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How to Write Roofing Company (Marketing + Sales) Letters

Roofing Company Marketing Letters Banner

Whether you call it a roofing company marketing letter, a sales letter, or a roofer mailer, every roofing contractor should understand the concept of promoting your company to potential customers via print.

When you own your own company, getting the word out to local consumers is vital. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have the best service if no one knows about you.

But, as simple as that sounds, it isn’t. There are so many different ways to attempt to reach your target audience and generate leads that will ultimately produce more revenue for your company.

One of the more underrated ways to do this is by using a marketing or sales letter for your roofing company. It might seem like an outdated method, but it serves several purposes.

Best of all, it can be used across several different formats, making it an incredibly versatile form of reaching your target audience.

Types of Marketing Letters for Roofers

Email Campaigns

You can use sales or marketing letters in your email campaign. When you reach out to current customers and any leads you might have, use the marketing letter as an email blast.

Communicate what your company has, what they offer, and why these folks should opt to invest in your business.

Direct Mail Campaigns

You can use roofing sales letters for standard through-the-mail campaigns as well. Send letters to prospective customers or any leads that you might have.

Direct mail gets more responses than email marketing because that mail is in the hands of those prospective customers, and they see it; with email, they could potentially skip through and never see it.

How To Construct Your Marketing Letter

You should implement a few foundational things into your marketing letter. These are essentials, something you should never omit for any reason possible.

Without them, you are defeating the purpose of having a marketing or sales letter, and you will not get the results you are after.

So, what should you have in your marketing letter to make it as successful as possible?

Make Contact Info Visible

You want to make this the easiest bit of information for the customer to see. Never, ever make the customer work to find a way to contact you.

More often than not, if you make it a complex process, the customer will lose interest, and you will lose out on a prospective sale.

Start by putting it at the footer of your letter. Make it large enough to be immediately noticeable but not so large that it feels out of place.

Put your phone number, address, any relevant emails, and your website for starters. Anything else you can fit without it seeming out of place is a bonus.

You also want to sign off on your letter with this information as well. Again, give your leads as many opportunities to see how to contact you so they never feel like they have to work for it.

NAP Citation for Construction

It’s imperative that anyone receiving marketing letters can easily view contact information.

Add Pictures

The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words; get many thousands of words in with pictures.

Ultimately, the way to show potential customers what your business can do is to show them photos of jobs you have completed.

The key here is to implement them to fit in with the rest of the letter. Perhaps create a space on the margins to implement these pictures so that your leads can see exactly what it is you have to offer.

In addition, these pictures will give those leads an undisputed look at what your company can do for them.

Whether it’s direct mail or email, users respond more favorably to sales letters containing unique and original images. Avoid using stock photos and instead focus on your staff and equipment.

Custom Design Element Examples

Unique and original photos of your staff build an immediate repour with consumers.

Showcase Accolades or Awards

One of the quickest ways to get a lead to consider your business for their needs is to list the ways your company kicks butt.

In addition, any certifications and awards that your company has received should go just above the information you have placed in the footer.

These awards don’t need to be dominant; they need to be there so that the customer notices them and notes how many different accolades and accreditations your company has.

Endorsements from 3rd parties are essential not to toot your company’s horn but to build trust in the eyes of those potential customers.

Trust is one of the most significant factors for developing leads and turning those leads into sales.

If you can build a level of trust with the customer, you have broken down one of the most significant barriers that companies face. These accolades will only strengthen that sense of confidence.

Badges on Roofing Homepage

Add a Personal Touch

The most delicate line to walk here is delivering a message to these leads. It can’t be too preachy, too much of a sales pitch, but it must be personal enough to feel like a family friend is speaking to them.

If you can get the leads to trust you, you can secure their business better.

Perhaps make a note of instances where you did an excellent service to someone, gave them a discount, went above and beyond to deliver superb service, or something similar.

You can showcase anything to where your company went above and beyond for them whenever it is needed.

When the customer feels like your company cares, that is another huge barrier that you have broken down. Companies across all industries struggle to find that level of trust in their customer base.

Developing brand trust is one of the most significant aspects of owning a business; if you can achieve this, you have already won a massive battle in the marketing world.

Make the most of your marketing letter. Implement it across multiple platforms and ensure it concisely delivers your message.

Then, when you create a marketing letter that delivers on all of these points, you will have a leg up on the competition.