Domain Names for Roofers

Selecting Roofer Domain Name
Roofing Domain Names Should be Branded

Roofing companies looking to enhance their search marketing in 2018 shouldn’t get too far ahead of themselves. Before you can develop a website that will appeal to users visually while engaging them through quality content, you first need a registered domain name. A quality roofer domain name is:

  • Brand Specific: Uses your company name or abbreviation
  • Dot Com: Uses the dot com suffix, rather than dot org, dot net, or dot info
  • Legible: Is easy to read and remember
  • Succinct: Is short and easy to type

If you incorporate these 4 guidelines into your domain name registration, you will have established the first pillar of your search marketing campaign in 2018. A domain name is a representation of your roofing company and will be visible, not only on search engines, but on business cards, online directories, and other promotional material. Call (800) 353-5758 for roofer domain name registration.

Avoiding Exact Match Domains

Roofer Domain Name Meeting
Sites Should Refer to Google’s EMD Update

Attempting to manipulate search engines through spammy, keyword-stuffed domains can negatively impact your site’s ability to rank well on search results. Google launched an EMD Update in 2012, to prevent low quality websites from using keyword domains to overtake competitors. The following domain qualities are discouraged by Google:

  • Bare: Websites with exact match domains but little content, or poor quality content can be penalized
  • Dashes: Domains with dashes, like
  • Irrelevance: Domains that have no correlation to the on site content
  • Spam: Stuffing keywords like “cheap” into your URL, or multiple instances of relevant keywords

Best practice for domain name registration is to use common sense. By understanding Google’s overall philosophy of user experience, you can apply the concept to each and every aspect of your search engine marketing. A domain name that allows the user to easily remember and reach your website is the most common sense approach and the one that will best serve your company in the long run.

Should Roofers Always Use Dot Com?

Roofer Domain Name RegistrationYes. Research shows that dot com’s are more trusted than their dot org or dot net counterparts. If your chosen domain name is already owned by another company, there are ways to amend it without resorting to a dot net or dot org. Adding or subtracting terms, using abbreviations, and reorganizing word placement are some ways to keep your general concept and still have a dot com domain name.

You might be asking, but what about Government or Educational websites that use dot gov or dot edu? Those particular domain suffixes are regulated, and can only be accessed by institutions that meet a set of qualifications. Dot Org’s in contrast, can be registered by anyone, and are often used to manipulate users into a false sense of security. For roofer domain name registrations, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.