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Featured Snippets for Roofing Websites

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, optimizes client websites for featured snippets, allowing roofing companies to rank #1 for various roofing-related queries on Google Search. My content marketing services include featured snippet optimization, in addition to custom content writing, and DataPins.

You can see an example of one of my clients ranking for a featured snippet below:

Screenshot of Featured Snippet for Roofing Client

Featured snippets have these qualities:

  • Asks / Answers Question
  • Appears as Block of Text
  • Provides Summary of Answer
  • Is Relevant To The Search Query

The Value of Featured Snippets for Roofing Websites

Securing the top ranking on Google is a challenge. Traditionally, there have been three ways to earn top rankings on Google Search: organic (ten blue links), Google Map 3-Pack, and Google Ads (PPC).

Over ten years ago, another SERP feature, featured snippets, emerged to provide an opportunity for roofing companies who otherwise would not have a chance to rank #1.

Because many search queries pose questions within them (who, what, where, when, why, how, etc.) Google has created a search result that can provide an immediate answer to users directly on the SERP.

Google programmatically selects a snippet of information from a webpage that best satisfies the query.

Screenshot of Roofing Client Featured Snippet

Note: You can also earn snippets for service-related terms if your pages adequately cover the topic

Optimizing for Featured Snippets

Most featured snippets already rank in the top 10, so your primary focus should be mastering SEO for roofers and starting to drive up rankings for targeted keywords.

Once your sitewide content ranks well on search, answering frequently asked questions within your content can earn you a featured snippet. For example, a roof repair page might ask and answer the question: what is the cost of roof repair?

In this case, one of your headers (H₁ or H₂) would pose that question, and the subsequent paragraph would answer it. Remember that this technique is only useful when it provides a positive user experience for the reader. So don’t randomly ask and answer questions unless you have unique and original insights.

Featured Snippet Length

The average paragraph-based featured snippet is 45 words and 293 characters, while the maximum is 97 words and 752. Lists and tables have alternative standards that account for their unique setup, like items, word per item, rows, and columns.

Moz outlines the averages and maximums of each snippet type below:

MOZ Optimal Featured Snippet Length Chart

Source: MOZ

Featured Snippet Ideas

Most queries are eligible for featured snippets, even ones that are rarely searched or register zero search volume on third-party tools. With this in mind, snippets are worthwhile for any topic or subject where you can present unique and original insights.

A great place to start is with frequently asked questions from your real customers. Talk to your staff, especially those who answer the phones or knock on doors. Ask them about common themes for questions related to your roofing services and the general industry.

Looking at Google’s “People Also Ask” section for your target keywords is another effective way to find questions to answer within your content. However, avoid regurgitating answers that already exist on the web, as snippets are reserved for websites that can provide unique value to readers.

Google SGE’s Impact on Featured Snippets

As Google integrates AI into its search engine, the new Search Genrative Experience may impact featured snippets on search results. While SGE snippets are not expected to replace traditional featured snippets, they will like push them down on some queries and replace them on others.

Source: Google

Differences Between SGE and Featured Snippets

The main difference with SGE snippets is that they use a large language model (LLM) to produce 100% original text in response to the user’s query. Conversely, traditional featured snippets pull verbatim text from an existing website. Like traditional snippets, SGE snippets are expected to cite sources with a link.

Featured Snippet Consultation

My roofing clients regularly enjoy featured snippets on Google search results for various industry-related keywords. The prominent display of my client’s websites and related text has contributed to ongoing success with search visibility, lead generation, and business growth.

Contact my agency, Roofing Webmasters, for a free consultation to discuss how featured snippet optimization can benefit your roofing company.