Logo Design for Roofing Companies

Roofer Logo Design Services
Color Can Increase Brand Recognition By Up To 80%

Successful roofing companies present a positive image to consumers. Research studies conclude that consumer opinions are formed on a subconscious level, and usually within 90 seconds. Furthermore, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Statistics like these are profound when considering the impact of a company brand, and more specifically; a logo. Roofing contractors looking for an edge in a highly competitive industry should invest resources in a professionally designed logo, optimized for web use. Qualities of an effective roofing company logo include:

  • Color: We mentioned previously that color increases brand recognition by up to 80%
  • Memorability: Make the design memorable, as the goal is for customers to recall it
  • Simplicity: Keep the design simple, which might seem to conflict with memorability, but does not if properly designed
  • Versatility: A design should be applicable to multiple sources like websites, business cards, trucks, etc.

Every business should have a logo that reflects their values and principles. Roofing Webmasters’ design team crafts custom logos for contractors throughout the United States. Companies that are pleased with their current design, can opt for visual enhancement and web optimization. In either case, logos are a critical aspect of online marketing, an element not lost on Roofing Webmasters. Premium logo design services are one of many avenues through which roofers can improve their online presence in 2018, and beyond.

Optimizing Logos For Web Use

Editor Implements New Logo
Logos Are Images, And Should Be Optimized As Such

The graphic design team at Roofing Webmasters is also fluent in HTML coding, and advanced web design. This range of skills is of particular benefit to roofers looking to improve their online presence. Proper logo optimization impacts SEO, website speed, and bounce rate. As is the case with our image optimization services, logo design exhausts every last detail to ensure the most optimal presentation of your brand online. Aspects of web optimization for company logos include:

  • Alt Tag: Editing the alt tag to display “(your company name) logo”
  • Compression: Using image compression tools to create an efficient yet high resolution logo
  • File Name: Properly naming your logo file as company-name-logo.png for search optimization
  • File Type: PNG files are efficient while maintaining resolution for optimal logo display

Tasks that seem small and tedious can have large impacts on search engine optimization. Failure to compress logo files can bog down site speed and rob mobile users of an ideal experience. With attention spans growing shorter by the year, displaying webpages quickly is more important than ever before. Small details are often the difference between high performance websites, and mediocre ones. Roofing Webmasters’ attention to detail, makes the difference.

How a Logo Impacts Branding

Designers Work on Roofing Company LogoA professionally designed logo can enhance your company’s online appeal. In the eyes of consumers, the quality of a logo reflects the quality of its corresponding business. Amateur logos designed on Microsoft Paint indicate to the public that your roofing company is similarly novice. At Roofing Webmasters, brand development is an important part of our marketing strategy. We believe that websites and logos are extensions of the company they represent and set the visual precedent for philosophy and culture. Prospective customers are more likely to choose a company that looks and feels professional, especially when compared against lesser brands.

A logo is the face of your roofing company. It quickly sums up your identity and makes the first and most important impression on consumers. Subsequent branding exercises will prove futile without a consistent, visual identity to anchor your marketing campaign. There are various channels through which to introduce marketing materials, from social networks, to business cards, and each requires a consistent logo to be displayed prominently. We consult with our clients during the design process, and ensure that all parties are comfortable with the image before it is published in your name. CallĀ (800) 353-5758 for logo design services.