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On-Page SEO

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, provides on-page SEO expertise. I have over ten years of experience using on-page optimization techniques to improve my client’s visibility on organic search results.

I am Nolen Walker, the founder of Roofing Webmasters – an agency I founded in 2013. My digital marketing experts and I have delivered consistent on-page optimization improvements to over a thousand roofing companies.

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On-Page SEO Factors

Google’s algorithms update 12 times daily, making on-page ranking factors fluid and subject to change. However, a few fundamental factors remain consistent for on-page optimization. I have over ten years of data supporting these factors’ efficacy as long as they are properly implemented.

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Title Tags

A title tag is the first thing users see when viewing your page on search results. It’s important that your title matches the page’s content and the intent the user seeks by clicking through to your page. In addition, your title is the best place to insert your primary keyword.

Header Tags

On-page optimization includes header tags that span from H1 to H4 and even higher, depending on your content management system. My team utilizes WordPress, and our header tag system spans from H1 to H4. For on-page ranking purposes, H1s and H2s are the most important.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are cut off at 980 on mobile and 920 on desktop. Users will see these descriptions in search results beneath your title tag. While meta descriptions don’t hold as much weight toward on-page optimization as titles and headers, they are still important for your user’s expectations.

Page Content

My in-house content writing staff produces high-quality content for each page. My chief editor ensures each page is free of grammatical errors or irrelevant text that fails to add value to the pages.

Keyword Placement

Google values content written for users, not search engines. However, it’s still important to insert keywords that help the right people find your pages. For example, when you offer TPO roof repair services, you must include that phrase in your Title Tag, H1 Tag, and meta description.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is an underreported on-page ranking factor. Your web pages must link to other informative content on your site in a way that helps users find the answers they seek. My on-page process includes precise internal linking procedures that serve the reader and your future customer.

On-Page Consultation

My agency covers all bases of your digital marketing campaign because successful roofing companies use branded digital signaling to achieve top performance on Google search results. However, I know that many agencies make big promises while failing to deliver tangible signs of success.

With this in mind, my clients are all month-to-month and are never locked into long-term agreements. You can contact me for a free consultation to discuss my agency’s ten-plus years of on-page ranking success and how I deliver consistent and effective results for roofing companies.