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17 Best Roofing Company Websites of 2024 (w/Design Ideas)

Roofing Websites (Blog Cover)

Roofing websites are critical to a solid marketing campaign. Proper designs help your business impress customers who you find through various sources and also bring them to you via search engines. Yet only about 5-10 % of roofers take full advantage of their website.

So why are most roofing contractor websites ineffective?

  • The site provides zero social proof and validation of the company.
  • The site lacks visually engaging content that inspires action.
  • The content appears to be written by people with no expertise.

Roofing web design is more than a simple promotional tool; it is the most critical representation of your company. The best roofing websites share common traits that encourage visitors to complete a call-to-action (CTA). At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve designed thousands of websites for roofers and seen which factors work best for customer acquisition.

The best-performing websites use Roofing SEO to attract organic traffic through Google. Check out some of the most common traits below:

What Makes a Great Roofing Website?

You’ll find that the best sites offer excellent on-page content, social proof, and appealing website designs. Copying a competitor’s website is a non-starter for legal and marketing reasons. However, you can learn from elements of the top-performing roofing company websites across the internet. 

Roofing Website Design

When most people think about websites, they think about website design. And make no mistake, roofing website design significantly impacts online performance. The top-performing websites have excellent designs that facilitate a positive user experience while also meeting SEO standards.

Over 40% of users exit sites with inferior functionality, while almost 60% strongly prefer visually appealing designs. Of course, aesthetics is a big part of the appeal, but on-site performance also impacts how users behave online. For example, a slow-loading site with bulky images loads slowly.

Aside from aesthetics and UX, the site’s navigation should encourage seamless movement throughout the site’s entire hierarchy. A user interested in roof repair should be able to quickly navigate to the Contact Us page or a blog post about why roof repair saves them money.

Roofing Website Content

Website content for roofers is vital to a site’s performance. Unfortunately, Google won’t rank pages with thin or low-quality content. Instead, you can see high-quality content that targets specific keywords while evaluating the best sites.

Service pages should target keywords like roof repair, replacement, and installation. Meanwhile, blog posts should target informational keywords like signs of roof damage, what size hail will damage a roof, etc. Unfortunately, most companies use a blog for thin promotional posts.

The best websites also showcase a well-written about us page that incorporates social proof and branding. An About Us page should outline the company’s owner and staff members and how they can help consumers. The top About Us pages refrain from boasting about their services, too.

Roofing Social Proof

Credibility is earned through genuine proof of performance. Therefore, your website should showcase awards, badges, and, most importantly, testimonials. Unfortunately, many roofers get this part wrong by copying and pasting testimonials onto their homepage. 

The reviews must come from a credible 3rd party like Google or Facebook via plugin widgets like DataPins. As online users grow savvier in their evaluations, they can sniff out a hack in a matter of seconds. Some companies may not be real hacks but appear as such via web design.

Reviews are great for establishing social proof, but they aren’t enough alone. Companies must add actual evidence of their specific jobs through schema pins. DataPins allows contractors to add tags displaying their specific services, which then get published to the appropriate web page.

Best Roofing Website Examples

Below, The Webmasters outlines 16 examples of the best roofing websites in 2024. As a web design agency, we design WordPress websites from scratch. Other marketing firms use templates that lack custom coding, limiting the site’s search optimization potential and conversion rate.

Accent Roofing

A photo with former President George W. Bush is a great way to build credibility quickly. The Accent Roofing website highlights its best image while effortlessly integrating it into a holistic web design. An intuitive contact form encourages users to take action while clearly defined services outline consumers’ options when dealing with roofing companies. The increased time on the site can also improve SEO for Accent Roofing’s website.

Accent Roofing Website

Beyond Roofing

Beyond Roofing’s website immediately establishes a sense of calm and community. The Colorado-based company impresses visitors with clean design elements and simple navigation. Unique photos of jobs and equipment foster a sense of personalization for potential consumers. The site’s header features a statement of credibility by highlighting their 28 years in business, which becomes effective because of its font, stylization, and placement.

Beyond Roofing Website

Crosby Roofing

Roofing companies with multiple locations require special website consideration, and Crosby Roofing achieves just that. The roofers showcase their four areas and phone numbers for each so that customers can quickly contact their nearest provider. Crosby Roofing’s website personalizes its business with pictures of its owner and staff. Visitors grow increasingly comfortable as they browse through the neatly categorized roofing services and accompanying images.

Crosby Roofing Website

Dr. Roof

Some company names are easier to brand than others, which expands website design possibilities. Dr. Roof features a mascot in its site’s header, immediately appealing to the visitor. Of course, holding users’ attention is even more challenging for websites in 2024. Dr. Roof achieves it with multiple Calls to Action (CTAs), a branded slogan, and a list of roofing services.

Dr. Roof Website

Force Field Roofing

Force Field Roofing shows users an innovative website that balances innovation with clarity. Some web designers fall into the trap of overcomplicating a website. In the roofing industry specifically, clarity and conciseness hold great value. Force Field Roofing wows users visually while simplifying navigation and making services accessible. The geometry of their service buttons is equally as impressive and encourages users to browse the website more extensively.

Force Field Roofing Website

Geisler Roofing

Some websites, like Geisler Roofing, separate themselves immediately from competitors. The black and white photos blend seamlessly with the site’s clean overall design. The backdrop photo, featuring the company’s signage, builds credibility without overexerting its prominence. The review widget within the site’s footer area showcases social proof for potential customers, inspiring them to take action in the adjacent contact form.

Geisler Roofing Website

Infinity Solutions Ohio

Sometimes less is more, as is the case with Infinity Solutions Ohio’s website. The site features a unique photo in its most prominent position, quickly building credibility and authority. The clear and straightforward menu outlines the company’s services, easily accessible to anyone navigating the site. A non-intrusive overlay near the footer’s leftmost side allows users to schedule a consultation at their convenience without being distracted from the site’s primary content. Our in-house roofing website builder added social proof and schema pins to this excellent presentation.

Infinity Solutions Website

J Riley Roofing

As video moves into the forefront of content marketing, websites with video headers appeal to viewers how other websites cannot compete. J Riley Roofing features a short, continuous video loop that lets users quickly note the company’s professionalism and credibility. Of course, visuals without text or navigation serve no purpose, but J Riely Roofing combines all of them for an amazing-looking website. 

J Riley Roofing Website

Kilker Roofing

A skilled designer can reflect a company’s value system within its website. Kilker Roofing’s website shows how tactfully the designer highlights family values. The badges from noteworthy institutions certainly drive home the point, as do strategically placed slogans and logos near the site’s header. A subtle but simple contact form blends in with the site’s clean navigation and inspires users to take action without feeling pressured.

Kilker Roofing Website

Mast Roofing and Construction

Mast Roofing and Construction’s website blends simplicity with credibility. The site’s design features several badges and awards to create social proof for visitors. The site also displays transparent contact forms and CTAs so that potential customers can take swift and decisive action. The website does a great job of fostering comfort and then converting it into action.

Mast Roofing Website

Neblett Construction

Neblett Construction’s website showcases one of the more impressive and intuitive contact forms we’ve seen from a roofing website. Additionally, it creates urgency directly above the form by offering 15% off products and installation and zero interest for 12 months. The site does a great job of inspiring the user to take action and then making it convenient for them to submit contact information. 

Neblett Construction Website

ProCraft Exteriors

The website design for ProCraft Exteriors rivals other sites with video-based headers from this list and takes it a step further with three easily accessible locations. The design does a great job of directing visitors toward the appropriate contact information and fosters credibility with a BBB badge embedded directly into the header. Also, a prominent custom button leads Flordia residents impacted by the hurricane to a good landing page.

ProCraft Exteriors Website

Quantum Roofing

The Quantum Roofing website features a unique header area that showcases its HAAG certification, among other achievements. A tactfully placed visual of their truck wrap sits atop the prominent CTA. Custom and unique photos keep visitors engaged and generate a sense of familiarity and personalization. An in-depth list of services provides pertinent information to meet customer needs.

Quantum Roofing Website

Recovery Home Improvement

Most of the time, simplicity wins out for contractor websites. Recovery Home Improvement’s site demonstrates the power of simplicity combined with gracefully embedded photos and service menus. Remember, a website appeals to its customer base. In this company’s case, they aren’t trying to sell specific products but are instead trying to sell services that require trust and credibility. Their design strikes the perfect balance for lead generation.

Recovery Home Improvement Website

TBar Roofing

TBar Roofing made sure to display a free estimate form so that visitors can take action quickly. The design subtly presents two relevant awards for the roofing company on the contact form’s left-hand side. The site tactfully achieves its desired response by working on consumer psychology (which processes information from left to right). In addition to unique photos and prominent CTAs, TBar Roofing’s site also features a header button to check out their company reviews so that potential customers can verify their reputation.

TBar Roofing Website

5 Star Christian Roofing and Remodeling

A professional design makes a great first impression on your customers, and 5 Star Christian Roofing achieves the desired result. The website immediately appeals to the viewer with a dynamic ariel view of one of their top roofing jobs. Soon, the reader learns more about the company founder by scrolling down to the featured biography. A consistent color scheme exudes competence and works on the visitor’s psyche to build justifiable trust and comfort. 

5 Star Christian Website

West TN Roofing LLC

A sleek and minimalist design was this company’s request, and our design team crafted the most SEO-friendly version of that design philosophy. West TN Roofing LLC’s website is representative of a professional and committed local roofer in the West Tennessee area. Visitors are pleasantly urged to make contact with the business through appealing calls to action and an inviting visual backdrop. The user-friendly navigation bar allows prospects to effortlessly browse for specific service types and additional informational content.

West TN Roofing Website

Roofing Website Ideas for 2024

When it comes to publishing roof websites, ideas can be hard to come by. Unfortunately, there’s some online misinformation about the best ways to design your site. These companies aim to lock you into a long-term agreement without providing monthly outs.

Below, The Webmasters outlines 13 Roofing Website Ideas for 2024:

Make a Great First Impression

Your homepage photo should feature the company owner along with a roofing project. For example, take our client, who showcases a picture of himself with President Bush. The image establishes immediate credibility and encourages users to take action throughout the rest of the website.

Use DataPins

The best roofing websites have DataPins, a tool and app that allows contractors to publish pins each time they complete a roofing job. The context of the job, like its location, service type, and equipment, all translate via pin onto your corresponding web pages. As a result, DataPins websites increase impressions 25x compared to an average site.

Lazy Load Images

Speeding up your website can take a series of tweaks, but lazy image loading is one of the most effective. You can use a plugin like WPRocket to automate lazy loading photos that hold the entire image load until users consume it. As a result, users will notice faster loading times and a better experience.

Focus on Mobile Presentation

Most modern websites present well enough on mobile devices, but how many are specifically designed for mobile? Responsive web design ensures compatibility across devices but doesn’t necessarily focus on the mobile experience. So make sure you create your site with mobile primarily in mind.

Publish Social Proof Everywhere

A homepage isn’t the only place to showcase social proof. Each of your pages should validate your services and service areas. An SEO tool like DataPins makes sure you have mini-maps and images of each roofing job, along with corresponding reviews from platforms like Google and Yelp.

Disperse Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

The user should have the ability to take action on every website page. With organic SEO, your user will enter the site through various pages and posts. You must help lead them through your sales funnel regardless of where they enter. Place tactful CTAs in your header and within the content.

Showcase Badges and Awards

List your awards, badges, and certifications on the homepage, as they help establish credibility and increase conversion rates. Be sure to properly implement these graphics, as misuse can result in poor website design. Understanding proper spacing can help place them ideally.

Address Consumers Instead of Boasting

Think about your target customer’s pain points and implement those into your H2s and H3s, along with the proper keywords based on research. Avoid boasting about your company’s success or acumen with headers like Why We Are The Best Roofing Company.

Display Your Phone Number At All Times

Embed a clickable phone number into your header and footer so that users can call anytime. Mobile users should be able to call by clicking on the phone number. By embedding numbers into your header, you guarantee their appearance on every website page and post.

Publish Well-Rounded Content Pages

The worst websites have several thin content pages that feature 300 or fewer words and fail to target keywords. These aimless pages sink a website’s online user experience, SEO, and general impact. Conversely, the best websites have at least 550 words on service pages and 800+ words on blog posts.

Shorten Form Fields

Roofing consumers don’t want their website experience to feel like a trip to the doctor’s office. As a result, limit the number of fields in your contact forms. For example, you may need about five fields total for estimate forms, but you’ll only need three for simple contact forms.

Break up Text Blocks

The last thing website visitors want is large blocks of text. Many visitors don’t even want to read your content but scan it for key points. So make sure you break up your text with bullet points, images, graphics, and contact forms. Keep enough space between words to boost readability.

Insert Schema FAQs on Service Pages

If adequately implemented, schema FAQs add a SERP enhancement to your interior web pages. Make sure your FAQs are expandable so that readers can click on the question if necessary while not having to see the answer take up a bunch of space automatically.

FAQs for Roofer Websites

Where Can I Find a Web Design Agency for Roofing Companies?

You can find one at roofingwebmasters.com, which is where you are now. Our agency offers website design services for roofing companies throughout the United States of America. We work with hundreds of roofers to build high-performance websites that rank and convert.

Where Can I Find Roofing Websites for Sale?

You can find roofing websites for sale at GoDaddy Auctions. When a domain name expires, a roofer’s website goes into an auction where web admins can bid on the domain name. Remember that you won’t get all the content from the site but will only get the company’s domain name.

Should Contractors Use Roofing Website Templates?

Website templates are mainly irrelevant to whether or not your site ranks online. However, they may impact conversions depending on which template you choose. Some templates have faux content that will discourage conversions and make your company look unprofessional.

Should Companies Use Roofing Website Builders?

Roof businesses can use a website builder called DataPins to make sure they present a credible website with social proof and industry validation. Other website builders typically limit the scope of a roofing contractor’s reach. DataPins is a notable exception and changes the industry at large.

#1 Factor for Roof Construction Websites

Credibility is the #1 determining factor for roofing company websites. The best way to build trust is through DataPins, only available through The Webmasters. Check out some of the ways that DataPins increases a roofer’s credibility online:

  • Schema Pins Published to Pages by Service and Service Area
  • Automated On-Site Social Proof via Google and Facebook 
  • Mini-Maps From Job Locations With Real Service Images
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