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Roofing Webmasters provides SEM services for roofers. SEM stands for search engine marketing and includes any online marketing technique that targets search engine traffic. That means Google Ads (paid) and SEO (organic) both fall under the umbrella of SEM. The same can be said of traffic acquired through the Local Map 3 Pack, Service Area Business Ads, and more. If your goals only fall under the category of roofing SEO, you will focus specifically on organic optimization methods.

Utilizing SEM in Your Roofer Marketing Strategy

As a roofing company owner, you know that the roofing industry is cut-throat and the competition steep. Utilizing SEM marketing for your roofing company is an affordable, easily trackable method of marketing that can produce some of the highest ROI results of any marketing option. Roofing Webmasters offers search engine marketing services to contractors throughout the United States. The most common forms of SEM include:

  • Content Marketing: The presentation of content to appeal to search engines and their users by using media, coding, and other techniques
  • PPC: Paid advertising campaigns on SERPs and other platforms that can be customized and tracked for better results
  • SEO: Organic on-site and off-site optimization that appeals to search engines with keywords, coding, and more
  • Social Media: The management and marketing of content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms using both organic and PPC distribution options

Roofing Webmasters’ goal is for your roofing website to thrive with lead generation and customer acquisition. With years of experience marketing on behalf of roofers, we implement tried and true methods of search marketing, including SEO, content marketing, and more. Our team consists of experts in each individual discipline, including PPC and social media. For a company that specializes in marketing for roofers, it’s hard to see a downside of investing in Roofing Webmasters.

6 Ways The Roofing Webmasters Team Can Help You Utilize SEM

Marketing in today’s digital landscape can be a challenge for any type of company, including roofing companies. Many of the fundamental advertising components that kept past roofers in business are now obsolete and have been replaced with more innovative digital techniques. Gone are billboards, radio ads, and local TV spots, and in their place are PPC ads, social media links, and blog posts. Roofing Webmasters was created on the foundation of helping the local roofer adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. When you partner with Roofing Webmasters for your roofing SEM marketing, you not only receive experienced content and design management, but you also receive:

  • 24/7 Marketing: With consumers carrying WiFi-enabled smartphones, your site is always accessible. Our experts ensure your marketing is always on-point and productive.
  • Brand Development: We help establish your identity in a local market through multiple digital tactics.
  • Competitor Analysis: We use tools to analyze competitors’ campaigns and efforts to give you an overlook of your competition and next moves.
  • Location Targeting: We target consumers based on location to ensure that you are front and center in your local market.
  • ROI: Our services produce favorable returns on investment
  • Search Visibility: We exhaust every outlet for search visibility

Running a full-time roofing business is not an easy task. It has become even more difficult in today’s current industry state. With so much access to consumers, it seems like any time of rest is a potential loss in leads. Teaming with Roofing Webmasters alleviates that stress by creating new opportunities and platforms for consistent lead generation. You are able to focus on your day-to-day operation while we facilitate the online roofing leads that keep your company busy. We look forward to meeting with each of our clients to discuss their specific business goals, and their vision for 2020 and beyond. Our experts work with you to tailor-fit your roofing SEM marketing strategies to align with your business ideas.

SEM Goals for Roofing Contractors

We offer a number of services aimed to increase search engine visibility, generate leads, and increase sales revenue. SEM encompasses all aspects of lead generation through Google and other search engines. With effective marketing, your roofing company can prosper long term and enjoy the fruits of sustained online success. We enhance websites with our SEM services and foster a stronger online presence for roofing companies. Our specific services include:

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