Roofer Google Reviews

Google Review
Google reviews are immediately visible on searches

Customers can review your roofing company on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor. However, the most prominent review system of them all comes straight from the search engine that your roofing company is trying to rank for; Google. Roofer Google reviews are critical to the success of your company. Since many people will be discovering your roofing company via Google, having reviews, particularly positive ones, will separate you from other roofing contractors that don’t take online reviews seriously.

The Importance of Google Reviews for Roofing Companies

Google Review on Mobile
Customers can leave reviews on mobile devices

All online reviews are important, but Google reviews are particularly significant because of their increased visibility. When a prospective customer searches your roofing company name on Google, they should immediately see your company listing, as well as the average review rating (if you have any). Roofer Google reviews can serve as the first impression of your company for many potential customers. That’s why it is critical that roofing contractors understand how to correctly generate user reviews on Google.

The process for generating Google reviews is not unlike any other online review website. What you should do is include a link in your email politely asking for the customer to review your roofing company on Google. What you absolutely should not do is incentivize them to leave misleading positive reviews. Your company could be penalized for any type of manipulation of the review system. Instead of incentivizing customers, you can get your company verified with Google. This way, potential customers will see the verification status of your company when they search for you. That provides more credibility.

What Roofing Contractors Should Do About Negative Google Reviews

Google Roofer Review
Negative reviews are part of running a roofing company

One of the best ways to increase your company’s reputation is to respond to roofer Google reviews in a professional manner. Leaving bad reviews unattended will give customers the impression that you simply don’t care about the quality of your service. This can cost your roofing company big time sales. Additionally, responding to bad reviews in a confrontational tone can also turn off potential customers to your company. The correct process is very simple. Respond to each negative review calmly and professionally. If you are verified on Google, and leave a response that apologizes for any inconvenience and extends an offer to further resolve the complaint, your company’s reputation will increase exponentially..

Negative reviews are part of having a business. You should not view these bad reviews as a death sentence for your roofing company. Instead, you should view them as a golden opportunity to increase your reputation on the internet. Any potential customer that sees how you handled a complaint with professionalism and class will become more comfortable using your roofing services. A bad review will not damage your company, but how you respond to it will determine your reputation. For roofer Google reviews management, call us today at (800) 353-5758