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Branding for Roofers: The Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity

Branding for Roofers

What is Branding for Roofers?

Branding for roofers is the promotion of a roofing company or product through marketing, advertising, and comprehensive design. The process of branding a roofing company can include logo design, slogan creation, and website design and may expand to various promotional channels, including social media, search engines, and truck wraps.

How Brands Influence Roofing Company Success

There are a lot of things that go into building a successful roofing company. First and foremost, you have to offer exemplary roofing services. Most roofers will stop there, and that’s all it would take in a perfect world. 

We don’t live in a perfect world, though, and you can’t coast on the merits of your craftsmanship alone. You may not realize that branding for roofers is just as important as national corporations. Think about it: your local market is a microcosm of the national market. 

Just because you only service a few small towns in your area doesn’t mean that the local citizenry shouldn’t be able to recognize your brand immediately. Building a solid brand identity isn’t easy, though. It takes a lot of critical thought and effort. 

In the following post, we will explain why branding for roofers – an often overlooked marketing aspect in this trade – is so important. We will also provide a guide on how to start building a solid brand identity. 

Why is Roofing Company Branding Important?

When people are looking for home service companies, it helps to get a sense of what that company is all about. Your brand is your opportunity to communicate to the public. It can let the consumer know what your company stands for. Your brand is ultimately the way the public will perceive your company. 

How do you think your company is being perceived now? A brand is very often the difference between earning new customers and losing them to the competition. Apart from company character and perception, your brand should help you stand out from your competitors. It should allure new and existing customers. 

These concepts are somewhat abstract, so how about we get into the figures? According to multiple surveys, consistent branding across various platforms results in a 23% increase in revenue. So from this statistic, we see that branding for roofers is vital for monetary reasons. What about sustained growth, though?

Try this stat for size: 89% of consumers report staying loyal to a brand if they feel the company shares its values. Such a high percentage points to the importance of effective branding to maintain a solid customer base. Need we go on?

Probably not. By now, you probably have a good understanding of why branding for roofers is so essential and how it can benefit your business. Now let’s take a look at how to build a strong roofing brand. 

Building a Brand Identity

Right off the bat, you should know that building a solid brand for your roofing company will not happen overnight. It takes time and persistence. Take a look at some of the initial steps you must take:

Develop your Message

To build a strong brand, you have to have a definitive message that defines the spirit of your company. What do you want your brand to say to the world about your company and services? Do you want the world to know that you will work hard on any project? Or maybe you want people to see that you offer premium craftsmanship? How about excellent customer service? Brainstorms some ideas, talk with your staff, and get to the core of what makes your company unique. 

Know your Audience

To build a successful brand, you must know how to engage with the people using your services. Your brand should communicate directly and effectively to your target demographic. So it’s imperative to know your target demographic—creating a list of current customers, including their age, gender, and occupation, is a great idea. The list will give you an idea of who will most likely need your services as a roofer. 

Create Visual Representations

Now that you have your mission statement and an idea of who your audience is, it’s time to start creating visual representations of these concepts. For instance, if you find that people often use your company for emergency roofing, focus your ideas on visuals that convey quick help in times of need. Try to think of simple images that correspond with your message and your customers’ needs. 

Design a Logo 

Whether you handle the design yourself or hire a designer, ensure that your rough logo draft is simple and without color. The logo should be attention-grabbing and evocative of your company message on its own without text or color. Color is essential later on, though.

Using unique colors can increase brand recognition by 80%. So be sure to choose a unique primary color and accent colors. Text font can be tricky. It should flow with the natural shape of your logo and be evocative of the spirit of your company. In general, you should stick to 2-3 different fonts for your logo. 

Roofing SEO Webmasters (Logo)

Brand Consistently

Once you have your logo, it’s essential to make it consistent across all platforms. Having the same logo on your service vehicles, website, social media pages, business cards, and anywhere else it may appear is vital for brand consistency. In addition, consistent branding will help increase recognition and help people remember your company when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. 

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