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A successful roofing company starts with proper marketing. So when contractors looking to start their own roofing business ask how exactly to get started, the answer is simple. But to market properly, roofers need a passion and dedication to promotion. If your first instinct is to devalue the importance of marketing, you will never succeed in launching your business off the ground. Conversely, if you eat, sleep, and breath marketing… constantly finding ways to promote your business should be second nature to you. If this describes your mindset, you are ready to learn how to start a roofing company. Roofing Webmasters can help by managing your digital web presence.

Letting Go of Preconceived Notions

If you’re going to succeed in this business, you need to let go of any preconceived notions you have about marketing and its worth. If you believe marketing is overrated or unimportant the best thing you can do right now is give up. If you have an open mind however, and are willing to put consistent energy and effort into promotion, success is not only possible, but it is likely. This kind of can-do attitude is what is the separator between new roofing companies that succeed and those that fail miserably. Starting a business is not easy, but it always requires marketing.

Wearing Your Marketing Goggles

Without a lead, there’s no money. This must be the most basic understanding of a prospective roofing company owner. There’s lots of bells and whistles that contractors think about when designing their company plan, but it’s paramount to understand that they are not fundamental to launching your business. Forget about your dream truck for the time being, your only goal should be to generate as many leads as possible by utilizing every marketing tool at your disposal. Just remember, no leads = no clients, no customers, and ultimately; no service.

Door Knocking 101

With limited funds, contractors can still start a roofing company. But since they can’t invest much in digital marketing upfront, they are going to need to use a more traditional method. This method is door knocking. Roofing is one of the few industries where door knocking still works in 2019. Does that mean it is an ideal way to get clients? Absolutely not. Door knocking should be looked at as a temporary way to get leads which can then be leveraged into more sustainable methodologies, including digital marketing services like search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and Facebook advertising. You can’t be afraid to start at the bottom when starting out.

Launching Your Website

Once you’ve done a few jobs, it becomes time to invest in a custom roofing website. This should be done with due diligence as far too many roofing company websites lack customization and fail to rank for any worthwhile terms. Many free website makers are available on the web, but none of them provide the control afforded by true custom design. Template makers like WIX can help you create a website that looks visually passable but it is unlikely to project the kind of professional appeal that converts users into customers. With a marketing-first mindset, the easy choice will become the one that is going to create the most leads for you and your business.

The Value of Leads

Not all leads possess equal value. If you’ve ever used a lead sharing system you’ve probably learned this the hard way. Companies just starting out often go the route of cheapness and invest in shared leads which end up costing them their business and sometimes their entire livelihood. Shared leads, from a metaphorical perspective, are like dropping raw meat into a shark tank. Your brand new company will be fighting with more well established brands for the same lead. Unsurprisingly, the rate of conversion is depressingly low. But high quality leads still exist online, they just come through organic SEO and website design. Exclusive leads from your own branded entities are invaluable and can propel your startup roofing business to success.

The Business Cycle

Some of the material goals of roofers are truck wraps, offices, and properties, but none of these things can manifest without leads. The cycle goes like this; leads, clients, resources, materials. We spoke about why leads are harder to come by than you might think and why only certain types of leads are actually worth their weight in water. The business cycle is totally dependent on their existence however, and so leads must remain the top focus for startup roofers in 2019. Investing all energy into marketing will help facilitate an environment where this cycle flows cohesively and yields the kind of return that can supplement a business model moving forward.

Help From Roofing Webmasters

Starting a roofing company is not something you can do alone. Since marketing will be the foundation for your success, a little help from your friends at Roofing Webmasters can be the difference. We create custom websites on behalf of roofers, optimize those sites for search, and help generate exclusive leads through a variety of web entities, including Google Maps. We aim for our clients to dominate local search rankings and start a streamline of valuable leads that can serve as the structural integrity of the business itself. We work with clients that have started the process by generating jobs through door knocking. Our services require a monthly fee.

  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Local Mapping
  • Web Design

Our services expand far beyond the main categories listed above. Worried about a logo for your new roofing company? We provide 3 mockups of logo enhancements so that you can have an evolved version of your current logo. Not only that, but we integrate its color scheme into your website for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing presentation of your business to the consumers in which it targets. Like we noted, leads come from a variety of sources when a web presence is truly optimized. Locals might find you through the Local 3 Pack (Google Maps) or they might find you on an organic search result using their mobile device, such as a smartphone.

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