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Branding for Roofers: The Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity

Branding for Roofers

Hey there, I’m Nolen Walker, the founder and CEO of Roofing Webmasters. One of my first discussions with my roofing clients is about building a brand.

Branding for roofers is an integral component of marketing, sales, and long-term revenue growth.

However, some contractors have a misconception about branding. It sounds like a fancy term related to colors and slogans, and while those things matter, they are not the foundation of brand building.

The following guide will outline the essential components of branding for roofing companies, which are informed by my 13 years of first-hand experience working directly with professional roofers.

Branding 101 for Roofing Companies

As an SEO agency owner, one thing is clear: roofing companies cannot succeed online without a brand.

Let me tell you a quick story:

A roofer came to me with a generic business name that combined a city name with the term “roofing.”

He thought this would help him rank on Google Maps because his business name exactly matched a common search query.

Instead, his listing and corresponding website barely ranked at all. Why? He didn’t have a brand.

Google and its users did not view their query as his business; they viewed it as a vehicle to find roofing companies with an actual brand in that city.

Those are the ones with reviews, influence, and consistent branded signaling.

Screenshot of Local Roofing GMB With Brand

The Essential Components of Roofing Branding

As I tell all my clients, branding has four essential components: creative, awareness, reputation, and signaling. I will break down each component below:


Your brand’s creative aspects are your name, logo, website, and color scheme. Some roofing companies overthink this process, while the successful ones allow it to emerge organically.

Your name should include a unique term. So, instead of Denver Roofers, your name should be something like Denver Roofing Kings or Big Joe’s Denver Roofing Company.

Sometimes, your brand name won’t include a city and be something like Roof Kingz LLC or Big Joe’s Roofing. These are all acceptable business names.

You want to ensure your name at least contains the term roofing or a variation.

You can then design your logo, website, and color scheme to reflect your creativity or hire an agency to design these visual elements on your behalf.


Your brand does not exist unless people know about it, so awareness is a critical component of branding for roofing contractors.

Brand awareness occurs when potential customers learn about your company either online or through other promotional channels.

Investing in marketing, especially digital marketing, and Local SEO, is the key to building awareness.


Reputation is the next phase of branding after awareness. If consumers are aware of your company but strongly dislike it, you are not going to last long in the roofing industry.

Building a favorable reputation starts with performing good services. However, this alone is insufficient.

You must showcase the fruits of your labor by requesting customer reviews and publishing evidence of recent jobs.

You can use a tool like DataPins to achieve both of these reputation tasks on your website.


Signaling is the most overlooked aspect of branding in the digital age. Some companies make the mistake of automatically believing Google should know about their positive reputation.

This is not the case, and it is incumbent upon you to send consistent branded signaling online.

You can achieve this with the aforementioned reviews and additional E-E-A-T components.

E-E-A-T stands for expertise, experience, authority, and trust, and my DataPins tool consolidates these signals for you based on your recent roofing jobs.

How Brands Influence Roofing Company Success

Establishing a strong roofing brand influences success from multiple angles. First, branding is the key to digital marketing success, especially Local SEO.

Secondly, branding increases conversions, which means that consumers who learn of your company are more likely to use your services.

Finally, branding is key to long-term growth as it increases the percentage of repeat customers and creates promotional and networking opportunities.

Impact of Roofing Company Branding on Revenue

According to multiple surveys, consistent branding across various platforms results in a 23% increase in revenue. Additionally, 89% of consumers report staying loyal to a brand if they feel the company shares its values.

By branding your roofing company online, you are taking steps toward increased revenue.

Building a Traditional Brand Identity

While I’ve spoken about the essential components of branding for roofing companies, some business owners are curious about a more traditional brand identity.

Things like messaging, values, voice, and positioning make up this version of branding.

I’ll level with you; these concepts are often used by highbrow agencies to charge more money for things that are intangible. I advise roofing companies to be skeptical of these kinds of buzzwords.

With that being said, I’ll break down what these terms mean in a more tangible context below.


A lot of roofing companies have a mission statement or tagline that can be published on marketing materials, including a business website.

While these are good things to have, creating them is not rocket science.

No secret roofing slogan will entice consumers to use your services if you don’t combine it with a strong digital marketing presence.

Most importantly, a tagline won’t make up for subpar services or a lack of online reviews.


Brand values are a fancy way of referring to your employees’ competence and performance standards.

For example, do ALL your employees treat customers respectfully and put 100% effort into roofing projects?

If the answer is yes, your values will be reflected in customer reviews, which you can promote on various marketing channels.

If the answer is NO, there is nothing you can do to make your brand escape criticism.


Brand voice is similar to messaging but refers more specifically to the tone of your company’s written or verbal messages.

A tangible way to think about this is your website’s content matching the style of your Google Business Profile description.

You should certainly prioritize high-quality writing on your marketing materials, but you don’t want to overthink voice as a concept.


Brand positioning refers to something I spoke about earlier in this guide, which is differentiation. For example, you want potential customers to view your roofing company differently than competitors.

You can achieve this by choosing a good company name and logo and properly marketing your business online.

Another way to position your brand is to specialize in a specific roofing service, such as commercial, tile, or foam.

By drilling down to a sub-niche of roofing, you are more likely to appeal to consumers seeking those exact services.

Leveraging Branding for Roofers in 2024

In my experience, branding for roofers can make or break a digital marketing campaign. While I advise my clients not to overthink traditional brand concepts, I strongly encourage them to invest in consistent branded signaling online.

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, specializes in digital branding for roofing companies. If you would like to learn more about our process, contact me personally.

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