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Roofing Marketing Statistics

Roofing Webmasters has access to a decade-plus worth of internal marketing data as the top-rated digital marketing agency for roofers. Our agency utilizes this data to improve strategies, SOPs, and campaign optimization. Furthermore, we share some of this data with our readers through roofing marketing statistics to educate companies on marketing tactics and apply them to their campaigns.

Below, you’ll find an assorted collection of graphs, charts, and infographics related to our industry research. These are designed to inform your marketing decisions and guide you toward more robust SEO performance. Remember that trends and percentages change yearly, so it’s best to talk with a professional before committing to a particular strategy.

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If you’d like to consult an industry expert about your online marketing strategy, be sure to give the Roofing Webmasters team a call at (800) 353-5758!

Reputation Management

Impact of Reviews on Consumer Behavior, Survey Project

Key Findings From Our Consumer Surveys