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Google Analytics for Roofing Companies

Roofing Webmasters provides Google Analytics tracking and reporting as part of our monthly digital marketing plans. Having worked with thousands of roofing companies over the past 10+ years, we understand the importance of tracking website performance through Google’s Analytics tool.

Our clients receive Google Analytics 4 reports showcasing their progress with traffic and acquisition. Our team also utilizes analytics data to find new opportunities for clients and maximize lead generation.

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Google Analytics 4 (Screenshot)

Why Roofers Need Google Analytics 4

Several misconceptions about digital marketing for roofers exist, including where traffic comes from and when it converts. Measuring the precise source of traffic and conversion is vital to optimizing your roofing marketing campaign.

Google Analytics 4 is the best tool for tracking these metrics:

  • Bounce Rate: The rate at which users exit your site immediately after the entrance
  • Conversion Rate: The rate at which a visitor becomes a lead
  • Traffic Source: Where website visitors come from (direct, referral, etc.)
  • User Demographics: Characteristics of your visitors (age, gender, location, etc.)

Measuring on-site behavior illustrates areas for improvement and areas of strength. The more data we accumulate and analyze, the more efficiently we can market your roofing services to a target audience.

Google Analytics Tools (Infographic)

Installing Google Analytics tracking code within your HTML source code ensures you can track the metrics outlined in this graphic.

For example, data showing a large percentage of traffic from a location outside your company’s service radius instructs you to do one of two things.

Either adjust your SEO to discourage those visitors from entering or expand your service radius to cover that location.

Is Google Analytics Required for Roofing Websites?

Although a website can rank on Google without installing Google Analytics tracking, maximizing results without corresponding data and measurement becomes very difficult.

Of course, other tracking tools like Google Search Console can also help guide your SEO efforts. However, no other tool gives the broad range of insights Analytics provides.

As a result, Roofing Webmasters installs GA4 tracking code on every client website. GA allows our SEO team to properly analyze, evaluate, and improve SEO campaigns for your roofing websites.

With this data, we can work towards getting your site more traffic and more consistent leads.

Migrating to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 replaced Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. All standard Universal Analytics properties have discontinued data processing. As a result, old UA properties for roofing websites no longer track data. Roofing Webmasters can help you transition to GA4 quickly and efficiently.

GA4 allows roofing companies a broad view of consumer behavior via first-party “modeled” data. The enhanced matching learning features and reporting options enable websites to meet evolving privacy regulations in the technology ecosystem. Furthermore, GA4 allows you to continue to gather insights.

GA4 Features to Consider

For roofing companies with experience using Universal Analytics, GA4 is a frustrating evolution because of its inferior user experience and complex dashboard.

While the reaction to the new GA4 platform has been largely negative, it does present some noteworthy features to consider:

  • Data Privacy: GA4 complies with GPDR and CCPA regulation
  • Machine Learning: GA4’s enhanced machine learning can predict trends based on user behavior
  • Event-based Tracking: GA4 offers more comprehensive event tracking compared to “session-based” tracking
  • Cross-platform Tracking: GA4 more comprehensively tracks devices and platforms (i.e., mobile, tablet), including in the context of the customer’s journey

Google Analytics Consultation for Roofers

The team at Roofing Webmasters can assess whether your website is set up for Google Analytics 4 and install the tracking code if necessary. Our monthly marketing plans include Google Analytics reporting so you can monitor your website’s performance throughout your tenure with our agency.

Contact us to set up a free consultation regarding Google Analytics for your roofing website. During this consultation, you will learn how Analytics fits into a broader digital marketing campaign that has delivered consistent results for more than a thousand roofing companies over the past 10+ years.