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Reputation Management Services

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, provides comprehensive reputation management services for roofing companies, including my software tool, DataPins. My 10+ years of experience managing the online reputations of local roofing businesses gives me unique insights and experience into best practices.

My name is Nolen Walker and I’m the owner of Roofing Webmasters. Reputation management is one of my agency’s flagship services as it is an essential component to a successful digital marketing strategy.

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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management oversees your roofing company’s standing and notoriety online. Common indicators of reputation (positive or negative) are customer reviews, brand mentions, awards/badges, and social proof.

While business owners can’t entirely control their company’s reputation, they can take steps to enhance it by resisting business listings on Google and other reputable platforms and showcasing awards and bages on their websites.

Reputation Management Benefits for Roofers

Research suggests 98% of consumers read online reviews when considering a local business. Online reviews can make or break your roofing business in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

Reviews on websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook combine with other factors to form your roofing company’s online reputation.

In a matter of minutes, a distressed customer can criticize your company online and publish their opinion for public viewing.


An increased conversion rate is the most tangible benefit of reputation management for roofers. When potential customers view a business listing with 100+ positive reviews, they will choose it over a competitor with only 10 mediocre reviews.


While it may seem like a chicken or the egg type of argument, a favorable online reputation directly correlates with online visibility. Platforms like Google Maps rank listings with many reviews higher than listings with few reviews. Google’s organic algorithm also factors in general reputation, known as EEAT.


Establishing a strong online reputation helps build authority with your future customers and other business owners. This can produce tangible results like backlinks from credible websites or new partnership opportunities with other local businesses.

Reputation Management Statistic (Infographic)

DataPins: A Reputation Management Tool for Roofers

I invested millions to develop a Local SEO and reputation management software for roofers called DataPins. This tool allows roofers to generate reviews from satisfied customers while verifying their work through job site check-ins.

Both check-ins and reviews populate onto your roofing company website based on the type of service performed and the job’s location. These variables dictate which web page the check-in and review are displayed on, which could be anything from a local city page to a specific service page.

Placing relevant and user-generated content on the appropriate pages helps those pages rank on Google search and serve as a lead generation funnel for roofers.

Online Review Platforms That Influence Reputation

Over my 10+ years running Roofing Webmasters, I’ve learned that Google Reviews are the most important for SEO rankings. However, generating customer feedback on multiple platforms helps solidify your company’s reputation.

Using our DataPins tool, the goal is to generate reviews on the following platforms:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp

Can Customers Leave The Same Review on Multiple Platforms?

Not in the way you’d hoped. Review platforms require customers to create an account and log in at the time of review publication. The only way to leave identical reviews across multiple platforms is to copy and paste them. Most customers aren’t going to take the extra time to perform this task.

A better strategy to diversify your review sources is encouraging some customers to leave Google reviews, some to leave Facebook reviews, and others to submit feedback on Yelp and BBB.

Remember that you can never provide financial incentives in exchange for a customer review as it violates the guidelines of every credible platform.

Free Reputation Management Consultation

Reputation management remains an essential component to digital marketing success for roofing companies. Other tasks like SEO and website design are reliant on your company’s reputation to secure a high conversion rate.

Each of my clients receives reputation management services as part of their monthly digital marketing plans. I encourage you to contact my agency for your free consultation to discuss how my team and I can manage your reputation and help solidify your standing online.