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The best way to kick off your online marketing is with an open mind, and zero assumptions. Marketing changes year after year, and the strategies that guided roofing professionals 5 years ago don’t always apply to today’s standards. Thankfully, your first steps toward building your brand and earning online leads are pretty simple!

Below, Nolen and Jason chat about claiming your domain name, setting up your Google My Business account, and earning reviews. Be sure to listen in if you’re operating on tight-marketing budget, because most of these steps are either free or very low-cost. Let’s get started!

Helpful Tips for Roofing Online Marketing

  • Local SEO begins with three key elements: your GMB listing, website, and reviews.
  • Cheap is better than nothing! Even a cheap website can start building equity for your brand.
  • Reviews heavily impact your results in local search, so keep asking for them!
  • Avoid complications later by getting your domain name registered under your business.

Just Starting Out

Even the idea of building your own roofing company is still fresh in your mind. You don’t have any website, specially wrapped trucks, or even a brand to speak of. You’re in the perfect place to craft a successful, optimized online marketing strategy! It all begins with three simple, yet crucial steps.

How to Begin Your Online Marketing

  • Step #1: Pick and Claim Your Website Domain
  • Step #2: Claim Your Google My Business Listing
  • Step #3: Craft Your Starter Website

Depending on the competitive nature of your service area, you should be able to complete these steps for a few hundred bucks (maybe less). With that being said, these are tasks you need to nail. So let’s take a little time to dig into each marketing task.

Choosing Your Domain Name

A huge part of your online branding, the company domain name heavily impacts how easily people find your business. So many roofing businesses struggle with the selection process however, because they’re suffering from outdated strategies. Ten years ago, the most powerful domain name you could pick was your city name, plus “Roofer”.

Try employing that same domain strategy today, and you’ll almost certainly fall into the back pages of local search (where no one ever clicks). 

Online Marketing Results in Local Search
A “Dallas Roofing Company” Domain Would Almost Never Win the Front Page Results.

When a potential customer makes searches for “(city) roofer” now, they’re presented with results dominated by local guides, lead sellers, and listicle articles dedicated to the most experienced contractors in the area. Google can’t distinguish these domain names from a general search, dramatically reducing the chances for a company with that name to succeed.

In short: don’t pick your city with a generic roofing term for your domain, or no one will ever find you.

Nailing the Domain Name

Aim for uniqueness. If your domain stands out from the established roofers within 50 miles, that’s a serious win. There are a few tactics to distinguish your brand from other roofing companies:

Your domain name doesn’t have to be funny or clever to succeed. Just make sure that it’s clear enough for people to remember and Google to distinguish from general industry terms. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have a very good start for your online marketing!

Online Marketing Tool GMB
Google My Business Makes it Possible for Your Business to Show Up in Map Searches.

Claim Your GMB Listing

It’s free. It’s uncomplicated. It’s essential. If you want your roofing company to appear in Google Maps searches, you must claim and complete your Google My Business listing.

All you have to do is fill out all the necessary contact / location info, answer any industry-related questions, and go through Google’s verification process. Your GMB listing information should be the same details you use for all your other citation sources. When you claim a Yelp company profile (for instance), be sure that even your address abbreviations perfectly match those in your GMB account.

When your GMB listing finally activates – this usually takes a week or two – you’ll also gain access to a company Knowledge Graph when people search your business directly. From there, potential customers can access your reviews, website, company number, and much more! You can even create promotional posts in your GMB account specifically for the Knowledge Graph.

Build Your First Website

One of the great perks of starting an online website these days is that you have access to a host of great starter templates. While they don’t have the same schema coding or professional SEO of designer sites, you can always start with a free template to get business going! Simply having an active website contributes to your domain’s searchability as your business ages and earns new customers.

Even if They Don’t Offer the Best Results, Cheap Website Templates are Much Better Than Nothing!

Start by choosing a color scheme and layout that’s appropriate for your community and client type.

From there, most templates allow you to add pages for each of your roofing services. You’ll want to consolidate them under a handful of service categories (we generally recommend sticking with four or less), because this makes it easier for people to find their desired solutions. Make sure your pages are keyword-optimized, then craft a company blog post at least once a month. Faithfully complete these tasks, and you’ll be leaps ahead of the vast majority of roofing contractors in your community.

Looking for an SEO Expert?

Building a sustainable roofing business is a real challenge, especially in more competitive markets. With that being said, these beginning steps will take your business a long way towards creating a successful brand! As your company grows, you’ll be able to invest in more refined website design, PPC campaigns, and social media outlets.

When that day comes, our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to help take your brand to the next level! Our roofing clients regularly earn page one rankings for dozens of keywords, producing higher traffic and better quality leads. You can consult with one of our seasoned experts by calling the team at (800) 353-5758!

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