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How to Get More Reviews for Your Roofing Business

Working with thousands of roofing contractors over the past 10+ years has given me an inside look into the best methods to get more reviews for a roofing company online. At my agency, Roofing Webmasters, we regularly help local companies 10x and 20x their review count.

It’s no secret that online reviews directly influence your online reputation, but generating them consistently can be challenging. Most customers are not going to leave a review on their own, even if you provide excellent services.

The good news is that there are a few surefire ways to get more reviews for your roofing company.

  1. 1. Ask in Person
  2. 2. Use Software To Automate Review Requests Through SMS and Email
  3. 3. Include Review Links in Your Emails and Other Promotional Materials
  4. 4. Integrate Reviews onto Your Main Website

Software To Help Roofers Get More Reviews

As the founder and CEO of Roofing Webmasters, I constantly work to add value to my client’s marketing campaigns. As the challenge of consistently acquiring online reviews grew more impactful to my client’s broader digital marketing campaigns, I invested millions into creating a software-based solution, DataPins.

While DataPins is more than a reputation management software, it includes two major features to help roofers get more reviews. The first is automated requests, which reach your customers through text messages and emails. The second is review integration and a “review us” button on your website.

You can learn more about the DataPins tool by watching the video below:

Best Platforms To Get More Roofing Reviews

Optimizing your company profiles on platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, and other NAP listing directories is the most organic way to accumulate reviews.

Links to these profiles can be added to your website footer, email signature, and other marketing materials to urge satisfied customers to sing your praises.

Check out some of the best platforms to acquire customer reviews:

  • Angi
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Facebook
  • Google Business Profile
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Yelp

Is It Okay To Ask for Online Reviews?

You can ask for reviews if you do not pay for or financially incentivize them. The best time to ask is directly after performing a service for the client and completing the payment transaction. If you do an excellent job on the service, customers will likely fulfill your request to leave a review.

Implement an automated text messaging system to make this as easy as possible for them. This way, they can access the review profile straight from their mobile device. Automated requests with short links save them the nuisance of logging into a desktop computer.

The best ways to ask for reviews include:

  • In-Person: After completing a service
  • Via Email: In your email signature
  • Via Text: Through SMS text messaging
  • Via Website: In your website footer

One thing you’ll want to avoid at all costs is placing a financial incentive on review solicitation. Most platforms, including Google and Yelp, have cracked down on review system manipulation and will penalize your company for engaging in malicious review generation.

Streamlining Your Review Generation Process

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, has developed a process for roofers to acquire legitimate customer reviews across various platforms consistently. My process is based on 10+ years of first-hand experience managing the online reputations of thousands of local roofing companies.

I invite you to discuss the process in more detail by contacting my agency for a free consultation. During our discussion, I will outline how generating more reviews for your roofing business boosts your broader digital marketing success.