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Back in the day roofers did advertising for TV, Radio, Print, and Billboards. That’s where all the eyes and ears were. Today in 2020, all of those eyes and ears are on social media. One social platform in particular is known to generate plenty of eyeballs: FacebookFacebook users visit the network 14 times per day on average. This presents a great opportunity for roofing contractors.


Advertising on Facebook

80% of all online advertising goes to one of two platforms. The first is Google Ads (formerly AdWords), very well known in the home service industries for its ability to generate roofing leads quickly. The second is Facebook, which is what we are here to discuss today.

Facebook provides unique opportunity to roofing companies. Not only can roofers advertise to a large pool of people but they can narrow that pool into a more specific and highly convertible group. With demographic targeting, contractors can advertise to individuals based on age, interests, location and much more. The platform will even draw correlations between your company and other things a user “likes” so that you can showcase your services to someone who is highly probably to need them.


Roofers can choose the amount of dollars they want to spend each day or for the duration of their campaign. This number is known as Ad Spend. You also have the option to place a bid which will be the maximum amount you’re willing to spend when someone views your advertisement or completes its call to action. Based on Cost Per Click (CPC) Facebook ads cost about $0.27 per click. The bottom line is this, Facebook advertising cost varies heavily based on your company’s current financial resources and how much of them you’re willing to advocate to marketing. Setting a budget will fit in line with your other business goals in 2020 and beyond.


Back in the day radio ads were a rudimentary outlet for demographic targeting. Roofers would pick a certain show at a certain time that had recorded the general demographics of its listeners. For example, the rush hour show might have 75% homeowners between ages of 35-65 which would make a pretty good target for a roofing company. While this seems innovative at the time that data is now unreliable in comparison to the detailed analysis provided by Facebook. Aside from the information that users voluntarily give to Facebook, the platform also tracks their every move and draws topical correlations between their activity and their probable interests in you.


Like with other forms of advertising, namely PPC on Google Ads, Facebook advertising is dependent on its strategy. Targeting the wrong types of users will empty your budget quickly and ultimately produce a negative ROI. Facebook knows this and will lobby advertisers to spend more and more on their campaigns to extend the audience reach. But reaching everyone is not cost-efficient. To master ads on Facebook, roofers must define a goal prior to launch. For those without experience using the platform, investing in an experienced Facebook Ad campaign manager can prove worthwhile.

Other factors that go into the success of an ad campaign include copy, landing page optimization, and ad extensions. If your roofing website design isn’t up to the challenge, all that hard-earned traffic from Facebook Advertising could go to waste! So make sure your site offers juicy, informative pages ready to convert clients as they land. 

Our advertising team at Roofing Webmasters would love to help you generate new, high-quality leads for your company. With carefully planned targeting, campaign customization, and refining, our campaigns offer exceptional return for your marketing dollar! Call (800) 353-5758 to learn more about our Facebook Ads for roofers!

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