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Domain Names for Roofing Companies

Your roofing domain name is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. The domain name is how people find your site directly and how Google indexes your content.

Having a well-thought-out domain name can boost SEO efforts and provide a clear and memorable site address for your visitors.

In its simplest form, a domain name is a web address. For roofers, a quality domain name is:

  • Brand Specific: Uses your company name or abbreviation
  • Dot Com: Use the dot com suffix rather than dot org, dot net, or a dot info
  • Legible: Is easy to read and remember
  • Succinct: Is short and easy to type
Choosing a Roofing Company Domain Name

A strong roofing company domain name is a brand-specific dot com that is legible and succinct.

Using a Domain in Your Roofing Marketing Strategy

If your domain follows these best practices, you’ve laid the foundation for a great roofing website and a successful internet marketing campaign.

When considering your internet marketing strategies, your web address is a critical component, and it will be present on various materials, including business cards, listing directories, and other promotional content.

Knowing this should inspire you to consider the ramifications before deciding on your website’s URL address.

MOZBar Domain Authority Screenshot

As your domain accumulates links, its domain authority (DA) increases and has a chance to rank higher on SERPs. As a result, it’s like owning digital real estate.

Avoiding Exact Match Roofing Domains

In 2012, Google launched an EMD Update, which penalized low-quality websites with exact match domains (EMDs). This means that EMDs, or domain names that attempt to exploit search engines by claiming the same name as a high-volume keyword, are now penalized.

For example, cheap-roofing-services.com is a bad domain name and resembles spam. Google discourages the following domain/website qualities:

  • Bare: Websites with exact match domains but little content or poor quality content can be penalized
  • Dashes: Domains with dashes, like Affordable-Cheap-Roofing.com
  • Irrelevance: Domains that have no correlation to the on-site content
  • Spam: Stuffing keywords like “cheap” into your URL, or multiple instances of relevant keywords

When choosing a domain name, remember to comply with Google’s requirements. Additionally, research is encouraged to ensure that your prospective domain name isn’t too close to your competition and doesn’t impede keyword regulations laid out by Google.

The Roofing Webmasters team can help you choose the ideal domain name for your roofing company that provides a clear, informative view of your company.

Should Roofers Always Use Dot Com?

Research shows that the dot com suffix (Top Level Domain) is more trusted than its dot org and dot net counterparts. Companies often mistake choosing one of the less trustworthy suffixes when their preferred domain name’s dot com is already taken.

In cases like these, businesses should alter the wording of their Second Level Domain (the part between www. and .com) rather than settling for a lower-quality suffix. Roofing Webmasters can help you brainstorm the best name for your website.

Government and educational websites are awarded specialized TLDs once verified. For example, a college institution might have nameofcollege.edu as its domain, while a government institution might have state.gov as theirs.

As a roofing company, you allowed these specialized suffixes, but you should choose a dot com to establish marketability and ensure credibility and trust.

When your roofing business is on the line, don’t trust just anyone to create a solid domain name. As the foundation of your roofing marketing, your domain name must be planned, researched, and correctly implemented to create effective SEO results.

Let the Roofing Webmasters professionals help you create the ideal domain name, roofing website, and marketing plan that gets your roofing company more leads and better ROI.