. Some of these may be from social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram). Others come from citation companies, including Yelp and Angie’s List.

Your roofing team probably works hard as it is earning new reviews from clients. Now there’s the thought of collecting them across different platforms. The most important players in this new plan are the people interacting directly with the clients. Simply asking for reviews and offering a reference card will usually do the job. Make sure your social media platforms have the reviews call to action optimized and ready to take on the additional traffic!

Righteous Reviews

Google also rewards businesses who display reviews within their website. The widget you incorporate could have a significant effect on Google’s perception of your business. One of the review tools that we absolutely love at the Roofing Webmasters is Righteous Reviews. With this widget, our clients can pull reviews from various platforms and allow customers to leave reviews directly on the website for their chosen platform (Facebook, Google, or Yelp for example).

Roofing contractors can also use the widget to send invitations to review. Imagine easily requesting reviews via text messages that include a direct link to your website! Finally, roofing professionals can check into job sites, and that geo-location data gets embedded in your website. Essentially, this provides proof to Google that your company performs services in those locations. You can listen to Jason’s take on this capability around 8:10 in the video.

Balanced Roofing SEO Produces Results

One thing that should be stressed is the importance of other roofing SEO factors in your company’s Google Maps listings. Reviews alone will not provide the rankings you desire. Google’s examination of your company website also impacts your local search rankings. If a business skimps out on the professional design, keyword optimization, and other essential activities, they will almost certainly not appear in local packs.

With that being said, reviews are essential to ranking well!

Earn Premium Listings With Roofing Webmasters

Tired of getting left out of top ranks, or even the front page altogether? Our team at the Roofing Webmasters would love to help! We support numerous contractors with website design, ad campaign management, and SEO for roofers (among many other services). Our clients enjoy premium rankings, higher site traffic, deeper user engagement, and superb lead generation.

If you’re ready to start ranking higher and earning more phone calls, call us at (800) 353-5758!

Resources for Additional Information

Earlier Talks on Maps Listings and Reviews:

Related Services:


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How to Promote Your Website & Improve Traffic

Let’s not beat around the bush here. You paid good money for a commercial roofing website, and you want to see a substantial return on your investment. Even the most sophisticated roofing SEO (search engine optimization) strategies take time, while Google acknowledges your website and starts listing you in search results. In other words, there’s still more work to be done.

The question is: How can you promote your website in the meantime?

This challenge proves especially challenging for startups on a tight budget, but there are ways to spread the word about your roofing company without breaking the bank. Today, we’ll analyze several accessible places to promote your website, including social media, citation sites, and digital word of mouth. By the end, you should have the insights necessary to craft your own sophisticated plan with results other roofing contractors will envy!

Visual Media Provides Much Needed Exposure for Your Work. Source: Perfect Exteriors

Stage #1: Social Media Promotion

Social media comes with it’s fair share of traps and pitfalls, but it also offers extremely lucrative opportunities to promote website traffic. Roofing contractors simply need to understand where to invest their time and effort. When it comes to social media channels, the most successful roofing companies concentrate their efforts in Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. If you have trouble remembering, just remember F.Y.I. (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram). That may vary slightly from market to market, but these platforms typically offer the highest exposure because of their substantial user base.

How to Promote Your Website on Social Media

  • Step #1: Start and fill out your social media profiles as completely as possible.
  • Step #2: Ask happy customers to leave glowing reviews (especially on Facebook).
  • Step #3: Add really good pictures of your work and key staff.
  • Step #4: Make a simple (doable) plan to create, edit, and post content regularly.
  • Step #5: Have someone consistently monitor any platforms with reviews.
  • Step #6: Always link back to your company website.

How to Promote Your Website on Facebook

One of the best parts about Facebook is that it provides opportunity for organic promotion, while also offering a sophisticated PPC ad platform. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our article on why Facebook Ads work so well for roofers! The social media giant offers extremely capable demographic segmentation, meaning it’s easy to target the specific people groups you need to see your ads.

Facebook Ads Service Page
Link Back to Your Site and/or Create Direct Leads From Your Facebook Ads. Source: Facebook Business

“How can I promote my website without spending money?” While they might not have quite the same sway as Google Reviews, Facebook user recommendations do influence Google’s perception of your company. Much of plumbing company SEO relies on establishing a reputation for trustworthiness, a trait that Google mentions frequently in their Quality Rating Guidelines. The search engine examines reviews and recommendations from citation services too (something we’ll discuss more later). To put it simply: you need to ask your customers to promote your business!

When Asking for Reviews…

  • Ask immediately following a successful job.
  • Never assume they understand Facebook.
  • Provide a directly link to your profile, plus steps to fill out a review.
  • Include any desired hashtags or links you wish them to attach.

One of the best ways to ask for reviews is by providing your customer with a physical “Review Us” card, with steps included. It may cost you a small amount to print the cards, but glowing reviews are worth the expense. Remember, recommendations make all the difference in roofing contractor SEO!

How to Promote Your Website on YouTube

YouTube is a conundrum for many roofing companies. Most understand the value of going viral and earning millions of views, but they fail to see some of the more practical uses of the service. Instead of viewing it as a platform for exposing your brand to the world, think of YouTube as a tool for rich interaction. Roofing installation and repair projects represent a significant investment for homeowners, so they want to get to know their potential contractors as much as possible beforehand.

YouTube Video Shows a Way to Promote Your Website
Authoritative Guides Establish Credibility and Promote Your Roofing Website. Source: HouseImprovements

We’ve already talked about how Facebook reviews develop trust with consumers. Video footage also helps break the ice, showing people what to expect when they meet your roofing company experts. If you really want to take advantage of YouTube, there are a few more strategies you can employ.

Promotional Opportunities on YouTube

  • Include your company website URL in the corner of every video you make.
  • Embed your best videos on a “Resources” or “Pro Tips” page on your company website.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Upload collection videos of your best (picturesque) roofing installations.

How to Promote Your Website on Instagram

Instagram offers an equally diverse array of advertising potential, but photo ads may be the best tool for starting out in the roofing industry. Instagram caters to a relatively younger age range than Facebook, but the usage stats among home-owning ages are still very impressive. Check out the Pew Research Center’s 2018 survey for these social media platforms!

A Graph Explain Pew's Research Data
Note Instagram Usage Among the 25-49 Range. Source: Pew Research Center

Instagram is a great place to showcase your best roofing projects. If you’re wondering “How do I get more visitors to my website?”, simply include links back to your website. As your photos get shared, you’ll also be improving your backlinks count. Backlinks represent a substantial boost to your roofing contractor SEO, because Google views them as a signal of your site’s authority. Of course, you can always use Instagram as a place to broadcast special deals and events.

The rich visual media of Instagram offers the perfect chance to show the quality of your roofing craftsmanship. You can show off your work through stories, or your can go even further and purchase Photo Ads (example below) that link back to your site home or a specialized landing page.

Using an Instagram Ad to Promote Your Website
Instagram May Not Be Your First Choice for Promotion, But it Does Offer Strong Results! Source: Instagram

Stage #2: Citation Services

Remember earlier when we said that reviews make all the difference? Where you earn and implement those reviews also affects how Google judges your website. Citation services offer convenient locations to list your service and solicit reviews. Even if you only claim a listing in a handful of these services, you’ll notice serious results in both your lead generation and roofing company SEO.

Where to List Your Business

  • Google My Business (free)
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List

As a rule, anytime Google offers a free resource to enhance your company listings, use it! Google My Business (GMB) profiles drastically improve local search visibility. All you need to do is claim your free listing, completely fill out your information, and confirm.

A Local Pack Listing That Can Promote Your Website
Your GMB Listing Improves the Odds of Appearing in Local Packs, Which Earn Higher Engagement Rates.

Recently, we talked about the many paths towards ranking #1 on Google, and how taking the top spot looks different than it did a decade ago. One of the most essential tools for enhancing your company exposure is the Local Pack feature. Also known as the Triple Pack, these top 3 listings offer incredible traffic boosts for featured companies. Complete your Google My Business profile, and your business may just appear in these local SERP features!

While Yelp and the Better Business Bureau certainly help establish your company credibility, many businesses seem to overlook Angie’s List. Online citation sources can always help your business, but Angie’s List caters especially well towards service companies. Given the highly specialized nature of the service and how convenient it is for homeowners looking for services, it’s worth trying out.

Showing How Angie's List Can Promote Your Website
This Specialized Citation Platform Offers High-Quality Leads. Source: Angie’s List

Stage #3: Word of Mouth

Even with all today’s digital marketing activities, there’s still something special about a personal recommendation! That’s why you should always encourage your most enthusiastic clients to spread the word about your business. Just make sure you provide them with a convenient way of sharing their experience, whether that’s a how-to card for completing a Google Review or a personal email linking to your Facebook page.

If you really want to knock future customers’ socks off, make videos of your favorite projects and interview the client (with their permission, of course). Share the video on all your chosen social media outlets and embed it in your website.

A Former Client Leaves a Glowing Review
Care to Guess Which Type of Reviews Google Likes Best? Google Reviews!

Closing Thoughts on Promoting Your Website

While off-site promotion is essential for ranking higher on Google search results, these types of promotion only enhance (not replace) traditional roofing SEO. Once Google crawls and indexes your website, it’s up to your company or your online marketing service to continually refine and re-optimize. With that being said, these platforms and tools will make it much easier to promote your website and increase traffic volume.

If you’d like additional information on getting more visitors to your site or creating a completely new design, our team at the Roofing Webmasters would love to assist you! Our roofing contractors enjoy top ranking in their local search results, earn higher quality leads, and maintain healthy growth. We’d love to answer any questions you may have about search engine marketing and how to promote your website.

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