Roofing Websites: 16 Sites That Get Results in 2021

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Roofing websites are now more critical than ever for various reasons. First, the marketing landscape has moved, almost exclusively, online. Secondly, social media platforms and other 3rd party web channels hold less value to roofing companies. To build your roofing business, you need to make your roofing website and invest in it as you would other aspects of your operation. To help you get inspired to achieve great things in 2021, here are 16 websites for roofers that will get your attention.

5 Star Christian Roofing and Remodeling

A professional design makes a great first impression on your customers, and 5 Star Christian Roofing achieves the desired result. With a dynamic ariel view of one of their top roofing jobs, the website immediately appeals to the viewer. Soon the reader learns more about the company founder by scrolling down to the featured biography. A consistent color scheme exudes competence and works on the visitor’s psyche to build justifiable trust and comfort. 

5 Star Christian Website

Accent Roofing

A photo with former President George W. Bush is a great way to build credibility quickly. The Accent Roofing website highlights its best image while effortlessly integrating it into a holistic web design. An intuitive contact form encourages users to take action while clearly defined services outline consumer’s options when dealing with the roofing company. The increased time on the site can also improve SEO for Accent Roofing’s website.

Accent Roofing Website

Beyond Roofing

Beyond Roofing’s website immediately establishes a sense of calm and community. The Colorado-based company impresses visitors with clean design elements and simple navigation. Unique photos of jobs and equipment foster a sense of personalization for potential consumers. The site’s header features a statement of credibility by highlighting their 28 years in business, which becomes effective because of its font, stylization, and placement.

Beyond Roofing Website

Crosby Roofing

Roofing companies with multiple locations require special website consideration, and Crosby Roofing achieves just that. The roofers showcase their four areas and phone numbers for each so that customers can quickly contact their nearest provider. Crosby Roofing’s website goes on to personalize their business with pictures of their owner and staff. Visitors grow increasingly comfortably as they browse through the neatly categorized roofing services and accompanying images.

Crosby Roofing Website

Dr. Roof

Some company names are easier to brand than others, and that expands website design possibilities. Dr. Roof features a mascot in their site’s header, which immediately appeals to the visitor. Of course, holding users’ attention is even more challenging for websites in 2021. Dr. Roof achieves it with multiple Calls to Action (CTAs) along with a branded slogan and list of roofing services.

Dr. Roof Website

Force Field Roofing

Force Field Roofing shows users an innovative website that balances innovation with clarity. Some web designers fall into the trap of overcomplicating a website. In the roofing industry specifically, clarity and conciseness hold great value. Force Field Roofing wows users visually while simplifying navigation and making services accessible. The geometry of their service buttons is equally as impressive and encourages users to browse the website more extensively.

Force Field Roofing Website

Geisler Roofing

Some websites, like Geisler Roofing, separate themselves immediately from competitors. The black and white photos blend seamlessly with the site’s clean overall design. The backdrop photo, featuring the company’s signage, builds credibility without overexerting its prominence. The review widget within the site’s footer area showcases social proof for potential customers, inspiring them to take action in the adjacent contact form.

Geisler Roofing Website

Infinity Solutions Ohio

Sometimes less is more, as is the case with Infinity Solutions Ohio’s website. The site features a unique photo in its most prominent position, quickly building credibility and authority. The clear and straightforward menu outlines the company’s services, easily accessible to anyone navigating the site. A non-intrusive overlay near the footer’s left-most side allows users to schedule a consultation at their convenience without being distracted from the site’s primary content.

Infinity Solutions Website

J Riley Roofing

As video moves into the forefront of content marketing, websites with video headers appeal to viewers how other websites cannot compete. J Riley Roofing features a short and continuous video loop that allows users to note the company’s professionalism and credibility quickly. Of course, visuals without text or navigation serve no purpose, but J Riely Roofing combines all of them for an amazing-looking website. 

J Riley Roofing Website

Kilker Roofing

A skilled designer can reflect a company’s value system within their website. Kilker Roofing’s website shows how tactfully the designer highlights family values. The badges from noteworthy institutions certainly drive home the point, as do strategically placed slogans and logos near the site’s header. A subtle but simple contact form blends in with the site’s clean navigation and inspires users to take action without feeling pressured.

Kilker Roofing Website

Mast Roofing and Construction

Mast Roofing and Construction’s website blends simplicity with credibility. The site’s design features several badges and awards to create social proof for visitors. The site also displays transparent contact forms and CTAs so that potential customers can take swift and decisive action. The website does a great job of fostering comfort and then converting it into action.

Mast Roofing Website

Neblett Construction

Neblett Construction’s website showcases one of the more impressive and intuitive contact forms we’ve seen from a roofing website. Additionally, it creates urgency directly above the form by offering 15% off products and installation along with zero-interest for 12 months. The site does a great job of inspiring the user to take action and then making it convenient for them to submit contact information. 

Neblett Construction Website

ProCraft Exteriors

The website design for ProCraft Exteriors rivals other sites with video-based headers from this list and takes it a step further with three, easily-accessible locations. The design does a great job of directing visitors towards the appropriate contact information and fosters credibility with a BBB badge embedded directly into the header. Also, a prominent custom button leads Flordia residents impacted by the hurricane to a good landing page.

ProCraft Exteriors Website

Quantum Roofing

The Quantum Roofing website features a unique header area that showcases its HAAG certification, among other achievements. A tactfully placed visual of their truck wrap sits atop the prominent CTA. Custom and unique photos keep visitors engaged and generate a sense of familiarity and personalization. An in-depth list of services provides pertinent information to meet any customer’s needs.

Quantum Roofing Website

Recovery Home Improvement

Most of the time, simplicity wins out for roofing websites. Recovery Home Imrpvoement’s site demonstrates the power of simplicity combined with gracefully embedded photos and service menus. Remember, a website appeals to its customer base. In this company’s case, they aren’t trying to sell specific products but are instead trying to sell services that require trust and credibility. Their design strikes the perfect balance for lead generation.

Recovery Home Improvement Website

TBar Roofing

TBar Roofing made sure to display a free estimate form so that visitors can take action quickly. The design subtly presents two relevant awards for the roofing company to the contact form’s left-hand side. Working on consumer psychology (who processes information from left to right), the site tactfully achieves its desired response. In addition to unique photos and prominent CTAs, TBar roofing’s site also features a header button to check out their company reviews so that potential customers can verify their reputation.

TBar Roofing Website

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