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How ChatGPT May Impact SEO for Roofing Companies in 2024

Blog Cover for ChatGPT Article Showing AI Bot

ChatGPT’s impact on roofing SEO has become clearer after recent Google Updates, including the March 2024 Core Update. While Google does not prohibit all use cases of AI generation tools like ChatGPT, mass-producing roofing content to rank on search results violates spam guidelines.

As a long-time SEO agency owner at Roofing Webmasters, roofing companies often come to me for clarification about ChatGPT and its role in the SEO process for roofing companies.

Key Takeaway

ChatGPT itself is not an issue for roofing companies; it’s the use of ChatGPT to create useless and unhelpful content like regurgitated blog posts.

Navigating recent advancements in artificial intelligence is challenging for all industries, including roofing. Unfortunately, this uncertainty also leads to an increase in shady sales tactics from marketing agencies looking to mislead local roofers with black-hat SEO tactics that can lead to damaging penalties.

With this in mind, I have decided to lend my expertise based on 13 years of running an SEO agency for roofing professionals.

Below, I outline my notes on how ChatGPT impacts SEO for roofers.

Notes about ChatGPT for SEO:

It is a powerful AI tool for roofers

It should not be solely responsible for writing your roofing content

it requires human and expert oversight

It can be used to expedite SEO processes

ChatGPT for SEO Content Creation

ChatGPT is trained on data up to April 2023, primarily from internet sources. With this in mind, content creation through ChatGPT has two major problems.

First, the content outputs are outdated.

Secondly, the content outputs merely regurgitate ideas, concepts, and data that already exist on the web.

Since Google’s initial Helpful Content Update in 2022, the search engine has explicitly asked content creators to provide unique and original content written for humans.

The baseline function of ChatGPT is unable to achieve those content standards for roofing companies or any other industry.

The caveat is that ChatGPT can also write content based on unique inputs, which would be acceptable under Google’s guidelines.

For example, if you input original knowledge and data from your local roofing project into ChatGPT, it can convert that into a cohesive paragraph or article with unique and original insights.

ChatGPT as a Search Engine

After its initial launch, some coined ChatGPT as the Google killer or its future replacement. Of course, many of these headlines were created as clickbait, preying on human being’s anxiety to create engagement.

While ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have impacted Google’s total search volume, they have hardly overtaken Google as a search engine.

In fact, despite Bing’s adoption of ChatGPT within its search engine, it increased its market share by less than 1%. Google remains the internet’s most prominent powerhouse and accounts for nearly 2/3 of ALL referring website traffic.

The fundamental issue with ChatGPT as a search engine is its current interface. For roofing companies especially, consumers want to quickly sort through company websites, reviews, and Google Business Profiles.

ChatGPT currently cannot provide that level of Local SEO experience.

GMB Screenshot for Roofers

Google’s ability to contextualize local roofing companies by presenting verified reviews and business information separates it from other search engines and artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT as a Programmer

The most appealing part of ChatGPT is its ability to write code. While an experienced programmer must still examine the code before publication, AI can significantly expedite the code creation process while closing the gap between programmers and non-programmers.

For example, roofing company websites may want to include an HTML roofing cost calculator. However, they usually hire a programmer to complete the task, which would take time and money. With AI, a roofer could conceivably produce the code within minutes for free. 

In addition to HTML, CSS, and Javascript code, ChatGPT can perform other programming tasks, such as creating schema markup for a roofing business or adding schema FAQ to a roofing company service page. These tasks previously required time, money, and expertise.

ChatGPT as an Assistant

Aside from tasks that directly influence SEO website rankings, AI can also assist with social media, Google Business Profile, email marketing, podcast transcription, and reputation management. As other software developers tap into ChatGPT’s API, we can expect more compelling use cases to emerge.

The pro version of ChatGPT can now create original and unique images. However, it’s important to note that photos, including humans, often look highly unrealistic. It’s best to focus on image generation of properties, equipment, and tools.

Avoiding ChatGPT Misinformation for Roofing Companies

It’s well-documented that AI tools may produce incorrect responses to user queries, which can go unnoticed at first glance. However, aside from the tool’s limitations regarding accuracy, roofing companies should be aware of individuals and companies leveraging AI to create false narratives.

For example, YouTube has already seen a massive spike in ChatGPT-related videos that are making outlandish claims. Of course, as with any subject, some videos are accurate, and some are not. Roofers must resist the urge to buy emerging narratives surrounding the tool and its impact on digital marketing.

ChatGPT vs. Other AI Tools

AI is here to stay and will only improve and benefit roofing companies. Tools like Google Gemini and Perplexity.AI have emerged as helpful AI tools that can perform various SEO and other business management tasks.

If you believe your existing SEO agency is using AI tools to produce your roofing content, you can test the content yourself using free tools like Open AI Detector. Don’t be afraid to ask your agency about its process and how it may suppress your roofing keyword rankings in 2024.

Screenshot of AI Content Detection Tool

Summary of ChatGPT’s Impact on Roofing SEO

ChatGPT is now a part of the roofing SEO industry, whether we are ready for it or not. Still, using AI tools to produce your roofing website content is dangerous and not recommended by a credible SEO agency. Still, the tools are increasingly helpful for other processes related to SEO.

While I cannot endorse mass-producing content with AI tools, I acknowledge AI’s potency and potential. I continue to find ways to incorporate it into a healthy SEO presence for roofing companies.

As the industry leader in SEO for roofers, I am always looking to give my clients an advantage on Google search results within the guidelines.

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