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How Roofers Can Target Homeowners on Facebook

How To Target Homeowners on Facebook (Blog Cover)
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Key Takeaway

Roofers can target homeowners on Facebook by advertising to specific neighborhoods using the radius pindrop feature within Facebook Ads Manager’s location targeting.

While that is the basic answer to the question, you probably want more context on how to best reach homeowners in your area. At Roofing Webmasters, we have worked with roofing companies for over a decade, including managing their Facebook Advertising.

Creating a Facebook Ad Audience

Hyper-targeting the ideal homeowners for your services starts with defining an advertising audience within Facebook Ads Manager.

There are three audience types:

  • Core: Based on location, age, interests, and more
  • Custom: Based on previous interaction with your page
  • Lookalike: Based on users that closely resemble your existing audience

Each audience type can be refined to reach Facebook users likely to be ideal homeowners. You can learn more extensively about advertising on Facebook with our Roofing Facebook Ads Guide.

Refining Audiences to Reach Homeowners


As a local roofing company, you will want to target Facebook users within your service areas. This measure helps save money and lowers your cost per acquisition. 

You can restrict the geographic radius as much as you want, including individual neighborhoods. Remember that the more you limit your radius, the fewer impressions your ad will receive.


The sweet spot age range for ideal homeowners is between 30 and 45, as this generation is well-versed in digital interactions and understands how to best use the internet to find home services. 

Homeowners older than 45 may be more skeptical of your ads. Many already have a life-long contractor who performs their services. However, this is only true of some consumers over the age of 45.


Several interests within the Facebook Ads Manager help you target the ideal homeowner. People interested in home improvement and even home improvement TV shows are good targets.

In addition, users interested in home and garden, home ownership, and real estate are worth targeting. However, you can be more creative and choose interests like home remodeling, DIY, and HGTV.

Retargeting Homeowners With Specific URL Visits

Does your roofing website contain articles, blog posts, or service pages directly addressing homeowners? If so, you can retarget visitors to those specific URLs within Facebook Ads Manager.

If you don’t currently have content like this on your website, it might be worth publishing for this very purpose. It’s one of the best ways to craft an audience comprised of homeowners.

Reaching Homeowners Through Facebook Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads are the most effective way to reach potential customers for your roofing business. However, some organic Facebook marketing strategies can help you reach homeowners.

For example, creating a Facebook Group about roofing or homeownership might be worth your time. This is especially useful if you can regularly post helpful content for the group members.

You’ll also want to encourage as many people as possible to like your roofing company’s Facebook business page, which can be accelerated by including a link to your Facebook page within your email marketing campings.

Final Thoughts on Targeting Homeowners on Facebook

Facebook has made it increasingly challenging to zero in on homeowners through Facebook Ads. However, through multiple strategies, roofing companies can still reach homeowners and optimize their ad spend on Facebook.

These advertising strategies include targeting specific locations and interests, including home ownership, DIY, and even HGTV. Aside from spending on ads, organic marketing strategies like Facebook Groups can also prove beneficial in maximizing the reach to homeowners.