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4 Elements of the Best Commercial Roofing Logos in 2023

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Creating a commercial roofing company logo should be part of a more comprehensive marketing strategy for commercial roofers.

With a commercial roofing logo, you really need to convey a sense of professionalism and capability. Such traits can be challenging to obtain via text and imagery, but they can be achieved.

At Roofing Webmasters, we have seen more than our fair share of commercial roofing company logos, so we speak from experience after working first-hand with these companies. 

Whether you are a new commercial roofing business owner or considering a rebrand for your existing business, you can benefit from learning the tenants of a solid commercial roofing company logo.

In the following post, Roofing Webmasters outlines design elements that make great commercial roofing company logos and help your company generate commercial roofing leads.

We will also provide tips for coming up with your own logo design. 

Elements of a Solid Commercial Roofing Logo

Established commercial roofing companies share common design elements in their logos. A simple search of commercial roofing contractors in your area showcases a common thread between their logo designs.

We know this first-hand because we help design logos for commercial roofers throughout the United States. Some of the essential elements include:

Readable Fonts

It’s best to stick to easy-to-read fonts that won’t make people need to pull out their reading glasses to decipher. If they can’t pronounce the name from font problems, you have failed to create your logo.

Ensure the font isn’t too busy and that the text is nice and clear – unobstructed by flashy design elements. Remember, you aren’t trying to go over the top but are instead attempting to build credibility.

Evocative Imagery

Consider the natural geography and terrain of the area(s) that you operate in. If you have trouble thinking of images to include in your logo, try incorporating some of these natural elements. 

For instance, if you operate in Arizona, consider adding cacti to your logo. Consider using a simple skyline for your logo if you work in a metropolitan area. 

Using imagery that calls to mind what the area is known for can help you connect with current and potential customers. It also shows that you are invested in the area that local businesses tend to gravitate towards.

Simple Color Schemes 

It’s best to stick with 1-3 primary colors for your logo. We have already discussed avoiding unprofessional colors, but you should also avoid using too many colors. 

The best commercial roofing logos use two colors that complement each other very well. Toy around with a couple of color schemes until you find one that catches the eye without becoming too hectic. 

Think of your logo as a sports uniform. Which teams typically have the most memorable uniforms? It’s the ones with simple color schemes.

Company Name

Think about some of the keywords in your company name. They may give you a clue about what kind of imagery or design you can use in your logo.

For example, if your company name includes words like peak, pinnacle, or apex, these words bring lofty heights to mind. So maybe incorporating a simple image of a rooftop or mountain would be a good design element. 

You’re not looking to create a work of art with your visuals but instead to establish a consistent theme that instills credibility and trust in your commercial roofing company.

What to Avoid When Creating a Commercial Roofing Logo

Just like most people can spot a high-quality logo, many can identify a bad one. But, unfortunately, these logotypes also share common traits. 

So, No matter what you are considering as your commercial roofing logo, at the very least, make sure to avoid:

Gaudy Colors 

The goal of your commercial roofing logo should be to convey professionalism. Unfortunately, one of the quickest ways to turn off potential customers is to hand them a company card with flashy colors. 

Ensure your logo is devoid of playful, child-like colors such as pinks, bright greens, and neon oranges. Remember, you aren’t selling services to children and should target your adult demographic.

Lengthy Names 

You don’t necessarily have to use your full company name in your logo. If your company name is long, consider trimming it down for your logo or initializing it. 

Stuffing a long business name into a logo is usually a bad idea. It plays too busy and makes it harder for the image to stick in the customer’s mind – which should be the goal for your logo. 

Logo Templates 

While considering your logo, you may come across online services offering logo templates. However, some of these platforms require you to pay for a royalty-free version, so be careful not to simply copy and paste.

You may be tempted to use one of these templates to generate your own logo. However, consider that there are probably hundreds of commercial roofing contractors using the same templates. 

If you really want your logo to stand out – using a template is counter-productive. Your consumers may not notice templates consciously, but their similarities may dissuade them on a subconscious level.

Bonus Commercial Roofing Logo Design Tips

If you are still feeling overwhelmed by the process of coming up with a commercial roofing logo design, don’t worry. The fact is that most commercial roofing business owners aren’t graphic designers. 

Here are some additional tips to help you get the logo of your dreams:

Hire a Logo Designer

Hiring a professional graphic designer may be the best way to create a good logo. Even if you already have ideas, working with a private designer lets you convey those ideas to someone who can translate them.

Produce a Rough Sketch

Before you hire a designer, it can be constructive to sit down with a pencil and pad and start roughing out some of your ideas for a logo. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to develop a basic design theme.

Once you start doing some rough sketches, you will probably see some things that do and don’t work. You may even get inspired by themes or concepts you had not previously considered.

Seek Feedback

It never hurts to workshop ideas with friends and family. They may provide valuable input and perspectives that you hadn’t considered. Also, if you have friends in other industries, run your ideas by them.

Analyze Competitors

It never hurts to examine the logos of the best roofing companies in your area (or outside your location) and see what they are doing right. But, of course, you never want to plagiarize or even come close.

Still, looking at the logos of other companies may be just what you need to spark some ideas of your own. Furthermore, it’s critical not to reinvent the wheel. Your logo design should fit in with other roofers.