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102 Construction SEO Keywords for 2023 (Updated Metrics)

Construction SEO Keywords

Roofing Webmasters has you covered if you are looking for a construction keywords list or keywords for construction management. Since construction companies often fall under a similar content strategy as roofing companies, the overlap produces several keyword variations that can help generate visitors using SEO for construction companies. As a result, our team constructed a keyword list that dives deeper than other marketing websites offer by providing additional metrics like keyword difficulty and organic CTR, in addition to search volume. 

Top 102 Keywords for Construction Companies

Commercial Intent Keywords

These keywords are best for service pages as users who search for them usually want to buy a service. With a properly optimized website, you can convert these users into customers at a high rate. With this in mind, service pages should always showcase a clear and urgent call-to-action (CTA) so that users can quickly take action. Commercial intent keywords are frequently at the bottom of your funnel, making them the most valuable keywords to rank for on Google organic search results.

vinyl siding78,353commercial4696%
fiber cement siding20,880commercial3788%
board and batten siding18,620commercial3138%
construction companies near me16,353commercial5184%
wood siding15,884commercial4156%
metal siding14,947commercial3279%
aluminum siding14,221commercial2782%
james hardie siding13,271commercial4214%
new construction homes near me8,868commercial4088%
shiplap siding8,565commercial3356%
certainteed siding8,380commercial4513%
home remodeling8,363commercial5783%
siding repair7,542commercial5580%
home renovation7,008commercial4980%
new home construction5,376commercial57100%
certainteed vinyl siding3,905commercial4827%
vinyl siding repair3,683commercial3778%
new home construction near me3,193commercial5694%
vinyl siding installation3,068commercial4682%
home remodeling near me3,021commercial5284%
new home builders2,850commercial5990%
vinyl siding near me2,757commercial4586%
aluminum siding repair1,784commercial3685%
siding repair near me1,784commercial4586%
aluminum siding repair1,784commercial3685%
construction services1,188commercial2584%
home remodeling contractors1,159commercial5083%
home remodeling contractors near me949commercial5386%
vinyl siding contractors near me853commercial4883%
home remodeling companies839commercial4184%
residential general contractors near me744commercial5188%
residential construction companies664commercial3788%
wood siding repair611commercial3986%
residential general contractors585commercial49100%
james hardie siding installation585commercial3181%
roofing construction585commercial4582%
shiplap siding exterior521commercial3058%
fiber cement siding installation508commercial4148%
shiplap siding interior508commercial4260%
aluminum siding repair near me483commercial2984%
high end vinyl siding322commercial3780%
metal siding near me322commercial3484%
siding repair contractors263commercial4284%
shiplap siding installation240commercial4355%
board and batten siding installation196commercial3552%
commercial building contractors near me185commercial4484%
house siding repairs185commercial5652%
exterior siding repair174commercial4392%
siding repair company132commercial3690%
new construction single family homes111commercial4860%
roofing construction companies34commercial3883%
roofing construction companies near me27commercial5084%
roofing construction company27commercial2983%
siding repair companies near me24commercial4686%

Informational Intent Keywords

Informational intent keywords are best for blog posts on your company website. Users searching for these terms are not typically ready to buy right away. However, you can capture them at the top of your funnel and remarket to them in the future. In addition, ranking for informational keywords helps strengthen your website’s topical authority and earns more natural links from around the web. Finally, interlinking from a blog post to a service page is a great way to intelligently distribute link equity to your highest-converting pages.

vinyl siding cleaner7,425Informational3995%
home remodeling ideas2,434Informational4844%
types of vinyl siding1,874Informational3364%
fiber cement siding problems1,563Informational2853%
certainteed vinyl siding colors1,388Informational4441%
metal siding colors1,316Informational2564%
fiber cement siding cost1,259Informational3283%
certainteed siding colors977Informational4041%
vinyl siding colors and styles963Informational4055%
aluminum siding cost949Informational2880%
vinyl siding installation instructions866Informational3387%
best roofing contractors near me825Informational5384%
siding repair cost651Informational4286%
home renovation ideas638Informational4850%
steel siding cost585Informational2658%
where to buy vinyl siding559Informational46100%
aluminum siding colors534Informational3138%
new home construction costs495Informational5260%
vinyl siding installation tools470Informational3288%
wood siding options457Informational3769%
fiber cement siding colors445Informational3536%
certainteed vinyl siding reviews420Informational3656%
how to repair wood siding383Informational3756%
james hardie siding reviews310Informational3037%
how to install fiber cement siding panels252Informational3958%
james hardie siding warranty207Informational3094%
siding repair kit196Informational4258%
aluminum siding prices174Informational3055%
james hardie siding installation instructions174Informational2987%
home renovation cost153Informational4675%
wood siding repair cost142Informational4655%
certainteed siding color chart122Informational4541%
diy board and batten siding111Informational3878%
vinyl siding repair cost82Informational4290%
vinyl siding installation tips82Informational3589%
high end vinyl siding brands73Informational3555%
fiber cement siding installation cost64Informational3694%
certainteed vinyl siding accessories55Informational3188%
roof construction diagram47Informational5041%
board and batten siding colors39Informational3441%
aluminum siding repair parts27Informational4094%
fiber cement siding installation video27Informational7264%
aluminum siding repair cost24Informational4655%
fiber cement siding installation instructions24Informational3196%
james hardie siding installation guide17Informational2156%
roofing construction terms17Informational3041%
vinyl siding comparison chart17Informational2887%
installing board and batten siding around windows17Informational3982%

How To Implement Keywords for Construction Companies

When writing your service pages and blog posts, you can download the XLS file to reference these keywords. However, it’s best to craft a comprehensive content strategy before publishing new content so that you avoid keyword cannibalization and maximize efficiency. Once you map out which pages and posts will target which keywords, you can insert these keywords into the proper areas. Consider the following:

  • Title Tags: Your keyword should appear once at the beginning of your title tag
  • Meta Descriptions: Your target keyword should appear once or twice within your meta description
  • Headers: Your target keyword should always appear in your H1 and sometimes in your H2s and H3s.
  • Body Content: Your keyword should appear one to five times (depending on total word count) within the content itself but should never exceed ten. 

Other Considerations for Keywords for Home Builders

When publishing content with construction marketing keywords, you must keep the reader as your top priority. Engaging in oversaturation and improper grammar can deter readers from buying your services and discourage Google from ranking your pages. Therefore, consider the following things before publishing content:

Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Never add too many instances of the same keyword, as Google will mark your page as spam, and readers will bounce from your website.

Pro Tip: Check Your Keyword Usage With Keyword Density Checker 

Utilize LSI Keywords: Consider using LSI keywords to supplement your primary terms to reference your keyword without oversaturating your content. LSI keywords are semantically related to your primary term.

Pro Tip: Use LSIGraph To Generate LSI Terms for Your Primary Keyword

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