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Mega Roofing SEO Changes in 2020 (Podcast)

Top ranking companies rarely succeed by accident, especially when it comes to organic search results. For roofing businesses that want to start claiming higher positions in local search, keeping up with Google’s ever-changing standards makes all the difference. In the latest podcast from Roofing Webmasters, Nolen and Jason discuss two key areas to establish your brand expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. If you crave better lead generation for your company, be sure to listen in to these Roofing SEO changes.

Tips on SEO for Roofers:

  • Find the baseline SEO standards, then exceed them for higher ranks!
  • Reviews help establish trust with both Google and potential customers.
  • Reviews work best when gathered from a handful of sources instead of all-in-one.

Much Better Than Average

There was a time when no one believed it was possible for a human being to complete a mile run in less than four minutes. Then in 1954, to the world’s amazement, Roger Bannister destroyed that barrier and created a new threshold for professional distance runners. Thanks to Sir Bannister’s contribution, men around the world have gone on to set even more impressive records below the four-minute mark. We can learn many lessons from this incredible feat of perseverance, but one applies particularly well to our talk today:

The bar for success is always moving higher. 

This unavoidable truth is especially crucial in SEO for Roofers. Meeting the established standards doesn’t guarantee success. Exceeding them does! We find several powerful examples of this in digital marketing. For instance, Moz developed the 10x Content concept for creating more powerful blogs, infographics, videos, etc. Roofing Webmasters took the industry standard 10-ish points of schema coding customization, multiplied it, and raised it to 100 for much stronger website performance!

Today, we’re going to briefly review the current search engine optimization baseline for roofing companies. Then we’ll dive into two Roofing SEO changes to help you soar above the competition and earn your higher rankings.

Roofing Client Reviews

Establishing an SEO Baseline

At Roofing Webmasters, we have a handful of online marketing attributes and activities that we lovingly refer to as “The List.” Master these elements, and you’ve got a golden ticket to higher rankings automatically. Some of these include:

  • Google My Business Listing Completion 
  • Keyword-Enriched Content Writing
  • Citations
  • Customer Reviews Collection

The list above is the bare minimum if you want to get noticed by Google’s search engine. Most companies can be considered lucky if they nail just one or two of these elements. Then again, most companies never see page one rankings! If you start making these Roofing SEO changes now, you could begin earning better traffic within a few months.

Remember, over 90% of pages listed on Google never even earn a single view. According to an Ahrefs study, only 10% of pages earn visitors from the world’s largest search engine. Half of that segment earns more than ten visitors a month. So you better believe that the lion’s share of traffic is going to the front pages of search results.

Instead of feeling disheartened, take these numbers as a challenge. If you haven’t yet, start creating your roofing SEO foundation with a quality custom website, a GMB account, and listings in the top 10 citation sites (such as the BBB). Don’t stop short and double down on PPC or purchased leads; that’s a difficult hole to escape. Once you’re ready, you can chase after the following Roofing SEO changes and knock out the competition.

Custom Designed Website

Custom-Coded Website Development

As much as we’d hate to admit it, it’s theoretically possible to earn some success with a cookie-cutter website template. It’s certainly better than having no website at all, but not that much better. However, if you want to kick some online butt, your roofing company needs a custom schema-coded site. Schema coding is designed to fit your website content and provide crucial data to Google’s web crawlers. As the Roofing Webmasters’ Jason Landry puts it, “Schema coding tells Google crawlers what your content means.” 

In other words, this specialty coding takes all the various elements surrounding each of your website pages and identifies their purpose for Google crawling. As a result, markup makes it remarkably more accessible for the search engine to identify and appraise your content, earning higher rankings in the process. Higher rankings, of course, lead to better traffic.

Unless you have a dedicated programmer/design expert in your roofing team, you’ll probably have to hire this task out to a seasoned web developer. But, even if it costs a few thousand dollars for a brand-new site, the reward is certainly worth it! Just make sure you keep your established domain name.

Righteous Review Geotagging

Supercharge Your Reviews

Few signals impact your brands’ trustworthiness, like customer reviews. If you’ve done an excellent job of faithfully collecting reviews, you already know the power of positive client feedback! With that being said, there’s a way to supercharge your reviews for two to three times the impact: geotaggingGeotagging attaches location-based data onto your reviews, creating a digital footprint for local search. 

Many applications and software services complete this tagging process effectively, but those create some outstanding improvements for your online search. At Roofing Webmasters, our favorite geotagging software is DataPins. The tool integrates seamlessly into our custom websites, making it easy to sync with both city pages and service pages. RR also makes it easy to post geotagged check-ins and reviews to your website, creating precious data that Google eats up like frosted cupcakes!

Just imagine the benefits to your local search and keyword rankings if your reviews worked three times as hard for your roofing business. Whatever solution you land on, make sure it incorporates reviews from all your primary citation sources. That should include (at minimum): Google Reviews, Facebook, BBB, and Yelp. Google Search values reviews more when they come from a variety of sources.

Need an SEO Pro?

These Roofing SEO changes make it so much easier to earn premium rankings in organic search! If you’ve been struggling to make headway in online marketing, our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to help. Our collection of seasoned content writers, programmers, SEO strategists, and website designers supports hundreds of businesses throughout the United States. As a result, clients regularly earn front-page rankings, earning higher traffic and more substantial leads.

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