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How To Write a Good Review for a Roofing Company

Blog Cover for How To Write a Good Review for a Roofing Company

good roofing company review includes details about the services provided and the behavior of the contractors.

Be sure to highlight which factors influenced your rating, be it favorable or unflattering.

Also, feel free to offer suggestions for improvements.

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Key Takeaway

When writing a review for a roofing company, be sure to mention the specific service provided and highlight factors that determined your rating.

Tips for Writing Roofing Contractor Reviews

Writing a roofing company review is not rocket science. However, you should follow a few tips when crafting your feedback online.

The most important thing is to keep your comments civil and avoid resorting to personal attacks, threats, or disparaging remarks. See the tips here:

Provide Detail and Context

Writing one or two-word reviews does not violate most platforms’ guidelines; however, it does little to help prospective customers understand your experience. 

Instead, consider including specific details about your experience, including the context of the roofing services provided.

Details help other consumers determine whether or not the company is right for them.

Screenshot of Favorable Roofing Company Review

Avoid Revealing Private Information

As a public reviewer, you want to remain largely anonymous and extend that courtesy to the contractors who performed the services.

But, of course, you are addressing a specific company, so that information is fair game. 

However, refrain from revealing personal addresses of yourself or your contractor.

Also, don’t include your neighborhood, as others may feel uncomfortable with that information becoming visible on Google or elsewhere.

Screenshot of Google Roofing Review

Ensure You Have The Correct Roofing Company

Roofing companies often have similar names, and you might confuse one roofer with another online.

Before providing feedback, whether positive or negative, ensure you are addressing the correct business. 

Many contractors will send a direct link to your phone or computer, making it easy to leave a review on the right business profile.

The worst-case scenario for a contractor is performing an excellent service and seeing a rival get the benefit.

Roofing Company Poor Review Example

Proofread Your Feedback

Don’t press send until you proofread your review, as a typo can reflect poorly on your feedback.

Also, keep in mind that many review platforms allow you to edit reviews after submission, so you can go back and correct mistakes later. 

Still, it’s always best to get things right the first time. If you leave a critical review, you might find yourself typing fast and angrily.

So, be sure to take a deep breath and re-read your feedback before submitting it publicly.

Roofing Client Reviews

Mention Specific Keywords

Include keywords in your online review if you really want to help a roofing company expand its online presence.

For example, Google Business Profile pulls keywords from customer reviews when ranking local roofers within the Google Maps 3-Pack. 

So, if you feel the contractor performed excellent services, you can help them significantly by mentioning specific services like tile roof repair or metal roof installation.

Screenshot of Online Testimonial With Keywords

Best Platform to Write Roofing Contractor Testimonials

As a customer, you might wonder which review platform benefits roofing companies the most.

Google reviews are the most valuable for search engine optimization, and they also help increase conversions from Google Maps.

Still, a diverse review portfolio helps legitimize a business overall.


As we mentioned, Google is the most valuable review platform for contractors.

Users see how many reviews a company has when searching for their brand name on the search engine.

In addition, Google reviews help boost Local Map-Pack rankings for roofing businesses.

Local Roofer Google Reviews Screenshot


Because of its popularity, Facebook Recommendations hold significant influence over consumers.

As a result, you can benefit a roofing company by leaving a positive Facebook recommendation.

Aside from Google Business Profile, Facebook is usually one of the first search results people see when searching for a roofing company’s brand name.

Roofer Facebook Recommendation Ratio


Yelp still holds considerable weight in the eyes of consumers and helps shape a roofing company’s reputation.

Like Google and Facebook, Yelp business profiles often appear on the first search results page for a specific company name.

As a result, leaving a positive Yelp review will almost always benefit the business.

Screenshot of Yelp Profile of Roofing Company

Final Thoughts

Leaving a review for your local roofing company is a nice gesture when they perform great services on your home or commercial building.

Reviews help them enhance their reputation and grow their brand online.

With that said, some customers are intimidated by the review process and don’t understand what makes “a good review.”

Feel free to save this resource for reference next time you leave a review.