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Brothers Roofing: Case Study

Brothers Roofing started with Roofing Webmasters in February 2024 and has enjoyed significant visibility spikes quickly.

Using DataPins and a well-planned SEO strategy, Brothers Roofing increased its 578.6% over a 60-day period for 95 total website visitors.

Case Study Brothers Roofing

Brothers GA Traffic 60 Days

Mapping/Organic Halo Effect

Brothers Roofing was starting a brand new domain in a city with a population of over 20,000.

In these cases, ranking well and quickly presents a considerable challenge.

Thankfully, the proven combination of DataPins with Roofing Webmaters’s innovative SEO practices quickly ranked this company #1 on Google Map 3-Pack and organic results for emergency roof repair.

When a company ranks on both maps and organic for the same keyword, it produces a Halo effect that can quickly infuse the site’s overall traffic.

In this case, their top organic ranking was also selected as the featured snippet for even more prominent visibility on the SERP.

Brothers Map Organic

Local Map 3-Pack Rankings

Local roofers naturally want to appear within the Google Map 3-Pack for competitive roofing keywords.

While most believe this is based strictly on the roofer’s Google Business Profile and reviews, website optimization plays a key role.

Using a combination of website SEO, DataPins, and Google Business Profile optimization, this local roofing company was able to secure map 3-pack rankings for the most competitive terms quickly.

Brothers Roofer Map

Local Organic Rankings

While the map-3 pack is quickly in the face of search users, most still click on organic results, particularly for secondary roofing services.

With this internal marketing data at our disposal, our team began building individual service pages that would rank in organic search.

The content quality and DataPins’ digital branded signaling produced swift organic rankings.

Brothers Roof Insurance Claim Organic

Note: Featured snippets are displayed at the top position in organic results

Use of DataPins

We often hear that there is no secret sauce to SEO, but DataPins disproves this theory regularly.

Brothers Roofing consistently used DataPins to create over 100 pins in less than 6 months.

This wealth of digital branded signaling allowed the site to demonstrate E-E-A-T and index in SERPs 10x faster than comparable domains.

Brothers Pins

Future Projections

Agencies will typically say that SEO takes “6 months to work,” which is more of an arbitrary number than something rooted in fact.

As we can see, this roofing company gained top organic and map rankings within 3 months.

Their SERP ascendence is merely the beginning of their marketing investment returns, as they are projected to increase traffic over the next 8 months continuously.