Roofing Advertising That Gets Leads

The roofing industry is a cutthroat field, and as such, your roofing advertising efforts must be impeccable to outshine your competitors to get the roofing leads that you need. But with all the marketing and advertising solutions available, how do you market a roofing company productively? In today’s world, digital marketing outranks all other advertising channels in ROI and reach. However, this doesn’t mean that all of your roofing advertising dollars should be spent in the digital world. Professional marketers know that a great campaign consists of multiple advertising channels and messages. Knowing your options is the first step to comprehensive roofing advertising campaign development.

Roofing Advertising Options
Roofing Advertising Can be Presented Effectively Over Multiple Channels.

Marketing Channels and Roofing Advertising Platforms

Within the marketing landscape, your company has multiple channels to spread its message. From television and radio to billboards and digital media, your advertising options are almost endless. Each platform offers benefits that can increase your business reach and build your customer base. In order to decide on the right roofing advertising platform for your efforts, first, decide on the details of your campaign.

ROI for Ad Spend Channels
Your Budget is One of the Most Important Factors When Planning Your Roofing Advertising.
  • Goal: Identify the exact goal of your campaign. Do you want to increase roof leak service calls? Would you like to increase traffic to your website?
  • Budget: How much will your ad spend be? What ROI are you expecting from your roofing advertising?
  • Run Time: How long will your campaign last? Will your campaign be weeks long? Months?

Each of these factors greatly affects the type and style of your marketing efforts. For instance, if you are creating a six-month advertising campaign, a start to finish television commercial could be extremely costly while a six-month Google search ad may be only a fraction of the cost. Typically, marketers use a combination of platforms throughout the campaign period to promote the most results possible. Once you have decided on the basic campaign factors, you can start planning your ad. These factors should be based on the audience you want to reach and the goal you want your audience to accomplish.

Advertising Planning Timeline
For Your Roofing Advertising to be Effective, it Must be Properly Planned.
  • Platform: What marketing platform will you use to spread your message? Which platforms have worked best for you and your competition’s past efforts?
  • Message: What message are you communicating? What call to action will you use?
  • Measurement: How will you measure your campaign’s success? How will you track ROI?

Your Roofing Advertising Platform Options

When it comes to advertising, you have a long list of options on where to spend your marketing dollars. From print to digital, you can find advertising opportunities just about anywhere. While many platforms offer low but stable ROI, others offer increased but fluctuating ROI. Utilizing a combination of platforms can help expand your reach and boost your roofing marketing ROI.

Multi Channel Marketing for Roofing
Effective Roofing Advertising Can be Achieved Through Multiple Marketing Channels.

Print Advertising for Roofers

Within the realm of print advertising, there is a multitude of options. Your roofing company has the choice of newspaper ads, billboards, mailers, and more that can each boost company awareness. Print ads are ideal for getting your brand name recognized within a particular area. These platforms work well for advertising roofing services, promotions, and even location. However, they do not create a great opportunity for prompting immediate action. Oftentimes, print advertising is costly and difficult to accurately measure. However, new advances such as QR codes and promotion codes offer better print advertising tracking than ever before. Consider these points before deciding which print platform is best for your roofing company.


  • Newspaper: While newspaper advertising has been a go-to marketing hub for years, the presentation of online news media has seriously dented readership. Use this platform for older age groups that are less likely to refer to digital media for news.
  • Billboard: While this style of advertising gets great viewability, the response is much lower than other marketing avenues. Use billboards as a supplement to boost your brand awareness.
  • Direct Mail: These advertising options are tried and true methods of building brand and promotional awareness. Use roofing mailers for promotional offers and service updates for your roofing company.

Advertising With Traditional Communication Media

Using traditional television and radio to deliver your advertising message can get expensive quickly and offers few analytics tools to track effectiveness. However, clear, precise messages are easily delivered on these platforms and have a higher retention rate than most print options. Television and radio advertising is best used in short spurts for the advertisement of a promotional offer or time-sensitive information.

Roofing Advertising for Radio and TV
Radio and TV Present Great Opportunities for More Detailed Messages.
  • Television: Television commercials are an ideal way to present company services and promotional offers to a large general audience. Timely information like storm details and specials are well-presented with television advertising.
  • Radio: Like television, radio presents a unique and large general audience. Therefore, general promotional, seasonal, and other timely messages are best presented through radio advertising.

Digital Marketing and Your Roofing Company

In recent years, digital marketing trends have increased exponentially, and with good reason. Digital marketing has become the most effective, most trackable marketing channel available, with multiple advertising avenues that fit any style message and brand. Digital advertising platforms offer easily measured analytics and deliver immediate actionability with calls to action, promotional information, and service scheduling. However, effective planning and platform proficiency is still key to productive advertising efforts, even on digital platforms.

  • Website SEO: Ideally used as a landing platform for web traffic, your website should thoroughly introduce and explain each service and skill that your roofing company provides. With available analytics that are regularly updated, you can always be sure of your success.
  • Social Media PPC: These marketing platforms work well when communicating a message or offer that includes an immediate call to action such as a “click here” button or “call now” link. They offer incredible ROI and measurement metrics for complete control.
  • Google Pay Per Click: Google PPC roofing advertising is ideal for increasing web traffic and brand awareness. It’s also perfect for increasing website conversions and unique visitor traffic. While PPC campaigns can vary greatly in cost, they are generally less expensive than most other platforms and generate an increased ROI.

In today’s world, IoT has not only changed the way the public finds information, but it has also changed the way businesses reach their prospective clients effectively. Although traditional roofing advertising tools and platforms are still used and productive, digital marketing has taken over the marketing landscape. Utilize digital marketing in your roofing advertising campaign efforts to increase your success, visibility, and ROI.

Internet of Things and Roofing Advertising
IoT is Connection of Everyday Objects and Things to the Internet

Digital Marketing For Roofers

Within the digital marketing world, you have many choices on how and where to spend your advertising dollars. Each channel offers its own rewards and challenges that should be considered when planning your roofing advertising. For example, digital advertising offers highly customized audience selection which can provide better message reception but can also lend to low visibility. Being aware of the benefits and downfalls of each digital advertising platform can help you choose the best route for your roofing advertising dollars.

Multi Channel Marketing for Roofing
Effective Roofing Advertising Can be Achieved Through Multiple Marketing Channels.

Organic Roofing SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial in order to appear in Google and other search engine results. With over 40,000 search queries completed per second, Google is the number one way to find information on services, products, and just about anything else. Because the Google search has transformed the way customers locate services, search engine optimization for your roofing service is a top source for reaching prospective customers.

Google Search Example
Organic Search Optimization Helps Ensure Your Business Appears in Google SERPs.

Through the years, Google has updated the way its search delivers results. Today, quality content, accurate information, reputable linking, and precise keyword usage are the best ways to ensure proper SEO for your roofing business. Using these strategies along with proper coding and compelling user experience can land your roofing company higher in search rankings, leading to extended reach and maximize conversions.

Roofing SEO Strategies That Work

Organic Search Platform
Organic Marketing Offers Free Roofing Leads for Your Business.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing strategy that utilizes Google and other search platforms to present company information and generate roofing leads. When a search query is made on Google, Bing, or another search platform, keywords are identified and search results are presented according to relevance and site quality, among other elements. Optimizing your roofing website to appear higher in these search results can boost your company’s reach and expand your customer base. Use tried and true marketing SEO strategies to begin your efforts and revise your plan as needed.

Google My Business For Your Roofing Company

When battling for the number one Google search position, the competition can be fierce. However, your roofing company cannot show up in any Google searches until your Google My Business account has been set up and verified. To establish your roofing company’s Google My Business account, simply visit and follow the instructions, paying attention to key fields like:

Google My Business Google Homepage
When Completed Properly, Your GMB Account Provides Crucial Details for Your Company.
  • Business Type: The correct business type is imperative in order to index correctly in Google searches.
  • Services Offered: Since this is a top way Google indexes your company, your service list should be comprehensive and include multiple keywords.
  • Location: Providing the exact location of your roofing company boost the chances of appearing in the very important local search.
  • Contact Information: Providing links to your contact information exponentially boosts the chances of goal completion.
  • Company Images: Adding images to your Google My Business account increases the odds of appearing in organic Google searches.
  • Hours: Adding details like hours of operation creates a more complete and more trusted Google profile, leading to better search rankings.
  • Reviews: Reviews provided on Google as well as other platforms boost your site’s authority which can dramatically boost search rankings.
  • Website Address: Offering a link to your site can boost web traffic along with conversion rates.

Once your account is verified, your company can begin appearing in Google search results. As Tatum Legacy displays, having a well-organized Google My Business account paired with great on-site SEO can land your roofing company at the top of the Google search.

Completing Your Google My Business Information Provides a Better Google Homepage for Your Business.

On-Page SEO and Other Roofing Website Ideas

Roofing websites are no help to their company if they can’t be found. Roofing SEO practices can help Google index your site more efficiently and help you rank higher on SERPs, leading to extended reach and increased roofing leads. In order to optimize correctly for Google, your roofing website needs a few key elements which help the search engine identify what your site is about. Without these key elements, Google and other search engines may have trouble indexing your site or may even misinterpret the information.

Roofing Title Tag and Meta Description

Each page of your roofing website should have a title tag which tells Google bots the general idea of your roofing webpage. This title also appears as a search result title when a query is performed. Your page’s title tag should include at least one keyword along with a brand or location tag. Along with the title tag, Google displays a short description with each result when a query is made. These descriptions, otherwise known as meta descriptions, provide Google bots with more detailed information about your web page’s content. The use of keywords in your roofing meta description is imperative to help Google correctly index the information and increase the chances of appearing in Google searches.

Google Screenshot of Roofing Metadata
The Metadata You Enter on Your Site Appears in Searches to Identify Content Relevance.

Clean Coding

Each time a Google search is performed, Google bots use website coding to scour the internet searching for relevant material from trustworthy websites. Clean coding is a method of presenting the back end coding of your site to Google in the simplest way possible. With clean coding, your site’s code is clear, well-organized, and effectively labeled so the Google can easily decipher the exact content for better ranking. Cluttered code issues arise in instances where a website is created from a template or when a site is redesigned incorrectly. These practices create long code sentences that are unneeded and can provide incorrect information to search bots.

Screenshot of Clean Coding Techniques
Providing Clean Coding Helps Google Bots Quickly and Accurately Index Your Site’s Information.

Combat coding issues with the use of clear functions and well-labeled commands like MKCS Roofing does here. Use schema coding to provide Google bots with clear content subject lists and details and use up-to-date code structure for simplified, clearer communication. Schema codes work as lists to provide Google bots with clear, organized subject matter that can be easily indexed for searches. The use of H2s and H3s along with keyword placement can also aid Google and other search engines in identifying and indexing your information correctly.

Roofing PPC Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising combines traditional ad creation with keyword bidding to reach new customers and gain more roofing leads. PPC advertising is offered almost every platform including Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more, and can dramatically increase your website traffic and marketing ROI. Roofing PPC ads also offer flexible budgeting, customizable audiences, and ad revision to give you complete control of your campaign at all times.

PPC Marketing
PPC Advertising Offers Superior Audience Reach and Complete Customization.

Roofing Advertising With Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, provides a comprehensive platform for PPC marketing that displays search and display ads according to relevancy, keyword bidding, and ad quality. These ads can appear in Google search results or on Google Maps results along with Gmail, YouTube, and many other Google partners. Where you want your ad to appear will be the deciding factor in the format of your ad which can include images, text, video snippets, and more. While Google search ads have only text and link buttons, display ads with images and video can be displayed on other platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, and many more. Google also offers the text ad with extensions which provides varied content delivery throughout every Google platform.

Google Ads Logo
PPC Marketing on Google Ads Provides a Measurable ROI That’s Higher Than Any Other Method, In Most Cases.

Optimizing Your Google Ad for Roofing

The two main factors for deciding where your roofing ad appears on Google are keyword bidding and ad relevance. Keywords in Google Ads are arranged according to popularity in searches and are priced accordingly. The more a keyword is used in searches, the more expensive the keyword will be to bid for. Likewise, the more difficult it will be to rank for the keyword. For example, the term “roof repair” is a very popular keyword. Therefore, it will be more expensive to bid on and more difficult to rank for due to all the other roofing company’s trying to rank for the same word. However, “corrugated metal roof repair” is a much more specialized word that will have a lower bid price and less competition. This means that the latter term will be much easier to rank for.

Roofing CPC Analytics
The Roofing CPC Metric Found on SEMrush Delivers Information About the Cost and Search Locations of Your Keyword.

When creating your Google ad, it’s crucial to design a compelling piece that’s helpful and has a clear call to action. Your ad should be clear and informative, and link to a landing page with relevant information. It should contain a prominent call to action that encourages the viewer to click the link and offer contact information that the visitor can use to easily contact your roofing company. Use Google Ads analytics tools to measure your ad success and adjust your efforts and budget throughout the campaign for maximum success.

Instagram and Facebook Marketing for Roofing

Much like Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram each offer a PPC platform for businesses that is keyword and audience based. Roofing Facebook ads appear in the news feed as well as in the right side ink bar and can be customized according to audience demographics and psychographics, previous searches, budget constraints, and more to provide the best ROI possible. These ads can be created through the business menu on your Facebook account and can be measured with Facebook analytics tools that are accurate and easy to use.

In-Feed Ad for Facebook
Facebook Roofing Advertising is Most Often Done With In-Feed Ads.

Instagram offers an ad platform much like Facebook which can be set up from your Instagram menu once your account is switched to a business account. Like Facebook and Google, your ad audience can be customized by demographics and psychographics, budgetary constraints, and even online viewer behavior. While not as extensive as Facebook or Google, this platform also offers analytics tools such as engagement, follows, and more to measure the success of your Instagram roofing ads campaign.

Instagram Ad Example
Your Roofing Advertising is Presented Right In Viewers’ Feeds With Instagram.

Like with any PPC roofing ad, Facebook and Instagram ads should have a clear message as well as a call to action. While not required, these ads that boast images and videos tend to be much more successful on these platforms. These ads can direct your viewers back to your social page to increase likes, follows, and engagement, or can link to a landing page to maximize website traffic and conversion rates.

Other Roofing PPC Advertising Opportunities

Along with Facebook and Instagram, there are PPC marketing opportunities for your roofing company on just about every social platform. YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat each offer PPC advertising plans that operate mainly off of keyword bidding and audience selection and can help expand your reach even further. Like with main PPC platforms, these ad hosts provide customized budgeting, sometimes without a minimum dollar amount, and offer analytics tools that can help you hone your campaign for maximum results. YouTube offers a unique PPC platform that displays your ad at the beginning of other videos as well as in the right link bar. This unique ad display format allows your videos to be viewed with a clickable link that encourages conversion. Other social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter also provide PPC marketing plans and tools that can be utilized to build backlinks, aggregate new web traffic, and build followers and engagement on the social site itself.


Organic Roofing Advertising on Social Media

While PPC campaigns have proven to have a remarkably high success rate, don’t discount the value of organic roofing advertising on these platforms. After all, these platforms were created for making a connection, so why not take advantage? With over 2 Billion users, social media platforms can help maximize your reach and web traffic. However, using each platform appropriately and productively takes planning and organization.

Productive Posting

The biggest problem most businesses have with social media posting is deciding what content is most beneficial. Studies show that content that provides helpful information tends to carry the most engagements. In fact, in a 2018 study done by Edelman, it was found that 63 percent of people trust an industry expert while only 42 percent trust businesses. Therefore, using social media platforms to deliver helpful advice and information can dramatically boost your reach and web traffic. To create a productive social media account for your business, try these tips:

Facebook Post by Roofcrafter's
Using Video and Images in Your Posts Helps Boost Post Engagement and Response.
  • Post Regularly: Social media posts typically have a shelf life of one hour to one day. Post regularly to keep your brand center stage.
  • Use Rich Media: While not required, social posts with images or video are twice as likely to be seen and engaged with.
  • Use Keywords: Just like in searches, keywords matter in social posts, and can help boost visibility and reactions.
  • Include Links: Along with your post, include calls to action and links back to your roofing site for ultimate results.

Social Media Analytics for Better Roofing Advertising

Along with your company’s social media account, you are provided with an array of analytics tools that can help you identify the best advertising avenues for your business. These metrics provide information on engagement levels, sharing, new followers, and more to give you a comprehensive overview of your social media roofing advertising efforts. Use these metrics to hone your campaign and posts and create content that your prospective clients react to.

Analytics Tools for Social Media
Using the Provided Analytics Tools Helps You Get a Clear Picture of the Results of Your Efforts.

More Productive Roofing Advertising With Remarketing

Remarketing is a digital marketing technique that uses tracking codes to collect visitor information and re-present relevant marketing material. When your site is equipped with remarketing codes, a visitor who views your wood shake roof repair webpage may see a later advertisement for free roof inspections. This form of roofing marketing boosts response and conversion rates by presenting information to viewers who have already seen your content.

Remarketing for Advertising
Remarketing Can Boost Your ROI Exponentially


Google Remarketing

On the Google platform, remarketing efforts are set up as campaigns and established through metrics delivered by the platform. Your remarketing campaign can be created to be reflective of viewers searching past keywords, past viewed content, or even website behavior to hone in on the precise audience you’re looking for. These ads can be scheduled to appear at different stages of the conversion process to offer special deals that encourage goal completion, or they can present information on products and services that your viewer has previously looked at. By using Google remarketing, your ads are nearly 70 percent more likely to be viewed.

Remarketing by Google
Copyright by Google

Facebook Remarketing

Like Google, Facebook offers remarketing efforts for your PPC campaigns. This platform uses a code snippet that is embedded into each page of your site and tracks customer behavior. Then your ads are remarketing to these viewers while they are visiting Facebook, either on their news feed or on the link graph located to the right of the news feed. Remarketing to these customers re-presents information that they were previously interested in. These ads may possess more details, a special offer, or another call to action that encourages the viewer to complete your goal. These efforts are easily tracked by the analytics and metrics provided by the platform.

Remarketing by Facebook
Copyright Facebook

Roofing Keywords and Their Importance

Whether you’re working on your roofing SEO or creating a PPC marketing ad, keyword research is crucial to your project. Keywords are the main terms that the general public uses when performing searches on Google and other search engine sites. Bot crawlers use these terms to index websites and ads according to content and search relevance. Without proper keyword usage, your site and ads will not appear in searches. Luckily, there are many reputable programs and platforms to help you identify the best roofing keywords to use on your roofing site and in your PPC ads. Programs such as MOZ and SEMrush provide important keyword metrics such as volume, cost per click, and competition, which can help you identify the most beneficial term group for your roofing advertising.

When planning which roofing keywords to implement into your marketing efforts, you want a combination of keyword types for the best chance of appearing in searches and on news feeds. While national keywords such as ‘roof repair’ and ‘roof replacement’ are searched the most, the cost per click can be steep, as can the competition. In order to get maximum reach, include local and service keywords like ‘foam roof installation in Dallas, TX’ or ‘wood shake roof repair’ that are more specific and carry a lower cost and competition-rate. These types of keywords provide a better ROI for your roofing marketing and offer more promising roofing leads for your company. In order to identify the best keywords for your roofing advertising and website, look for information on these key metrics:

  • Volume: Information on how many searches were performed with this keyword
  • CPC: Dollar amount it will cost every time this keyword is clicked in a PPC ad
  • Keyword Difficulty: How difficult it will be to outrank your competitors for a top spot in searches
  • Competition: The level of competition between bidders
  • CTR: The percentage of clicks that are available for organic searches as opposed to PPC and other ads

    SEMrush Keyword Research
    Proper Keyword Research Helps Increase Your Chances of Appearance.

These metrics and reports give valuable, up-to-date information for each of your keywords that can tell you how likely the term is to appear in organic and paid SERPs, how steep the competition is for the word, and how likely the term is to be successful when used on your roofing website or in roofing advertising efforts.

Expert Roofing Advertising Creation

When you’re competing for roofing leads in your community, every effort is important. While digital advertising is today’s best way to reach potential customers, the technicalities and efforts require skill and know-how to outrank your competition. When you want flawless roofing advertising that gets your company results without busting your budget, turn to the Roofing Webmasters roofing marketing pros first. Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop a roofing advertising plan for your business that expands your reach and gets you noticed for better ROI and more roofing leads for your team. We work with you to provide a customized marketing plan that fits your target market and encourages action so you always get your money’s worth. For roofing advertising that you can count on to get results, call the Roofing Webmasters experts today at (800) 353-5758 to schedule your appointment.