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What I Like About Working With Roofers | Roofing SEO Podcast

At Roofing Webmasters, we love working with roofers. However, there’s a difference between a roofing contractor and someone who chooses to go into another trade. In today’s Roofing SEO Podcast episode, Nolen and Jason detail why roofers are our #1 client and what we like most about working with them.

Businessman vs. Tradesman

One of the primary distinctions between roofers and other tradespeople is their initial expertise. Most roofers are businessmen and entrepreneurs who choose to start a roofing company. This model contrasts with other trades like HVAC, which typically involve a skilled tradesman beginning a business in that niche. 

Roofing company owners are often individuals who could have gone into multiple other industries.

Big Ticket Jobs

One benefit of working with roofers is that they make good money on a single job. For example, a roofer can make anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 on a single residential roofing project. Commercial roofs can net an even greater profit. As a result, even low-priced jobs bring in a lot of money. 

In addition, roofers can afford to invest in marketing because of their budget.

Hail Storm Miliionares

Roofers can go from doing 80 hobs per year to 400 if their service area suffers a hail storm. As a result, hail damage roofing can turn a businessman into a millionaire basically overnight. That opportunity is a significant one for the business-minded roofing entrepreneur.

But, of course, hail storm millionaires are the direct result of roofing marketing.

Roofers are Dreamers

Roofing contractors normally dream big, as many have second homes, lake houses, and boats. In Dallas – Fort Worth, you will regularly see roofing contractors driving F-150s with truck wraps. In many respects, roofers represent the American Dream.

As a result, these clients make great marketing partners because they dream of growth and expansion.

Roofing Companies Have Lower Overheads

Unlike HVAC companies that often have to keep their staff for the entire year, roofers have seasonal downtime when they can cut expenses. Furthermore, since their jobs bring in more money, they make enough to account for their down periods. This combination results in a continually superior profit for roofing business owners than other trades.

Roofers Have An Expanding Consumer Base

Construction companies continue to build new homes, so roofing services are on the rise. California and Texas are both still growing, so that roofers can make their marks in these states. Optimizing your company for cities within your service area is an excellent opportunity, and roofing companies know it because they are getting regular calls.

Roofing Companies Understand Marketing

Roofing companies understand marketing more than other contractors. For example, a roofing contractor knows that SEO is an essential aspect of lead generation and understands the value of ranking on Google search. 

In addition, roofing companies are willing to invest in a custom website because they can expect to get consistent, high-quality leads from their forms and calls to action. In addition, some roofers enter the field with a marketing background, so they fully understand its value.

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