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How Many Leads Can I Expect to Get? (Podcast)

Every person measures success with different standards. That holds true in the case of the roofing industry. Some professionals may be content with ten sales every month, while another may land over 50 without even trying. Thus, when a prospective SEO client calls and asks, “How many leads can I expect to get with your services?” we inevitably have to answer…

“Well, that depends.”

Instead of panicking, packing up shop, and pulling out the phone cord for a couple of days, we do our best to provide an informative explanation. So that’s what we’ll do today! As Nolen and Jason delve into the process of estimating how many exclusive roofing leads you could generate with SEO, be sure to keep a few factors in mind.

Critical Factors for Estimating Potential Roofing Leads

  • Service areas (especially your hometown)
  • Age of your domain and website
  • Relevant storm seasons or trends
  • Current marketing efforts
  • The size of your crew and staff

You Get How Many Leads?!

What’s the number you have in mind right now? Would it surprise you that some roofing professionals are ecstatic to earn ten sales a month? We’ve cheered on a Pittsburgh roofing company earning three to four large commercial jobs a month with a consistent stream of commercial leads. Their company may also work residential jobs for added revenue.

At the same time, we’ve danced with outrageously busy roofers as they knocked out over 750 projects after one terrible San Antonio hail season. They earned another 300+ jobs in the following year too! Fort Collins is another storm arena in which our clients operate. We’ve talked with clients used to earning over $5 million in a year. These sorts of environments offer explosive growth opportunities. So what point are we trying to make here?

Your market heavily influences your lead generation potential.

Developing a Reliable Standard for Leads

As much as we love to talk about our wildly successful clients, not everyone experiences the same level of success. If you judge your South Dakota residential firm by the standards of a Houston storm roofer, you’re always going to come up disappointed. But, on the other hand, you can earn outstanding lead numbers in the right city with the proper marketing!

Let’s walk through how you can develop a reliable estimate of lead potential.

Step #1: Estimate the Size of Your Market

Step one is easy! How many people live in your service area? For this example, let’s say that your town holds 60,000 people. At an average of three people per residence, that’s a potential 20,000 roofs in your community. Now, if you have a smaller list of services – perhaps you focus on metal roofing – that number could be much smaller.

Consider how many roofs in your market fall within your list of solutions. Then, keep that number in mind as you move on to the next couple of steps.

Step #2: Consider the Lifespan of Local Roofs

How often do people in your local market replace their roofs, barring an act of God? Not all your local homeowners and businesses replace their roofs at the same time. For simplicity, let’s take Nolen’s example and say that a tenth of local homeowners replaces their roof each year. Take the size of your market from step #1 and determine how many roofing projects are up for grabs every year.

If 10% of homes in a city of 20,000 need replacements each year, that’s 2,000 jobs every year. So your business will earn a percentage of that total.

Once you’ve figured out how many jobs are ripe for the taking each year, we come to the last phase of estimating how many potential leads you can earn.

Step #3: Set Your Potential Market Share

This final step is a little more complicated. First, you need to consider how many competing companies exist in your market, then set a realistic capture-able share of online leads. Don’t give up, even if you’re a new entry into the market! We’ve seen brand-new roofing professionals earn a dominant market share within a year or two.

If you don’t know how to estimate this percentage, don’t sweat it. Our SEO professionals would love to run through the process with you and help you come up with a reasonable estimate. For now, let’s say you have 2,000 leads up for grabs each year, or 166 each month (we know that’s not how life works, but whatever).

If your business is just starting, you may earn three to five leads a month from your brand-new website. Once your company brand grows and people recognize your name, that number will start to rise. Then, a couple of years later, you could be earning a dependable ten leads a month!

A Note on Storm Markets

One side note: if you live in a storm-prone environment, it’s easy to get carried away with speculative booms. However, we highly recommend that you heavily discount your estimated leads if you are trying to factor in storm markets. “The next big hurricane” could be next year. It could also be four years from now.

In the meantime, start laying the digital groundwork to prepare for that future storm. Even if your city experiences the worst storm in decades, companies with no online presence to speak of won’t magically strike it rich. Instead, people need to find your business in Google Search, which means developing an optimized web presence.

Your Part in Lead Gen

That’s right! Your business has a role to play in the process of earning leads. Get out there! Market your business, serve the community, and ask for reviews! Please take pictures of your projects and share them with your website developer. Ask for reviews again! Continue spreading the word and being active in your school, neighborhood association, etc.

If you team up with our skilled developers at Roofing Webmasters, use DataPins. Our content developers, programmers, SEO experts, and other pros can do a lot of work. But collecting reviews, taking photos, and providing excellent customer service are things we can’t do for you. By working together, we can produce results that you’ll be proud of, no matter your market.

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We’re Bringing SEO Back | Roofing SEO Podcast

Does SEO really mean what you think it does? Jason and Nolen explain how ignorance and misinformation lead many roofing companies astray during online marketing. If any of these real-world stories sound familiar, it might be time to reconsider how you search for marketing services!

Key Takeaways For Roofing Professionals

  • Inaccurate preconceptions prevent businesses from finding SEO services they really need.
  • The amount of money spent on a poorly-performing website template does not make it better.
  • Pretty websites don’t always make successful (sales-driving) sites.

What is Real SEO?

Marketing is an ever-shifting, bustling industry. As much of the consumer world transitions into online search for their day-to-day needs, roofing companies look to Google to find their customers. Most savvy business owners understand a few basic facts:

  • They need a website, 
  • They need to advertise online, and
  • They need to optimize for Google. 

If you’ve already grasped these marketing truths, your business is already doing better than many roofing companies out there. Unless you have years of search marketing research under that tool belt however, there’s still a long road between your company and a successful online marketing strategy. That’s why the vast majority of roofing firms turn to agencies to guide their progress. The only problem is:

How do you find a real SEO company that actually knows their stuff?

Real SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on crafting a website that blends superior keyword rankings with a smooth visitor experience. Numerous elements go into this process, including web design, keyword research, schema coding, and citation management. Even a quick Google search of “roofing SEO” however, reveals that dozens of businesses offer SEO services for the industry.

An Example of a Balanced Roofing Website
Quality SEO Balances Custom Web Design With Extensive Keyword Strategy and Coding.

A Dangerous Truth About Most “SEO Companies”

Unfortunately, most roofing SEO companies have no idea what they’re doing. Still more claim to provide search engine optimization but provide little in the way of actual SEO. What you’ll find instead are…

  • PPC Campaign Management Firms
  • Cheap Website Developers (without search experience)
  • Expensive Website Developers (also without search experience)
  • Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Lead Sellers
  • Marketing Software Companies

Some of these agencies truly offer valuable solutions for earning roofing sales. Others have no clue what they’re doing, but can easily talk their way through sales calls. Again, very few provide real solutions in the way of SEO. From an outside perspective, that might not seem like a big deal. However, the difference could end up costing your business years of setbacks and thousands of wasted marketing dollars.

Why Does SEO Even Matter?

Quality SEO solutions tend to take time (usually a few months) to produce results, but the results last. These solutions generate a steady stream of local consumers coming into your website and contacting your business. Consumers also tend to return with greater frequency, at a significantly lower cost than if you tried to buy them through a lead seller. Revenue opportunities only grow over time as both Google and consumers learn to recognize your company brand.

In short: SEO offers cheaper leads, more sales, and more sustained revenue over time. 

Roofing contractors with a real SEO company will happily share their success stories (unless you’re a local competitor, of course). In fact, it’s a wise practice to look up high-ranking roofing companies outside of your service area and see who their marketing company is. You’ll find their brands listed in the top of local map packs and organic search results!

Google Analytics Traffic Data
A Productive SEO Company Will Happily Share Your Site Analytics Data!

Getting Sidetracked

Once you find a capable SEO service provider, don’t let go. We’ve witnessed too many businesses jump into marketing with great enthusiasm, only to bail out a month or two later. They usually fall into one of two tragic stories:

  • The roofers attributed their success to their own abilities.
  • A competing marketer talked the roofer into switching.

If your company enjoys sweet success from a certain SEO marketing company, why leave? Thankfully, there are ways to confirm whether or not your company is providing worthwhile results. Chart the number of leads you earn each month. Compare your numbers with those from last year and the year before. Examine your Google Analytics dashboard and see how many site visitors originate from Google Search!

At Roofing Webmasters, we’re always happy to walk through your Analytics and chart your progress. Is your company willing to prove their worth? If not, we’d love to talk with you about your company SEO needs! Give our team a call at (800) 353-5758 for a free consultation.

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  • expertise.com best seo agencies in fort worth
  • contractors of america best digital agency
  • roofers coffee partner
  • national roofing contractors association nrca partner
  • roofers guild accredited agency
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Roofing SEO Conference 2020

Search marketing is an ever-changing landscape of Google policy changes, established practices, newly-minted tactics, and revolutionary software. Put simply, the rules and strategies that guide roofing SEO (search engine optimization) change from year to year. Even our seasoned team of search marketing professionals has to actively test and research new methods to keep up with the shifting industry.

That’s why we go to conferences!

Jason and Nolen arrive back on the scene, fresh on the cusp of one of the most influential search conferences in the nation (maybe the world). As usual, they have some helpful insights to steer your business towards sweet success! Whether you’re just now entering the online search scene or you’ve competed for years, be sure to listen in.

Key Marketing Lessons for Roofing Companies

  • Roofing SEO is a step-by-step process, not a single fix-it solution.
  • PPC is good by itself. With SEO, it can be fantastic.
  • SEO “basics” are requirements for your business to show up in search, but businesses need to go beyond the basics to earn premium rankings.

What Hasn’t Changed in SEO

With all the flashy revelations that fly across our attention span, it’s easy to lose sight of the core principles that haven’t changed. Search engines continue to dominate marketing as a primary source of revenue. That means roofing SEO is even more essential than it was just a few years ago. If you aren’t competing for leads through this digital channel, you are probably missing out on tens of thousands of dollars every year, minimum.

With that being said, opportunities to get your company up and running online are still very accessible. Even if you don’t have the necessary expertise to market online, somebody else does.

If you’re eager to reap the substantial rewards of search marketing, now is the time to get active. To help you, we’ll re-touch on the basics of SEO and local search. Then we’ll get into the more advanced tactics you’ll need to go from entry-level competitor to front page material.

Let’s dig in!

A Roofing Company That Engages in Search Marketing

Your SEO Baseline Requirements

Anyone can start a social media profile or run an ad, but what are the bare essentials to start building your online brand presence? First, you’ll need a website!

Newly-minted roofing companies aren’t always flush with funds, so we understand if you need to begin with a free template design. If you have the financial capacity however, we highly recommend you find a seasoned firm that offers search-optimized web design. The enormous difference in lead potential will quickly help you recoup the costs.

The SEO Bare Essentials List

  • Company website, with optimized service pages
  • Google My Business (GMB) listing, claimed and verified
  • Citations from BBB, Yelp, Manta, and other established brands
  • Client reviews and recommendations
  • Facebook Business profile
A Roofing Company's Facebook Business Profile

Getting your business information listed across multiple reputable platforms is also a crucial part of growing the brand online. Not only does this create additional exposure and review potential for your company, it also creates a stronger sense of accountability and trustworthiness. The more places Google’s search engine detects your brand, the more likely it will recommend it through higher rankings.

Keep in mind, these are just the basics your company needs to accomplish in order to show up in search. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more roofing companies manage to achieve these requirements. If you really want to succeed and earn premium rankings (and the resulting leads), you’ll need to go above and beyond what other businesses are doing.

As we say at the Webmasters, “You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be the best!”

Above and Beyond

What sort of tactics allows a fledgling brand to rise above the rest in local search marketing? Again, quality web design plays a huge role here. A capable site incorporates simple navigation with keyword-rich service pages. This enables the site to rank for a much wider variety of phrases!

If you want to go above and beyond, start infusing your site with schema code. Schema code helps communicate the purpose and meaning of different page elements in a way that Google’s search crawlers – picture little bots scouting and indexing new site content – can easily understand. It takes some dedicated research and effort to update your website with schema, but it’s worth the effort!

Explaining Schema and Microdata

Supercharged Client Reviews

As we mentioned before, client feedback plays a key role in establishing your brand reputation online. The more positive reviews come in, the more likely Google’s algorithm is to recognize your company as a reputable and reliable choice for local consumers. Of course, anyone can gather reviews.

If you really want your brand to stand out, try supercharging your client reviews with geotagging software. Geotagging adds GPS data to reviews, the kind of data that Google absolutely craves! The search engine sorts through countless contracting companies every year. Roofers with geotagged jobsite check-ins and reviews, however, provide undeniable evidence of their service area.

In simple terms, Google sees actionable evidence of where you work and directs more traffic from those communities to your website.

At Roofing Webmasters, we use integrated software called DataPins to provide geotagged check-ins and reviews for your website. That’s just one reason why our roofing clients enjoy front-page rankings and exceptional lead quality. We’d love to talk with you about your growth goals. 

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  • expertise.com best seo agencies in fort worth
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  • roofers coffee partner
  • national roofing contractors association nrca partner
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17 (Realistic) Ways To Get Commercial Roofing Leads in 2023

Commercial Roofing Leads (Blog Cover)

Commercial roofing leads are extremely valuable because they produce higher ticket jobs. However, with great value comes great competition. Unlike residential roofing jobs, which contractors can score easily when they buy roofing leads, commercial leads require a comprehensive strategy.

Targeting a commercial audience for leads can be quite challenging, especially if your roofing company is relatively new. With thousands of competitors around the country, your business must stand out to earn commercial roof leads.

As a result, Roofing Webmasters has crafted a helpful list of 17 practical commercial lead-generation strategies for 2023.

Idea #1: Create a Commercial Roofing Lead Generation Process

Buying leads from other companies can only take you so far as a business. You cut out the third party when you craft your own lead generation strategy. The best way to get commercial roofing leads in 2023 is to create a branded online presence with a custom website and organic SEO.

You have a major advantage over startups if you already own a domain name and a Google Business Profile. You can hire a website design and SEO agency to optimize your website and start ranking for various commercial roofing keywords.

Adding new content to your website allows it to rank for more commercial roofing terms on Google. Furthermore, website content also helps your Google Business Profile rank in the Local Map 3-Pack for those same terms. Your listing may even showcase that you offer a specific commercial service with what is known as local justifications.

If you don’t currently have a domain name or GBP, you should grab them ASAP. A domain name can cost as little as $9.99 annually, while a Google Business Profile is free to claim and optimize.

Keyword research tools allow you to measure the search volume and difficulty of various commercial roofing keywords.

Idea #2: Perform Competitive Analysis

One of the fastest ways of identifying roofing lead generation opportunities is to compare your strategy to other competitors in the industry. Frankly, it can be challenging to pick apart your company’s weaknesses when you’ve poured so much energy into its success. That’s why an honest look at an opponent can help you gain perspective.

Marketing research unlocks your target competitor’s strategy. Staying up-to-date on modern concepts allows your business to confidently tackle new ideas. Now, this inspiration can come from competitors both on a local level and at a national level.

Take some time to keyword search (ex: “commercial roofing repair in San Jose, CA“) in your local area first. While there’s a lingering temptation to go after national-level keywords right off the bat, local businesses are typically your most important competitors.

Second, a competitive analysis gives you the threshold you’ll need to beat to rank in Google search.

A Company Looking for Commercial Roofing Leads

Google will tell you which websites they value by rankings. Search Google for relevant terms like commercial roofing services and commercial roof repair to find websites that are producing results.

High Ranking Experts Outside Your Service Area Can Still Offer Valuable Insights

Idea #3: Study Top Local Opponents

Do you ever wonder how those lucky few in the local pack managed to secure their spots? Google’s local algorithm is based on proximity, relevance, and prominence. So even before starting a more in-depth inspection, we know these top performers have thoroughly completed their Google Business Profile.

As we’ve mentioned in our podcasts, you don’t have to be perfect to compete in roofing SEO. You only need to be better than everyone else in your service area. Start by crafting a simple baseline strategy that most of your competitors follow.

  • Do they use DataPins?
  • What keywords are they using?
  • How old is their business?
  • Do they offer insightful pages for each service they provide?
  • Is their website design straightforward and easy to navigate?

Idea #4: Study Dominant Commercial Roofers Throughout the U.S.

Don’t limit your research to roofers in your immediate service area. Go ahead and expand your competitive research to other high-ranking businesses in your state (or even beyond). See if you spot new keyword combinations and helpful design features that your local rivals haven’t adopted yet. These could be some powerful tools for earning commercial roofing leads.

You can even analyze major industry publications for ideas. Magazines are especially adept at crafting “listicle” articles, which rank for dozens of relevant keywords. These resources provide valuable insights and guides for potential commercial clients and bring invaluable traffic to your website.

While there are many paths towards ranking #1 in Google, a listicle could earn you a featured article slot. That’s one of the most prestigious awards and positions Google awards in SERPs.

Idea #5: Beat Your Competitors’ Baseline

Examine website design, advertising platforms, and content marketing quality. Are they focusing on Google Ads or spreading their budget through multiple channels? It’s easy to tell how much effort a company puts into a website, but it might take some keyword searches to find where they advertise.

There are a handful of tools most businesses can use to get ahead.

  • Diversified Keyword Strategies
  • Schema-Rich Website Design
  • Consistent, Diverse Reviews Collection
  • Ongoing Content Production

Remember, you’re going up against experienced companies. They probably already have a handful of very positive reviews and a decent website backing them up. You have to top these businesses, not just imitate them. You must be willing to go the extra mile while providing the excellent services that all long-term successes do.

Idea #6: Low-Cost Social

If a channel provides commercial roofing leads at a low cost, why not give it a try? That’s the logic that’s driven thousands of companies toward social media. While homeowning consumers are particularly keen to explore social media for their essential roofing services, commercial organizations aren’t far behind.

Your roofing company’s social media profile offers an open invitation to anyone curious about your brand.

Are your social accounts encouraging new commercial roofing leads or preventing them?

Key Facets of an Optimized Facebook Business Profile

  • Up-to-date Contact Information
  • Tactfully Answered Client Reviews / Recommendations
  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Relevant Pictures
  • Links to the Main Company Homepage
  • Posts with Pictures of Your Recent Work
  • A Well-Written About Page
Facebook Page Set Up for Commercial Roofing Leads

Facebook business pages are free, so it’s a low-risk investment for commercial roofers. At the very least, Facebook pages help build your brand and accumulate positive feedback about your business.

Is Your Facebook Business Page Ready to Take on Commercial Roofing Leads?

Idea #7: Use DataPins

Every commercial roofing job should expand your marketing reach with social proof and geo-coordinates. The DataPins Local SEO tool allows you to leverage your real commercial jobs as on-page SEO content. In addition, DataPins serves as a reputation management platform that allows you to accumulate reviews consistently.

DataPins is easy to use as contractors can snap a photo of their job, write a caption, and tag the geo-coordinates. From there, your pin distributes to the tagged pages (i.e., commercial roof repair page or Alpharetta, GA city page). Now website visitors can view your recent jobs in various service areas.

The DataPins tool helps with both SEO and conversions, which are both critical to generating commercial roof leads in 2023. The SEO signals help your website, and Google Business Profile rank higher for various keyphrases, while the social proof and reputation management increase the conversion rate.

Idea #8: Get Hyper-Visual With Instagram

As Facebook’s more visually-oriented sister platform, Instagram offers unbelievable opportunities for earning commercial roofing leads. It’s the perfect place to show off your team’s craftsmanship skills and handiwork.

Posts use images or videos, with captions offering room for relevant keywords. According to Statista, Instagram’s user base is projected to rise to 125.5 million in the U.S. alone by 2023.

Let your custom photos tell the story of an expert roof replacement or original installation. You can spend a little time each month uploading quality photos and videos from your latest projects. Try to paint a broad picture of your team’s commercial work.

A Commercial Roofing Company Instagram Profile

Promote your most compelling work into custom ads. Instagram grows more and more essential as younger generations climb the workforce ladder. Having a presence ready for them will undoubtedly funnel some commercial roofing leads your way.

This Team Continues to Post to Instagram regularly. (Baker Roofing Company)

Idea #9: Expertise Branding

There are thousands of commercial roofing companies out there. What separates your brand from the rest? Perhaps you’re a seasoned expert in metal roof construction, but (again) so many roofers offer metal installation.

Does your logo stand out? Presenting that expertise can make all the difference in generating commercial roofing leads. Turn your expertise into a branding tool for your business.

Idea #10: Advertise Your Employees

Your top roofing professionals are more than just employees. They’re the face of your company. Please think of the countless roofing projects they’ve installed, repaired, and restored over the years. Instead of promoting a service, what if you boosted the seasoned professionals behind the service?

Take a little talent inventory to see what sort of experience you could showcase. This advertising method isn’t for businesses with constantly shifting personnel but is perfect for companies with many long-time employees.

Try going beyond the traditional “About Us” or “Meet the Team” pages and linking your employees directly to their areas of expertise. Have a green roofing pro that you’re incredibly proud to call an employee? Tie them into a relevant service page, and sprinkle in some related keywords.

Idea #11: Turn Expertise Into Content

Your seasoned roofing professionals have so much insight to offer. They’ve probably answered the same old questions hundreds of times, making them an excellent resource for lead-driving content. You don’t need them to write a 5,000-word blog post, but they probably have some interesting facts and quotes to enrich your next how-to article.

Take 10 to 15 minutes. Have your content writer and project expert discuss some of the popular questions your commercial roofing leads are asking. Whether it’s metal roofing or PVC installation, your roofer’s expertise offers the sort of fresh insights that rank well in local searches.

Present it in an optimized format, and chase after those featured snippets we discussed earlier. When the article is ready, add your roofer’s name and bio to the publication.

Idea #12: Promote Your Content

Articles, guides, and how-tos all have a lifespan of their own. How you manage that content during that lifespan ultimately determines what traffic you get from them. If you want to generate more traffic and commercial roofing leads for your business, try taking your best content resources and harnessing them as advertising tools.

There are so many ways to advertise and promote your content

  • Share them as downloadable e-books on & off your website
  • Promote the content on Facebook
  • Create Instagram stories
  • Could you share them with an industry publication?

Idea #13: Hunt the No’s

Understanding why people turn down your outstanding services is essential to persuade them in the future. We all have our reasons for saying “No.” Whether the root lies in fear, distrust, or simple confusion, there are ways to overcome initial disinterest.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of consumers come across your website daily, but commercial clients often have different reasons for saying the big “No.”

Reasons Commercial Prospects Say “No”

  • Their company budget can’t handle an expensive roof service.
  • They need further encouragement that your company is the right choice.
  • They aren’t in the purchase phase of their study.
  • There’s a negative perception your company must overcome.
  • There’s confusion or uncertainty regarding the right solution.

You can address many of these potential “no” sources within your website design and local search content. Roofing companies unknowingly create all sorts of reasons for doubt as they promote their services. Grammar errors, unnecessary jargon, and lack of clear descriptions establish more distance between your readers and their destiny as commercial roofing leads.

Idea #14: Eliminate Fear of Uncertainty

There are dozens of facts, points of comparison, and internal company matters to consider when a business needs a new roofing system. All those considerations add up to a lot of uncertainty, naturally creating resistance to big purchases.

Think of every concern as a brick that lies between your prospect and saying “yes” to a new roof.

What if you could eliminate most of that uncertainty?

The process begins with your company providing clear and consistent information. Where does your service area lie? Does your roofing team provide the necessary solution and requisite experience to perform the job? Answer these questions directly (and honestly, of course).

Many businesses unintentionally confuse would-be clients by mixing up their service hours and solutions across their various listings. While they update their website or Facebook page regularly (for instance), they may neglect other sources that you can maximize.

Idea #15: Minimize Fear of Loss

A commercial roof replacement is more of a fleeting expenditure. It represents a significant investment in a building’s energy efficiency and weather protection. For some, a replacement also means substantial disruption to day-to-day operations.

When the time finally comes for a business to undergo this critical project, there’s no room for error or wasted effort.

Your business can do many things to mitigate the fear of loss for potential clients. The most potent tool is feedback from past customers. Homeowners and business owners alike increasingly rely on online reviews and word of mouth in the decision-making process for essential services.

Back in 2015, half of adults under 50 already consulted online reviews before making purchases¬†(Pew Research).¬†That segment only grows as we head toward 2023. Continue to ask businesses for reviews after each project, and you’ll notice that commercial roofing leads are much less hesitant to convert.

Generous warranties and careful expectation setting go even further to turn “No’s” into clients. Take some time to establish the time and resource requirements of your project. You’d be amazed how much clients appreciate this and how often it appears in reviews.

Idea #16: Identify Losing Content

Local SEO is an ongoing process. That’s particularly true for promoted business practices regarding website content and keywords. A page that ranks at the top of local search results today may require serious updates to maintain that position down the road.

That’s why continued research into Google Analytics is so essential for your website.

Take time every quarter to inspect your website metrics and identify underperforming pages. This content may show a few signs of decay:

  • Lowered page visits over time
  • Increasing bounce rates
  • Increasing exit rates
  • Dropping time on page

When you discover a weakly-performing page, please don’t rush to scrap it. Some of the most value-driving industry content comes from repurposed, consolidated, and re-released pages. You can use premium guides from past years, update them, and watch the commercial roofing leads come in.

Idea #17: Experiment With CTAs

Your calls-to-action (CTAs) have much more power than you realize. In a series of fantastic CTA case studies, Moz showed that changing the offering, hook, or phrasing of a call to action can turn a dormant page into a highly productive lead-generation tool.

If you are unfamiliar with the science behind CTA design, you need to read these fantastic resources.

Calls to action rely on four key elements:

  • Clarity on the services offered
  • Placement on the page
  • Timing in the user’s buying cycle
  • Motivation to answer the call

A well-crafted CTA acknowledges where a potential user is in their buying cycle while clearly outlining the services’ value. It stands out from the rest of the page, and users have little friction preventing them from answering the call.

Experimenting with new CTAs presents opportunities for huge conversion rate improvement.

How can you re-word your call to action to turn interested readers into commercial roofing leads? Do your downloadable resources provide enough value to deserve a company’s email? These are the sort of questions you’ll need to ask as you experiment.

Find Your Commercial Roofing Leads

Need help generating leads for your commercial roofing business? Our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to partner with your team to produce results. Our current clients enjoy fantastic rankings on Google, allowing them to garner consistent traffic and more commercial roofing leads.

  • expertise.com best seo agencies in fort worth
  • contractors of america best digital agency
  • roofers coffee partner
  • national roofing contractors association nrca partner
  • roofers guild accredited agency
  • roofers paradise best of award

Mega Roofing SEO Changes in 2020 (Podcast)

Top ranking companies rarely succeed by accident, especially when it comes to organic search results. For roofing businesses that want to start claiming higher positions in local search, keeping up with Google’s ever-changing standards makes all the difference. In the latest podcast from Roofing Webmasters, Nolen and Jason discuss two key areas to establish your brand expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. If you crave better lead generation for your company, be sure to listen in to these Roofing SEO changes.

Tips on SEO for Roofers:

  • Find the baseline SEO standards, then exceed them for higher ranks!
  • Reviews help establish trust with both Google and potential customers.
  • Reviews work best when gathered from a handful of sources instead of all-in-one.

Much Better Than Average

There was a time when no one believed it was possible for a human being to complete a mile run in less than four minutes. Then in 1954, to the world’s amazement, Roger Bannister destroyed that barrier and created a new threshold for professional distance runners. Thanks to Sir Bannister’s contribution, men around the world have gone on to set even more impressive records below the four-minute mark. We can learn many lessons from this incredible feat of perseverance, but one applies particularly well to our talk today:

The bar for success is always moving higher. 

This unavoidable truth is especially crucial in SEO for Roofers. Meeting the established standards doesn’t guarantee success. Exceeding them does! We find several powerful examples of this in digital marketing. For instance, Moz developed the 10x Content concept for creating more powerful blogs, infographics, videos, etc. Roofing Webmasters took the industry standard 10-ish points of schema coding customization, multiplied it, and raised it to 100 for much stronger website performance!

Today, we’re going to briefly review the current search engine optimization baseline for roofing companies. Then we’ll dive into two Roofing SEO changes to help you soar above the competition and earn your higher rankings.

Roofing Client Reviews

Establishing an SEO Baseline

At Roofing Webmasters, we have a handful of online marketing attributes and activities that we lovingly refer to as “The List.” Master these elements, and you’ve got a golden ticket to higher rankings automatically. Some of these include:

  • Google My Business Listing Completion 
  • Keyword-Enriched Content Writing
  • Citations
  • Customer Reviews Collection

The list above is the bare minimum if you want to get noticed by Google’s search engine. Most companies can be considered lucky if they nail just one or two of these elements. Then again, most companies never see page one rankings! If you start making these Roofing SEO changes now, you could begin earning better traffic within a few months.

Remember, over 90% of pages listed on Google never even earn a single view. According to an Ahrefs study, only 10% of pages earn visitors from the world’s largest search engine. Half of that segment earns more than ten visitors a month. So you better believe that the lion’s share of traffic is going to the front pages of search results.

Instead of feeling disheartened, take these numbers as a challenge. If you haven’t yet, start creating your roofing SEO foundation with a quality custom website, a GMB account, and listings in the top 10 citation sites (such as the BBB). Don’t stop short and double down on PPC or purchased leads; that’s a difficult hole to escape. Once you’re ready, you can chase after the following Roofing SEO changes and knock out the competition.

Custom Designed Website

Custom-Coded Website Development

As much as we’d hate to admit it, it’s theoretically possible to earn some success with a cookie-cutter website template. It’s certainly better than having no website at all, but not that much better. However, if you want to kick some online butt, your roofing company needs a custom schema-coded site. Schema coding is designed to fit your website content and provide crucial data to Google’s web crawlers. As the Roofing Webmasters’ Jason Landry puts it, “Schema coding tells Google crawlers what your content means.” 

In other words, this specialty coding takes all the various elements surrounding each of your website pages and identifies their purpose for Google crawling. As a result, markup makes it remarkably more accessible for the search engine to identify and appraise your content, earning higher rankings in the process. Higher rankings, of course, lead to better traffic.

Unless you have a dedicated programmer/design expert in your roofing team, you’ll probably have to hire this task out to a seasoned web developer. But, even if it costs a few thousand dollars for a brand-new site, the reward is certainly worth it! Just make sure you keep your established domain name.

Righteous Review Geotagging

Supercharge Your Reviews

Few signals impact your brands’ trustworthiness, like customer reviews. If you’ve done an excellent job of faithfully collecting reviews, you already know the power of positive client feedback! With that being said, there’s a way to supercharge your reviews for two to three times the impact: geotaggingGeotagging attaches location-based data onto your reviews, creating a digital footprint for local search. 

Many applications and software services complete this tagging process effectively, but those create some outstanding improvements for your online search. At Roofing Webmasters, our favorite geotagging software is DataPins. The tool integrates seamlessly into our custom websites, making it easy to sync with both city pages and service pages. RR also makes it easy to post geotagged check-ins and reviews to your website, creating precious data that Google eats up like frosted cupcakes!

Just imagine the benefits to your local search and keyword rankings if your reviews worked three times as hard for your roofing business. Whatever solution you land on, make sure it incorporates reviews from all your primary citation sources. That should include (at minimum): Google Reviews, Facebook, BBB, and Yelp. Google Search values reviews more when they come from a variety of sources.

Need an SEO Pro?

These Roofing SEO changes make it so much easier to earn premium rankings in organic search! If you’ve been struggling to make headway in online marketing, our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to help. Our collection of seasoned content writers, programmers, SEO strategists, and website designers supports hundreds of businesses throughout the United States. As a result, clients regularly earn front-page rankings, earning higher traffic and more substantial leads.

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Roofing, Marketing, and the Truth About Leads (Podcast)

Are you fed up with your roofing lead generation? It’s a story we hear so many times at Roofing Webmasters: “I need leads, but I hate paying my company for them.” In our latest podcast, Jason and Nolen discuss the truth behind leads and where they ultimately originate. So if you’ve never considered how your lead-selling company works, be sure to listen in.

Helpful Tips for Lead Generation:

  • Don’t forget: lead-selling services make local businesses compete for the same pool of leads.
  • PPC campaigns offer better results than lead vendors, especially in tandem with local SEO!
  • Organic SEO makes lead generation much more affordable for many roofing contractors.
  • Always start your roofing SEO efforts by completing your Google My Business profile!

Lead Generation: Feeding Business

Have you ever met someone who only eats at fast-food restaurants? When they complain about the soaring costs of eating out, you want to point to the nearest grocery store and say, “Make it yourself!” While the process may take a bit of work, preparing your meals is ultimately much cheaper than dining out. That’s just a fact of life!

When it comes to online marketing, learning to feed yourself is just as important. Even so, thousands of roofing companies are stuck waiting for a third-party lead generation vendor to spoon-feed their business. All the while, those same vendors gather leads from the same sources that roofers should target independently.

How Roofing Leads are Born

Picture this: A laborer and a smooth-talking salesman walk next to an enormous freshwater river. On the bank of the water, the hard-working laborer notes the extreme heat and moans about how thirsty they’ve become on the walk. Then, as the two near the clean water supply, they happen upon a bucket set on the shoreline. The salesman walks up to the buck, dips it deep in the river, turns around to the laborer, and says, “For $20,000, I will give you a sip of this water.”

This story sounds ridiculous, but it amply describes many roofing contractors and lead generation.

Sources of Lead Generation

Google delivers the most significant volume of roofing leads than any other digital source in the United States. The search engine craves trustworthy businesses to direct consumers and even provides free tools to simplify the process. In addition, because Google matches consumers with companies in their local community, the resulting lead quality is generally much better than other sources.

Lead generation companies step in and create a gap between consumers browsing through Google Search and roofing companies hunting for customers. Instead of connecting interested homeowners and businesses directly to a single local contractor, they offer the same leads to multiple roofing companies within the same community. This “lead” may be a person who’s simply looking for prices or bids, not a ready-to-buy individual to complicate matters further.

Alternative Lead Sources

Maybe you don’t buy leads from another company. Perhaps you buy them from PPC campaigns off Google Ads or Facebook. These advertising venues aren’t as cheap as they used to be, but they provide a dependable lead source. You also only pay for clicks, a very actionable source of business.

While PPC offers plenty of opportunities to grow your business, it represents an equally dangerous source of lead generation addiction. 

After all, these campaigns are relatively easy to manage and remarkably simple to track results. Moreover, even if a roofing company owner is too busy to run the campaigns themselves, dozens of digital marketing experts are willing to handle the load. That, of course, makes the endeavor even more expensive.

Organic Lead Generation in Local Search

What’s the Solution?

Generate the leads yourself! You know all those businesses sitting at the top of your local search results are there for a reason. Self-sustaining lead generation doesn’t happen spontaneously. For example, those successful roofing contractors exercised the meager time, money, and effort necessary to win. Now they reap in the outstanding traffic and leads.

You don’t have to give up on purchasing leads or running campaigns all at once. Instead, simply start putting a little money each month into developing a long-term supply of clients.

  • Your brand starts to earn greater recognition.
  • Only your company enjoys each lead.
  • The average lead is so much cheaper.
  • The average lead is of much higher quality.

If you’re tired of paying out the nose for leads, or if you’re curious about creating more growth for your roofing business, we’d love to help. 

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