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Keeping Your Roofing Business in Perspective

When success comes in business, it’s natural to become overconfident. Roofers who understand the dangers of overconfidence are less likely to make critical mistakes that will reverse the progress of their business. Roofing Webmasters is a digital marketing agency for roofers, and we’ve helped hundreds of roofing contractors achieve business success. While most are able to capitalize off of this progress, and continue its upwards trajectory, there are occasions where contractors get too big for their britches. They overestimate their financial security after a few big roofing jobs and start making poor financial decisions. We’ve even heard of roofers taking entire years off because of a financial security. The problem with this thinking is that once the cushion is gone, it’s very difficult to re-establish yourself in the marketplace.

Roofers are far from the only business owners to engage in this kind of behavior. Every successful business has beneficiaries, but maintaining success can be just as difficult as achieving it in the first place. There’s common threads between business owners who become reckless in their decision making. And no, that doesn’t mean putting your life at risk (although we could tell you some stories about that too) but it means putting your business at risk. Marketing in particular is not something that happens once. It’s an ongoing process and must be executed year-round. That goes for up seasons, and the highly discouraging down seasons for roofers. Even those who make great money (many are our own clients) must continue to market their business to maintain that level of success. Check out these pitfalls of overconfidence:

Nolen Thoughts on Roofing Business Decisions

Taking a Year Off

Commercial roofers will get big paying jobs and feel like a million bucks, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your successes. In fact, we can help you get into commercial roofing if you’re currently in residential exclusively. But you must maintain a realistic perspective to ensure that success does not reverse course quickly. There have been real cases of commercial roofers taking entire years off thinking their business will be there for them when they get back. Not so fast. As you were taking an extended vacation and enjoying the fruits of your labor, another company in your service area was gaining ground, and closing the gap on an industry you once dominated within your zip code. We all understand the lure of celebration and getting away from the grind, but taking a year off is a very bad idea for roofers who hope to continue their business in the future. In summary:

  1. Don’t Assume Your Business Will Pick Up Where it Left Off
  2. The Gap You Established Between Competitors Will Close Over Time
  3. Taking Time Off Can Be Worthwhile, But Not an Entire Year

Buying Expensive Property

The first thing most newly rich roofers go for is a boat. They want to see a tangible representation of their success, and what better way to see it than on the water? Boats are a great way to celebrate your success. But don’t buy a yacht. Buy something within your price range and that fits into the trajectory of your business growth. Again, you don’t want to be taking away from your roofing company as its ascending. This can halt its growth, and distract you from the end goal of your business, which is to live a great lifestyle over time, not just in spurts. The other primary item many purchase is an expensive pickup truck. They want the biggest and fastest, and who can blame them? If you can afford it, go for it. But like with the boat example, don’t become consumed by your latest job. As a commercial roofer, you might have just finished a massive paying job because of great marketing and a lot of hard work. Just be cognizant that a single job is not a signal for the new normal of your business, and that to sustain success, you must keep after it over the long term. In summary:

  1. Know Your Budget
  2. Don’t Let Materials Disrupt Your Business
  3. Don’t Project a Fixed Income Too Soon

Suspending Marketing Efforts Indefinitely

There’s a misnomer among some businesses including roofing companies that once you establish your company as a mainstay in its market, the efforts put forth the achieve it can be tamped down. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Cliche sayings talk about remembering where you came from, but in the world of digital marketing, it holds true. If you can remember a time when you had very few leads, no website, no social media, no phone calls, then you should make sure you are never in that position again. A suspension of your marketing endeavors will not allow you to Cadillac your way through roofing season. Instead, the status you worked for will begin to deteriorate, and even reverse if you forgo marketing altogether. In summary:

  1. Marketing is an Ongoing Process
  2. Sustaining Success Online is as Difficult as Achieving it
  3. Failure to Continue Marketing Can Reverse Progress

Pricing Yourself Out of The Market

One high paying job is not enough to keep you in that payment bracket for good. Sometimes commercial roofers will work on massive properties and decide that they will only work for that kind of money from now on. This is a dangerous way to do business. While big jobs come around their fair share of the time, resistance to more typical jobs can actually make the bigger ones less likely and less frequent. There is a tendency to not accept anything less than a job that was so valuable to you as a roofer, but that’s not really the way the commercial roofing industry works. It’s not always ego that drives this attitude, but sometimes it is. The bottom line is this; to sustain success over time you can’t become overconfident and stop accepting roofing jobs that don’t match your highest profit tier. In summary:

  1. Regular Work Encourages Higher Paying Jobs
  2. Turning Down Jobs Decreases Total Job Volume
  3. Getting a Rep as Too Expensive is Bad For Business

Good Problems To Have?

If some of these conflicts seem like good problems to have as a roofer, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Roofing Webmasters. As you’ve read and heard, the contractors who are making these decisions are making them based on success. If you cannot even think about boats or trucks right now because of low call volume, lack of roofing leads, etc. We can turn that around for you. We are a top roofing authority in the SEO world and create custom websites for contractors and companies throughout the United States. The profits achieved from our services are meant to be enjoyed, but it’s also important to keep perspective on your roofing business so that you can continue to maintain that level of success. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer internet marketing.

Lead Generation Sites for Roofers: Buyer Beware

Roofing Webmasters has been marketing for contractors for about a decade and we’ve heard everything there is to hear about lead generation sites for roofers. Sure, we offer our clients the option to buy roofing leads, but we are not a lead generation site by definition. Here’s why: lead generation sites (with some exceptions) leave a lot to be desired and oftentimes end up costing companies out of their hard earned dollars. Here are some of the main problems with lead generation websites, specifically those that deal with local contractors and companies:

Shared Leads

Many lead gen services sell the lead to 5 different contractors or companies, meaning the lead is “shared” and therefore exponentially more difficult to convert. For a lead to hold real value it has to be what is known as an exclusive lead. An exclusive lead, instead of being sold to 5 companies, is sold to only one. The chances of converting an exclusive lead is much greater, which should come as a surprise to no one. The problem is that many services don’t clarify the types of lead they are actually selling. Younger roofers go in wide-eyed, expecting these leads to major dividends, and end up being dissapointed when they find out what they actually entail.

Low Quality Leads

Another issue common to roofers who invest in lead generation sites is the absence of quality from the leads. Some of them are so porous that calling them “leads” is actually a stretch. For example, if you run a commercial roofing company, and you get a prospect who’s looking only for residential repairs, you’re fresh out of luck. You never had any chance of converting them, so categorizing them as a lead seems foolish and becomes a sunk cost if registered as one by the service. Sometimes the lead is not even in the wrong category, it’s in the wrong industry. For example, someone looking for air duct cleaning should not be considered a lead for a roofer, let alone a quality one.

Programmed Automation

Why do so many low-quality, irrelevant “leads” come through these services? Because most use programmed automation to screen for leads. They make the assumption that any phone call or form submission is a lead for your company. And good luck trying to get your money back once you do. For some of these platforms, refunds are a grueling process and one that can drain a roofer’s energy from more important tasks. We know this because we have hundreds of clients who’ve dealt with these kinds of services.

Shopping Platforms

Even some lead gen sites that sell exclusive leads, are using a platform that encourages multiple companies to compete for the same lead. While they aren’t technically selling a lead to multiple contractors or companies, they are using a lead shopping platform that empowers the prospective roofing client to shop for multiple options, and subsequently to make multiple calls. It’s important to understand this distinction when evaluating the service. They aren’t shared leads, but they also aren’t exclusive. It can be a confusing equation to solve for roofing businesses throughout the United States.

Repackaged Pay Per Click

Some lead gen sellers are nothing more than repackaged PPC services salesman. When people talk about “leads for roofers”, particularly on Facebook and other social media platforms, they often mean simply clicks from paid advertising. They often cite the process of funneling the click and producing a lead, but it’s really just a bunch of words in sequence that sounds different than what you already know it to be. That’s not to say that PPC is ineffective, but let’s define it the way that it is intended to be defined. Utilizing Google Ads, and Facebook Ads is actually a good marketing method. Don’t be fooled by a sales pitch that makes the two services seem ambiguous.

Wire Transfer Leads

You should never, under any circumstances, wire money to a lead gen seller. You may have heard about lead gen services that call areas impacted by hail storms and try to get leads from because of the increased demand for roofers. While this sometimes works, if they ask for a wire transfer upfront, you should avoid it at all costs. They will tantalize you with the idea of cheap leads in a high-demand location. You can’t take the bait in situations like these. There’s no way to get your money back once you commit to a wire transfer. With other forms of payment, you would have a chance for a refund. Not to mention, they are much safer.

Beware of Lead Generation Websites Graphic

The Roofing Leads Solution

The most effective way to acquire exclusive leads for your roofing business is through organic SEO. Leads that come through organic channels are inherently exclusive and are almost always higher in quality. This means that Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and other kinds of organic platforms will create the kinds of prospective roofing clients that you covet most. The question for most contractors is; how do we pay for leads only? Well the answer is Pay Per Lead from Roofing Webmasters. We provide SEO services for roofing leads, but don’t charge you for the process, but instead; only the results. Here are some of the main channels through which leads can come through when utilizing our PPL service agreement for roofers:

  • Organic Search
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • Reviews (Google + Facebook)

Our experience dealing with contractors throughout the nation has given us unique insights into their mindset when it comes to leads. We’ve found those that come to us with the problems mentioned in the earlier part of this post are frustrated with what they’re paying and not impressed with the results. We’ve also seen a shift when they notice the quality of leads that come from our service agreement. Since our leads come through organic channels, like those listed above, they are inherently branded. This makes them exclusive, valuable, and worth buying. If you would like to sign up for Pay Per Lead services give us a call at (800) 353-5758.

Google Maps Rankings for Roofers

Roofers can benefit from ranking on Google Maps, especially in the Local 3 Pack, which is the top 3 Maps results and are displayed prominently on a Google SERP. Members of Roofing Webmasters recently attended an SEO conference where someone in the audience asked why their clients’ Maps ranking was low despite having the highest quantity of reviews in their market and industry. The conference speaker was unable to provide an explanation, so today, we will. Reviews are only one part of a Google’s Maps grading system. Although there is no official list, this is what Roofing Webmasters considers as the factors based on our years of marketing:

  • Tenure
  • Reviews
  • Links
  • Program / Widget
  • Ongoing Work
  • Content

Maps rankings are relative to market and industry. Roofing contractors understand their industry quite well, but less are aware of how competitive their market is online. For cities with fewer than 50,000 people, ranking on Maps is far easier than it is with cities of higher populations. The double edge sword is that placement on the Local 3 Pack is far less valuable for low populated areas. Regardless of your particular scenario, these components will factor into your ultimate placement. Roofing Webmasters can help influence some of the factors, to boost your Google Maps ranking, and hopefully solidify your business on the Local 3 Pack for relevant Keywords.

6 Local Mapping Factors for Roofers


The longer you’ve had your Google My Business profile up, the more likely you are to rank on Google Maps. For brand new profiles, implementing best practice strategies can get you listed on Maps in 12 months or less. 1 year might seem like a long time to rank, but keep in mind that many roofing markets are highly competitive. For less populated cities, you might rank in closer to 6 months. Another variable is the keyword you hope to rank for. Higher volume keywords work similarly on Maps to how they work on organic. The highest volume keywords are the most competitive and require the most work to achieve rankings for. Some terms have so little volume, that no Local 3 Pack will even exist for the corresponding query.


The most obvious factor is reviews, which entails both the quantity and the quality of the feedback. The person who posed the question at the aforementioned conference was referring to a client that had a high quantity of reviews along with high quality. While that particular company was unable to show up on Maps, they did achieve one of the most important steps which is review generation. The reason they didn’t rank is rooted in the other factors on this list. Reviews alone are not enough to establish a secure ranking in the Local 3 Pack. Still, you should always be trying to get as many reviews as possible in an ethical manner, and respond to customers who leave testimonials.


Sites with low Domain Authority struggle to rank on Maps listings in the same way they struggle with organic. If your website has zero inbound links pointing to it, there’s very little incentive for Google to trust it at all. They are taking a big risk in funneling consumers to a company that is virtually unknown, and has no votes of confidence from other sites on the web (inbound links). This doesn’t mean you should try to get any old link, since many of them are pure spam and can actually have the opposite effect to what you were hoping for. The best way to build links is content creation, distribution, and syndication. Of course the higher quality content is more likely to be linked to, and the trust and authority of your domain should increase accordingly.

Program / Widget

Generating reviews is not easy. So when a marketer tells you something simple like; you need more reviews, it doesn’t help much. To actually get more reviews you need to implement a reviews program and ideally, a website widget. Both work collaboratively when properly integrated. The program is set of steps that every employee should follow when dealing with clients. First, you ask the satisfied customer for a review in person. Second, you hand them a business card with your review platform links (or ideally your review widget link). Third, you automate a reminder text and email. Finally, you make a final reminder phone call. If after the phone call reminder, they don’t budget, just leave them alone, as continuing to bother them might prompt them to leave bad feedback.

Ongoing Work

Every part of your digital marketing campaign should be ongoing. From blog posts on your website to Google posts on your Google My Business page. The latter can actually make your Maps listing more relevant and encourage Google to prioritize it. Regular work should expand beyond your Google profile alone however. You also want to continue to work on your main website, blog posts, social media channels, and every other avenue for lead generation. Google tends to grade roofing companies as a full picture, rather than based on individual or isolated snippets of branding. That’s why when skeptics suggest that SEO for roofing companies doesn’t work, they are misleading listeners. Maps, like SEO, is something that requires consistency and commitment.


A major misnomer about Maps rankings is that Google understand the services you offer based on relevance to your industry. You might assume as a roofer that residential roof repair is implied as one of your services. But if you don’t have a page specifically for residential roof repair on your website, Google is going to opt to prioritize a website that does in fact have that page published. It’s not that Google’s algorithm is unintelligent, it’s just that there’s more reason to trust websites that actually have service pages for each of these specific categories. The solution to this whole “problem” is simple, and it is to make new pages for every category you wish to rank for on both Maps and organic.

Roofers Who Need Help Ranking on Maps

Sometimes Google’s algorithm can seem like a rubix cube and frustrate business owners (including roofers) across the country. Even when it seems like everything is being done right (like you have 100 five star reviews) you still might lack the true local presence you are hoping for. With Roofing Webmasters’ list of ranking factors, you can take your local roofing company to the next level in 2019. We provide local mapping services which includes everything mentioned in this blog post and on the embedded podcast. We’ve been working with roofing clients for over a decade, and have over 200 clients. We understand what it takes to maximize local reach.

Google Maps Optimization Graphic

At Roofing Webmasters we strongly believe in a full digital marketing presence. Maps rankings are not truly attainable unless you have an infrastructure in place to proceed it. For instance, a strong, custom-designed website, with clean code, URL structure, and optimized content, sets the foundation for an optimal Maps listing. Every component of a marketing strategy should work cohesively with the others to maximize the aggregate value. We are happy t o discuss our services in further detail, and explain all of the intricacies of ranking on Google Maps as a local roofing contractor. Call (800) 353-5758 for more information and a free consultation.

Video Marketing for Roofers

If you want more roofing leads, you have to do more online. Most contractors know about SEO for roofers, but one undervalued aspect of optimization is video marketing. Roofing Webmasters provides video production & editing services and implements it into our SEO strategy. So what does video marketing for roofers do for your SEO? Well it depends on how you integrate them.

Where Can You Put Your Videos?


The largest video platform in the world is YouTube. It also happens to be owned by Google and therefore, tied directly into their search results. When someone types in a phrase like how to get into commercial roofing, you’ll notice that our video of the same name is displayed on page one of organic search results:

Roofing Video Organic Screenshot

You can do the same for your website, if you’re willing to create video content.


Another great platform for video is Facebook. Like YouTube, Facebook has a native video upload, so that you can upload the file directly to the Facebook servers and publish it on your business page. It’s good to diversify your video files, but it’s also good to share them. In other words, if you already have the video uploaded on YouTube, sharing it on Facebook could actually help it get more views. You might select a different video as a Facebook exclusive.


You can cut your video into 15 second clips and upload them on Instagram. 15 seconds is the maximum length, so they can also be shorter if necessary. While you shouldn’t expect for a video about roofing services to go viral on a platform populated primarily by sensationalists, it does help your social media signals, and can have an overall positive influence on your site.

Roofing Webmasters Video Marketing Services


For roofers with no videos, we have a production set inside of our offices. We invite you to come down and cut a video, and maybe even a podcast, and allow us to distribute them through all the appropriate channels. This helps build more media signals for your roofing company and also increase the visibility of your Google brand, which should help increase search rankings.


If you have your own videos, including drone shots, we will chop up your video and distribute it through multiple channels including YouTube and other social media. We will then integrate it onto your website. We have a video specialist in-house, who will ensure that your video is edited in a professional manner, and will appeal to customers who visit your social media and website.

Website Integration

The trick to video marketing is integrating into your SEO strategy. We do this by taking your YouTube video and embedding it on a relevant page or blog post on your website. We then write original content that describes what the video is about. Note, this is NOT a transcription, but rather a summary of the video. This makes for a great content combination that should appeal to Google and its users.

Listen To The Roofing SEO Podcast Below:

How Do I Start My Own Commercial Roofing Company?

Working as an employee can be great if you’re in the field you enjoy most. But starting your own business produces a whole other level of gratification. Check out these suggestions for how to start your own commercial roofing company. Whether you are a residential roofer looking to get into commercial, or just an employee looking to start his own business, these tips should help:

How To Start a Commercial Roofing Company

Conduct Market Research

Google has given the world an abundance of free information at their fingertips. You should take advantage by researching the commercial roofing industry. So much quality information is available that can be accessed from any device. At the same time, be wary of misinformation that could lead you down the path of most resistance. Results on Google page one are likely to be reputable, but always consider the source nonetheless, and how trustworthy a website and its content seems to you at first glance. Here’s some of the search queries you’ll want to look at:

equipment needed to start a roofing company

starting a roofing business tips

how much do roofing company owners make

roofing business plan

cost to start a roofing company

how to start a roofing company in (your city,state)

Write a Business Plan

Before you can start a company of any kind, you need to write a business plan. For someone without formal business training, the task can seem daunting and overwhelming from the jump. Luckily the world wide web provides roofers with resources at their fingertips to help streamline the process. For example, the United States Small Business Administration has public documentation available to those looking to start on their plan now. They suggest the following hierarchy:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Description
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Organization & Management
  5. Service or Product
  6. Marketing & Sales
  7. Funding Request
  8. Financial Projections
  9. Appendix

Commercial Roofing Business Plan Checklist

Select a Name

Don’t overthink the name. Keep it simple and representative of your industry. Sometimes you can tie in your geographic location with the name, but it is not a requirement. Also try to frame your name in the context of a memorable domain name. That means it shouldn’t be too long. When you cite your URL on business cards and on digital citations, you want the consumer to be able to recall it on demand. It also helps if it looks appealing on a truck wrap. Consider these aspects of a name:

  • Length: Keep it as short as possible
  • Memorability: Encourage a name that can be easily recalled
  • Relevance: Associate it with your name, location, or a combination of both

Talk To an Attorney

Starting your own business is going to create extra legal issues that you hadn’t considered. For this reason you must talk to an attorney to hash out the legalities of owning and operating a business. Much of it has to do with property and work-site regulations but you should also consider worker safety. The last thing you want is to get sued for one of your employees slipping on an iced filled roof during a restoration project. Be cognizant of these potential legal issues:

  • Permits
  • Lawsuits
  • Regulations

Understand Your Tax Obligations

Now might be a good time to start your company because of tax breaks for commercial building owners. Still, you’ll want to consult with a business accountant to ensure your model is aligned with IRS standards. For those of us who aren’t the strongest at mathematics, having a contact to handle your taxes can alleviate a great deal of stress that comes with running a new business. The good news is that as your taxes get more complicated, it indicates success for your business. Consider these ideas:

  • Commercial Tax Breaks
  • IRS Regulations
  • Tax Windows (of Opportunity)

Anticipate Down Seasons

Depending on your region, you may have a significant down season as a roofing company owner. You should have a plan in place to supplement your income during that time, at least until you are successful enough to where you don’t necessarily need it. For a new commercial roofing business, this can be one of the toughest hurdles to jump over in the process. It can sometimes be discouraging enough to make you quit, but here’s why you shouldn’t:

  • Longevity: A temporary down season won’t threaten your long-term prospects
  • Perseverance: Because many quit for this very reason, sustaining yourself makes you rare
  • Supplementation: There’s other areas you can supplement income during your initial years

Commercial Rooftop

Learn Salesmanship

As an employee, you’ve probably never had to make a roofing sale yourself. As an owner, you will have to become excellent at doing so. In 2019, consumers can detect BS better than ever before. For that reason, getting to the point quickly is your best course of action. Another piece of advice is to listen to the prospective client and get a concrete idea of their needs so that you can explain precisely how you’ll meet them and why your company is capable of doing so. Focus on the following concepts:

  • Cut The BS: The modern consumer is too smart for snake oil salesmen
  • Listen To The Client: Consumers want to feel heard and value reciprocated concerns
  • Make a Final Impression: Consumers most remember the latter part of the interaction
  • Invest in Self Care: Keep a positive attitude since you will be rejected regularly

Hire a Marketing Company

Before you can sell however, you need leads in the form of phone calls, contact form submissions, and emails. The best way to get each of these is by investing in a marketing company for roofers, like Roofing Webmasters. Services that should be covered by digital marketers include: SEO, Web Design, PPC, Social Media, and Content Marketing, among others. For more details on the most effective marketing tactics, see below:

  • Content Marketing: The promotion of branded content on your blog and social profiles
  • PPC: The investment of paid advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and elsewhere
  • SEO: The process of earning higher rankings on Google
  • Social Media: The syndication of content on Facebook, Twitter, etc. & a presence on Instagram
  • Web Design: The creation of a custom branded website for engagement and conversion

Call (800) 353-5758 to market your new commercial roofing company.

How To Get Into Commercial Roofing (Episode #5)


How To Start a Commercial Roofing Company

Most roofing contractors focus primarily on the residential roofing industry but 95% of them would like to expand to more commercial projects if possible. Sometimes residential roofers will get a commercial job here and there, and enjoy the short turnaround and significant payout. The problem is that they don’t have the resources to get more of these types of leads, and the equipment to perform all types of commercial projects. This episode explains how to start a commercial roofing company.

How To Get Started

Conklin Roof Coatings

Several companies exist to help individuals and businesses get into commercial roofing. In the commercial roof coatings / restoration category, Conklin is one of the biggest names out there. Nolen Walker is the owner of Roofing Webmasters, and a member of Conklin so he can connect you with the contacts you need to become a commercial roof restoration expert. Commercial roof coatings is the best way to enter the commercial industry and expand your business to that sphere. Members of Conklin are paid to train you. All you need to do is get in touch with a local Conklin distributor who will wind up receiving a small percentage of your payout. These distributors will actually walk a commercial roof with you so that you can make a bid.

Why Does Nolen Know So Much About Commercial Roofing?

In an effort to learn more about his client base, Nolen became a member of Conklin roofing. It was a way to learn more about the craft of roofing so that he could more effectively market the services. Most roofers will tell you straight up, they get frustrated by marketers who are so tone deaf to their industrial language. While Nolen is not a roofer himself, he has more knowledge of the roofing industry than any competitor in the country. It’s steps like joining Conklin that separates Roofing Webmasters from other digital marketing agencies, and especially those who claim to specialize in service industries like roofing. We can have detailed discussions with clients. Nolen and his team at Roofing Webmasters are aware of different commercial roof types like Single Ply, EPDM, PVC, and TPO, as well as different coating types like Acrylic and Polyurethane. It’s all part of demanding the best of ourselves as a marketing company. It helps with:

  • Client Conversions
  • Company Branding
  • Content Marketing

Commercial Roofing Marketing

Once you learn about commercial roofing jobs and have the resources to perform them, you must be able to properly market them. Without leads, your newly acquired knowledge becomes moot. The good news is that Roofing Webmasters allows you to buy roofing leads with our Pay Per Lead services (PPL). With this agreement, you’ll receive all the main marketing services like SEO and web design, but pay only once an exclusive lead is generated from our work. We screen calls to ensure that any lead that comes from a source besides us, is properly attributed. In other words, you are never charged for leads that don’t come from us. Wondering what you’ll get with our marketing plan?

  • Custom Roofing Website
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management

Call (800) 353-5758 For Commercial Roofing Jobs

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SEO for Roofing Companies Doesn’t Work (Episode #4)

Organic Isn’t Dead

76% of consumers still prioritize organic search results. The idea that SEO for roofing contractors doesn’t work, is a myth. Still, lots of misinformation exists about the viability of roofing SEO. Some believe paid advertising has completely taken over (stats don’t support it) and others believe they can’t compete with major competitors who’ve been around for the better portions of decades. It’s not false that domain age and company reputation play a role, but there’s no reason to give up if you are a roofing contractor. You just need the following:

  • Local SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Website Design w/SEO

Local 3 Pack is Organic

If you’ve ever performed a local search for roofers, you know the local 3 pack when you see it. These top 3 results are displayed prominently on a SERP from a relevant query. They are on the SERP itself, so they are valuable real estate on Google. Contrary to what some will say, these local results are absolutely organic. You cannot pay your way onto Google Maps in the way you can do with PPC (Google Ads). Best practices for earning a local 3 pack placement is Google My Business and Maps optimization along with a strong company website that publishes identical NAP information. See below:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps
  • Website Consistency

Featured Snippets are Organic

When someone asks a question like what is the average cost of roof repair near me, Google will provide a block of text known as a featured snippet. This snippet is pulled from a relevant website who answers the question in their content, is displayed above all other results. It serves as the default #1 organic ranking, and make no mistake, it is organic. Again, you cannot pay for a featured snippet, you have to earn it through organic SEO. Here’s how you do so:

  • Ask a Question in H1: Who, What, Where, When, How, Do, etc.
  • Answer Question in Subsequent Text: Paragraph, bullet points, etc.
  • Implement SEO: Practice standard organic SEO which helps earn snippets

Competing With Larger Roofing Companies

Some roofers mistakenly think they have no chance in organic when they see their competition, who in many cases, have been around for decades. They look to have about 20 trucks and a bunch of employees. How can someone just starting compete with that in organic search? The answer is marketing. While the company in question might appear superior, much of that appearance comes from their marketing investment. If you work on marketing, you can catch them in organic search. Here’s how:

  • Consistent Content: Create and market content consistently
  • Keyword Research: Go for high opportunity keywords
  • Link Building: Produce linkable content that is shared on social media and published on external domains

Help From Your Friends at Roofing Webmasters

You don’t have to go at marketing alone. In fact, we discourage the very thought of it. Since you are running a full time roofing business, the time necessary to spend on marketing is is simply not available to you. We recommend hiring a specialty SEO firm like Roofing Webmasters. We provide every aspect of digital marketing for roofers, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Local Citations. We look forward to working with roofers who’ve been in business for less than a year, as well as those who’ve been in the business for decades. In both cases, we have unique insights that can move your business from Point A to Point B, wherever that currently may be for you. To learn more about why SEO for roofing companies DOES work, call us today at (800) 353-5758 and ask to speak to the owner.

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5 Common SEO Mistakes for Roofers

5 SEO Mistakes for Roofers Blog Cover

As a roofing contractor, online marketing is a big part of your business. After all, 88% of consumers who search for a service company via mobile device, contact a business within 24 hours. Leads drive every roofing business, and the greatest source for them is Google search. Sure, other channels exist, but none of them have the same volume of daily users. Most contractors know the importance of Google in 2019, and therefore make a concerted effort to implement SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization.

There are several outlets contractors pursue for search engine optimization. Sometimes they attempt to handle it on their own. Other times they hire help. When properly integrated, SEO can produce high quality leads for roofing companies and increase their sales revenue considerably. With that said, SEO has often misapplied, and ends up causing more harm than good. Here are 10 common SEO mistakes made by roofing companies and the people that market them:

1. Archaic Techniques

Let’s face it, SEO is constantly changing. Google has evolved quite a bit since is inception in 1998. There were tactics that worked 20, and 10 years ago, that no longer work at all. Improvements to Google’s algorithm has placed a greater premium on user experience, and strongly discouraged manipulation. Still, some websites continue to utilize old school techniques that are hurting their visibility more than helping it. So what are some archaic SEO techniques?

  • City Pages: Mass producing duplicate pages and then swapping out the city name
  • Keyword Stuffing: Using an identical keyword repeatedly and naturally within content
  • Link Building: Creating inbound links from relevant external domains back to your own

2. Template Designs

Cheaper isn’t always better. But with roofers feeling obligated to implement an SEO strategy, their first idea is often to choose a stock website template designed for roofing companies. It might be free, or cost up to $50, but it will never be unique. Google prefers designs that are created from scratch and have the proper back-end coding to encourage crawling and indexing. Although the design appears satisfactory to the user, Google cannot properly index it. Why?

  • Mobile Optimization: Many templates are not mobile-optimized
  • Redundancy: Single templates are used on hundreds to thousands of sites
  • Professionalism: Templates decrease the legitimacy of your online brand

3. Mobile Deficiencies

You would think by 2019 every single website would be mobile optimized. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Some websites are still using desktop-first designs which give the mobile user trouble in terms of navigation and consumption. What’s more prevalent however is sites that are mobile-friendly in presentation, but not in crawlability. These sites can be navigated effectively via smartphone and tablet, but they discourage mobile crawling and indexing. The result is:

  • Crawling & Indexing: Google bots have trouble indexing poorly optimized mobile sites
  • Lower Rankings: Google prefers to rank mobile optimized sites higher
    User Experience: Navigation and display are not the only part of experience

4. Scraped Content

Who has time to write a full website on roofing services? I’ll tell you who certainly doesn’t. And that’s you, as a full time roofer. There’s no realistic way to write high quality content for each service due to the time constraints your job constitutes. Contractors attempt to get around this quandary by scraping content from other sites and publishing it on their own. This is plagiarism and unethical, but in terms of SEO, it simply doesn’t work. Here’s why it doesn’t work:

  • Duplicate Content: Google interprets your content as identical to another site, and ignores it
  • Penalization: In the most blatant cases, a manual Google Penalty is not out of the question
  • Plagiarism: There’s nothing ethical about stealing other people’s content

5. Stock Photos

Roofing websites are filled with ridiculous looking stock photos of actors and models attempting to look like real contractors. The sight of even one of these photos devalues the credibility of your site. As people are now exposed to more websites than ever, you can rest assured that they know the difference between a stock image and an authentic photo of your roofing company. And because of the user’s response, you can bet Google has followed suit. Stock photos are:

    • Comedic: Your visitors won’t be laughing with you, but instead at you
    • Mass Published: Have been used on countless websites before yours
    • Unprofessional: Depict your company in an unprofessional light
Roofer Stock Photo
Roofer Stock Photos Look Ridiculous and Discourage Users From Trusting Your Site

Looking to Improve Your Roofing Company’s SEO?

Roofing Webmasters is the number on provider of SEO services for contractors across the nation. We specialize in the roofing industry, as evidenced by our hundreds of satisfied clients, each of whom have their own unique website. We’ve produced excellent results for our customers, and would be happy to get started on your campaign as soon as possible. Our techniques are modern and evolving alongside every update to Google’s algorithm. We stay on top of the latest marketing trends so that you can focus on the day to day operation of your business. Some of the specific SEO services provided to our clients include:

  • On Page SEO: Title Tag, Header Tag, Meta Description, Keyword Placement
  • Content Marketing: Blog Posts, Quality Content, Service Pages, Social Shares
  • Off Site SEO: NAP Citations, White Hat Link Building, Local SEO (Google My Business / Maps)
  • Technical SEO: Schema Markup, Semantic Markup, Speed Optimization, Mobile Design, Etc.

Call (800) 353-5758 to Improve Your Roofer SEO

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PPL Vs Nothing Vs Ego Vs Logic (Episode #2)

Most roofers have an “off-season” because of weather changes, and this hiatus can last quite a while depending on the region  of your business. Conventional wisdom states that for the months during the hiatus, online marketing becomes a useless effort. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Google builds trust in roofing companies and their websites over time, if they take down their website for several months, or stop responding to social media inquiries, any trust equity built up with Google is depleted. Still, roofers don’t want to pay for marketing services while they’re not working in roofing. The team at Roofing Webmasters came up with a solution, by offering a payment plan known as; Pay Per Lead.

Pay Per Lead Marketing

Monthly services require a fixed fee at the end of each month. This is for services like web design, SEO, social media, and more. But for roofers on off-season, paying for these tasks seems wasteful. Pay Per Lead plans provide an intriguing alternative for this very scenario. With PPL, the roofer pays ONLY when a lead is generated. What that means is that during the off-season, when no leads are generated, the roofer pays nothing. Still, they allow their website to continue to be worked on by the team at Roofing Webmasters. With PPL, contractors receive all the same website work as monthly clients, but don’t have the burden of paying a fixed fee in the months when zero money is coming in. Advantages to pay per lead marketing include:

Seasonal Payments: Payments will parallel leads, meaning down seasons will cost you far less, and off-seasons will cost you nothing

Ongoing Marketing: Receive all the same online services as monthly clients which means your site is continuously worked on

Some contractors ignore the necessity that is ongoing marketing, and choose to put off their marketing for long periods of time. They suffer the consequences in the Spring, when the demand for roofers ascends, and they have lost out on leads to companies that have year-round optimization for their website and online presence. PPL mitigates the risk that comes along with traditional marketing plans for roofers. As a company that works with clients in this industry, we’ve created a plan that is uniquely tailored to their needs. The onus is placed on us as marketers to deliver results, otherwise we never get paid.

Assessing Your Competition

All of us, not just business owners, have self defeating thoughts from time to time. “I can’t compete with that” for example, is one misnomer that several roofers have when it comes to online marketing. They see their competitor in the number one Google spot and assume that it is unattainable. That’s actually not true. The reason that particular company has earned the top spot is because they’ve invested in year-round marketing that has solidified their trust and authority with Google. Furthermore, user who navigate to their website enjoy their experience, based on how they behave on the website. For example, they might stay on the site a little longer than a typical website because they are engaged by the call to action or design.

The only thing preventing you from becoming that competitor, or better yet, surpassing them, is your own willingness to invest in marketing services. The saying goes that you get out what you put in, and while it’s cliche in many cases, it is extremely poignant when it comes to marketing roofing services online. At Roofing Webmasters, we can do as many services as you like. The more you pay us, the more services we can do. We have additional packages available for Domain Authority, PPC campaigns, and Facebook advertising. We can help you attain the goals you’ve dreamed of for your roofing business in 2019 and beyond.

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