Roofing Marketing: 22 Proven Tips for Contractors

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If you are a roofing contractor, it goes without saying that generating leads is one of the most important aspects of the business. Turning those leads into sales is another beast that can be dealt with in other ways, but if you can’t reach your target audience, you can’t be expected to turn those into sales.

While being honest and direct with your target audience is clearly important, but the methods in which you reach them is just as important. There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product on earth if your customer base isn’t aware of it.”

For those roofing contractors out there looking for new ways to get the message out to prospective clients, there are a number of tips that you should follow to reach your potential customers and to grow your client base.


This might seem like a very old school way to go about it but canvasing is tried and true. There are few situations in life like meeting someone face-to-face. For roofing contractors, the most effective time to canvass an area tends to be right after a storm.

When canvassing, you want to be prepared for absolutely anything. Face-to-face interactions can only leave so much room for preparedness. Have a script ready, if at all possible, to help navigate most situations. Make sure that you set a few clear objectives for yourself like setting up an appointment, getting contact info, or making a sale. And most importantly, FOLLOW UP. Follow-ups are where most sales occur, so make sure that you don’t just contact the prospect once and forget about it.

Direct mail

While also being considered “old school”, direct mail is another effective method to get straight to your customer. A lot of HVAC companies today are using postcards and this could be an effective way for roofing contractors to get the word out about their company.

The cost of generating a mailing list and creating postcards is a relatively low cost that can have a huge impact on your business as far as generating leads.

Local SEO rankings

Some say that SEO for roofers is dying, but there are more than a few studies that suggest SEO is alive and well. Your SEO rankings are a great way to provide content for your prospects as well as to generate potential leads going forward.

The key here is to focus on local SEO. Your business likely operates in a local geographical area; the searches that are relevant to your business should be located geographically as well. Google My Business will help to account for 80% of your ranking, so signing your business up for that is a must.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Here are a few stats about pay per click ads that will probably blow your mind if you are a business owner:

  • On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads that display on the search results page
  • 85% of those who use the internet use it to find businesses local to their area
  • Businesses that use Google Ads make an average of $2 on every $1 that they spend
  • Pay per click visitors are up to 50% more likely to make a purchase than an organic visitor

PPC marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to generate leads for your business and should be one of the primary methods of marketing for your business.

Advertising through Facebook and Instagram

With the way that technology has progressed, social media has become a staple of pop culture. Millions upon millions of people around the globe use these services to communicate and share with one another so it should seem like a great idea to advertise through those avenues.

Using geographical location services, you can target your area of service with targeted ads to reach the geographic location that you want. This is a great way to build leads and gather information on some of the hottest platforms going.

Make strategic alliances

While it might seem like everyone else is your competitor, that is not necessarily the truth. The marketplace will never have just one option (and legally can’t due to monopoly laws), so it can be beneficial to work with others in the industry.

For roofing contractors, it might be beneficial to work with hardware stores, particularly with big suppliers like Lowe’s and Howe Depot in our area. This can give you a greater reach that you need to get a greater range of leads while providing that business with more walk-in customers.

Don’t think you have to fight the world when other like-minded businesses can help you in your goal.

Eye the weather

As crazy as it might sound, there are storm apps that will alert you when there are storms coming into a specific area. Here’s something that might sound even crazier: potential customers may need work done to their roof in the wake of a storm.

I’m sure that you can see the dots being connected here which is why it pays to keep an eye towards ads on apps like this. You can stay on top of those areas that may be affected by coming storms and be prepared to be the first to the punch in the eyes of prospective customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are very much akin to the physical postcards that your company might use for through-the-mail promotion. In this day and age, you can reach a far greater amount of people in a shorter amount of time with e-mail marketing.

The great thing about email marketing campaigns is that they are extremely cost-effective. It has been shown that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is $40 in terms of return on investment. That is a huge investment that can generate a ton of sales and leads for far less than traditional methods.

Content Marketing

You can and should use content marketing to build your authority as well as your credibility in the area or areas that you service. This method can be used to generate a huge amount of leads, which then turn into sales generated.

The goal here is to generate organic traffic to your website where prospective customers can see what your business has to offer and gain exposure to your brand. Getting that brand recognition is a huge key to marketing and something companies covet.

This is a great way to not only get more eyes on your product but to like and begin to trust your business.

Hit the local trade shows

As is the case with direct mail marketing and doing canvassing, there are instances of marketing locally that can be truly beneficial to your company. Trade shows are great because you can keep an eye on what the competition is doing, create new business partnerships, and generate more leads that can convert to even more sales.

The key is to follow-up. It is speculated that over 80% of leads that are generated from trade shows are never followed up on and that the vast majority of sales occur during follow-ups. The leads will be there but following them is what is key when hitting up the local trade shows.

Go to a chamber of commerce event

This is great simply for networking with other area businesses. This is a great way to meet others in the community and perhaps create partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. Remember that your competition is always your competition, but they do not have to be your enemy.

Using connections with local businesses can help both sides mutually. There is no one method that will make your company a juggernaut just as there is no one marketing method that will help to reach the customers needed to grow your business.


One of the essential ways to create a trustworthy and reliable business model that prospective customers will trust and can lead to future sales is to have reviews left on your company. Companies can say all day long that they are this or that, but when customers who have used the business leave reviews, it allows for prospective customers to get a feel for the business.

When your business has quality reviews, you are more likely to land sales of prospects that are on the fence. These positive reviews foster a level of trust in your company that becomes a pillar of marketing towards prospective customers.

When you receive positive feedback, feature it. Let those who are visiting your site for the first time see these testimonials that say that your business is great.

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This is a bit of a dying breed since there are many ways for prospects to block unwanted calls. Partnering with a telemarketing firm can help to generate leads for you based on certain criteria and can even call people to set up appointments with your business.

For local businesses, using all of the available tools is smart, though the telemarketing method is certainly one that is going by the wayside in recent years. If it is available to you at a reasonable price, it is advised that you deploy it.


Much in the same vein as the reviews, having positive results on review sites are essential. Take HomeAdvisor, for example. HomeAdvisor is built for consumers to see what businesses are out there that can be trusted and deserve your business.

The only negative to this is that HomeAdvisor isn’t exclusive with the leads they generate; they will share them with other business owners that are in your area, so you are still competing for those customers all the same.

Angie’s List

Another of the review sites that are available for perusal when finding a local business to solve your needs, Angie’s List has the name recognition that HomeAdvisor does and a reach that is just as comprehensive.

The key with Angie’s List is to make sure that your business profile is full and detailed as it can be. When you have a ton of relevant information in your business profile, you are more likely to succeed at developing leads in your industry.

The key with all of these marketing methods is to be persistent and versatile; there is no one method that will grab everyone’s attention and draw all of the eyeballs to your product or service.


The cost is minimal to sign up for Thumbtack, another network that will help you to generate leads. It is essential to keep your profile as filled out as possible. Add in testimonials, images, and as many descriptors as you can.

It also helps to have quick response times because prospects can see this, and it will help to generate more leads. In most cases, the business owner that responds first will win the competition for that individuals’ business.

Create a video

In today’s marketplace, video is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate with prospective customers as well as to generate new leads. This is one method that any roofing contractor should be taking advantage of.

Your company does not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to create a professional-looking video commercial that you can use for both your website as well as optimizing for YouTube search results. 

Take the time to educate your audience as well as to give your prospective targets a reason to opt for your business over others.

Answer questions through your website

This might sound simplistic in nature, but the fact of the matter is that your competitors likely aren’t doing this or not doing it right. Your customers will likely have a ton of questions and giving them the option to answer them all through your website will be a great method for drawing prospective customers to your site.

Not only that, it creates brand recognition. When someone has a roofing question and recalls that they got a previous answer on your website, it creates brand recognition that will have prospective customers remembering your business above all others.

Try to bring a personal touch to your marketing 

Regardless of how you decide to try to deliver your content to the customer, the key is to make it stand out from the rest of the competition. This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but one thing that you want to make sure you do not do is homogenize your message to the point that it doesn’t stand out.

Add a personal touch to your marketing. Use testimonials and real reviews to give your website and company a level of realism that might not be conveyed otherwise. The goal is to make your customers feel special and feel like they have a connection with the brand that you are projecting.

Get people talking by giving a little bit of a personal touch in the way that you market to them and they will begin to relate to your brand far easier.

Make sure your website is optimized

You will likely hear this more than a few times, but your website is one of the most essential tools that you have as far as marketing. Regardless of how your product reaches the eyes of prospective customers, they will more than likely head to your website before doing anything else.

This is the first impression that they will get of your company as a whole. Make sure that your website has everything it needs to create a great first impression. Sanford University even did a study that determined that 75% of people will judge a business based on its website.

Make sure that everything you need to appease your customer is there. Answer questions, provide quotes or at least point them in the right direction to get one. Anything to make the process as smooth as possible.

Show your work portfolio

One of the best ways to generate trust with a prospective customer is to display the work that you have done before. Having photos of completed projects to go along with testimonials is the best way to show your prospective customers what kind of service you have to offer.

When possible, record pre-existing conditions of a job as a “before” and “after” kind of scenario. This will help instill in prospective customers the quality of work that your company is capable of and give a clearer idea of what it is that your company can do.

Make your services feel valuable

When competing for customers with other businesses in the industry, you become part of the crowd for better or worse. When you are on even footing with others in the industry, it becomes a matter of luck to win over the business from others.

But you can change this by providing a unique sales proposition. This essentially creates a reason for your customers to choose your business. Be as specific as possible with the benefits that you can offer the customer and communicate to them how this is beneficial to their problem in specific.

There are a ton of different marketing tools that your business can use to stand out in a sea of competitors and can give you the leg up when it comes to finding prospective customers for your business.

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