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Social Media Doesn’t Work Because You Don’t Work Social Media (Podcast)

Roofing companies often question whether social media benefits their business. After all, social media seems associated with celebrities and millennials who don’t respect blue-collar workers who live on the grind. However, while social media has its downside, its upside is enormous for roofers serious about establishing an online presence. Ultimately, when it comes to social media for roofers, companies get out what they put in for 2021.

Getting The Most Out of Social Media in 2021

There are many avenues to tackle in the social media world, including social media marketing for roofers and social media advertising for roofers. When you combine that with the countless social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it can get overwhelming for roofing companies. With this in mind, Roofing Webmasters offers some simple ways to maximize your social media presence as a roofer.

Brand Your Roofing Company on Social Media

Even if you ignore most aspects of social media, you can’t avoid the branding aspect in 2021. Established companies in any field are expected to have social media profiles on the major platforms. Failure to create a listing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter signals to your consumers that you don’t take your business seriously.

An Active Roofing Company on Instagram

Strengthen Your SEO With Social Signals

Although roofers might not get business directly from social platforms, the signals created can strengthen your website and SEO, ultimately producing more roofing leads. Sharing blog posts, videos, and other marketing materials on social media creates links and engagement for your website. Google sees social signals and considers them when analyzing brand authority.

Interact With Current and Future Clients

Social media can serve as a platform for current and future clients to ask questions and inquire about your business. Whether someone sends a direct message or asks a general inquiry, you can use the opportunity to expand your brand’s reach. However, always remember that public messages can influence other people who read your social media feed. With this in mind, always maintain a professional tone.

Create Engagement With Your Roofing Company

Any kind of brand engagement serves your roofing company now and in the future. We mentioned how social signals influence SEO, but they can also impact your brand’s general perception. As you share content on your social feeds, be sure to track engagement using Facebook Insights and other built-in measurement tools. You can even use UTM links from Google Analytics to track which users visit your website from a social media link.

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