Content Marketing for Roofers (2020)

Old school marketing is obsolete. I guess that’s why it is called “old school.” Roofing companies that succeed in 2020 utilize modern strategies such as roofing SEO¬†(search engine optimization) and content marketing. These concepts are far more effective to the modern consumer. They have shorter attention spans but are also much more informed. This is a dynamic combination when trying to sell roofing services online. Your target customer does not want to feel like you “sold” them a service but instead would prefer to feel that they discovered you organically on their own devices.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of promoting topical and valuable content as a means of engaging a target audience and converting them into customers. There are countless channels through which to distribute content including blogs, emails, social media, and websites.

Top Roofers Market Content

Any roofing company who ranks in the Top 3 of Google more than likely markets content in some fashion. Google grades results in a large part based on trust which is something that can only be established through consistent web visibility. Distributing content on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, and your website’s blog all help earn the trust of the world’s largest search engine.

Why Do Roofers Use Content Marketing?

Roofing companies market content for a few simple reasons; cost, leads, and retention. The cost of marketing content is relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of promotion but it can generate leads at a similar and often higher rate. The most successful roofing contractors enjoy the financial benefits of repeat customers, something that content marketing helps initiate because of brand recall and sustained visibility.

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Content Marketing is Here to Stay

Some internet trends are short-lived many of which can be projected. Content marketing is not a trend at all. Because of its measurable success, the concept is going nowhere and in fact will only continue to grow and evolve. Because content itself is evolutionary (i.e. text, audio, video, etc.), we can expect that aspect of the discipline to remain fluid. But rest assured that marketing will continue to rely on content to attract and convert organic leads. Here are some of the top ways that roofers can market content in 2020:


When writing¬†roofing blog posts, understand that they are intended to reach a narrow but highly convertible audience. Blogs on roofing company websites won’t be read by massive groups of people, but the ones who do come across it should be engaged by the content. Blog posts are especially valuable because they can be shared and also go “viral” on social media.


Developing an email list can give you an audience to market to with new content. Whether it is in the form of a newsletter or it is simply a link to your latest blog post or video, emails can be a highly effective way to reach an audience. This helps both with retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones through association.

Social Media

Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are great channels through which to distribute content while promoting it to a target audience. YouTube and Instagram are similar in this respect with the one difference being the form of content is limited to visuals. On Facebook and LinkedIn, roofing companies can combine text, image, and video to pull in new clients while also keeping tabs on former ones.

Website Content

Pages on a roofing website are important for a number of reasons. Besides their impact on SEO, each of these pages can be marketed as its own entity and target a more specific target customer. For example, a roofing page about residential roof restoration is going to resonate more with a homeowner than one that is about general replacement services, for either commercial or residential buildings.

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