Roofer Ad Retargeting

Roofer Retargeting Ads
Increase Conversions With Innovative Ad Techniques

An internet user’s transition from traffic to customer is not always linear. Ideally, a user would enter your website for the first time and immediately perform a defined call to action, such as a clicking a phone number button, or submitting a contact form. The reality however, is that most first time website visitors do not complete the call to action. A creative way to reach visitors after they exit is retargeting ads. Ad retargeting helps roofing companies in the following ways:

  • Brand Awareness: Appeal to users’ subconscious, displaying ads outside of a roofing context promotes trust
  • Conversions: Increase conversion probability with interested consumers
  • CTR: Research shows that users who are already acquainted with your business are more likely to click an advertisement
  • Specification: Segmenting users by specific roofing needs can help you target the right ads to the right users

The roofing industry has always been competitive, and contractors are always looking for new leads. Innovative advertising techniques like retargeting can separate your services from those of local rivals. By continuing to market to users who have already shown a level of interest in your services, you increase conversion rates exponentially. To get started with ad retargeting for roofers, give us a call atĀ (800) 353-5758.

How Do Retargeting Ads Work?

Roofer Ad Retargeting
Users Who’ve Shown Interest Can Be Converted Easier

So how do roofing companies know who visited their website? Well they don’t know who exactly. Blocks of JavaScript are placed within website code prompting the browser of website visitors to store a piece of data known as a “cookie.” Though the visitor’s identity remains anonymous, the cookie stored in their browser allows companies to continue to advertise to them after they exit their website. For a detailed look at the retargeting journey, see below:

Anonymous User – Search Engine – Your Roofing Website – Search Engine – News Website – Facebook – Search Engine – Fantasy Football – Twitter – Home Improvement Website – Instagram – Clothing Website – YouTube – Search Engine – Local Article – Exit

It might seem like an invasion of privacy from a conceptual standpoint. But once you understand that the user remains anonymous, you are less concerned with a breach of ethics. The statistics support the notion that consumers are more likely to invest in services in their second or third encounters with a brand, than they are in the initial interaction. Advertising dollars are also spent more efficiently because the user has already shown prior interest, which increases their conversion probability.

Ad Retargeting and Your Marketing Strategy

Editor Reviews Roofing AdsRetargeting works best in collaboration with other forms of marketing. It should not serve as the foundation to your promotional campaign, but it can be an effective accessory. Other forms of marketing and advertising that should be used along side retargeted ads are inbound marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, and blogging. Using all of these methods simultaneously helps your company cover the full spectrum of internet promotion.

2018 is the year to take your roofing company to the next level. If you are stuck with unproductive marketing campaigns from your current company, you can make the switch to Roofing Webmasters. We don’t lock you into long-term commitments, so our partnership is a low-risk investment on your part. We have the skills and drive necessary to maximize your company’s online presence. CallĀ (800) 353-5758 for ad retargeting services for roofing companies.