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Schema Markup for Roofing Websites

Roofing Webmasters provides schema markup for roofing websites as part of our monthly digital marketing services. Our 10+ years of including schema on roofing company websites have yielded positive results on search engine results pages.

Although Google says schema markup is not a ranking factor, their official documentation states that it is used to “understand the content of the page.” This statement is enough to inspire small businesses to include schema within their website’s codebase to help Google better understand the content.

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Roofing Contractor Schema Markup (Screenshot)

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a microdata language found at schema.org, which enhances search engines’ understanding of a website and its content.

Adding schema to your roofing website can enhance search results, which are sometimes called rich snippets or SERP enhancements.

Schema Examples for Roofing Websites

Schema markup aims to effectively communicate web content to search engines, presenting the information more appealingly to users.

Several types of content can be “marked” up, including:

  • Business Information: Company NAP information
  • Company Reviews: An aggregate star rating of your company reviews
  • Roofing Services: Individual roofing services
  • Products: Product and material names and descriptions
  • Service Areas: Cities and towns you service

As the websites often show, schema can give you a leg up against the competition by providing detailed SERP results that are more likely to generate traffic.

The schema project aims to improve the relationship between websites and search engines, improving user search results by delivering higher-quality options with more relevance. 

Pro Tip: Use the official Schema Markup Validator to test your website’s schema

Schema Benefits for Roofing Companies

Schema markup increases marketing efficiency by boosting traffic relevance and enhancing search visibility. By better communicating your roofing website’s content to search engines, they can market your services to more appropriate users in more appealing ways.

Searchers looking for a “flat roofing company near me” are likelier to click on a result that shows a favorable star rating underneath, along with a link to a specific flat roofing services page.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Click-Through Rate: More users clicking on your site
  • Search Visibility: Increased and enhanced search visibility
  • Traffic Relevance: Generation of traffic with high conversion potential

Is Schema Mandatory for Roofing Websites?

Websites can rank on Google search results without schema markup, which means inserting schema into your website is not mandatory. Marking up data is an optimization practice, as it organizes content and effectively communicates it to Google and its users. 

Learn More About Schema Markup

Roofing Webmasters will evaluate your schema markup in a free consultation. Contact our agency to schedule a call, and we’ll review your existing website. During our discussion, we’ll outline how schema can enhance your online visibility and how it has helped thousands of roofing clients succeed on Google.