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7 Roofing Social Media Tips for 2024 (+ Best Practices)

Roofing Social Media (Blog Cover)

How Social Media Impacts Roofing Companies

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are an integral component of the modern marketing landscape for roofers.

Although some roofers prefer to avoid the spotlight created through a social media presence, there are steps you can take to ensure your business receives the essential benefits that social media offers.

A social media presence can increase brand awareness, establish company trust, and synergize other digital marketing signals for optimal search engine results.

Nolen Walker

Key Takeaway from Roofing Webmasters’ CEO

“I always talk to roofers, and some hesitate to show too much on social media. I tell them, you don’t have to be the star. You can highlight your staff, your services, and more. It’s just important to establish a presence.”

Nolen Walker

Do Roofing Companies Need Social Media?

Social media remains a powerful marketing tool. Despite the merits of social media marketing, a surprising amount of roofing companies around the country aren’t utilizing this platform. 

Many of the roofers we talk to say they don’t have enough time to consider a roofing social media marketing campaign, and others say they don’t know how to go about it.

While social media marketing does present a unique set of challenges, it is usually the difference between doing alright as a roofing business and true success. 

Don’t believe us? Please consider the following statistic: 89% of consumers will buy from a brand after following it on social media. Almost as many will go on to recommend the brand or company to a friend. 

Adult Social Media Users in U.S.

Social Media Strategies for Roofing Companies

Everyone wants to be the friend or neighbor who finds and tells everyone else about a great roofing company. These days, people find these companies on social media. Now ask yourself: Are people able to find your company on social media? 

If you answered no, don’t fret. We know that roofing social media marketing can be daunting, but that’s why we put together the following guide. In it, you will learn the essential elements of a successful social media marketing campaign. 

1) Set Clear and Realistic Goals

First and foremost, you must have a clear goal for your social media marketing campaign. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Do you want to boost sales for a specific service?

Perhaps you want to promote a particular product or service. Focus on one goal at a time, but be clear with your ideal outcome.

For instance, if you want to boost sales, determine how much you want to increase them. Nail down a specific percentage. Then, establish a realistic time frame for your social media campaign to achieve the goal.

Facebook Ad Screen

Your goals (and their particular figures and timelines) will provide a framework for your social media marketing campaign.

2) Distinguish Ads from Organic Marketing

Much like Google, social media platforms allow roofers to reach their consumers organically or through paid advertising. While roofers can still promote for free on social apps like Instagram and X, other platforms make it more difficult.

For example, Facebook’s algorithm makes organic promotion difficult, and Facebook Ads for roofing have become a critical option. 

Running Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or X Ads requires understanding demographics, budgeting, and ROI. The good news is that each platform provides in-house support when running advertisements and will even recommend budgets, intervals, and more.

Roofing Facebook Ad Example (Emergency Roofing)

Your job as a roofing company is to produce compelling promotions, slogans, and offers for potential consumers. 

3) Determine your Key Demographic

Your social media marketing campaign will be predicated on creating content for a specific group of people or your key demographic.

As a roofer, your most fundamental demographic is homeowners. However, you may also need to branch out to include property management companies and business owners. 

This step aims to create a customer persona based on your critical demographic’s age range, typical income, gender, geographical location, spending habits, and even personal values and interests. 

Everything you promote should aim to address this persona.

An Active Roofing Company on Instagram

The customer persona you create will be the average person you are trying to connect with on social media.

4) Meet Your Customers on Their Preferred Platforms

Some businesses would do well focusing on a few select social media platforms based on their key demographic. The same is true if you own roofing businesses.

Let us give you an example. 60% of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 16 and 24, while only 26% are between 25 and 44. 

Now ask yourself this question: How many 16-24-year-olds do you know to be homeowners? It would be ideal to have a social media presence on all platforms.

However, as a roofing contractor with limited time and resources, you may want to focus on the more popular platforms with your key demographic.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and consistently reaches homeowners. It and other platforms like Facebook, X, and YouTube hit the sweet spot in terms of the key demographic age group for roofers. 

As a result, Roofers should focus on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Screenshot of Roofing Company Instagram Posts

Instagram is very popular among people between the ages of 25 and 34, and the average age of Facebook users is 40.

5) Maintain Brand Consistency

If your roofing business is already up and running, you probably already have your company logo and slogan. Using the same logo and slogan across all your social media platforms is essential.

Why? Because brand consistency is crucial for brand recognition and even revenue. Solid brand consistency can increase revenue by up to 33%

Brand consistency doesn’t stop at logo and slogan, though. Social media will offer you something you may not have had before an opportunity to communicate with an audience.

You must establish a tone in your roofing social media campaign – and stick to it! Do you want to educate your audience? Then, adopt a formal style with your posts and content. 

Do you want to increase brand awareness? A more conversational tone might be better. Whatever technique you choose, be sure to stick to it. Make it consistent with your brand so that people can recognize it just by reading a few words.

Roofing Company Facebook Screenshot

Here are some more tips for maintaining brand consistency on social media:

  • Use your company logo as your avatar
  • Make sure NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are listed the same on all your social media outlets
  • Use your slogan wherever is appropriate

6) Strike an Informational / Promotional Balance

While viewing your social media marketing campaign as a means of selling your services is tempting, you must remember that even though many people make purchases through social media, it is still used mainly for entertainment and information gathering.

People aren’t looking to be sold when logging onto their Facebook or X accounts. Your content has to strike a good balance between fun/engaging/informative, and promotional.

Roofing Energy Efficient Facebook Post

Think of posts like this: 80% of your posts/content should engage your audience, and only 20% should be geared toward selling to them. 

7) Creating Social Media Friendly Content

Now comes the tricky part. What things should you post in your roofing social media marketing campaign?

Here are some ideas to jump-start your imagination:

  • How To’s: Show your followers how to test a roof leak or identify a roofing material. You don’t have to choose a technically advanced topic. Maybe it’s just a how-to on cleaning gutters. 
  • Before and After’s: Instagram stories are hugely popular and perfect for before and after pictures of your roofing projects.
  • Get Opinions: People love it when their opinion is valued. Ask your followers what they think of a recent job you completed or what style of roof they like most.
  • Tell a Story: Do you or one of your team members have a remarkable, funny, harrowing, inspirational, or otherwise interesting story to tell? Use your social media outlets to share them.
  • Reply: The simplest and perhaps most important of all is to reply to your social media messages and comments. 
  • Pins: DataPins is a software tool that helps roofers automate social media content through pins.

Local Roofing Pin

Each pin showcases a recent job, mini-map, and job description to enhance the photos.

Bonus Social Media Tip for Roofing Contractors

Last but not least: When in doubt, call a professional. Perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure a fruitful roofing social media campaign is to work with the professionals here at Roofing Webmasters.

Our in-house application, DataPins, changes social media, reputation management, and SEO as we know it. As software infiltrates the digital marketing space, more and more processes become automated, which is suitable for roofing companies.

Of course, not all software can replace human behavior, but setting expectations with your digital marketing company is essential. 

Social Media Posts Examples

Check out some examples of roofing companies properly utilizing social media to help their brand.

  • Facebook Ad Example Roofing Company
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  • Screenshot of Roofing Company Instagram Posts
  • Screenshot of Rich Media Within Facebook Posts for Roofing Company
  • Screenshot of Facebook Post from Roofing Company Page
  • Instagram Video Post (Screenshot)
  • Animated Facebook Post (Screenshot)

Free Social Media Checklist for Roofers

What’s the next step? Download this free social media checklist for roofing companies. If you require hands-on assistance with your social media presence, don’t hesitate to contact our agency today.