The Importance of Web Design

Website Design & Roofing SEO

One of the many great services we offer our clients is a complete website design before launch. Website design is an important component of proper roofing SEO. Not only does it play a role in how people view your company, it is also analyzed by Google for certain standards.

old buildingEnvision finding out about a new business in town. You are in need of their services, so you head to their location. But as you pull up to their building, all you noticeĀ areĀ the weeds lining the walk way, the graffiti on the sides of the walls and an overall look of vacancy. How likely would you be to enter this building? Would you trust the services of a company whose storefront is rotting and old? Or would you even believe they were still in business?

In much the same way, your website provides a first impression to potential clients. And you want that first impression to be positive. A website that has a poor design, is hard to navigate and looks like it came from the 90’s doesn’t instill trust in new clients. In fact, an untended to site may lead people to believe you are no longer in business.

That is why we create custom, unique designs for all of our clients. We will help your roofing company stand out from the crowd. With a relevant design that fits your company’s image, you will create trust in your company.

It matters to Google

Not only will your new design influence the way people view your company, it also matters to Google. Search engines are looking for the following components in a proper website design:Responsive web design

  • Unique Design: Templates do not optimize as well as unique designs. That is why our expert design team creates a brand new website for your company that reflects your brand image.
  • Fast Load Time: Search engines also want to send their users to a site that loads quickly and without error. A bad load time can ruin even the best of designs.
  • Properly Coded: There is more to a site than meets the eye. Our team of designers knows how to properly code your site for SEO. This coding is a critical component of optimizing online.
  • Responsive Design: With many users on the go, Google and other search engines want to send mobile searchers to a site that will be easy to view from any device. We provide responsive designs which optimize well because they respond to any device size.
  • Correct Structuring: Google looks for a specific structural form in websites. To properly optimize your site you need to implement the correct site structure into your website design.

Here at Roofing Webmasters we understand the importance of proper website design. That is why we have a team of fantastic designers on staff who focus on providing you only the best. And you receive this custom, premium web design at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else. We are passionate about helping local roofing companies optimize through proper website design and SEO.