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51 Roofing Marketing Ideas Based on 15 Years in the Industry

Roofing Marketing (Blog Cover)

Hey there, I’m Nolen Walker. You might know me from my long-time digital marketing agency, Roofing Webmasters, which I founded back in 2013.

My experience in the digital marketing industry goes back even further, giving me 15 years of first-hand experience with marketing campaigns. You can even say, “I wrote the book on it,” with my guide to digital marketing available on Amazon.

I’m outlining my first-hand experience to differentiate myself from some course sellers and YouTube gurus spreading misinformation about roofing contractors.

There are plenty of appealing marketing options for roofing companies; the key is understanding how they fit into your broader promotional strategy.

My list below will provide 51 roofing marketing ideas based on my 15 years in the industry.

Roofing Marketing IdeaCategory
Yard SignsTraditional Marketing
Truck WrapsTraditional Marketing
Partner with RealtorsTraditional Marketing
Printed Flyers and Door HangersTraditional Marketing
Trade ShowsTraditional Marketing
Local SponsorshipsTraditional Marketing
Referral ProgramTraditional Marketing
Google Business ProfileDigital Marketing
Business WebsiteDigital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Digital Marketing
Paid Ads (PPC)Digital Marketing
Email MarketingDigital Marketing
DataPinsDigital Marketing
Customer TestimonialsDigital Marketing
Facebook Page and Facebook AdsSocial Media
Instagram Reels and StoriesSocial Media
YouTube ChannelSocial Media
PinterestSocial Media
Join Local Facebook GroupsSocial Media
Engage with FollowersSocial Media
Free Roof InspectionsCreative
Storm Damage CampaignsCreative
Roof Report CardsCreative
Drone ImageryCreative
Seasonal PromotionsCreative
Charitable PartnershipsCreative
Host WebinarsCreative
Remove Unhelpful ContentContent Marketing
InfographicsContent Marketing
Ebooks or GuidesContent Marketing
Case StudiesContent Marketing
Time-Lapse VideosOut-of-the-Box
Virtual ConsultationsOut-of-the-Box
Text-Based UpdatesOut-of-the-Box
Stellar Customer ServiceCustomer-Focused
Before-and-After Photo GalleryCustomer-Focused
Financing OptionsCustomer-Focused
Warranty ProtectionCustomer-Focused
Client Appreciation EventsCustomer-Focused
Roofing Myth-Buster SeriesCommunity Engagement
Local Podcast AppearancesCommunity Engagement
Teach a ClassCommunity Engagement
Support a School ProjectCommunity Engagement
Industry NewsletterIndustry Expertise
Local Media OutreachIndustry Expertise
Ask a Roofer ColumnIndustry Expertise
Industry Association ParticipationIndustry Expertise
3D Roof VisualizerTechnology-Driven
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SystemTechnology-Driven
Live Chat on WebsiteTechnology-Driven

My 51 Proven Marketing Ideas for Roofers

Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve run marketing campaigns for thousands of roofing companies all across the United States. I’ve even walked roofs with some of the industry’s finest.

Below, I will break down each of the marketing ideas listed in this guide:

1) Yard Signs

While yard signs won’t magically attract more clients to your roofing company under normal conditions, they will build awareness about your brand. In the case of a local hail storm, yard signs can absolutely attract customers quickly, as they are looking for reputable services ASAP!

2) Truck Wraps

Truck wraps generate an estimated 30,000-80,000 impressions of your brand and logo daily. Impressions don’t automatically convert into leads or eventual customers. Still, they drive brand awareness and help establish credibility for your roofing business.

3) Partner With Realtors

Roofing companies and real estate agencies can form a mutually beneficial partnership that benefits both parties. By partnering with a reputable real estate agent, roofing companies can create relationships with homeowners who become repeat customers.

4) Printed Flyers and Door Hangers

Printed flyers and door hangers can produce an ROI between 1 and 5%, depending on the quality of their visual and messaging elements. I don’t recommend using flyers or door hangers as your sole marketing method. Still, they can contribute to a cohesive and multi-faceted campaign.

5) Trade Shows

Trade shows present an opportunity to learn new marketing techniques and network with industry professionals. Expanding your network will benefit your broader marketing campaign, as more industry members will mention your company and link to your website.

6) Local Sponsorships

Local sponsorships are far more valuable than any “link building” efforts because they are based on genuine partnerships with location-specific companies. Most of these sponsorships should result in a backlink, but one that is legitimate and does not violate Google’s spam policies.

7) Referral Program

I’ve noticed some misinformation around the web regarding referral programs. Roofing companies that get a large percentage of their leads from referrals also have a robust digital marketing presence. That’s why I recommend referral programs IN ADDITION TO digital marketing.

8) Google Business Profile

I recommend that every roofing business claim and verify their Google Business Profile so they can appear in search results on Google Maps and the Google Map 3-Pack. Roofers can also share their profile link as part of a review request, which helps build your reputation on Google search.

9) Business Website

Roofers primarily focus on ranking with Google Maps but still require a website. I see this every day while running my SEO agency. Roofing companies need a website to dominate Google Maps and the Google Map 3-Pack rankings.

10) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is my favorite marketing technique for roofers because it produces the highest ROI of any other marketing venture. Unfortunately, too many shady SEO agencies have ruined the industry’s reputation and created skepticism about the role of SEO in marketing success.

11) Paid Ads (PPC)

While I don’t recommend PPC ads as a standalone service, I’ve seen clients benefit from them as part of a broader digital marketing strategy that includes SEO and website design. Still, I tell roofers to beware of black-box billing techniques from PPC-first marketing agencies.

12) Email Marketing

I’ve seen roofers succeed with email marketing campaigns using tools like AWeber and Mailchimp. However, I’ve also witnessed some companies fail to generate an ROI through email marketing. The key is crafting a customized campaign that focuses on personalized segmentation.

13) DataPins

I invested millions in creating a Local SEO software tool for roofing companies. It’s called DataPins, and it’s already helped hundreds of roofers increase Google search visibility and build a more substantial reputation online. It is my most significant contribution to the roofing industry.

14) Customer Testimonials

I’ve witnessed first-hand how customer testimonials increase conversion rates for local roofing companies. Testimonials can be Google Reviews, reviews on other platforms, or even video testimonials that you can upload to your YouTube channel and embed on your website.

15) Facebook Page / Ads

I recommend all roofing companies create a Facebook business page at the bare minimum. Depending on your budget and other marketing endeavors, running Facebook Ads on your account can help drive brand awareness to your company and even generate direct leads.

16) Instagram Reels and Stories

With 2.4 billion registered users, Instagram is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing channel for roofing companies. I recommend video content via Reels and Stories to generate the most engagement. As attention spans grow shorter, the opportunity for video marketing increases.

17) YouTube Channel

I regularly remind my clients that YouTube is a Google property and YouTube videos are eligible to rank on Google search results. Every roofing company should create an official YouTube channel and upload original content, which can be embedded on their business websites.

18) Pinterest

Pinterest marketing is mostly about scarcity and opportunity. Most roofers ignore Pinterest, which is a mistake in a highly visual service trade. Posting images of your roofing projects can increase brand awareness and strengthen your digital presence.

19) Join Local Facebook Groups

Roofing contractors are often surprised by how much word of mouth has transitioned into digital form. Joining Local Facebook Groups and other community platforms can ingratiate your business into the communities most likely to require your services.

20) Engage With Followers

Roofing companies may feel like their work is done after publishing a social media post on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. However, winning at the margins requires roofers (or their social media assistants) to engage with users who comment or respond to their content.

21) Free Roof Inspections

I recommend startup roofing companies create a value proposition, such as free roof inspections, to separate themselves from more tenured competitors. A free roof inspection can entice otherwise lukewarm prospects to take a chance on your new business.

22) Storm Damage Campaigns

I’ve had a ton of experience with roofers who hit the jackpot after a hail storm hit their primary service areas. I’ve written an entire post about hail damage roofing Ads and how to position your company to benefit from acts of God in your city or region.

23) Roof Report Cards

I’ve worked with some roofers who offer “Roof report cards,” which are a gimmick to grade the condition of a customer’s roof. As long as you can back up your claims with a highly skilled inspection process, this type of presentation can increase brand engagement.

24) Drone Imagery

Some of my roofing clients use software to assess roofing conditions through drone images. This is a less invasive form of roof inspection and can help quickly identify leaks and other damages without having to get up on the structure. Many homeowners consider this an appealing option.

25) Seasonal Promotions

Roofers know all too well that the industry is seasonal. However, I tell all of my clients that marketing is NOT seasonal and that you win on the margins while competitors pause their campaigns. One way to incorporate seasonality into marketing is to offer seasonal roofing promotions.

26) Charitable Partnerships

Immersing yourself in a local community often involves charitable partnerships, which will contribute to a successful marketing campaign. Only established roofing companies can afford to engage in this venture. Still, it can solidify your brand’s connection to a town, city, or region.

27) Host Webinars

Hosting webinars allows roofing companies to get their faces in front of potential customers while collecting their email addresses. This way, you build personal and digital relationships with your prospects. Your webinars can discuss common roofing problems and solutions.

28) Remove Unhelpful Content

Google released its Helpful Content Update in 2022 and has further enhanced it since, culminating in the March 2024 Core Update. Removing unhelpful content from your website (like blog posts) can help restore its health and credibility.

29) Infographics

As internet users become more visual, elements like infographics can help engage them longer than traditional text. Try including infographics on your website service pages to entice potential customers to choose your service over those of nearby competitors.

30) Ebooks or Guides

I recommend ebooks or guides as lead magnets to share on social media posts or ads. For example, crafting a guide about your roofing specialty (like specific roof coatings) allows you to share this on social media in exchange for the user’s email address, allowing you to market to them later.

31) Case Studies

Case studies of previous roofing projects, materials, or products can help build credibility for your business. You can post these case studies on your website and share them on your social media profiles. These studies can also offer new SEO opportunities for users seeking a specific service.

32) Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos are a great way to stylize visual elements that would otherwise appear ordinary. Such creative measures allow you to “win at the margins” against competitors sharing only basic content. IPhone users can turn on time-lapse mode to capture these videos.

33) Virtual Consultations

I’ve talked to some roofing professionals who offer virtual consultations that appeal to some customers. Going the extra mile by providing and documenting this service on your website can create differentiation in the marketplace. Ultimately, these measures create goodwill.

34) Text-Based Updates

Text-based updates allow your company to separate itself from a customer service angle. This feature is typically part of a field management software solution and will notify your customers about appointment reminders, estimated times of arrival, and more.

35) Enhanced Customer Service

Companies often think about marketing when generating leads and signing up customers for the first time. However, I remind my clients that marketing continues after the sale with your customer service. By investing in enhanced customer service, you increase repeat customers.

36) Before-and-After Photo Gallery

It helps to show your potential customer before-and-after photos of roofing projects. When prospects can envision your services’ impact, they are more likely to take action by paying for your services. I encourage all my clients to share photos of their jobs.

37) Financing Options

Offering financing options is another effective way to appeal to a broader consumer base. Not all customers will have the exact needs or budget, and providing various financing options can separate you from competitors unwilling or unable to offer such flexibility.

38) Warranty Protection

In my experience with roofing comments, one of their customer’s main pain points is security and risk aversion. One way to soften their stance is to offer warranty protections that allow customers to utilize your service with greater peace of mind.

39) Client Appreciation Events

Hosting client appreciation events is a great way to market to existing customers. The most successful roofing companies I’ve worked with are skilled at maximizing retention and encouraging repeat business from current clients.

40) Roofing Myth-Buster Series

I encourage roofers to create a themed series through podcasts, YouTube videos, or another creative medium. A great theme to start with is roofing Myth Busters. You can dispel common roofing myths from your customers and encourage new prospects to engage with your business.

41) Local Podcast Appearances

Podcasts are the fastest-growing digital medium, and roofing contractors can take advantage by appearing on local shows. For example, I started my own podcast to chat with roofers. Meanwhile, you can conduct additional research about local podcasts in your specific town or city.

42) Teach a Class

Roofers who’ve earned certifications from organizations like the NRCA might have an opportunity to teach a class. Educating other contractors on a roofing discipline is a great marketing feature for your resume and something you can use to promote your company online.

43) Support a School Project

Roofing projects affiliated with an ISD are great marketing opportunities for local companies. When you earn the trust of community pillars like schools, that credibility expands throughout nearby neighborhoods and solidifies your brand and logo as trustworthy.

44) Industry Newsletter

Drafting a weekly newsletter on roofing industry-related stories is a great way to become a thought leader in the digital space. As more users sign up for your newsletter, you will earn additional email marketing opportunities while establishing yourself as a true industry expert.

45) Local Media Outreach

Appearing on a local TV station is one of the most potent ways to market your roofing company in 2024. Not only do viewers see you on their local station, but they can also read about you in an associated article, as your website earns a link from a legitimate news website.

46) Ask a Roofer Column

Another way to leverage local media entities for your marketing campaign is to offer your insights in an “ask a roofer column” for local newspapers. You’ll have to negotiate this with local reporters, but many are open-minded to expert contributors in the roofing field.

47) Industry Association Participation

I encourage my clients to become members of credible roofing associations, including the aforementioned NRCA and local roofing organizations like the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. You can research which roofing associations have offices in your service areas.

48) 3D Roof Visualizer

A 3D roof visualizer tool gives customers a visual projection of their roofing project. Incorporating this technology into your website or sales routine increases the chances of customers investing in your services. Including this tool on your website can also help you earn natural links.

49) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Organizing customers and prospects into a customer relationship management system (CRM) is a great way to maximize marketing efficiency. Most modern CRMs are highly beneficial for roofers and contribute to increased conversions.

50) ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a great way to increase efficiency in some of your roofing marketing processes. However, I warn roofers to exercise caution when using ChatGPT and other AI tools. For example, I do not recommend creating content from ChatGPT for roofing websites.

51) Live Chat on Website

Including a live chat option on your website is a great way to prevent leads from falling through the cracks. Depending on their customer service resources, roofing companies can lose many potential customers by not contacting them quickly enough. A website chat box mitigates these problems.

Maximizing Your Marketing Campaign

Roofers who need help implementing one or more of the marketing ideas listed above are great fits for my agency, Roofing Webmasters. I offer roofing marketing services, which include a customized digital marketing strategy for your business.

My team comprises experts in SEO, Google My Business, Website Design, and Reputation Management. In addition, my innovative software tool, DataPins, aids each of my clients’ marketing campaigns. Reach out today to discuss how I can craft your roofing marketing strategy in 2024.

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