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Apex Commercial Roofing: Case Study

Apex Commercial Roofing (Case Study)

Apex Commercial Roofing recently signed on with Roofing Webmasters in September 2022. In just one month, Google Search Console shows that they’ve increased traffic by 132.8%. Their website features DataPins, which has sped up the ranking process for long-tail keywords, which we know make up nearly 50% of all clicks.

Apex Google Search Console Last 28 Comparison

Analyzing their Google Search Console data, we notice that their website and Google Business Profile rank #1 for 25 registered keywords. In addition, those entities rank in the top 5 for 34 keywords, not to mention the countless amounts of long-tail phrases that show their website or GBP in the top five.

Apex Google Search Console Top Queries

Local SERP Position

It’s clear that Apex Commercial Roofing dominates Cherry Hill, NJ, on the Local Map 3-Pack. Their combination of customer reviews, an optimized business listing, and DataPins entries help them appear on these results. Their local success expands to traditional organic results as we see them ranking #1 for coal tar roofing nj.

Screenshot of Apex Commercial Roofing on Local Map 3-Pack

DataPins Entries

It’s no secret that Apex Commercial Roofing’s use of DataPins has expedited its ranking success. While their DataPins usage is still in its beginning stages, their eight recent pins have begun to send signals to Google crawlers. Now that their service areas are validated, their traffic will only continue to increase.

Apex DataPins Entries

Long-Term Projections

Apex Commercial Roofing has surpassed initial projections in just one month of SEO work. Most agencies claim that SEO takes up to 6 months to “work,” which is not always the case. Apex’s early success bodes well for its long-term projections. Continued use of DataPins can help them expand SERP coverage even more in 2023.

How Apex Commercial Roofing Increased Performance

Custom Website

Apex utilized Roofing Webmasters to craft a custom website optimized for SEO and conversions. In addition, Roofing Webmasters implemented site speed optimization and user-friendly CTAs to enhance user experience. The behavioral metrics improved, allowing Apex to index new pages and posts quickly.

Keyword Targeting

Apex Commercial targeted high-conversion keywords in New Jersey to maximize relevant traffic. As a commercial roofing company, the website went for various service-based keywords like coal tar roofing and thermoplastic roofing. Of course, the website also targets primary keywords like roofing repair.


The Webmasters team deployed proven on-page SEO strategies to maximize SERP positions for Apex. The logical URL structure and internal linking compliments the optimized title tags, headers, and content. Publishing service pages helped spread topical authority throughout the website, establishing it as an industry expert. The supplementary LSI keyword entities allow for comprehensive SERP coverage.

DataPins Tool

As we mentioned above, DataPins sped up the indexing and ranking process for new content while validating services and service areas for Apex. Some roofing company websites can take up to 6 months to index on Google, but DataPins consistently produces unique and valuable content that legitimizes the site. Without, DataPins, it’s unlikely that Apex Commercial Roofing would have enjoyed immediate success.