Roofer Schema

Schema Plugin
Schema helps Google display informative results to users

Roofing company websites that use schema microdata within their html code are giving themselves a great opportunity to earn clicks from Google searches. Google actually recommends the use of schema as a great way to market content to search engine users. Schema is the result of a joint effort between multiple search engines, including Google, to create a mutually beneficial coding standard that can help both search engine users, and the websites that hope to gain their attention. At Roofing Webmasters, we will ensure that your website contains schema in order to best market your specific roofing services. This way, we can go into detail about each of the specific roofing services you offer, and make each description visible to the potential customer.

How Can Schema Help my Roofing Company?

Roofer Schema Discussion
We can build your website with schema

Roofer schema helps your company by marketing your services in the most effective way. Data shows that websites with schema generate a higher click through rate than websites without it. The more clicks on your roofing company website, the more customers will call the number listed on the page. The ultimate goal of customer acquisition starts with the fundamentals. Our staff at Roofing Webmasters will design a website for your roofing company that will contain schema. Your individual roofing services will be on display for an expansive online audience. Individuals who are looking for a specific roofing service will be able to read information on the service almost instantly.

The best part of roofer schema is that it describes the intention of your content. Instead of Google simply reading the text of your website content, it will also understand that a specific roofing service is being offered. Schema allows Google and other search engines to properly index your website. You don’t just want to be known as a roofing company, but also a roofing company that offers roof repair, roof restoration, etc. The more services your company can market in search engine results, the more potential customers will begin to notice. If your current website does not use schema to structure data, you could be missing out on a major marketing opportunity.

Does a Roofing Contractor Need Schema?

Schema Development
Schema is underused in today’s internet landscape

Roofing contractors might be thinking; do I really need Schema on my website? A better question is; why would you not want it? Schema optimizes your data for presentation in Google search results. When Google specifically advocates a way to improve your SEO, you should jump on the chance immediately.

Schema is one of the more underused forms of SEO in today’s competitive internet landscape. While most marketing companies tell you about things like organic search optimization and PPC, the most professional services will include schema their web design. Separate yourself from the competition with the use of schema. An opportunity this valuable should not be ignored. For roofer schema implementation, call now at (800) 353-5758