Conversion Rate Optimization for Roofers

Conversion Rate Optimization increases the number of website visitors who become paying customers. This is an integral part of the marketing process for roofers. SEO can help drive relevant consumers to your roofing company website but it is CRO that will convert them into leads. As Google’s algorithm has advanced, SEO and CRO have become more closely related. Websites with higher conversion rates are more likely to generate search traffic in 2020 and vice versa. Google has moved towards branding and rewards roofers with a track record of success. This can come in the form of:

  • Brand Recognition: Consumers look specifically for your roofing business
  • Customer Reviews: Customers leave reviews of your business on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Time on Site: Users spend more time on your site than competitor sites

Every website should have at least one defined goal for a conversion. For roofers this may be a visitor clicking the phone number button and connecting to you through your office line. In other cases it might be opting into an email newsletter or list. Sometimes it is both of these things along with others. As a local roofing contractor the ultimate goal is to turn visitors into sales. The most direct way to do this is to prompt them to reach you via phone call, something made possible click-to-call functionality on mobile sites.

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How CTA’s Influence Conversion Rates

Websites that convert the highest rate of visitors have several things in common. One of the most obvious ones is a strong call to action. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, a call to action is a web element that urges the visitor to perform a certain action. We spoke about how the phone number link is often a great CTA for roofers. There’s others that can have a similar effect. These include contact form submissions, newsletter sign-up’s and reminder opt-in’s. Most websites list contact information of some kind but that itself is not enough to inspire the visitor to take action. A strong CTA is:

  • Convenient: Easily visible and accessible
  • Goal-Oriented: Achieves a goal for your business as well as the user
  • Urgent: Inspires the visitor to take action now

CTA’s are not limited to websites. In fact, Google Ads use CTA’s as one of their main selling points on paid search campaigns. The goal of every marketing venture is to first reach relevant consumers and then to convert them. The latter is impossible without a well constructed call to action. Many websites have some version of a CTA but fail to optimize it well enough to influence conversions in a substantial manner. The visitor must feel a sense of urgency if you expect them to take action. Most roofing customers simply want a way to contact your business and a reason to do so conveniently.

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Accumulating Relevant Data

Before roofers can optimize conversion rates they must properly measure them. Google Analytics is the best platform on which conversions can be measured. It’s important to consider that data is most valuable when a longer time frame is accounted for. For example, data measured over 6 months is far more valuable than data measured over 6 weeks. Small sets of data are known as “small sample sizes” and can be misleading. Data accumulation tools include:

  • Customer Surveys: Asking customers to fill out a quick survey provides valuable information
  • Google Analytics: The most valuable measurement tool for conversion optimization
  • Peek: Try user testing for free and see how real people experience your website
  • Search Console: Another free Google tool that provides CRO insights

Data is only as effective as the person who analyzes it. Generating raw numbers without context is useless for roofing companies, which is why investing in a company that can handle all aspects of internet marketing is the optimal course of action. At Roofing Webmasters, not only do we accumulate relevant data, but we analyze it and translate it into decisive actions aimed to improve your company’s conversion rates in 2020 and beyond. We are the top resource for roofing marketing online.

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