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Roofing PPC Services (w/Campaign Management)

My agency, Roofing Webmasters, offers PPC management services for roofers throughout the United States with in-house Google Ads specialists. Over my 10+ years working with local contractors, roofing PPC has proven to be a great supplemental traffic source for a broader digital marketing campaign.

I’m Nolen Walker, the founder and CEO of Roofing Webmasters. Throughout my career, I’ve helped manage pay-per-click campaigns for thousands of roofing companies to supplement their SEO traffic.

Roofing Webmasters Logo

Roofing PPC Explained

Roofing PPC is a paid advertising method that stands for pay-per-click. Roofing companies can showcase ads at the top of search results and pay each time a user clicks on the advertisement.

These ads typically lead to landing pages that help convert users into new customers by prompting them to submit their contact information. PPC can help supplement traffic from search engine optimization.

PPC Examples for Roofing Companies

Google Search Ads are designed to emulate organic search results. For example, when a local homeowner searches for “roof repair near me,” they will see a list of results, including the PPC ads.

You can see the different types of Google PPC Ads below:

Search Ads

Search Ads emulate traditional organic results but appear above them on the results pages. While these ads do look visually similar to organic results, research shows that most users can distinguish them.

Google Search Ad vs. Organic

Display Ads

Display ads appear across Google’s display network, which includes Gmail, YouTube, and millions of additional websites and apps. Their CTR is lower than search ads, but they do spread brand awareness.

Source: Google

Video Ads

Because YouTube is a Google property, roofing companies can run video ad campaigns on the Google Ads platform. These video ads appear before, during, or after relevant YouTube videos.

Source: Google

PPC Campaign Management

PPC works fast and, if appropriately managed, can yield impressive ROI for roofing companies. Other forms of online promotion, like content marketing, SEO, and link building, take months or even longer to make an impact. However, the success or failure of a PPC campaign largely depends on management.

My agency’s Google Certified PPC experts have handled thousands of successful campaigns. With modern technology, advertisers can spend ad money more efficiently than ever with budget adjustments, demographic targeting, and keyword research.

PPC management provides the following advantages for roofers:

  • Adjustable Budgeting: Budget for your specific marketing needs
  • Keyword Research: Research keywords and develop a keyword list
  • Location/Demographic Targeting: Determine your target audience and which users are most likely to be converted
  • Market Data Collection: Track and monitor campaign results and use the information to improve your overall market reach, as well as to tweak future campaigns

Getting Started With Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to generate roofing leads. My agency offers roofing PPC services as an add-on to the monthly digital marketing campaign.

PPC should always collaborate with SEO, website design, and content marketing to avoid relying on an expensive, short-term paid advertising strategy. My agency’s graphic design department can craft engaging ads that generate clicks from relevant users.

Contact my agency today for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of my roofing PPC services.