How to Plan Website Content: With Shabnam Kuraishi

Planning an array of tantalising, fresh website content is challenging. Carrying out that plan is even harder! Today, we dig into some helpful words of wisdom from Shabnam Kuraishi, one of our most outstanding writers at Roofing Webmasters. Grab a pen and paper, because you’ll[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Feb 17, 2020 | Categories: Podcast

We’re Bringing SEO Back | Roofing SEO Podcast

Does SEO really mean what you think it does? Jason and Nolen explain how ignorance and misinformation lead many roofing companies astray during online marketing. If any of these real world stories sound familiar, it might be time to reconsider how you search for marketing[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Feb 13, 2020 | Categories: Podcast

How I Got Started in SEO | Roofing SEO Podcast

When no one offers a solution to your problem, sometimes you have to become the answer! Through a strange adventure filled with twists and turns, a long time professional in the home security industry became the founder of an SEO and web design company. Nolen[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Jan 30, 2020 | Categories: Podcast

Survey Says: Roofers Need Reviews to Excel in 2020

Reviews and Consumer Research It seems that no matter how many roofing contractors we speak with over the years, the vast majority underestimate the value of online reviews. For years, client feedback has impacted local listings, brand perceptions, and lead generation. While we certainly understand[Read the Full Article]

Roofing SEO Conference 2020

Search marketing is an ever-changing landscape of Google policy changes, established practices, newly-minted tactics, and revolutionary software. Put simply, the rules and strategies that guide SEO (search engine optimization) change from year to year. Even our seasoned team of search marketing professionals have to actively[Read the Full Article]

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True Client Stories: Roofing GMB Nightmare

We’ve all heard the tales of marketing disasters, but few professionals fully understand just how close they could be to losing serious business online. In our latest podcast, Nolen tells the scary story of how a once successful roofing professional last over two thirds of[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Nov 25, 2019 | Categories: Podcast

9 Qualities of The Perfect Roofing Landing Page

So much of our time in digital marketing is spent trying to sway people in the direction we desire. Call Now! Subscribe to Our Email! Get Your Free e-Book!  Schedule a Free Inspection! Considering the inescapable volume of advertising and other marketing noise we hear[Read the Full Article]

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How Will The Google BERT Update Impact Roofers?

Google will be rolling out an update known as BERT. In all, BERT will have an effect on 1 in 10 search queries. Still, that should not be considered a small update. After all, it is the biggest update that Google has implemented since they[Read the Full Article]

Posted: | Updated: Nov 1, 2019 | Categories: SEO