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5 Simple SEO Mistakes for Roofers

At Roofing Webmasters we create and optimize websites for local roofing companies throughout the United States. Most roofing contractors come to us with an existing website that is not generating any leads and not ranking well on Google SERPs. When evaluating their websites, a common[Read the Full Article]

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Developing Roofer Content for Google

What type of content does Google look for from roofing companies? This is a question asked by many roofing contractors who are not seeing the desired results from their internet marketing campaign. The first 3 results on Google SERPs receive over 60% of the clicks.[Read the Full Article]

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3 Cutting Edge SEO Techniques

Many of the contractors we talk to at Roofing Webmasters want to know: How can I separate my company from the competition? This question does not have a short or simple answer. The SEO industry is so competitive right now, that people are constantly looking[Read the Full Article]

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End of the Year Special!

Call Today! 1.800.353.5758 Call today to take advantage of our year end special! For a limited time only we are slashing our $1,500 activation fees and we are not requiring a long term contract. Don’t delay. Call to speak to our team right away before[Read the Full Article]

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Client Highlight

Design. Content. Mapping. Social Media. Webmasters. At Roofing Webmasters we strive to ensure our clients dominate their local markets. We do this through hard work providing every client with design, content, mapping, social media and more! We are full service webmasters providing superior SEO services[Read the Full Article]

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Upcoming Google Algorithm Update

Mobile Matters Google will be releasing an update to their algorithm in April and it will emphasize the importance of mobile friendliness. Google’s algorithm is what they use to determine a site’s ranking. When they update in April they will be doling out penalties to[Read the Full Article]

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Guide to SEO and Content Marketing

Understanding SEO and Content Marketing If you are the owner of a roofing company and you have looked into your options for internet marketing, you likely have heard the terms SEO and content marketing. Unfortunately these terms are often used in such a way that[Read the Full Article]

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What is PPC?

If you have looked into the world of internet marketing, you have probably heard of PPC. So what exactly is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the ads that show up on Google’s results. These ads are found at the very[Read the Full Article]

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Do broken links matter to SEO?

The Damage of Broken Links When it comes to the internet, every component of your web presence matters. That’s why we always harp on the idea of every little detail of every little thing. And broken links are no exception. If your website has broken[Read the Full Article]

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