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My Local Service Ads Guide for Roofers (Google Guaranteed)

Roofing Company Local Service Ads (Guide Cover)

As the owner of Roofing Webmasters, a digital marketing agency for roofing companies, I am often asked to discuss the topic of Local Service Ads, also known as Google Guaranteed.

Key Takeaway

The appeal of LSA ads for roofers is clear. They allow companies to place their brand and reviews at the very top of Google search results for relevant queries. However, there are barriers to entry for businesses looking to enter Google’s LSA program, as Google guarantees quality services from these selected providers.

In my guide below, I’ll outline the pros and cons of Google LSA for roofing companies and describe its potential role in a broader digital marketing campaign.

Local Service Ads Explained

Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) is Google’s pay-per-lead advertising platform for verified roofing contractors and other businesses. Only roofing companies who pass the LSA verification process are eligible for these ads.

The verification process includes:

  • Business entity check
  • Business owner background check
  • Service professional background check
  • License check
  • Insurance check

Once verified, roofers only pay for leads from these advertisements rather than paying per click with traditional Google Ads (PPC). Local service ads appear above traditional paid advertisements to people performing a local search for roofers in their area.

Local Service Ads SERP Screenshot

The Purpose of “Google Guaranteed”

Google Guarantee is a badge for businesses that pass Google’s screening and qualification process through LSA or its partners. Customers who use services from companies with GG badges may be eligible for reimbursement if they find the service unsatisfactory.

Customers can submit reimbursement requests, and Google decides on the resolution. Google has complete discretion on these matters, which do not replace customers’ standard legal or insurance actions.

Google Guaranteed Screenshot

How Local Service Ads Work

Local Service Ads work like a pay-per-lead model where you only pay after the customer contacts you from the ad. The LSA model differs from standard PPC ads, which require the advertiser to pay each time a user clicks on the ad, even if they don’t contact the business.

Users who click on your ad can contact you in one of three ways:

  • Phone Call: Google will record the call, and you can mark it as a qualified lead or a junk lead
  • Message: Users message your business through the LSA platform
  • Calander: Users book a service on your connected calendar directly through LSA

A pay-per-lead model is more appealing than PPC because users often click on ads without the intention to use the service. With Local Service Ads, there is much less room for error, and the qualifying questions ensure that you are connected to a warm lead. 

LSA Eligibility in Your Zip Code

LSA is not available for every industry in every location. You can check the availability of Local Service Ads in your area by filling out an eligibility form.

LSA Eligibility Screen
LSA Not Available (Screenshot)

LSA Cost for Roofers

Your cost per lead will vary by zip code. You can estimate your cost per lead using LSA’s cost estimator. For example, in Fort Worth, Texas, the estimated cost per lead for ten leads per month is $320 – $480.

Local Service Ads Cost Per Lead Estimate

Potential Downsides to LSA for Roofing Companies

Make no mistake: LSA is a glorified pay-per-lead model. If you know my content, including my Roofing SEO Podcast, you know that I advise against pay-per-lead as your primary source of new customers.

Here are some of the downsides to Google LSA:

Cost Per Lead

As you saw with the cost estimator, LSA leads are more expensive than standard roofing leads. Customers acquired through organic search will likely cost your company 95% less than those generated via Local Service Ads.

Wasted Leads

Although roofers can mark fake leads as junk and not pay for them, some leads that seem good initially still don’t result in a sale. In these cases, the roofing company pays a premium for a lead that never converts.

Google Dependency

With LSA, Google essentially owns your lead source. At any point, Google can choose to rescind your business’s verification or raise the cost per lead. While SEO campaigns still rely on Google’s search engine, they are more of a partnership with Google than an employee.

Moving Forward with Google LSA

Local Service Ads for roofing companies can be helpful in a broader digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, website design, reputation management, and digital branded signaling.

I don’t recommend relying solely on Google LSA to generate roofing leads as the cost per lead is expensive and not sustainable as a primary lead source.

If you require assistance with your advertising strategy in 2024, reach out to me for a free consultation.

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