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Appelhanz Roofing Case Study

Appelhanz Roofing Case Study (Cover)

Roofing Webmasters launched Appelhanz Roofing’s new website in December 2021. As you can see by their 3-month Google Search Console comparison, their organic traffic has increased by 38.12% on Google alone.

Appelhanz Roofing 3 Month Comparison (Google Search Console)

Diving deeper into the data through Google Analytics, we see that Appehanz Roofing’s overall users increased by 10,480%, which is incredible. Applehanz has garnered 1,600 users since its initial launch.

Google Analytics users account for direct visits, referrals, and organic visits from other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Of course, the 768 Google clicks still make up nearly half of that traffic, but it’s nice to know they are succeeding in other aspects of their campaign.

Appelhanz Analytics Users
Appelhanz Analytics Graph

Keyword Rankings

It’s easy to see why Appelhanz Roofing succeeds on Google when searching for the popular keyword termĀ roofing topeka ks. Appelhanz ranks #1 on Google Maps for this term and #5 on traditional results. Let’s review some of their other top Google rankings in 2022.

Appelhanz Keyword Ranking (Screenshot)
roofing topeka ks1
roofing company topeka ks1
topeka roof repair1
roofing companies topeka1
roofing companies topeka ks1
roofers topeka ks1
gutter repair topeka ks2
topeka roofing2
topeka roofers2
gutter installation topeka ks3