How Does a Roofer Get Online Reviews?

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Making Reviews Simple To Leave, Encourages More Of Them

Online reviews can be generated in a number of ways. The most organic way to accumulate reviews is to optimize your company profiles on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and other NAP listing directories. Links to these profiles can be added to your website footer, email signature, and other marketing materials to urge satisfied customers to sing your praises. Aside from listing optimization, below are other ways to get online reviews for your roofing company:

  • Ask For Them: After performing a roofing job, ask your client to leave a review
  • Customer Spotlights: When a customer leaves a positive review, you can share their review on social media to spotlight their recommendation, and thus encourage others to follow suit
  • Respond: Whether a review is positive, negative, or neutral, make sure to leave a response under your company username
  • Simplify The Process: To expand on the aforementioned website and email links, try to make the review process as simple as possible for customers

There’s no need to belabor the importance of online reviews in the modern digital age. Every roofing contractor in the country understands that online reputation directly correlates with future success. For contractors just starting out, earning the trust of a local community can be difficult and time consuming. Roofing Webmasters can relieve some of that burden with our online reviews and reputation management services. We’ve been working with roofers for decades and know exactly what their target audience looks for in a company. CallĀ (800) 353-5758 to get online reviews for your roofing company.

Is It Really Ok To Ask for Online Reviews?

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Asking For Reviews Is Completely Ethical

Yes. As long as you do not pay for reviews, or financially incentivize them, you are in the clear. The best time to ask is after performing a service for the client, and completing the payment transaction. If you do a good job on the service, customers are very likely to fulfill your request to leave a review. You can make this as easy as possible on them by implementing an automated text messaging system, in which they can access the review profile straight from their mobile device. This saves them the nuisance of logging into a desktop computer. The best ways to ask for reviews include:

  • In Person: After completing a satisfactory service
  • Via Email: In your email signature
  • Via Text: Through SMS text messaging
  • Via Website: In your website footer

One thing you’ll want to avoid at all costs, is placing a financial incentive on review solicitation. Websites like Yelp have cracked down on manipulation of the review system, and will penalize your company for engaging in malicious review generation. That doesn’t mean you can’t run giveaways and promotions to get your logo in front of a wide audience, you just can’t explicitly exchange money or goods for reviews. Roofing Webmasters can help you through each step of the process, so that you never fall into a gray area.

How to Respond to Negative Roofing Contractor Reviews

Webmaster Checks Online ReviewBe careful what you wish for, or so they say? By getting more online reviews, you will, as a result, get some that are negative. This shouldn’t discourage you or your company, as negative reviews are part of doing business. With that said, the amount of positive ones should far outweigh their negative counterparts. Additionally, all reviews should be responded to, regardless of their nature. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. While that may not be universally true, every review does provide a PR opportunity for roofers.

You log on to your Yelp page and notice a bad review that embellishes, exaggerates, and flat out lies about certain aspects of the job. Instead of getting frustrated and ripping into the customer on an expletive filled rant, you’ll want to take a few minutes to cool down. Remember, your company’s reputation is at stake, so how you handle this will help define that reputation. Once you are calm, you should evaluate the complaint point by point, and craft a solution-oriented response that apologizes to the customer (even if they are wrong). If possible, you should try to resolve the dispute over the phone or direct messaging. CallĀ (800) 353-5758 to get more online reviews!