Roofing Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

Roofing Facebook Ads (Guide)

What Are Roofing Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads for roofers are paid advertisements promoting a roofing company on Facebook. On Facebook, ads target users based on demographics, geography, and profile data, many of which are not available on other advertising platforms. In addition, advertisers on Facebook can set a budget and bid per click or thousand impressions.

How Facebook Advertising Impacts Roofing Companies

Facebook isn’t just about sharing photos of your cat and funny gifs. It is a powerful advertising platform for one straightforward reason: it has the most users of any social media platform in 2022. The first rule of advertising is that you have to go where the people are. 

There is no social media platform with more people than Facebook. That’s why it’s an advertising goldmine for a wide variety of industries – that includes the roofing industry. You have to be careful about advertising on a social media platform, though. 

Social media sites are where people relax, hang out (virtually), and spend their leisure time. They aren’t necessarily logging onto their Facebook account to buy roofing services. Therefore, you have to know the best practices to get any value from your roofing Facebook ads campaign. 

In the following guide, we will show you how to start up an effective Facebook ad campaign for your roofing company.

The Nature of Facebook Ads for Roofers

Before you can begin crafting effective Facebook ads, you have to understand the nature of Facebook ads. Once again, be aware that people aren’t logging onto Facebook to make purchases. So your ads have to provide something of value to the user. 

Facebook places your ad in the user’s newsfeed, so you have to make sure that you catch their attention – not being pushy about making a sale. In this sense, roofing Facebook ads shouldn’t look like ads at all. Phrases like “Act Now!” and “Special Promotion” will largely be ignored on Facebook. Here are a couple of examples of what your roofing Facebook ads should be like:


Infographics are visual representations of statistics or information. They usually entail an image, color, and a short message. Infographics are particularly helpful for roofing Facebook ads because you can put all kinds of attention-grabbing information in them. For instance, your ad could be an infographic that tells the reader what percent of roofs require repair in the U.S. or how long the average shingled roof will last. The numbers don’t lie either. As a result, infographics are very effective as ads. For example, consumers are 30% more likely to decide when prompted by an infographic. 


Checklists are also efficient as roofing Facebook ads. A checklist can provide a short and easy-to-digest guide on something related to roofing. For instance, you can provide a checklist for choosing a good roofing contractor or a checklist regarding the steps needed to prep one’s roof for winter. Checklists are often more effective than eBooks because they are shorter and play better as an ad. 

Targeting Your Market With Facebook

Now that you know that your Facebook ad needs to provide some value to the user, you can start thinking about your target audience. Unfortunately, targeting is where many businesses fail and get the false notion that advertising on Facebook isn’t practical. As a result, most companies fail to reach the right audience. 

The truth is that Facebook ads are wildly beneficial because you can target specific people with them. You can speak directly to the most likely people to pay for your services with your Facebook ad. Facebook allows you to customize who sees your ads based on qualifiers like:

  • Home value of the user
  • Age of the user
  • Gender of the user
  • Geographic location of the user
  • Interests of the user

Using these criteria, you can build a custom consumer persona and make sure that your ad gets seen by people interested in roofing services. Facebook ads also provide some handy tools to help you specify your audience. 

Obviously, as a roofer, your first step in targeting would be to hone in on your local market. Start by specifying the area that you operate it and any other cities that you service. Then you can start thinking about who would be most likely to need roofing services. 

Maybe adults in their 30’s or 40’s who are likely to own their home. Maybe people who have shown interest in roofing or construction. Think about the types of people you have serviced in the past and start getting more specific with your ad targeting. 

Optimizing Ad Images

The stats don’t lie: images are very effective for generating click-through traffic. People are simply more likely to click your roofing Facebook ads if they contain images. How much more likely, you ask? We’ll put it this way: people are 25% more likely to click on your ad if it has an image. 

Again, an infographic would work great as your ad image, but that’s not your only option. As long as you have a colorful, high-quality image relevant to the ad copy, you are on the right track. 

Offers & Promotions

While it can be difficult to toe the line between informational and promotional, the statistics show that the only thing more effective than images are offers and promotions. Offers and promotions should only be used in your roofing Facebook ads after you have firmly nailed down your target demographic. 

You have to be sure that the people who will be seeing your ad (and any offers or promotions you include in it) are already qualified leads. Therefore, we don’t recommend including promotions and offers in your Facebook ads unless you have already firmly established an effective targeting strategy. Usually, this doesn’t happen until you have been using Facebook ads for a year or two. 

Landing Pages

Your ads have to take the consumer somewhere after they click on them. These internet destinations are called landing pages. Your landing page should be focused on moving the consumer further along the sales funnel. Two essential elements need to be present on your landing pages:

  • Benefit: The landing page copy should drive home the benefits of using your services (more secure roofing, better-looking roofing, reliable service, etc.).
  • Conversion: Your landing page copy should also encourage visitors to take action (schedule an estimate, sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, etc.). 

Landing pages should be short and to the point. Again, you aren’t trying to write a book; you want people to understand the value of your service and encourage them to take action. 

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