Ranking #1 on Google Search

If you’ve searched for anything online recently, you’ll already know how different Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) look these days. Despite the fact that top listings still earn the highest percentages of job leads and exposure, roofing companies now have multiple paths for climbing the ranks. Which avenues offer the best growth potential for your business, and how can you take advantage?

Thankfully, our team at the Roofing Webmasters has done all the hard research to discover the answers! Below, we’ve laid out some of the best strategies for ranking #1 on Google and driving potential customers to your website. These include some familiar opportunities you’ve likely seen before (SEO & PPC), though others may be new to you!

What Does it Mean to Be #1?

A Search Query in a Google Bar
What Does Ranking #1 on Google Look Like These Days? How Can Your Business Achieve Top Listings?

As Google works to improve its user experience and deliver better results, the company delivers new and exciting venues for gaining brand exposure. Of course, more features also mean more challenges as you compete for that top listing in your service area. What sort of features can people expect to find when they search for their essential roofing services?

New SERP Features to Pursue

  • Enhanced Organic Listings
  • Local Packs
  • More Detailed PPC Ads
  • People Also Ask Questions
  • Featured Snippets
  • and More!

To say the least, there’s plenty of SERP features joining the ranks of traditional organic roofing results. It’s worth noting that many of these elements (especially PPC ads and local packs) take up a great deal of space that was once reserved for organic listings. Some SERPs only list organic results beneath the fold. That means it’s all the more crucial to understand how to get your roofing company to appear in these features!

Below, we’ll explore how to optimize your website and other online marketing elements as we analyze these paths towards ranking #1 on Google.


Traditional Organic Listings for Roofing Companies

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without traditional organic results. Roofing contractor SEO (search engine optimization) determines who gets the best positions on Google SERPs. You probably already know that keywords drive this process and that you need the right phrases to even show up on the front page rankings.

But how do you make it to the ultimate top spot? How do you go about ranking #1 on Google organically?

A Review Service is Ranking #1 on Google for Roofing
Organic Results Provide the Best Long-Term Supply of Leads. Don’t Neglect Your Roofing Contractor SEO!

Everything starts with keyword research and on-page optimization. Where many businesses fail is a lack of informative, engaging content. After all, a website with better quality information will convince people to stay longer and return more often, naturally leading to a better ranking in search Google search.

Also, roofing companies sometimes forget to optimize off-page elements of their website. These include meta tags, alt image text, and url slugs, just to name a few. While these may seem like insignificant details to a beginner, roofer SEO specialists know just how essential they are to claiming that #1 spot!


Premium Organic Results – Snippets

Have you ever tried ranking #1 on Google for something besides your normal keywords? One great way to build your site’s credibility and domain authority at the same time is to provide authoritative articles on common roofing problems. You can do this via blog articles or through your main service pages.

Ranking #1 on Google Through a Snippet
Text and Video Snippets Build Your Company’s Authority and Create Deeper Trust in Consumers.

How to Get Featured in Google SERP Snippets

  • Step #1: Start by finding a frequently asked question online (or from your customers).
  • Step #2: Research hot, high-volume keywords related to the topic to include in your new content.
  • Step #3: Create text or video content that provides a step-by-step answer to the question.
  • Step #4: Sprinkle (but don’t stuff) your related keywords throughout the article.
  • Step #5: Include a summary bullet or numerical list with concise steps or tips.

Now you have a guide for getting the spotlight in popular SERP snippets. Experiment with the different types of snippet features to expand your brand. Don’t be afraid to see what other successful roofing companies are doing.

Local Packs

Alternative Organic – Listing in a Local Pack

For people who better process information visually, local map packs represent the holy grail of roofing SEO. There’s just something about seeing a company’s physical location that instantly makes them feel more reliable. Partner those mapping visuals with data from local reviews, operating hours, contact information, and a direct link to your website, and you have a formula for sweet success!

Ranking #1 on Google Through Map Listings
Your GMB Listing and Google Reviews Play a Large Role in Getting Featured in Local Pack Results.

So, how can your roofing company appear in local packs? 

  • Claim a free Google My Business (GMB) listing, fill out the forms, and confirm your location.
  • After jobs, start directing customers to complete Google Reviews. Here’s how.
  • Optimize your website service pages for local keywords (ex: “shingle repair in Dallas, TX”)

Bear in mind, you will need a physical address to provide your potential customers, even if it’s your home. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim a GMB listing. Don’t forget to get those Facebook business reviews too! They make a real difference for your SEO.

Paid Search

PPC Results – Google Ads Listings

Setting up a Google Ads PPC campaign doesn’t require too much extra effort, particularly when you’ve already completed thorough keyword research for your website. It’s also the easiest path to ranking #1 on Google. Unfortunately, many businesses shy away from paid search results, primarily because they don’t have the time or patience for managing ad campaigns. That’s a shame because Google Ads provides outstanding lead generation potential for those that take the time to do it right.

With such amazing placement in roofing contractor SERP listings, how could you not succeed?

Ranking #1 on Google by Getting Listed in a Paid Ad
Ads Claim Some Prime SERP Real Estate, But Not Everyone Trusts Them. That’s Why You Want Reviews Too!

While traditional Google Ads campaigns offer dependable results, many consumers have grown resistant against paid results. Consider all the times you’ve gone shopping online. How many ads have you automatically scrolled past at the top of the page? That’s why Google Ads developed an alternative format in the form of paid map listings. These new ad types still target a confined geographical area for high-quality lead generation, but they offer a higher degree of rich mapping visuals and other key details.

PPC Campaign in a Map Listing Format
Be Sure to Complete Your Google My Business Listing, While Also Directing Clients to Complete Google Reviews.

Given their ideal location at the top of the page, Google Ads paid listings provide excellent opportunities for short-term returns. These PPC campaigns require consistent monitoring and funding, but many roofing contractors see their investment doubled in new business revenue. While PPC spending should be balanced with diligent website SEO and social media marketing, few advertising venues offer such lucrative returns.

Dominate the Rankings for Your Service Area!

With more paths than ever before to reach the top spots in search results, there’s plenty of opportunities for your business to climb the rankings. No matter which path you take, ranking #1 on Google still provides outstanding results for your company’s lead generation, and brand exposure. At the Roofing Webmasters, our seasoned PPC and SEO professionals guide roofing contractors to dominate their local search results and earn more clients.

We support countless service companies throughout the country, and we can’t wait to serve you too! If you want to start climbing Google’s search engine results pages and get your company name on top, give us a call and arrange your free consultation.

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