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9 Qualities of The Perfect Roofing Landing Page (2023 Update)

Creating the perfect roofing landing page requires experience, testing, and savviness developed over years of digital marketing campaigns. At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve crafted tens of thousands of landing pages for roofers over the past decade. Throughout our history, we’ve collected valuable data regarding landing page performance. The following post will outline the best qualities of a landing page.

So much of our time in digital marketing is spent trying to sway people in the direction we desire.

  • Call Now!
  • Subscribe to Our Email!
  • Get Your Free e-Book! 
  • Schedule a Free Inspection!

Considering the inescapable volume of advertising and other marketing noise we hear daily, it’s no wonder that most of these calls to action fall on deaf (or overtaxed) ears. That’s why a well-crafted roofing landing page is so important for cutting through the noise and communicating with would-be clients.

Today, we’ll dig into constructing a winning landing page design (or reoptimizing an existing layout). 

Let’s dive in!

Elements of a Landing Page

Landing Pages are Designed to Target a Specific Audience Coming From Specific Channels.

What is a Roofing Landing Page?

Landing pages are specialized and (often) temporary pages designed for the consumer’s place in the sales funnel. With capable planning, they often enjoy higher conversion rates than traditional website copy. Of course, their lead-generating power makes them a heavily used tool for advertisers and digital marketing companies.

Best Roofing Landing Page Qualities in 2023

Sometimes, a business needs a consumer to see a specific message, service, or offer without the distraction of other website materials. Many companies achieve this by creating links, ads, and other hyperlinked objects that transport the potential customer to a simple page with a focused message. That page typically has a header, imagery (or video), short text, a compelling offer, and a call to action.

So what qualities make a perfect roofing landing page?

Quality #1: It Has a Clear Purpose

It’s easy to jump straight to goal-setting, click-thru rates, and higher subscription lists. Try to begin your roofing landing page with a one or two-sentence goal. Think about what you are trying to get out of this project. Don’t even worry about key performance indicators at the very beginning.

Here are some examples of a landing page vision (or mission):

  • “I want to earn more metal roofing sales.”
  • “I want to convince more people to come to our business for maintenance work.”
  • “I want to generate exposure for a new service I’m offering.”
  • “I want people to see our wide list of roofing material options.”
  • “I want potential customers to think about our brand more often.”

Decide what you want from your landing page ahead of time. Obviously, it should coincide with your company’s long-term goals. It should also link naturally to whatever channel your potential clients are coming from, which leads to our next point.

Google Ads That Could Be Sources for a Roofing Landing Page

Google Ads are a Particularly Common Origin Point for Landing Page Traffic.

Quality #2: It Fits the Source & Audience

Where is your landing page traffic originating from?

This extends a little beyond the design of the actual roofing landing page, but consider where people are coming from when they land on this special page. Is your target audience scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed when they haphazardly click on an ad? Are they coming from a Google Ad after searching a related term?

As you design your landing page, consider its traffic source(s) and how rushed, interested, and/or familiar the associated audience is with your business.

You may need to shorten the content, include flashier imagery, and require less information for people coming from a more casual social media source. Then again, you might take a little more time to discuss an offer if you’re confident your audience is already interested.

Quality #3: It Uses a Compelling Header

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a website? The logo might be, but the header likely caught your attention first. When it comes to landing pages, your header must instantly convey what the page is all about. The best headers focus on the potential client’s benefit, establishing their stake in the future offer.

A Potential Roofing Landing Page Template

Notice How This Template Immediately Draws the Eyes to the Header.

Image Source: Affapress

A compelling header not only communicates the main purpose of the page, it draws the eyes to the starting point of your offer. From there, your roofing landing page can begin conveying whatever offer and benefits you wish to present to the audience. Notice how naturally your eyes fall to the lorem ipsum text and the two calls to action.

However, a weak or overly-cheesy header can put a bad taste in their mouth, so don’t focus too hard on being clever. 

Quality #4: It Stays Focused in the Copy

Landing pages are meant to be short, concise, and to the point. Many businesses make the mistake of overly selling their brand or their services. While you need to convey exactly what’s included in the offer, effective copy also continues the focus on user benefits. It also emphasizes the pain points of your target audience, your role in addressing them, and how they can respond.

Your copy is also the perfect place to connect with each reader personally. As Hubspot’s Christina Perricone puts it, “Compelling copy also speaks directly to the visitor by using ‘you’ and ‘your’ to make them feel engaged.” As you or your marketing team writes your roofing landing page, take a moment to empathize with the reader and acknowledge their feelings in the situation.

Finally, wrap all those pain points and desire for relief into a final solution statement that leads to your call to action. Speaking of calls to action…

Quality #5: Its CTA Offer Matches the Effort Required

Have you ever started to fill out a survey (for your local grocer, restaurant, etc.), then quit after realizing it would take 15 minutes? Carry that same mentality into your design process as you craft the perfect roofing landing page! Whether you decide to ask for a full email form or a simple call, make sure you have a tempting offer waiting on the other end. 

Remember this rule of thumb: if the reward is greater than or equal to the effort, then adoption rises.

This Roofing Landing Page Uses Two Calls to Action

The Free Estimate Offer Involves Very Little Participant Effort, Increasing The Likelihood of Completion.

Notice in the above example how this free project estimate is available without even calling the contractor. An interested homeowner or business can ask for an estimate, and the roofer will get back to them. In return, the contractor receives both the potential client’s number and email.

That’s a win-win scenario for both parties involved!

Quality #6: It Uses an Authoritative Call to Action

You don’t see many landing pages taking a passive stance on your involvement. “Hey, if you feel like it, you can click this button and maybe call our team. You know, if you feel like it.” There’s a good reason for this:

People actually like being told what to do.

It’s true. While many people are naturally wired to resist authority, everyone desires a measure of direction. Online readers appreciate instructions just as we appreciate highway lane divisions and drive-thru arrows. Remember, many of the people on your roofing landing page want to be there! Simple directions help them find the relief they need.

Great Inspiration for Crafting Your Roofing Landing Page

What a Powerful CTA from Khan Academy! Address Pain Points and Use a Commanding Voice.

In the example above, we see just how convincing a call to action can be when the pain points have been carefully touched on in the preceding copy. Khan Academy sure knows how to write a landing page! Use the same level of conviction as you link your copy and call to action together.

Your roofing services solve some of the most frustrating situations that homeowners will ever encounter, so don’t be afraid to take authority.

Quality #7: It Incorporates Vivid Images

What your roofing landing page readers feel is just as important as what they learn. While stirring copy certainly paves the way towards your reading clicking through, you’d be amazed at how much faster images communicate the subject! Since your landing page readers don’t have time to read 1000 words (as the adage goes), an image is worth even more. 

Shingle Installation Image for a Roofing Landing Page

Find Applicable, Stimulating Images That Either Touch on Pain Points or the Solution!

Images provide useful tools for creating space around your text blocks, then focusing attention on the call to action. If you’re torn between two or more high-quality photos, feel free to test them all out and see what works best. The great thing about landing pages is that you can always update and reuse them for future projects!

Quality #8: It Eliminates Distractions

We’ve touched on this a couple of times already, but it’s a point worth dialing down on. Distraction is the enemy of conversion! If your readers are too busy trying to read through a list of links instead of reading through your offer, the entire purpose of your roofing landing page has been defeated.

Homepages rarely make for fitting landing pages!

A Homepage That Shouldn't Be a Roofing Landing Page

This Great Homepage Might Be Too Distracting to Be a Roofing Landing Page.

In the above example, we see many different elements vying for attention. While this is certainly a well-designed homepage, it might be too distracting to function as a high-conversion landing page. Ideally, there should only be one (or at max two) calls to action that is clearly indicated by the surrounding page elements. 

The picture below shows a wonderful (albeit minimalist) example of a great landing page.

Great Inspiration for a Roofing Landing Page

Notice How the Faded Image Supports But Doesn’t Distract From the Call to Action Button.

Image Source: Moz

Quality #9: It Changes as Needed

It’s relatively simple to design the perfect roofing landing page. But goals, audiences, and markets change over time. What works (or doesn’t work) one day can change month to month! The ideal landing page can be easily adapted to target new audiences and support new marketing channels. So don’t feel overly committed to one particular call to action or image.

Roofing Landing Page Design Services

According to reports, Google Ads alone earned over 116 billion dollars in revenue. Clearly, businesses have faith in the power of advertising. However, only 22 percent of US consumers believe brands can provide the exceptional customer experience they crave (Insider Intelligence).

If your company can learn better to serve potential clients with tailored ads and simplified shopping, you’ll be one step closer to creating that exceptional experience consumers admire so much! Our team at Roofing Webmasters would love to help you develop deeper client relationships and earn sustained growth for your company.

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How to Run a Facebook Ad for Storm Damage Roofing in 2023

How To Run a Facebook Ad for Storm Damage Roofing Banner

Hail storms, tornados, and other inclement weather conditions often present new opportunities for local roofing companies. Many affected homeowners require roofing services, which substantially expands your number of potential clients. These are the best times to invest in storm damage roofing Facebook ads.

One way to maximize your roofing leads is to run storm-targeted Facebook Ads for your roofing company. These advertisements can ensure your company garners new customers during the window of opportunity that emerges in post-storm roofing conditions.

As unfortunate as it might be, the best time for roofing companies is in the wake of a storm. The key is to reach your audience when storms are on the horizon so that they turn to you if their home suffers damage. Capitalizing on local storm damage can make your company’s year financially.

Remember that several companies in your area compete for the same business. Therefore, creating ways to stand out and ensuring your brand holds local authority is critical in 2023. The following post outlines how to run a Facebook Ad for storm damage roofing.

How to Run a Storm Damage Ad on Facebook

  • Enter Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select “Create” on the top left
  • Choose “Lead generation” as your objective
  • Name your campaign something like “Storm damage ad”
  • Choose your roofing company business page
  • View and accept the terms and conditions
  • Set your target audience, budget, placements, and schedule
  • Choose between carousel, single image, video, and slideshow ad formats
  • Input text for headline, body, and CTA
  • Preview your ad
  • Select “Contact Form” and add a form title, intro, questions, and privacy policy
  • Select “Settings” and check “collect organic leads”
  • Select “Finish” on the top right
  • Review, publish, and confirm your ad

Facebook Ad Screen

Facebook Lead Ads are the best option for storm damage campaigns because they collect client information directly from their Facebook profiles.

Collecting Leads from Facebook Ads

After you’ve published your storm damage roofing ad on Facebook, it’s time to start collecting the information from your leads. You can achieve this through a manual download or by setting up an API or CRM integration. Depending on your CRM’s user interface, this process is relatively simple. You can manually download the leads as a CSV file if you don’t currently use a CRM for your roofing business.

Tips for Optimizing Your Storm Damage Facebook Ad

Offer Specials

People love to feel like they are saving money. However, in the event of a catastrophic happening like a storm, homeowners will feel like they have to spend a tremendous amount of money for the repairs (and they likely are).

If you can make them feel like they are saving a good deal of money by using your service, they likely will do so. Offer discounts that make those repairs more affordable than ever and make the owner feel like they are getting the best possible deal.

You can even take it one step further by naming a specific storm system. Specificity shows empathy with your customers who might be affected by the storm and lowers your prices accordingly.

Whatever the method, you can’t go wrong with making your audience feel like they are saving major bucks by using your service. Pricing is another excellent way to develop loyalty to your brand and get those all-important return customers that every business needs for growth.

Find what works for you, where you can offer those discounts, and where it will offer the least resistance to your bottom line. Where your customers benefit, so do you.

Highlight Storm Damage Experience

One of the most important aspects of recovering from storm damage is the time it takes for a roofer to resolve the problem. If you are a customer that has been affected by a storm, the last thing you want is to have a busted roof dominating your life for an extended period. Therefore, a company that can get to you quickly becomes all the more attractive.

You can do this as a business by incorporating past experience into your ad copy. For example, would you mind describing how your staff has a history of performing repairs and installations in short order and that they do the job correctly?

When this happens, customers who suffer damage feel a bit of peace of mind when considering hiring your company. In addition, new customers might be willing to take that chance based on your claims, especially if they need a repair to their roof.

Make it Personal

When reaching their audience and developing leads to grow their business and revenue, one of the most significant issues companies have is coming across with a personal touch. Personalization may not seem important initially, but consider this: people are far more likely to go with a business they feel cares about them.

A personal stake is challenging to convey, but it can be valuable if you manage to pull it off. Developing that personal touch with your potential customers is a way to get some brand loyalty development and the all-important trust factor. When customers trust your business, you have won the most crucial battle in generating leads, brand loyalty, and recognition.

The other thing to consider is this: be good people. When you make good decisions that aren’t selfish, customers notice. You can develop a reputation for being selfless and helping customers instead of taking advantage of them to get every buck that you can.

Acting respectfully is a great way to get customers to remember you, your services, and how you responded during their crises. In addition, their sentiments will translate into revenue down the line. Then, when they require your assistance again, they’ll go with your company because of that previous interaction.

Offer Referral Discounts

One of the best ways to generate leads for your business is to take on a referral program. These programs are a great thing to do in general, so don’t necessarily limit it to storm-related instances. The referral program is word of mouth, but word of mouth can be powerful.

You can offer discounts or perks to current customers who have used your services before. For example, in the event of a storm, you can offer them a particular value if they refer someone who has experienced roof damage. It is a great way to reward your current customers, generate leads for new customers, and build brand loyalty simultaneously.

You can even build on this theme by partnering with other local businesses. So, instead of offering a discount on future services, you might offer a $50 gift card to a local restaurant. Something like that is a great way to generate business and interest in each company, a true win-win.

Final Thoughts on Hail Damage Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most crucial advertising methods for storm damage roofing leads in 2023. Taking advantage of that medium and using it to the best effect possible will make a massive difference for your business.

Ads are not all created equally, nor do they all reach the same amount of targets. Therefore, take the steps necessary to reach your target audience in the most effective way possible. It will better utilize your advertising dollars and generate the leads you need to keep your business growing and thriving.

Keep in mind that none of this is an exact science. One method will work great for one business, while another approach might work far better. The key is to have patience and try to implement these strategies as clearly and concisely as possible.

Also, remember that you will likely not generate massive sales and revenue overnight. So please be patient with your strategies; give them a chance to work. If you choose to pull the plug immediately, your erratic decision will eventually come back to bite your company.

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Roofing Facebook Ads: The Ultimate 2023 Guide (w/Examples)

Roofing Facebook Ads (Guide)

Roofing Facebook Ads are a powerful promotional tool for companies in 2023. In addition, the need for reputable roofing companies is increasing each year due to an increase in weather volatility and homeowner demands.

Still, as the industry gains traction, the competition grows fierce. Using Facebook Ads for roofers is a great way to separate your company from the rest. In addition, Facebook targeting makes it simple to reach your prime consumers.

At Roofing Webmasters, we’ve been working with companies on their digital marketing campaigns for over a decade. Our wealth of knowledge, data, and insights help us steer roofers in the right direction.

Check out the ultimate guide to roofing Facebook Ads in 2023:

What Are Roofing Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads for roofers are paid advertisements promoting a roofing company on Facebook. On Facebook, ads target users based on demographics, geography, and profile data, many of which are unavailable on other advertising platforms. 

In addition, advertisers on Facebook can set a budget and bid per click or thousand impressions. The best way to run Facebook ads for roofing is to target local consumers likely to require roofing services.

Roofing Company Facebook Ad Process

Creating a Facebook Ad is fairly straightforward and easier than most people think. Simply use Facebook’s advertising wizard to navigate the process.

Why Roofing Facebook Ads Work in 2023

As the world’s #1 social media platform, it’s easy to see why Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. However, Facebook also possesses advertising features uniquely fitting the roofing industry landscape.

Remember, your goal is not to reach every one of the 2.5 billion Facebook users but to engage with people most likely interested in your roofing services. You can reach homeowners within your service area and convert them rapidly by targeting specific demographics.

About 18% of Facebook users fall within the 35-44 demographic, a prime age for homeownership. While 25% of users are between 25-34 and likely considering a first-time home purchase.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads for Roofers

Most contractors hate the setup process regarding Facebook ads or any other type of digital promotion. The steps are often complicated and involve leg work that business owners don’t have time for. Luckily, the Facebook Ads setup process is simpler than it seems.

Facebook Ad Screen

In most cases, your ad objective should be lead generation as you’re trying to capture local consumers to become future customers.

Define a Goal

The goal for your roofing company advertising campaign can range from brand awareness to hail storm chasing. Of course, all companies want more customers, but your goal should be more specific. Narrow your goals down to one per roofing ad campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Expand brand awareness in your local service area
  • Get hail storm repair jobs from a recent hit area
  • Create urgency by outlining a common roofing problem
  • Introduce a new product solution like a roof coating

Write down your goal because Facebook will ask for your campaign awareness goals in their ad prompts. If you’ve already chosen your plan, you’ll know exactly how to move through the prompt.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is the true magic of roofing Facebook Ads. As a business owner, you should already have a general idea of your target audience. For example, homeowners in your service area between 40 and 65 are a good framework for roofing companies.

Try to narrow your audience down as much as possible because it will increase ad conversions and minimize your spending. On the other hand, you don’t want to cast a wide net with Facebook Ads because it will quickly drain your budget. Take a look at some audience targeting examples:

  • Age 40-65 (All Genders)
  • Interests: Home Improvement, Home Repair, etc.
  • Location: Within 25 Miles of your Service Area

Creating a Value Proposition

Even your narrowly defined audience is bombarded with countless Facebook Ads daily. As a result, your ad must stand out among the rest. You can achieve this with a value proposition. For example, consider special offers, free inspections, or unique financing options that intrigue your target customers. 

From there, find a way to craft ad copy that reflects it. You might even offer a free download to get more users into your funnel, whether they are ready to buy today or not.

Roofing Facebook Ads Examples

Roofing Facebook Ad Example (Emergency Roofing)

This Facebook Ad example shows a roofing company promoting 24/7 emergency roofing services to their target audience. These kinds of ads are especially effective after a storm or natural disaster within the target service area.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads for Roofers

Now that we’ve covered defining goals, targeting an audience, and creating value propositions, it’s time to highlight the best practices in the Facebook advertising process.


You want ad copy short and to the point. Nobody has time to read a novel or understand any nuance. They’ve already moved on to the next part of their timeline. So you must catch their attention quickly with simple but strong copywriting that concisely demonstrates your value.


Image quality is a big deal for Facebook roofer ads in 2023. Your image quality reflects the perception of your company and brand. Technical aspects of image quality also make a difference, such as resolution, contrast, and distortion. 

As a result, use only high-quality images of your staff and equipment (or recent jobs) and avoid using stock photos at all costs. If you must incorporate stock photography, dress the files up with a free tool like Canva, which allows you to brand and enhance existing image files.


The fastest way to earn trust for your roofing company is to showcase customer reviews from verified sources. Consider adding favorable reviews from Google or Facebook to your ad copy. 

On the other hand, never use unverified reviews because people will assume they are fake. As a result, you can’t post a verbal quote from one of your customers unless they post it on a platform like Google.

Mobile Optimization

Most of your roofing Facebook ad impressions come from mobile devices. With this in mind, always craft your ad with the mobile experience first. Keep copy clean and concise, and use engaging images that mobile users can gravitate to on their phones.

Facebook lets you preview your ad’s mobile appearance before publishing, so always complete this step before making the final call.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Ads for Roofers

Google is still the big show for roofing digital marketing in 2023. Most of your customers will come from organic Google search results or the Local Map 3-Pack. 

Furthermore, organic clicks are cheap and foster long-term brand development and repeat customers. Still, there’s room for Facebook Ads in every roofing marketing strategy. So don’t be afraid to invest in roofing Facebook ads for your next campaign.

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Social Media Doesn’t Work Because You Don’t Work Social Media (Podcast)

Roofing companies often question whether social media benefits their business. After all, social media seems associated with celebrities and millennials who don’t respect blue-collar workers who live on the grind. However, while social media has its downside, its upside is enormous for roofers serious about establishing an online presence. Ultimately, when it comes to social media for roofers, companies get out what they put in for 2021.

Getting The Most Out of Social Media in 2021

There are many avenues to tackle in the social media world, including social media marketing for roofers and social media advertising for roofers. When you combine that with the countless social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it can get overwhelming for roofing companies. With this in mind, Roofing Webmasters offers some simple ways to maximize your social media presence as a roofer.

Brand Your Roofing Company on Social Media

Even if you ignore most aspects of social media, you can’t avoid the branding aspect in 2021. Established companies in any field are expected to have social media profiles on the major platforms. Failure to create a listing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter signals to your consumers that you don’t take your business seriously.

An Active Roofing Company on Instagram

Strengthen Your SEO With Social Signals

Although roofers might not get business directly from social platforms, the signals created can strengthen your website and SEO, ultimately producing more roofing leads. Sharing blog posts, videos, and other marketing materials on social media creates links and engagement for your website. Google sees social signals and considers them when analyzing brand authority.

Interact With Current and Future Clients

Social media can serve as a platform for current and future clients to ask questions and inquire about your business. Whether someone sends a direct message or asks a general inquiry, you can use the opportunity to expand your brand’s reach. However, always remember that public messages can influence other people who read your social media feed. With this in mind, always maintain a professional tone.

Create Engagement With Your Roofing Company

Any kind of brand engagement serves your roofing company now and in the future. We mentioned how social signals influence SEO, but they can also impact your brand’s general perception. As you share content on your social feeds, be sure to track engagement using Facebook Insights and other built-in measurement tools. You can even use UTM links from Google Analytics to track which users visit your website from a social media link.

Facebook Post by Roofcrafter's

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