Roofer Ad Retargeting

Roofer Ad Retargeting
Retargeting Ads Can Help Boost Conversions

The conversion from search engine user to a customer is not always linear. In a perfect world, a potential client would find your roofing services on Google SERPs and immediately complete the call to action, be it a phone call, email, or form entry. But it’s not always that simple. One creative way to reach customers is ad retargeting. Retargeting ads help roofing companies in the following aspects:

  • Brand Awareness: Part of advertising works on the subconscious, so displaying ads to users outside of the roofing context makes them more likely to trust your business
  • Conversions: Instead of a user exiting your website, never to be heard from again, we can advertise them while they surf the web for other interests and increase conversion probability
  • CTR: Research shows that users who are already acquainted with your business are more likely to click an advertisement
  • Specification: Segmenting users by specific roofing needs can help you target the right ads to the right users

In 2018, the internet is way too competitive for users not to consider their extensive amount of options. With this in mind, roofing companies must find creative ways to stay in touch with potential customers. Retargeting ads are one of the most creative ways to accomplish that. If you are interested in roofer ad retargeting, give us a call today at (800) 353-5758.

How Do Retargeting Ads Work?

Roofer Retargeting Ads
Browser Cookies Allow Ad Retargeting

You’re probably wondering, how do you know who has visited your website? The answer lies in a block of JavaScript placed in your website footer. This places a cookie in the browser of each website visitor, so that you can continue to advertise to them as they surf the internet away from your site. Consider the pattern below:

Anonymous User – Search Engine – Your Roofing Website – Search Engine – News Website – Facebook – Search Engine – Fantasy Football – Twitter – Home Improvement Website – Instagram – Clothing Website – YouTube – Search Engine – Local Article – Exit

The identification of the user stays anonymous for privacy purposes, but what you know about them is that they visited your website and have shown interest in your services. You are able to continue to market to them away from your website. This creates a considerable advantage for advertisers, as it’s much easier to convert a user with prior interest.

Ad Retargeting and Your Marketing Strategy

Editor Reviews Roofing AdsIt is important to understand that ad retargeting is not something that should be used exclusively. Instead, it should be part of a larger marketing strategy, with special consideration paid to inbound marketing and content marketing. If you are looking for an industry specific service that can handle all of those for you, look no further than Roofing Webmasters.

The new year means it’s time to evaluate what your goals are for the coming months. If you are stuck with a generic marketing company promising results but failing to deliver, now is a great time to switch. Place your trust in a company that specializes in the roofing industry and knows exactly how to market your services. For roofer ad retargeting, call us at (800) 353-5758.