Websites for Roofers (Tips and Examples)

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A website is an integral part of marketing for roofing companies in 2021. Not only does it add credibility to your roofing business, but it can increase the number of customers you reach. But to stand out from the 1.6 trillion websites across the web, your website must possess certain qualities known to drive success. Additionally, it should avoid the pitfalls associated with poor-performing websites so that you can maximize your marketing investment and turn a profit.

Why Is a Website So Important for Your Roofing Business?

There’s more than one reason why a website is critical to your roofing business. We mentioned credibility and reach, but perhaps the essential function of roofing company websites is to produce high-quality leads for your business. Competition is also a factor. The top roofers in your local market almost certainly have an online presence, and you’ll need a website to compete.

Top Ranking Roofing Website

Best Practices for Roofer Website Design

The best-looking roofing websites share similar design traits. And so do the ones that perform the best. It starts behind the scenes with clean codebase and extensive schema markup. It ends on the front-end with a user-friendly and personalized website experience, including convenient calls to action (i.e., a clickable phone #). Typically, the most successful sites incorporate custom roofing website design, meaning they don’t utilize site templates of any kind. 

Custom Codebase

Users see the front-end of a website which impacts how likely they are to convert into a lead but what happens behind the scenes can be equally important for SEO. For example, clean codebase helps a site rank higher because of increased site speed and superior crawlability. So while you’ll still need an appealing front-end to convert customers, clean codebase can help you get them there.

Custom Design

As we noted, roofing contractor websites that use templates are typically less successful than those that use custom design. SEO is the main reason why this is the case. Custom websites usually have cleaner codebase and superior schema markup, allowing them to communicate more effectively with Google search crawlers and, therefore, rank for more keywords.

Mobile Design

Mobile internet usage accounts for 65% of U.S. digital minutes, meaning that roofing contractors without mobile websites are losing out. Therefore, designing a mobile-friendly website should be the top priority for contractors in 2021. In addition, mobile users have a particular appreciation for simple navigation and clear and discernible calls to action (typically a clickable phone number).


Consumers won’t trust a website just because it’s online. Personalized graphics, including photos and logos, and badges of honor (i.e., local roofing awards), create a better first impression for website visitors. When your website displays a unique feel that seems trustworthy, conversion rates are expected to increase exponentially.

Responsive Design

While mobile users are more active than their desktop counterparts, it’s not as if desktop internet usage has disappeared entirely. Websites for roofers should still display correctly on all devices. You can ensure cross-platform consistency with responsive design, which prompts your website to adjust to the device on which it is currently being accessed. RWD solves all kinds of problems with mobile and desktop presentations.

Search Engine Optimization

Although SEO expands beyond the design process itself, some designers can create a website with SEO in mind. These designers understand that clean codebase and schema markup set the foundation for roofer search engine optimization. Without the presence of these two components, it won’t be easy to rank for the top roofing keywords in your respective local markets.

Schema Markup

Google parcels website data through a microdata tag language known as schema markup. The more markup within your roofing contractor website, the easier it is for Google to understand the purpose of the website and its content. Marking up contact information, for example, makes it simple for Google to identify who you are, where you are located, and how customers can reach you.

What Do Roofing Websites Cost?

The cost of a roofing website depends on the type of site. For example, a template website design can cost as little as $300 as a one-time fee but includes none of the services required to market your roofing contractor business online. On the other hand, investing in web design from a marketing agency is typically bundled into a monthly fee of between $1,000 – $3,500. Still, it comes with SEO, content writing, domain name registration, and ongoing web work.

Examples of Contractor Website Designs

You can check out a portfolio of the best roofing websites from Roofing Webmasters. Furthermore, you can perform a local search for roofers in any city and go through the first page of search results. The websites ranking on page one are doing something right, and you can learn from both their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, relative competition will always be a factor in search results, so less populated cities and towns may have a lower standard.

Commercial Roofing Website Example

Commercial Roofing Website Example

Residential Roofing Website Example

Residential Roofing Website Example

Roofing Website Ideas

The design itself is the first step towards success but will not be enough to ensure performance. Roofing websites should have qualities that expand beyond design to rank well and impress relevant customers. From quality content that meets the reader’s needs to search engine optimization, which helps reach those readers, the website’s launch does not end the journey but merely begins it. Consider some of the following ideas for your website: 


Roofing website content is critical to online success. Websites without quality content won’t rank on search results, and visitors who enter the site will not find the information they seek. Content typically comes in pages and posts, especially if using WordPress as your content management system. Having each service as a page along with monthly blog posts is a good formula.


Unique and original photos help build trust with consumers. An image of you and your roofing contractors next to your company truck is going to give you immediate credibility. In contrast, a stock photo of an old town roof will prompt indifference from that same consumer. Images should be web-ready and mobile-optimized to preserve speed and performance and facilitate Google rankings.


Websites should incorporate the best keywords for roofing companies identified through keyword research tools like MOZ & SEMRush. Using these terms within the site’s title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, image alt texts, permalinks, and content can improve its ability to rank on Google for those same terms. One thing to avoid, however, is a tactic known as keyword stuffing. It involves excessive flooding of a single word throughout a webpage.


We touched on the design aspect of SEO, but optimization continues after the design is complete. For example, the creation of new pages and posts will also create URL permalinks. These should be optimized for search by being shortened and renamed for relevance. Content, keywords, and images can all be optimized and should be for roofers. Optimization is an ongoing process that constantly adjusts to Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress a Template?

WordPress is not a template but rather a content management system (CMS). With that being said, templates can be designed specifically for the WordPress CMS. So when roofers hear about things like roofing WordPress templates, it can be not very clear. 

Will Roofing Ads Help My Website?

Roofers can pay for clicks to their website with PPC advertising campaigns. PPC can be a helpful way to generate visitors quickly, but it should be used with discretion and preferably under the guidance of a certified Google Ads campaign manager. 

Do Websites Generate Roofing Leads?

Yes. When properly designed and optimized, websites should generate high-quality roofing leads. While avenues exist to buy leads independently, producing them through your website is a far more affordable and sustainable form of lead generation.

Can You Design My Website?

Yes. Roofing Webmasters offers website design for roofing companies across the United States. Our services include SEO, content writing, local mapping, reviews management, and more. In addition, we are happy to discuss your unique circumstances during a free phone consultation.

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