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Call To Action (CTA) for Roofing Companies

Any effective roofing marketing campaign must include a call to action or a message that leads the customer to complete the final goal. These messages can be anything from “find out more” to “call now” and clearly state the goal you want the viewer to complete.

Once the viewer completes the online goal, it’s called a conversion. In roofing, most calls to action encourage the viewer to call or to click to set an appointment. Sometimes, it can even lead them to learn more about a service, brand, or product.

Qualities of an Effective Roofing Call To Action

Calls to action are one of the most undervalued aspects of search engine marketing. They can be used within content marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising. They can also be in marked-up structured data to appear as rich snippets on search results.

The effectiveness of your roofing call to action heavily influences your website’s conversion rate optimization and, ultimately, the success of your online marketing campaign. A strong call to action appeals to the viewer by having these strong qualities:

  • Clear Goal: Define an explicit action for your viewer to complete.
  • Accurate and Informative: Use only tested and data-driven information.
  • Create Urgency: Prompt swift action by your viewer.
  • Visual Appeal: Calls to action work best when they are pleasing to the eye.
  • Responsive in Design: The call to action is viewable and clickable from all devices.

Roofing CTA Website Footer (Screenshot)

Without the accumulation of data to properly test and measure projected performance, crafting the perfect call to action can be difficult, if not impossible. The good news is Roofing Webmasters has years of data accumulated to help develop calls to action for each of our clients.

We understand what your target audience responds to and have the numbers to prove it. Running a full-time roofing company takes up most of your time, so delegating marketing responsibilities to a trusted source is best.

Call to Action Placement For Roofing Websites

Your primary roofing website isn’t the only place a call to action will be present, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important, if not the most important. In fact, research indicates that placing calls to action towards the beginning of your roofing page or post can increase conversion rates by up to 45 percent.

The same applies to placing calls to action in meta descriptions, which users will preview before entering your website. At Roofing Webmasters, we utilize click-to-call functionality as one of our many calls to action.

Because these calls to action are placed directly in the page content, they produce proven benefits such as:

  • Diversity: Exists in more than one place
  • Immediate Appearance: Visible immediately
  • Natural Content Flow: Unforced and adheres to Google Quality Guidelines

PPC ads will also display calls to action along with their corresponding landing pages. Roofing Webmasters never violates Google Quality Guidelines and continually enhances the user experience rather than obstructing it. Our research allows us to publish calls to action that are effective and organic.

CTA Influences CRO Graphic

Our website design team seamlessly inputs calls to action within the headers and footers of each roofing website, while the content team places them within the page or posts text along with meta descriptions.

The Roofing Webmasters Advantage

A call to action works best in the framework of a larger internet marketing strategy, preferably one that includes SEO, PPC, content marketing, website design, and more.

By partnering with Roofing Webmasters, you receive each of those services and access to our years of experience and knowledge in marketing on behalf of roofers.

Our web design team works collaboratively with our SEO experts and content marketing group to execute an internet marketing strategy you won’t find anywhere else.

Our focus on the roofing industry separates us from the competition and gives us inside knowledge of marketing techniques that work.

Attempting call-to-action integration with your roofing website and platforms on your own is a dangerous task and one that can cost you dearly down the road. Going without research or with “gut” feelings often earns contractors significant revenue losses or worse.

The Roofing Webmasters team will handle your internet marketing tasks so that you can keep your focus on day-to-day operations. We work with you and your team to keep you updated with your online progress and offer month-to-month agreements so you can always hold us accountable.