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Roofing Facebook Ads: The Ultimate 2024 Guide (w/Examples)

Roofing Facebook Ads (Guide)

Roofing Facebook Ads are a powerful promotional tool for companies in 2024. In addition, the need for reputable roofing companies is increasing yearly due to increased weather volatility and homeowner demands.

Still, as the industry gains traction, the competition grows fierce. Using Facebook Ads for roofers is a great way to separate your company from the rest. In addition, Facebook targeting makes it simple to reach your prime consumers.

At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve been working with companies on their digital marketing campaigns for over a decade. Our wealth of knowledge, data, and insights help us steer roofers in the right direction.

Check out the ultimate guide to roofing Facebook Ads in 2024:

What Are Roofing Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads for roofers are paid advertisements promoting a roofing company on Facebook. On Facebook, ads target users based on demographics, geography, and profile data, many of which are unavailable on other advertising platforms. 

In addition, advertisers on Facebook can set a budget and bid per click or thousand impressions. The best way to run Facebook ads for roofing is to target local consumers who are likely to require roofing services.

Roofing Company Facebook Ad Process

Creating a Facebook Ad is relatively straightforward and easier than most people think. Simply use Facebook’s advertising wizard to navigate the process.

Why Roofing Facebook Ads Work in 2024

As the world’s #1 social media platform, it’s easy to see why Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. However, Facebook also possesses advertising features uniquely fitting the roofing industry landscape.

Remember, your goal is not to reach every one of the 2.5 billion Facebook users but to engage with people most likely interested in your roofing services. You can reach homeowners within your service area and convert them rapidly by targeting specific demographics.

About 18% of Facebook users fall within the 35-44 demographic, a prime age for homeownership. Meanwhile, 25% of users are between 25 and 34 and are likely considering a first-time home purchase.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads for Roofers

Most contractors hate the setup process regarding Facebook ads or any other type of digital promotion. The steps are often complicated and involve leg work that business owners don’t have time for. Luckily, the Facebook Ads setup process is simpler than it seems.

Facebook Ad Screen

In most cases, your ad objective should be lead generation as you’re trying to capture local consumers to become future customers.

Define a Goal

The goal for your roofing company advertising campaign can range from brand awareness to hail storm chasing. Of course, all companies want more customers, but your goal should be more specific. Narrow your goals down to one per roofing ad campaign.

Here are some examples:

  • Expand brand awareness in your local service area
  • Get hail storm repair jobs from a recently hit area
  • Create urgency by outlining a common roofing problem
  • Introduce a new product solution like a roof coating

Write down your goal because Facebook will ask for your campaign awareness goals in their ad prompts. If you’ve already chosen your plan, you’ll know exactly how to move through the prompt.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is the true magic of roofing Facebook Ads. As a business owner, you should already have a general idea of your target audience. For example, homeowners in your service area between 40 and 65 are a good framework for roofing companies.

However, your idea is less intelligent than Facebook’s AI-driven Advantage+ algorithm. While it’s tempting to reduce spend with narrow targeting parameters, Facebook’s algorithm is better at finding the right users.

You can still help Facebook determine your ideal customers by combining targeted interests with Advantage+ (AKA broad targeting). This way, Facebook has a good starting point but expands out using its AI.

Take a look at some audience targeting examples:

  • Age 40-65 (All Genders)
  • Interests: Home Improvement, Home Repair, etc.
  • Location: Within 25 Miles of your Service Area

Creating a Value Proposition

Even your narrowly defined audience is bombarded with countless Facebook Ads daily. As a result, your ad must stand out among the rest. You can achieve this with a value proposition. For example, consider special offers, free inspections, or unique financing options that intrigue your target customers. 

From there, find a way to craft ad copy that reflects it. You might even offer a free download to get more users into your funnel, whether they are ready to buy today or not.

These kinds of ads are especially effective after a storm or natural disaster within the target service area.

Roofing Facebook Ads Examples

Facebook Ad Example Roofing Company

This Facebook Ad example leans into the disingenuous sales tactics of competitors in the service area, prompting locals to instill trust in the company running the ad.

Roofing Facebook Ad Example (Emergency Roofing)

This Facebook Ad example shows a roofing company promoting 24/7 emergency roofing services to their target audience.

Local Roofer Facebook Ad Example

This Ad spreads word of a raffle promotion where prospects can win tickets to a football game.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads for Roofers

Now that we’ve covered defining goals, targeting an audience, and creating value propositions, it’s time to highlight the best practices in the Facebook advertising process.


You want ad copy that is short and to the point. Nobody has time to read a novel or understand any nuance. They’ve already moved on to the next part of their timeline. So, you must catch their attention quickly with simple but strong copywriting that concisely demonstrates your value.

Quality Facebook Ad Copy


Image quality is a big deal for Facebook roofer ads in 2024. Your image quality reflects the perception of your company and brand. The technical aspects of image quality, such as resolution, contrast, and distortion, also make a difference. 

As a result, use only high-quality images of your staff and equipment (or recent jobs) and avoid using stock photos at all costs. If you must incorporate stock photography, dress the files up with a free tool like Canva, which allows you to brand and enhance existing image files.

Screenshot of Facebook Post from Roofing Company Page


The fastest way to earn trust for your roofing company is to showcase customer reviews from verified sources. Consider adding favorable reviews from Google or Facebook to your ad copy. 

On the other hand, never use unverified reviews because people will assume they are fake. As a result, you can’t post a verbal quote from one of your customers unless they post it on a platform like Google.

Meta Ad Testimonial Theme

Mobile Optimization

Most of your roofing Facebook ad impressions come from mobile devices. With this in mind, always craft your ad with the mobile experience in mind first. Keep copy clean and concise, and use engaging images that mobile users can gravitate to on their phones.

Facebook lets you preview your ad’s mobile appearance before publishing, so always complete this step before making the final call.

Mobile Facebook Ad Example

Final Thoughts on Facebook Ads for Roofers

Facebook Ads are an effective promotional platform for local roofing companies, assuming the ads feature high-quality copy and images and link to an effective landing page or lead form.

While it’s tempting to narrow targeting parameters to reduce ad spend, Facebook’s Advantage+ targeting algorithm is the most efficient way to reach prospects in 2024.

Combining a sound SEO strategy with Facebook Pixel Tracking can yield impressive results for roofers.

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